Lighting for Still Life and Product Photography


Capturing depth and texture in product and food photography is essential in making it stand out. Food Photographer Steve Hansen covers a step by step process for building a lighting setup with strobes and natural light from a broad to a more focused look. With a live demo using a small kitchen appliance with fruits and vegetables you'll learn how to make your still life's come to life.



  • I really enjoyed learning about the details and complexities that go into the orchestration of food and product photography. The shoot that Steve Hansen puts on in demonstration of this was really elaborate and complicated. I never realized how much of the creative aspects of the images I see in magazines are created in camera, rather than in post-processing. I am a portrait photographer, so I was surprised at how much I learned that can transfer to creative portrait shoots as well. After watching this course, I have noticed details in lighting technique and product photography that I never saw before, and that has helped me elevate my work very amateur still life skills to a professional level. I now do product photography on the side for a refreshing change of subject matter, and have been able to photograph my own print products for a pre-sale catalog for my IPS sessions. This course is super useful across niches. I definitely recommend it to all photographers!
  • one of the most poorly made courses i;ve ever gone through..$39 gone waste totally..there was absolutely nothing to learn from this..75% of the time the talk was just about how they drilled the food items together...where's the talk about photography?...not expected form creativelive
  • Unfortunately this class was not a class but a view on the food photography shoot. There was lots of info about how to assemble elaborate food display, but no real explanation how to shoot different types of objects. One thing that I have "learned" from this class is that you can use multiple flags to either block light or reflect light. He just talk about shot in general not about specifics. There was no possessing in this class either. Unfortunately I did not enjoy this class at all. Not worth the money you spend on it.