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Make Your Own Bath & Body Products

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Why Use Scrubs?

Anne-Marie Faiola

Make Your Own Bath & Body Products

Anne-Marie Faiola

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Lesson Info

17. Why Use Scrubs?


Lesson Info

Why Use Scrubs?

This class is all about how to make scrubs. Why you use scrubs? Why you choose the scrubby exfoliants you choose? What exfoliants are best for which body parts? And then after I go over kind of all the basic mechanics and cleanliness, preservatives, the ingredients for the scrubs, then we're gonna actually make scrub live right now. So we're gonna be using a scrub using Himalayan sea salts. A facial scrub that uses ground walnut shells. And then an emulsified scrub that is both a lotion, a soap, and a scrub all in one. So why use a scrub, right? Like our skin does a pretty good job. We shower, we use soap. Why in the world would you want to literally scrub off the first layer of your skin with a manual exfoliant like a sea salt? The reason you would want to use an exfoliant like a sea salt or walnut shells or pumice on your skin is because, though our skin naturally sheds right around 50,000 cells every minute and rebuilds, right I know right, crazy, and rebuilds itself every 28 days, ...

a total epithelial layer of our skin rebuilds every 28 days, as we age, that slows down. That process slows down. In addition to that any sort of outdoor activity that you do, whether it's hiking, biking, surfing, anything that exposes you to wind, sand, sun, also will prematurely age the skin causing more dry patches. And when you have dry patches you can have breakouts, ingrown hairs. And if you wear foundation or makeup the makeup doesn't go on nearly as smoothly for example. Or if you're doing self-tanner and you're trying to put self-tanner on your skin, the self-tanner ends up kinda going on patchy. So exfoliating is a really important part of, well, general body maintenance and it's oftentimes overlooked. A traditional scrub like the one that you've seen in the stores is usually something like an exfoliant, so sea salt, and a carrier oil. So for example, when I first started making and selling soap products at the age of 18, one of my very first craft shows, up in Bellingham, Washington, I had these little glass jars. I filled them with salt and then I poured olive oil over them. Put a little bit of fragrance in them. And sold them for $ for tiny, tiny little jar for Christmas presents for people and sold hundreds of them. That was magic. It was amazing. And it was a very, very simple, traditional scrub. In this course we are going way past that kind of simple, traditional scrub and we're going to be using exotic ingredients and making, again, the three different kinds of scrubs. Scrubs can be as easy or as complicated as you want. They're super fun to make because, again, you can make 'em with kids if you're just doing salt plus oil. Or you can make them more unique and make a night of it and have fun with your girlfriends or your friends and have a craft night. They make beautiful gifts. Or, again, super popular in stores to sell.

Class Description

Join Anne-Marie Faiola for the beginner-friendly class, Make Your Own Homemade Bath and Body Products, and learn how to make easy and luxurious bath and beauty products! 

Anne-Marie, also known as the “The Soap Queen,” is the crafty mind behind Bramble Berry Soap Making Supplies and Handmade Beauty Box. In this class, you’ll learn her fool-proof techniques for handcrafting your very own soaps and bath products. You’ll learn:

  • The cold process soap making technique 
  • How to formulate you own lotion and balm recipes 
  • Everything you need to know about sugar and salt scrubs
  • How to comply with federal rules and regulations  

Anne-Marie will share an incredible variety of techniques even beginners can use to create DIY bath products that are as beautiful as they are useful. 

Join Anne-Marie Faiola for Make Your Own Bath and Body Products and learn how to make high-quality, handmade bath and beauty products you can enjoy, gift, or sell.


Alexandra Paniagua

As a "Seasoned" Soaper this workshop was very instructive, fast paced and not boring at all!!!!! As everything else, we have to be up to date with new trends and ingredients, every day is a learning process, thank you very much to Creative Live, Anne-Marie and Bramble Berry for this AWESOME work shop and I hope you have another one soon :) :)

Julz P

Love this class! Second time watching it, wish there were live classes at this level in my City, I would love to make stuff on the weekends :-) Great job - love the class, come back soon!

a Creativelive Student

Anne-Marie was a very thorough and thoughtful instructor. Her knowledge and enthusiasm were inspiring. She had everything organized and presented it in a very comprehensive sequential order. GREAT class as I never knew anything about soap/lotions/scrubs/balms/etc. I'd recommend purchasing the class!