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Morning Yoga Kickstart

Lesson 7 of 9

Day 5: Core & Inversions


Morning Yoga Kickstart

Lesson 7 of 9

Day 5: Core & Inversions


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Day 5: Core & Inversions

Hi, I'm Coyer Web and welcome to corn inversions. Today you're going to need some blocks. And if you have a wall, if you're a beginner and if you need a wall, you might use that in this practice. But we're gonna get upside down and get that core strong. Let's get started. All right, We're going to just jump right in and do one of my favorite core workouts, which is the ab Stretton. Place your feet on the ground and lie on your back. Place your hands behind your head and just crunch up. You're gonna inhale down and exhale as you crunch up, engaging the core, really pulling the belly button into the smile. You're going to do 25 repetitions here, just pulling all the way up, inhaling and exhaling. This is one of the best exercises, and it's always might go to because it really allows your back to stake glue to the ground. And when I have a back injury, it really helped me heal my back. So this is a really good way to strengthen every side of her abdominals without your back leaving the g...

round. So I really absolutely love this Siri's I'm about to take you through, so just key working it keep breathing is the most important part for Ni eight. You can hear my voice sake in seven, six, five, four, three to and one. Now take your right ankle and cross it over your left knee and just open it up much as you can. If it doesn't open that much, and it's just really close here, that's fine. But you want to take your left elbow up towards your knee, just cross the body. This is working on your obliques for three for five six seven a ni tune 14 Keep breathing. 19 20 We got five more for five four three come all the way down all the way up to and one and relax. Sit down. Place that leg down and the other leg comes up and over. Now, if you can't make it all the way to 25 that's OK. Do 10 to 15 to 20. Do as many as you can. Over time, you're going to get stronger, take a big and how and excel twist all the way up. Another thing you want to do is keep this elbow into the grounds to get really twist and push yourself up. Four, five six And how down Excel Aid ni 13 Nice and easy. 14. 15. Make sure you're not pulling your net. 20. You got it. Five more. 21. Push it out. 23. Ski breathing. 24 and 2500. The hardest part is over. Now we're just going to get those lower abdominals. We did top in the size, and now we're going to get the lower. So just bring your legs up towards the sky. Just gonna lift your hips slightly off the ground just lifted up. So you're slightly just engaging your lower abdominal. You don't have to swing the legs. Just press straight up towards the ceiling for four five. You got 25 total six. Seven eight ni 11 13. Keep breathing. 40 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 24 and 25. Great job. And now we're going to use a block and you're just gonna place that block in between your knee and elbow. You're gonna hold us together and engage your core. You're gonna bring the elbows The knee on the opposite side for one Onley 10 to three four you hear my knee popping. Five, six, seven, eight, nine and 10. Switch sides in hell and excel one to three glue You're back down for it wants to come up five, six, seven a ni 10 and relax. Sit down. Who? My cores on fire? What about yours? Nice. So now you can feel it. Now that we've done our core work, we're going to go ahead and go into two in Virgin's These air beginner inversions. The 1st 1 we're gonna do is headstand. Even if you've never done a head stand before, I want you to at least try this beginning. I remember the first time that I did a headstand. I felt like my brain was gonna lose out my skull. I felt like my head was too soft on the tender headed girl, had a lot of hair, and it just seemed impossible. But the more that I practiced the heart of my head got. Now I can hold a head stand for a long time. So if it hurts in the beginning, do as much as you can and then back off and you will get stronger and stronger every day. So first thing I want you to do is measure out the distance between your elbows with your hands here, and then place your hands at a triangle and then place your head there at the top of the triangle. Put your hands where your elbows were, and then lift your hips. Now, if you're beginner, I only want you to stay here Now. If you feel comfortable going against the wall, you can. But you really don't need, especially if you're began to just stay here. This is an inversion by itself, so you're reversing the blood flow and you're reaping the benefits without even bring your legs up. But if you're ready to take your legs up, I want you to bring one leg here to see how it feels and then bring it back down. Then bring the other leg up and then bring it back down and ruin your ready. Bring buff like them, praising a little pressure here, and if you fall down, it's OK. Relax in Child's pose and let it go. Otherwise, if you have a head stand in your practice, you can go ahead and go up and stay up and see if you could say it for an entire minute. Oh, wise, if you're a beginner, just keep working with me. And if you've done enough that you could stay in Charles Post. But if you're beginning to stay right here and this modified headstand and maybe when you're ready, you gauge your core and bring one leg up, maybe halfway, maybe all the way, and then back down, Then bring the opposite leg up and back down. You'll feel this in your core. That's what we worked. At first, you could feel the movement. And when you're ready, maybe after a couple weeks of doing this video, you'll bring both legs up. Hold him there. That's all you need to do and then slowly bring him back down and slowly come down to the floor and relax and child's pose. This time, bring your legs together and wrap your shoulders around your thighs. Take a big inhale and excel. Just let it all go, all right. That wasn't so bad, was it? OK but you definitely can feel it. And if when you come up, you're gonna feel a little bit of light headedness and that's okay, just give yourself a time to breathe before you go into your next activity. So now I also want to introduce you to Teoh Forearm stand because I have a couple tricks here cause I'm very tall and I weigh a lot at £155 even though I don't look like it. So the idea of putting my hips over my head and headstand form stand or handstand was just like, really, because my lower half weighs a lot more than my upper house. So, um, it took a long time for me to figure out forearms. Damn. But now that I figured out, I have a couple tricks that I want to share. So the one thing I would do to help me get into it is put my arms in a triangle the same way I showed you before and bring my hips up into Dolphin Dolphin is the best friend for forum stand, and I do what's called a dolphin kiss. I bring my lips to my thumbs kiss it and come back. And I do that a couple of times. You want to do this about 10 times, and especially if you're a beginner, This is all you want to do for about three weeks. Just opening your shoulders, really Getting it in here. Now, after you've done 5 to then go ahead and relax back, take a big in hell and exhale, And now we're going to go back. Now, if you're a beginner, just do that again. Just do five more or 10 more. Who? You don't really have to do much more than 10. But do as many as you want. You'll start to feel it. Now the first thing you want to do is come back like you're doing a head stand and place the top of your head on your fingers. This is gonna hurt, but is moving lactic acid out of your fingers so it's still good for you, So but if it hurts too much, just come down and tap your fingers out and your debt. But over time, your fingers will get stronger as well. So put your head on top of your hands if you're going into a headstand and then bring one leg up and back down and bring the other leg up and back down and relax into child's both. So if you're a beginner, that's all I want you to do. After a couple of times of doing that, maybe you want to try to go up, so bring your head back to your hands and shift your hips. Bacchus faras You can over your head lift one leg up and maybe, just maybe, the other like hovers. That's good. Now, child. Another sigh. Bring one leg up and keep pressing your hips back, Hips back, hips back until one leg allows the other like to hover. Maybe they'll join each other. Engage your core, breathe deep and maybe they joined. Your head is still on your hands, balancing maybe even shaking like my and then come down. Okay, so this gives you the balance. Ah, before I'm saying, even though you're still in a headstand, you're giving another range of motion in this position. And so now I'm going to just show you the forearm stand after you've done that a couple times and you have it down that you can actually try a form send, but again do this for at least 3 to 4 weeks before you entire forum stand. And if you want to do it in front of the largest, in case you fall over, please, by all means have a wall behind. You have a friend supporting you, um, or something nice and fluffy. You can lay it on so that you don't chop besides yourself. If you do fall over because it does happen and you just get up and brush it off. But when I make sure you're safe all right. So once you're ready, go ahead and come back up into dolphin. Go ahead and situate your forehead where your head waas I lift one leg in there and slowly make a slow hap just a couple of times up and maybe you catch balance. But if you don't do a couple hops on each side, so one to and three. Now, if you do a couple hops on boat both sides, then you're ready to go up again. The main thing you want to think about is engaging your core, and this time, if you need to, you can bring your forehead to your hands this time, instead of the top of your hit. Now your forehead is gonna be right over your hands. You might want to move up on your you're mad and make sure everything is out of your way, just in case you go over you want. Make sure there's a wall in front of you as well. If you need to or person and coming down, lift your hips up so you're in dolphin Pose here and then bring your forehead to your hands and then lift your right leg high to the sky and just do a little kick ups until you find your balance breathing. And once you find your balance, see if you can bring your legs together, breathing deeply and then slowly come down. And so you want to do that on both sides and just practices. Okay, if you fall over, it's OK if you come down, but just practice it on both sides. Breathe deeply, and then once you're done solely wrap your shoulders around your thighs, take a Biggin Hill and exhale. Just let it all go and slowly round up. So the reason I added, um, the head standards so you could build confidence. Ah, lot of times we don't think we can do things in life. But when you start building your confidence through headstands and forearm stands and other inversions, you'll realize that with practice, anything is possible. So keep trying, and I'll see you tomorrow.

Class Description

Skill level: Beginner
Classes: 7
Time: 15-30 min
Cycle: 7 days

If you’re a creator, beginning your workday staring at a blank screen, page or canvas can be intimidating. One way to avoid that feeling is to start your day with a short, 15-minute daily yoga routine, which can help you relax and invigorate your mind, get in touch with your creative center, and find the inspiration you need to create for the rest of the day. This yoga schedule for a week course will help you:

  • Feel energized, mentally refreshed, calm and focused
  • Dig deeper into your unconscious mind
  • Become stronger, more flexible and toned

Koya Webb is an internationally recognized health and wellness coach who is passionate about inspiring people to reach their goals through fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Koya is a sought-after source and contributor for the health and wellness community, appearing on NBC and CBS, as well as being featured in magazines such as Essence, Oxygen, and Max Sport and Fitness. Her transformational seminars, retreats and workshops have inspired many to live more holistic and fulfilling lives. In this yoga schedule for a week course, Koya will teach you how to:

  • Build range of motion in the hips, back and hamstrings with static stretch
  • Do an inversion practice and fiery core work
  • Perform dynamic sculpting moves, lengthening sequences and toning
  • Increase flexibility and strength

Workout Descriptions:

Day 1: Flow Easy
This straightforward easy flow yoga will energize your body and awaken your mind, so you're mentally and physically pumped for the week ahead.

Day 2: Flexibility Flow
This yoga to increase flexibility class reinforces balance, increasing flexibility and blood flow so you can tackle whatever the day has in store.

Day 3: Strength Flow
This 15-minute yoga flow will strengthen your mind and body so you can soar through the rest of the week.

Day 4: Yin Flow
This yin yoga flow class builds a range of motion in the hips, back and hamstrings through a quick yet thorough static stretch sequence.

Day 5: Core and Inversions
This workout includes a playful yoga inversion practice as well as fiery and fun core work.

Day 6: Sculpt and Flow
This class combines dynamic sculpt sequence, lengthening sequences and toning while increasing flexibility and strength in a 30-minute flow.

Day 7: Meditation and Rest Day
Refocus and recenter with this calming short morning meditation and breathwork class.


Nicole McIntyre

As someone who is an absolute beginner to Yoga I really appreciate Koya showing all the ways the poses can be modified. Thanks CL for this!