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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Make Your Own Bath & Body Products

Anne-Marie Faiola

Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Make Your Own Bath & Body Products

Anne-Marie Faiola

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

I have been making soap since I was 16 years old. In fact over that time period I've made tens of thousands of pounds of soap. And along the way I also learned how to make things like bath fizzies, lotions, scrubs and more. And I'm excited today to spend the entire day delving into everything around the science of soap making, talking about why we use certain ingredients, making soap on camera and then also working on scrubs, three different types of scrubs. And lotions, how to make your own lotions and how to make shaving soap and whipped body butters. It's gonna be a jam packed class and I hope you'll stick around because there are a lot of different techniques and tricks that I'm going to be showing you.

Class Materials

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Cold Process Soap Keynote
Shaving Soap Keynote
Scrubs Keynote
Cold Process Soap Recipes
Emulsified Scrubs Label
Lavender Soap Labels
Lotion and Balm Recipes
Salt Scrub Labels
Scrub Recipes
Shaving Soap Recipe
Lotion and Balms Keynote

Ratings and Reviews

Alexandra Paniagua

As a "Seasoned" Soaper this workshop was very instructive, fast paced and not boring at all!!!!! As everything else, we have to be up to date with new trends and ingredients, every day is a learning process, thank you very much to Creative Live, Anne-Marie and Bramble Berry for this AWESOME work shop and I hope you have another one soon :) :)

Julz P

Love this class! Second time watching it, wish there were live classes at this level in my City, I would love to make stuff on the weekends :-) Great job - love the class, come back soon!

a Creativelive Student

Anne-Marie was a very thorough and thoughtful instructor. Her knowledge and enthusiasm were inspiring. She had everything organized and presented it in a very comprehensive sequential order. GREAT class as I never knew anything about soap/lotions/scrubs/balms/etc. I'd recommend purchasing the class!

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