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Assignment 1: Finalizing for Digitizing

Lesson 6 from: Logo Design: Wordmarks

Michael Stinson

Assignment 1: Finalizing for Digitizing

Lesson 6 from: Logo Design: Wordmarks

Michael Stinson

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6. Assignment 1: Finalizing for Digitizing

Lesson Info

Assignment 1: Finalizing for Digitizing

I want to study back where I was over here with my baseline tryto try to do a cleaner study of problem I because now I'm gonna plan where my characters they're going to go right I'm kind of it ahead of the game now I know I know what to do with the g when I scanned it in I know what to do um so I'll go back tio getting my baseline on here again just to get to order here so with tissue again I was studying where my I was gonna be somewhere here before my I was gonna be I want to pick this up and move this to get my eye in here put this back here see there I was going to go here because here's my z got my sea here I'm just now looking at when I get my have my character's formed I'll have my spacing intact here turning just to start out before its digital so man looking at currently now so I have two straight edges next to each other so I need this much face looks like here as faras kerney so my aunt is gonna be here and I trace that there's my end as a rock I need my g to go next so I ne...

ed a curve against you need to see what kind of turning I need for a curve against ah frustrated so I kind of have that here I can use this one my g is going to go right there on the baseline is gonna go here so colonel what is this going to go here somewhere in this general area here and because this is just really rough you know I'm just trying to get an idea of where everything is going to fall turning wise it's going to be more you know detailed out in this in a digital form in the software so there's what I'm looking at for thiss solution now I fired to go back to the software and look at the eye again I've already kind of made the decision to take the arm off but do I do I want to study that do I want to customize that what's the link gonna be maybe it's the only the length is indicated by this custom ization of the m and the thief the em in the end right this distance here which is also custom because this is that there's a lot of space here which I don't have on my g right now so to me this this is going to come down even farther when I get into the digital form this is going to come back this way I think because they customize that so if this is the distance I'm looking out for the I do I want to do I want to consider that here this is what I'm thank you think that's gonna be too much of ah departure again because what what you also have to look in and it's important guys when you're looking at these things is where is the rhythm in in the strokes so far if I just take my pants when I look here's the rhythm here right here, here and that is he has its own rhythm but thiss rhythm it's happening off be between these three? I want to try to see where that lands with these right sir? About twenty minutes out. So for me again, I'm trying to make decisions here. I think I'm just going to make quicker decisions based on my instinct here if just not using this this arm here and I guess I'll check back in with you guys where you guys out on your sketches are you guys doing? I think I'm ready any questions so far, so I don't have my again. I have mine like laid out fully in the shape that I have known each a letter that I need right now you've got all your characters so you guys could be doing what I'm doing here. I've got my characters too and now I'm just trying to see again in the sketching process what I've always learned is try to get your decisions made here before you get on the computer it says a lot of time right that and that's my process on the senate's everybody's butt so if you're ahead of the game like I am here I'm trying to assess is where can I can I can I saw the kerney option right here because I've done some studies which I've already shown thiss situation right how did how to mimic this curve where the stem and it's turning so I did this for me I just flipped it over so I could get that kerney I don't know if that's going to be correct one actually get in there but it's a starting point so I'm just trying to figure out and saw a few other problems there challenges that I see before I get to the computer which you know I always see his production um so you guys might be doing the same thing if you've already got your characters you know I start just assess ok that curtain is going to be in here somewhere and then when you get to the computer it's just like tweak it it's done you know that's that's what I would do sisters were twenty twenty minutes out um for me I'm going to go ahead and just start to um I work with my g to see if I can get it close before I get to appear I have kind of an advantage with with martin because you know I went in and and analyze what typefaces was since it was contemporary and we found that it's you know it's office sena's so aiken either go ahead and eat this cheese or aiken tweak the gee that's in there too the way it needs to be but I'm going to go ahead and think this chief so it saves me more time in there and then all you'll see me when I get into additionally I'm just going to do it right on top of my sketch that's really what probably you guys going to do more of um my question for you was is did you check out to see if yours is optimum I was right thousand today um so it is often it's tweet right yeah so that's common so now it's about you doing just what I'm doing I'm noticing you know like you were watching me dio ok they made these straight the term over straight so on amazon's and this this thiss this in here straight on the terminal in but it's it's arctic here you want to find those little things what's going on in there and see you know how to apply or not to apply because you guys saw me with the g here play with the you know the you know the euro said I'll just turn that day or when you use this as a tale that didn't work out so well so I just if I'm deferring back to the thea theory journal typeface chief so maybe there's maybe it works sometimes it doesn't the characteristics you know, that they customized may not work on all forms, so, yeah, go ahead and trace over it before we scan it is I'm going to do that, okay, yeah, you're more than welcome to do that. Um, again, this isn't going to be like a full blown, um ink on vellum masterpiece drafting, you know, perfect to a xerox kind of thinking it's it's going to be clean, but not perfect. So yeah, and I'm only going to do the ones that I'm customizing. I don't need to do the end. I don't need to do the eye because I really have the digital version, so I'm just going to try and work with the g and just to see what I need to customize when I get to the computer, when I do these for classes, I have them ink like this if you can show a this cash here and I'm doing this crudely, I will. I won't fill into fire character what I have, what I usually do is is just give it some breathing room around the sides just so it's thickened, but I make sure that the edges air really clean, so I'll be filling that much is me personally so there's no need to call it like spin your time coloring in the entire black it's just ah recommendation right? Because it's going to be, um image traced anyway, right? So I'll end up just thinking the thing really close to, um what I have but and I'm going to do this again just so I keep everything straight that in fact I think I'm gonna do this right here so I'm gonna take this down just it doesn't move and all just trying to get the basics of this form down again already had the digital version so I don't have to be too meticulous about this and you guys they're doing the same thing don't either because we do have the digital form but michael, we had a question about approximate height of the font when you're doing that scanning there's every lane photography and we had three other people vote on this they want to know what is the approximate height of the font that is good for scanning and into the machine to work with they said like to be able to go as high as seventy two point the advice there again for me it's just a cz biggest possible beings possible okay um the smaller the characters you know, like I have a concern with the size of this amazon one because of the intricacy and this curve on the corners um the larger it is the more of an assessment I could make on that curve when I'm drawing them if this were half this size now it's now it's eating into the pen um sickness of how to execute these curves if I were doing this for like a really clean scan um so for me just the general when you're doing anything um hand done you want you want to work in a large scale especially scary because you always want to scan down okay my chief here well I want to be here and I think I'm going to just a fresh one user so what you're looking for you're lining those up I'm just making sure that the bull of the g is gonna get something close to the stem of the g how they're going to meet but how they're going to me it's gonna be customized because these areas that are here in the mark have been customized from the original so this distance here I'm I'm concerned with how I'm going to make this chief so I'm going to assess usually when I get it in there how much they change this thiss whole idea of you know that this m is supposed to do this right it supposed toe do this kind of thing so this decision to make it this way and the decision to the actual m the open counter this is actually starts out from a corner and goes out so they rounded it here and what they also did is they they carved out for our maid thiss area here words words dinner in the original I need to do the same thing here I need to actually bring this in more and the same here this esta recess to come in so I'm trying teo on top of this try to just get some gauge here before we get to the computer of what I need to do there so what I'm going to do here is I'm just going to draw out like it's supposed to be like theo here for now because I know that this is all gonna be tweet digitally just to get an idea of warm out here again I'm doing this pretty crude and fast here but and you have the digital version kind of rushing this through but quite right now you know I'm this is pretty crude for me for my standards but I'm just trying to see or I can clean this up a little bit and by all means guys this is um this is much crudo that I'm not normally working out I would have definitely is refillable ink pens for this like a queen or statler or something if I'm doing this for scanning purposes and I'm just doing this fast you know for the class just does a study so yeah for me I just just tryto give this some some edge to it real quick the way I I teach this samite my college courses is you know the students have to um draw these forms are usually have them select a typeface like castle on chairman or whatever and draw them at five hundred point but also technically inc them the characteristics will take a three and square know they will keep them uh to show the you know, the characteristics of that particular typeface and why was designed and whatnot um but I give them a little pressure I tell them that I am going to compare it to the digital version I'm just curious when you said that you use the refillable ink pens when you're doing something like this what is the benefit of that they're made for really really clean lines to get technical about it a pen like this a sharp here whatever when you draw a line don't if you could see it down here um but it's uneven its tickets then you know and that kind of thing even if I draw in a way that we're practicing drafting it still breaks up so with the technical pen it has aa ball bearing in it what keeps the flow of the incoming out extremely even and you kind of pay for that though this is ah you know like a four dollar pin but a coin or technical pin is like twenty you know, so um the reason you do that? Because if you're seeking something, uh, in the old days for photo stat she's, those lock, those I just have to be perfect, and when I do it in the class, I teach them that I make them draw the characters like that and there's other schools that I'm sure still do that it's agreed in the craftsmanship, back in the student before they go digital toe learn crossing, shipped to their hands, eye coordination to get the I mean to draw perfect line. You see, all this line is thick and then it disappears. Yeah, yeah, that's the difference in pen. So in a technical drafting that we used to do in the eighties, you know, we would, you know, use those technical pens on vellum, and everything was really well done. If you were to xerox it, it would be like you laser printed it kind of situation, right? But, yeah, this does pence, my students always grown in gripe when they have to get those opinions because they're expensive. Um, but I've I still have mine from high school, I've had him thirty years because every once in a while, guys, you're going to get one of these things these marks, especially maybe even a script. For a brand that you're going to have to to make custom characters off and it's just one of those things where you're gonna have to think it and then put it back in the computer again just like what we're doing now yeah making are yanking the lines thick just for scanning purposes or is there something else? So I mean this is a really sloppy for my stands but this is just to show you I mean, for scanty purposes I'm on li worried about this outside it the outside edge is the only thing I'm worried about I could care less about anything that's inside and for me personally for the one I'm doing don't forget I have the crutch of falling back tio meta to start with and some of you do like likely is optimist you can start with that and it's it's like ninety percent there she just add the custom things like I have to do and I'll show you when we get on the computer how I'll do that. But for now this I like to do it this way because it teaches you how to prepare um and work you know, for scanning and to get a digital so this is a really good exercise too d'oh and for me I'm just under two one character and this isn't even close to what I'm trying to get to but you really want to drive us with instruments those characters that I make my students draw with a technical pin um versus the technique involved to do it with french curves I mean that's the way I learned it that's definitely what you would do here you wouldn't you wouldn't be drawn free him like I am here you do this all with french curves in straight edges see I mean that's that's pretty much where I'll take shoot a scanner for my g since the other pieces that I have already intact in the digital version I just had to remove the pieces and I'll show you how to do that when we get going with the digital but I'm lucky for you know this kind of a three year I'm looking for this so this disc earning thing that I'm doing here I like to since we you know I was telling somebody on the break or whatever beforehand our love for universities to you know get back to a letter president pre rocks it but since we don't doing this right here by hand, this kern ing is a great exercise. This is half the reason I like this project because it gets you to move things with your hands like you wouldn't let her press and just to see the subtleties here and what I'm doing to keep things level in the amount of focus and in the detail here I want that to translate to the computer and it's. Just another layer of exercise for students to build a pawn in their their natural instincts to work with these complex letter forms.

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