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Morning Yoga Kickstart

Lesson 6 of 9

Day 4: Yin Flow


Morning Yoga Kickstart

Lesson 6 of 9

Day 4: Yin Flow


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Day 4: Yin Flow

Hi. I'm call your Web and welcome to your young flow Are you gonna need is two blocks a bolster and all right, we're going to get started with your yen flow And I know that's usually all the ways down, but we're just gonna get up just a little bit just to get your blood flowing So we're going to start actually with a forward full at the top of your mat. So first, lengthen your body all the way out. Stand in mountain pose. Take a big inhale and excel to set your intention for the day. Just know that everything is coming in your time, so take your time slowly. Lower down. Just standing for Werfel. I want you to grab opposite elbows. I'm just like gravity. Do the work and lengthen your tours. The ground. I've seen some people in this pose, of course. Not me yet. But over time, if you didn't do keep doing it, you'll be able to touch your forearms to your toes. I'm getting close. Maybe if I put a block there out there we go. Maybe on the high side. You can do this to actually, he's a block ...

and just relaxed down. Maybe any two blocks. That'd be pretty hard. But just just relax, release and let go. Allowing the blood to flow up your legs and down your spine. You should feel a little tingling in your hamstring, and if you do, you can adjust accordingly. If you want to, just relax your hands down to the ground. He can I find when I crossed my arms, it brings a little extra weight downward and bring your head all the way through towards you, towards your knees. Breathed a pier. And how and exhale. Breathe. Turn slowly, come up placing your hands down. Bend your knees nice and slow. Your hamstrings might feel Ah, little stuck there and slowly bring one leg back and the opposite look for doesn't matter which side you start. Start with, but we're gonna go into a lizard. So for lizard, you want to just bring your hands down. And if you can't bring your hands down, go ahead and grab your blocks and place your hands on your blocks and you really hear you just really want to open your hips here. That's what it's all about. You should feel a little energy on your hip flexors. Er, breathe deep here, shifting away, back and forth if you need to just feeling it out. And if that feels good to you, maybe you can remove the blocks and place your hands down as your hips start to open up. And if you like to take it a little deeper, you can come onto your elbows. Or you can even come onto your elbows on the blocks, so you have a lot of different options here. Whatever you do, just settle and find stillness. If you find your knee traveling out, try to bring it in just a little bit. And if you want to take a warmer step further, you can really move the blocks and comes here. Elbows. You can also untucked your toe in the back for a little extra stretch there and slowly come up to your hands again, coming upto one block if you need to. Who's gonna do it? Swiss. So just bring your left hand on the outside of your right thigh. This is Step one, and if you have the flexibility, you can bend the back knee and actually grab onto the foot. But don't force it here. Just listen to your body and that this time you can allow the front need to slowly come out. My toes like to spread in almost every pose, so feel free to lift your toes and spreadem out wide. We have so many nerve endings and our toes that, um, spreading them in each pose will definitely help relieve tension. Relieves stress in your body again. It could be it any place and still get benefit from this pose. And now we're just going to switch sides to slowly shift your weight back. Just take a moment here to wiggle out and go ahead and bring that leg back and we're going to switch sides so right, like it's forward or opposite Legace forward and bring your blocks in If you did the first time and just set yourself up. Shifting that hip for the beautiful thing about yen is you can really take your time. There is there is no rush, even though I'm going to the next level in the next level, you can stay at whatever level you want. That feels good. As long as you feel yourself able to breathe, you feel your body opening up, you can say there, so just play with different variations with your blocks can also have some books. If you don't have blocks and just breathe, finding small shifts in your body to the left a little to the right forward or back really does allow your body to open up even more. So open your toes shifting and then finding stillness. Remember your options on this side. With or without the block. Find a place that feels best to you and then come up. And if you use a block on the other side, go ahead and place that block underneath your hand again and then bring your right arm on the outside of your right knee on the same side. Just opening up. Spreading your toes can lay that foot down if you'd like. If you feel any kind of pressure and your knee here, you can actually grab a blanket and put it underneath your knee if you need to. And if you tried on the other side, maybe try on this side to bend that knee and grab a foot gives you an extra stretch in that hip flexor. Her and the front of your thigh. Nice. Nice, quiet stretch. Breathe deep here and slowly release your foot and come back forward and slowly shift your hips back. With these long holes, you really want to move slow because it's really easy for the blood to get stuck or trapped in different parts of your body. So just move slow, bring your knees together. And now we're gonna go into one of my favorite close with just sleeping Swan, normally pigeon. But since we're going to stay in it for so long, it's sleeping Swan. And you want to just bring your left knee to the top of the map. And if you're a beginner, you want to put a block underneath your thigh and just find a comfortable place. And actually you can even use a bolster here. Let's just get really comfy. Why not spring this up Here, bring this under A I think it really company. Comfy? Comfy? All right. So put that underneath your thigh, take a big inhale and exhale. Come forward onto your bolster and just lay until you're back toe and just breathe here. We're gonna be one minute on this side, so really just close your eyes released and let go. And if you want a little bit deeper stretch you can remove the bolster and come all the way down. And once you're open on your hip, you can also remove the block and come all the way down as well. So just feel your body out, feel what you need And so we come up, place your hands down and pick yourself up and we're just gonna switch sides. So in the first side, you want to start off with the block underneath your hit on the bolster underneath your head can go ahead and do that. Ah, just take a big inhale and exhale. Relax, just completely Let go Sinking into the pose. When you feel like you're ready, you can remove the block. If you want a deeper stretch, you can remove the bolster and wiggle in. Feel where your body feels the best and breathe there and slowly come up and bring both legs around. And for our final pose, you want to get really comfy. So we're gonna get our blankets and we're gonna bring our bolster up underneath our knees and we're gonna bring the blanket in front of us and just cover ourselves up, relaxing back palms facing upward and just take a big inhale and excel Relaxing your shoulders away from your years. Breathing deep finding stillness. Take a deep in hell and XO and deep and how and exhale. Bring your awareness to your body and to sue. A scan of your body is starting with your head, traveling through your shoulders into your chest, your hips down through your feet. Feel your body releasing and melting into your mat As you become completely weightless, take a big inhale and feel every cell of your body with love. Breathe it in and exhale it through all the way from your heads. Here, too. Welcome to stay here as long as you like. We can slowly round that one burger. Read a time unrolling your blanket. Removing the bolster from underneath your knees might not want to go all right, And so that is your yin practice. Your body will open up more and more each time. These were just a couple beginner poses that are most important and yet is also a good time to put in. When you're really feeling tired, you have a headache. Ladies heavy administration, things like that. The's air perfect time just to make time for your yen practice. So I hope you enjoy this class and I'll see you next time.

Class Description

Skill level: Beginner
Classes: 7
Time: 15-30 min
Cycle: 7 days

If you’re a creator, beginning your workday staring at a blank screen, page or canvas can be intimidating. One way to avoid that feeling is to start your day with a short, 15-minute daily yoga routine, which can help you relax and invigorate your mind, get in touch with your creative center, and find the inspiration you need to create for the rest of the day. This yoga schedule for a week course will help you:

  • Feel energized, mentally refreshed, calm and focused
  • Dig deeper into your unconscious mind
  • Become stronger, more flexible and toned

Koya Webb is an internationally recognized health and wellness coach who is passionate about inspiring people to reach their goals through fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Koya is a sought-after source and contributor for the health and wellness community, appearing on NBC and CBS, as well as being featured in magazines such as Essence, Oxygen, and Max Sport and Fitness. Her transformational seminars, retreats and workshops have inspired many to live more holistic and fulfilling lives. In this yoga schedule for a week course, Koya will teach you how to:

  • Build range of motion in the hips, back and hamstrings with static stretch
  • Do an inversion practice and fiery core work
  • Perform dynamic sculpting moves, lengthening sequences and toning
  • Increase flexibility and strength

Workout Descriptions:

Day 1: Flow Easy
This straightforward easy flow yoga will energize your body and awaken your mind, so you're mentally and physically pumped for the week ahead.

Day 2: Flexibility Flow
This yoga to increase flexibility class reinforces balance, increasing flexibility and blood flow so you can tackle whatever the day has in store.

Day 3: Strength Flow
This 15-minute yoga flow will strengthen your mind and body so you can soar through the rest of the week.

Day 4: Yin Flow
This yin yoga flow class builds a range of motion in the hips, back and hamstrings through a quick yet thorough static stretch sequence.

Day 5: Core and Inversions
This workout includes a playful yoga inversion practice as well as fiery and fun core work.

Day 6: Sculpt and Flow
This class combines dynamic sculpt sequence, lengthening sequences and toning while increasing flexibility and strength in a 30-minute flow.

Day 7: Meditation and Rest Day
Refocus and recenter with this calming short morning meditation and breathwork class.


Nicole McIntyre

As someone who is an absolute beginner to Yoga I really appreciate Koya showing all the ways the poses can be modified. Thanks CL for this!