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Make Your Own Bath & Body Products

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How to Make Pink Sea Salt Body Scrub

Anne-Marie Faiola

Make Your Own Bath & Body Products

Anne-Marie Faiola

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20. How to Make Pink Sea Salt Body Scrub

Lesson Info

How to Make Pink Sea Salt Body Scrub

So with that, let's dive in, and let's get going on this Pink Sea Salt Body Scrub. This, again, is a Handmade Beauty Box project, and this is honestly one of my favorite scrubs that I've really ever made and created in my entire life, and I've been making scrubs for a really, really long time. The first thing that you do is you have four ounces of coconut oil, and coconut oil is solid at room temperature. It actually melts at 76 degrees. So the very first thing we're gonna do is we're just gonna put this in the microwave for about a minute to get that melted down. And then, while that's melting, we're gonna combine some of our other things. And, again, I am not wearing a hairnet, I'm not wearing gloves. If you were manufacturing this for sale, it would be really important that you are wearing a hairnet and gloves and manufacturing in a clean environment. These are cranberry seeds, again, totally cosmetic grade and irradiated. This is one tablespoon of cranberry seeds. So you combine yo...

ur salt and your cranberry seeds. Just give that a nice little stir, get that mixed in. And, again, this is the fine grain, pink Himalayan sea salt which I love, and you can get all the ingredients for this in one easy place at, if you search for CreativeLive, all the CreativeLive kits will come up. So you mix your cranberry seeds and your pink Himalayan sea salt in so they're really finely mixed. And while we're waiting for that coconut oil to melt, I'm just gonna go ahead and uncap my containers so they are ready to go, and the downloadable label sheet that you get from CreativeLive comes as one big, nice label sheet. So another thing you could be doing while you're waiting for your coconut oil to melt is cutting out your labels to make sure they're the right size for your jars. And let's see about this coconut oil. So here we go. Keeping in mind, so I grab this without a pot holder or anything like that because I knew, because I have done this project many times, that there would be a nice rim right here of colder glass. Down here is pretty hot, though, so keep that in mind. Depending on what you're melting in, you may need a little heat thing to make sure that you didn't accidentally burn yourself. Not a big fan of you burning yourself. So then, we're gonna do two ounces of fractionated coconut oil. And fractionated coconut oil is also coconut oil. Interestingly enough, when you melt coconut oil down, there's a variety of fatty acid chains in it, and if you spin the coconut oil really, really, really fast, the fractionated coconut oil, the lightest part of the coconut oil, comes to the very surface of the coconut oil, and you can skim that off. Fractionated coconut oil is very light on the skin. It rinses away beautifully and cleanly, and it has such a long shelf-life. It's a favorite of massage oil therapists, wait, masseuses. It's a favorite of masseuses to use because it has such a long shelf-life. It doesn't make the sheets go really, really funky and rancid smelling over time. And then, this is Beach Breezes Fragrance Oil. And we are using a full half ounce of Beach Breezes Fragrance Oil in here. So go ahead, just add that to your melted coconut oil and your fractionated coconut oil. So we have our salt mixed up, we have our cranberry seeds in here, we have the semi-solid product liquid now, and then, all you do is take your liquid oils here, and you just slowly drizzle it over your salts, and you keep stirring. Not to worry, it doesn't harden up really very quickly. It eventually hardens up, but since that fractionated coconut oil is liquid at room temperature, it doesn't harden up that quickly. Don't want to get oil on your table. There we go. And then you just keep stirring until it's fully mixed in. And so we have that pink Himalayan sea salt that gives a really great scrub but also doesn't really dissolve away too quickly in the shower. Can you guys smell it in the audience? Smells so good, right, the Beach Breezes. And in order to use this, all you do is just spoon it into your jars and cap and label it, and it's ready to go. And if you want to just tap this down and make sure you can fit all your scrub in there. That's it. This scrub is done. And this is a really nice twist on that kind of traditional one where you have the salt, but then you have all that oil floating on top. The reason I really like this scrub is it's very moisturizing, it rinses away cleanly while leaving your skin feeling very moist and soft, but there's not this huge oil layer. You can actually, for example, take a bath and exfoliate in the bath, and then you'll end up with a beautiful kind of shimmer and a sheen of oil in your bathtub when you get out which would also really help leave your skin feeling moist and lovely. So that is our Pink Sea Salt Body Scrub, and, again, that's one of the projects from Handmade Beauty Box. And that's kind of an example of a very good, easy beginner do-it-yourself scrub.

Class Description

Join Anne-Marie Faiola for the beginner-friendly class, Make Your Own Homemade Bath and Body Products, and learn how to make easy and luxurious bath and beauty products! 

Anne-Marie, also known as the “The Soap Queen,” is the crafty mind behind Bramble Berry Soap Making Supplies and Handmade Beauty Box. In this class, you’ll learn her fool-proof techniques for handcrafting your very own soaps and bath products. You’ll learn:

  • The cold process soap making technique 
  • How to formulate you own lotion and balm recipes 
  • Everything you need to know about sugar and salt scrubs
  • How to comply with federal rules and regulations  

Anne-Marie will share an incredible variety of techniques even beginners can use to create DIY bath products that are as beautiful as they are useful. 

Join Anne-Marie Faiola for Make Your Own Bath and Body Products and learn how to make high-quality, handmade bath and beauty products you can enjoy, gift, or sell.

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Alexandra Paniagua

As a "Seasoned" Soaper this workshop was very instructive, fast paced and not boring at all!!!!! As everything else, we have to be up to date with new trends and ingredients, every day is a learning process, thank you very much to Creative Live, Anne-Marie and Bramble Berry for this AWESOME work shop and I hope you have another one soon :) :)

Julz P

Love this class! Second time watching it, wish there were live classes at this level in my City, I would love to make stuff on the weekends :-) Great job - love the class, come back soon!

a Creativelive Student

Anne-Marie was a very thorough and thoughtful instructor. Her knowledge and enthusiasm were inspiring. She had everything organized and presented it in a very comprehensive sequential order. GREAT class as I never knew anything about soap/lotions/scrubs/balms/etc. I'd recommend purchasing the class!