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Make GREAT Images With The Gear You've Got

Corey Rich

Make GREAT Images With The Gear You've Got

Corey Rich

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Class Description

You don't need all the latest expensive gear to be successful. During this workshop with pro commercial photographer Corey Rich, you'll learn how to make the most of minimal equipment while capturing beautiful images that will impress your clients and your peers. Whether you’ve got a point-and-shoot or a fancy DSLR with all the bells and whistles, Corey will show you how to get the best images possible out of what’s already in your bag.

Don’t let gear hold you back from showing the world your best work!

Ratings and Reviews


I learned a few very good techniques, such as the maximum zoom and focus and other creative ideas. I really enjoyed this class and recommend it to anyone starting or little ways into their career.

a Creativelive Student

The content is good for beginners and Corey is able to share some valuable ideas; I liked his idea of taking pictures and discussed the elements that he does not like it. It was worth my time for sure. Respectfully

Dalal Abougouche

Great job, very informative.

Student Work