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Cloud Backup

Lesson 5 from: Mobile Workflow in Adobe Lightroom

Jared Platt

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5. Cloud Backup

Lesson Info

Cloud Backup

now that we've brought our images from our camera to our NAR box, so they're safe, and then we've taken him from the NAR box and we take the slacks, the ones that we've selected, and we've brought them into an IPad. You can see that they are here inside the IPad, ready for us to review them, adjust them, share them, do whatever we want. But before we go into that, remember that we've we want a camera that has two cards. If we can, that gives us a backup. But if we only have a camera with one card, we definitely want to get it backed up. And so now we have a backup. So we have two backups here. The images that we take from the NAR box into the IPad are immediately sent to the cloud. So if I bring in a 30 megapixel file like the U. S. Are has, um, it's coming into the IPad, and then it's going straight up the cloud as a 30 megapixel file. So the entire file is in the cloud as another backup. So now not only do we have a card that we hold onto throughout our travels. We have a dis drive w...

ith all of our images on it that we can hang onto throughout our travels. But we also have a copy, inner IPad and a copy up on the cloud. And that cloud copy is actually being delivered to any other device that we happened tohave attached to the cloud. For instance. My phone is also attached to the cloud, so light room in my phone is also going to have a copy of that file delivered to it. And there is a preference that I can tell light room toe on Lee. Bring in smart previews so that I'm not filling up every single device I have with the full file. So that's that's a very real possibility to simply go into your preferences. Inside of of light room mobile and inside of light room mobile. You go onto cloud Sync and then you can tell it to either use or don't use cellular data, and you can say Onley download smart previews, and that's if you turn that on than any other light room device. So that's turned on on my phone. So if I take a picture here, the full file will go up to the cloud. But only a smart preview will come back down to my IPad if I put a full high resolution file from my camera into my IPad. The full high rez goes up to the cloud. The full high rez stays on my IPad. But only a smart preview comes down to this phone here. So I'm kind of limiting the amount of space that I'm taking up on all of my other devices and in light room, uh, desktop in in light room Classic. Both of those programs can also receive the full file down or in light room desktop, which I'll show you later. You can actually tell it toe on Lee. Bring in a preview as well so you can limit the amount of extra space that's being taken up on all of your other systems. But important to note is that not only do I have a copy here inside of light room on my IPad, but I have one in the cloud. So that is the system designed in order to back you up. You're completely backed up. If you hang on to this card, if you put a copy in a resident hard drive like this NAR box, and then you bring certain copies back into your IPad. You could bring the whole set. If it's a small enough set of images, you could bring the whole thing into your IPad. In fact, if you don't have in our box and you don't want to travel within our box, just simply travel with a A dongle that has a card reader on it and put your images directly into your IPad and they will go right up to the cloud through light room, so either way is fine. But you need to make sure that you're backed up because you want to get the most important images at least and if not all the images up into the cloud so that it doesn't matter if you lose everything while you're traveling. You still have a copy in the cloud ready for you to bring back down to Earth once you are back home at your computer. So that's backing yourself up while you're traveling

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