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Adobe Spark

Lesson 8 from: Mobile Photo Editing with Lightroom CC

Jared Platt

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8. Adobe Spark

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Lesson Info

Adobe Spark

Now, there are certain apps, that instead of sharing them out to the app, they're a little bit more involved. So instead, and this is really exciting, let's say I'm doing this story, about Iceland. So I've got these images that I've collected and I've worked on them. I'm traveling while I'm doing this, and now I want to share a story about where I am and what I'm doing. So, now I could say I want to share this out, and then one by one kind of leak those images out to Facebook, or wherever. But if I actually want to create, say, a webpage to show my travels, or maybe I want to make a slideshow. Adobe has apps for that as well. And what we're going to do is we're going to share them through the Spark Page app. I'm gonna look back here at all of my apps, and you can see that there's Spark Post. Spark Post is for Instagram, basically. It's really great, because when you open Spark Post, you have the ability to create like a meme, and it'll have the text, and you can organize the text and p...

ut it on. It's really great, but we're gonna make a web page instead. So there's Spark Page, there's Spark Post, and Spark Video. All of them are very simple interfaces that allow you to create really robust advertisements or pages or messages really fast. And on Spark Post, they actually have all the sizes. If it's Facebook banner, they give you the size for that, and it's always updated to the latest thing, so it's perfect. But we're gonna go in and create a page. And when we go in here, we want to create a brand-new page. So we've got a title, we're gonna name this thing. We're gonna call this one, Iceland. And then our subtitle is gonna be, come on, there we go. My travels on the island. I like calling Iceland the island, cause it's a big island. Alright, so I'm done with that, and now I'm just gonna add a photo, and the question is, Where am I gonna get this photo? Well, because we don't share it to the app, the app shares by stealing. So it comes in and it has LightRoom, and because it's connected to the Cloud, I click on LightRoom, and there's all of my LightRoom collections are sitting right there, waiting for me to use them. So I just need to scan down until I get to the right, and it's just kind of loading them up. I'm just looking for my, it's the next set, come on. Keep synchronizing, come on. What's that? Did I? No, no, anyway, we'll let's just share a different story I guess, come on. Sometimes you actually have to go back up here like this and like, pull it down so it does that little spin thing so that it knows it's supposed to be looking for more stuff at the bottom. It's kind of a little weird glitchy thing, but. Come on. There we are, see? No, where it is? Maybe I did pass it. There it is, right there. (mumbling) So now I can choose from here, all the images. So I can add my front picture, which I'm gonna use this one, 'cause that's like my fav, I love nothingness. Nothingness to me is so gorgeous, which is why I'm so interested in your trip down to Mexico, like it's just nothingness, it's just I love it. You're there and you're like, I am nothing, I will die here. You know? (laughing) No, I am so thrilled when I am somewhere that could kill me. 'Cause I'm just like, I feel small and insignificant here, you know? Anyways, so there, I like this. I don't know, I like feeling small, whatever, there's probably lots to write about that. Okay so, but look what I'm doing is I'm creating a parallax page, and then it says, oh, you've run out of information, so what do you want to put here? So I'm gonna say well, I wanna put text here, right? So now I've got this area that I'm gonna put text on, and unfortunately you actually have to turn this vertically, so I think you're gonna have to just go to the actual thing. There we go. So I'm gonna actually start entering information in here. There we go. So I'm gonna add this, add text right here, and then I'm going to, usually I have here, this is actually better. The best way to add text, I didn't think about this, is to have a keyboard, because then the keyboard is not in the way. So hold on one second, let me just. Alright, see there's the text. So what I've done is don't write your story here. This is annoying, and you can see it's a little bit annoying. So what you're gonna do is you're gonna actually write your story in a notepad of some sort. And I'm just gonna take this story and highlight down to there, copy it, and then I'm gonna go back here and I'm gonna paste it. There we go. So now I have my story, and now I've got to add something else. So I'm gonna say, well, now it's time to add another photo. Okay, I'm gonna just add that photo. Or, I could say, you know what, instead of adding a photo, I'm gonna delete that photo. I'm gonna actually add, let's see, I'm gonna come here and I'm gonna add a photo grid so that we make the, you don't have to scroll too much. So now I'm just gonna go in and choose a series of photos to add to my grid. And I think that'll work for that, 'cause that's the story I'm about to tell. And so I'm gonna hit done, and so now I've got a photo grid. And if you were to click on those when you were looking at the website, it would pull them up in full mode. And then I can add a caption here if I like, so I click on here to add a caption. Go back to my notes, and I'm gonna look for... right there. So I'm gonna copy that, oh wait, that's a whole story. Copy that. So now I'm gonna go back here and instead of a caption I'm just gonna add more text and I'm gonna paste that there. So now I'm telling a story about you know, the Northern Lights and how everybody was like taking pictures with their flashes on. Yeah, yeah, really impressive photographers. So then I'm gonna add another photo, and now I'm going to tell a story about this right here. So this was where I felt most vulnerable because you have to go around a point, and then that tide will come in and trap you. And the sea was very violent and then there were signs everywhere that said tourists die on this beach, and then I was out there and it was getting more and more violent and churny and the tide was coming in. And I was trying to photograph these rock outcroppings out there, but you couldn't see them. I knew they were there 'cause I had found it on Google Maps and I went there based on that, but I couldn't see them. So I kept walking and kept walking, and even at this point where I'm standing here looking at them, I couldn't see them. So I aimed my camera, and focused based on you know, the little, the range finder on the actual lens, I focused based on that, and then I did a 30 second exposure, and it was only after the 30 second exposure that I actually saw the rocks. It was only in the camera that I could see the rocks. But the whole time, that tide's coming in, and I'm like, and it looks like I got a lot of beach here, but over the point, once that water gets to the, I don't know how much I can get around it or whatever. So I'm standing out there, and I'm thinking, I probably need to get off of this beach, right? And I look around and nobody's on the beach. Everybody's gone and I'm like people know more than I do about this beach. So I'm taking the picture and I'm waiting and I'm a little nervous, and I'm like okay, if I get this exposure right, I'm out of here. So I'm waiting 30 seconds, and then as soon as you're done waiting 30 seconds you still have to wait another 30 seconds for it to churn because a long exposure tends to do that on a camera. And so I'm waiting the next 30 seconds, and I'm like come on, come on, and it came up and it was the right exposure, and I was like good, I'm out of here, and I left. So I only had one shot at this but, so that story, I want to tell that story so I'm gonna go here, double click, grab this, and we're gonna go this right here. And copy. And then paste. And of course at the very end it says the moral of our story is knowing your camera's settings can sometimes actually save your life, so anyways. So that's my, so I've got this story that I wanna tell, and that's how quickly I made a pretty good website. And I can add video to this website, I can add captions, I can add all sorts of links, all sorts of stuff to it. So it's a really great way to tell a story quickly and then just send it off. And if you have a webpage, you can embed this story into your webpage and if people click on it, it'll open up as this kind of interactive experience. So it's a really great option and now I've got this Iceland story that I can open up and show to people, and it's got the, I love the way, see how it like parallaxes, and I love it.

Ratings and Reviews


Jared is my favorite instructor on Creative Live. He is a great instructor, super knowledgeable, and fun to to watch. I ALWAYS learn a lot from his classes. Highly recommended!


Glad to see a Mobile LR class now based on the updates. Great job Jared!

Esther Beaton

Just brilliant. I was worried that it wouldn't be relevant to today, April 2020, but it is. It's still valid for use with Lightroom 2020 (for mobile) and for the latest iPad Pro (2020). There is much much more to using both of these tools, but Jared covered the most relevant bits, those most suited to professional travelling photographers. I particularly enjoyed his demonstrations with Adobe Mix and Fix and Spark, tools which I have been under-utlizing.

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