Lighting The Scene


Lighting The Scene


Class Description

Understanding how to see light and work in any lighting scenario, allows you to be versatile and more valuable. Whether you’re working in a poorly lit corporate environment or during the most beautiful sunset, you have to understand how light impacts the story of your photo.

World renowned portrait photographer Nigel Barker walks you through several lighting scenarios - evaluating light, working with the available light you have and understanding when and where to introduce additional lighting tools.

Nigel will be on location showing you how to:

  • See and understand the available light you have
  • Create a mood using minimal lights
  • Build your light set up from one light to multiple lights
  • Create dramatic and beauty shots with different lighting setups

Understanding how to see and control light, is at the heart of every successful photographer’s skillset. By the end of the class you’ll feel empowered to walk into any lighting scenario and be in command of your final image.