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Morning Yoga Kickstart

Lesson 8 of 9

Day 6: Sculpt & Flow


Morning Yoga Kickstart

Lesson 8 of 9

Day 6: Sculpt & Flow


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Day 6: Sculpt & Flow

Hi, I'm Korea Web and welcome to sculpt and flow. You're going to need a set of blocks and be ready toe. Work a full 30 minute practice to energize your day. All right, let's get started with our sculpt and flow. First, we just want to center, so come on to your back and recline by owned angle. Just place your feet together and relax back knees. Why? And take a deep inhale and exhale. Place your right hand on your heart and your left hand on your abdomen and a big inhale and exhale to allow your body to feel become present. For the next 30 minutes, you'll be taking care of your mind, your body anger soul solely Place your hands on your thighs and bring your knees together and bring your knees into your chest, rocking from side to side and up in back. Cross your ankles and walk all the way up. It's a tabletop position, placing your hands underneath your shoulders and your knees together underneath your hips. Extend your right leg back behind you. Engage your core and extend your left ar...

m forward and hold here breathing. Balancing slowly, bring your need to your elbow elbow to your knee and extend out. Exhale as you come in, round your back and extend out one more in and extend out and slowly relax your hand on your knee down. Same thing. Other side. Engage a core. Extend your left leg back and your right hand out. Slowly round your back as you bring your knees here, elbow and extend again. Needs elbow an extra last time. Bring it in, curl and extended out and slowly bring your hand and you need down and shift back. Charles pose. Take a big inhale and exhale at any time you get tired. During this flow, you can always come back to child's pose and catch your breath and then join in. Over time, you'll feel yourself getting stronger and stronger. Come back up to tabletop, tuck your toes under and lift your hips for downward facing. Take your heels is closer. The floors. They can go take a big inhale. Come up high up on your tippy toes and exhale. Relax down again. Inhale, lift up and exhale, relaxed and last time. Inhale, lift and exhale. Lower solely. Walk yourself to the front of your math. Inhale lift halfway. Exhale, release your hands, tuck it into your chest and slowly round a one bird over at a time in hell, your arms overhead, gazing up and exhale your hands. The heart center. Take this time to set your intention. What do you want to cultivate today? Peace, strength. Play clarity. Just think about what you want to receive during this practice and relax your hands down by your side. Inhale arms up. Exhale for Werfel. Inhale lift halfway flat back. Exhale, Bend your knees and step back to plank. Slowly bend your knees down to the ground and bring your chest in your chin down, scooping under to come into cobra. Inhale, lift her chest. Exhale, relax down, just warming up the back in, held it and exhale down. You can stay in clover the entire practice or if you're ready for upward facing, you can come all the way up toe upward facing dog and then come to tabletop before shifting to downward facing the so this is always your modification. Even though I go straight from up dawg to down dog, you can always use your knees. Just listen to your body and breathe deep here in here and accept. Come up high up on your tippy toes and step to the front of your Mac. Inhale lift halfway. Exhale forward full and how it energy come all the way up. Excel hands the heart center and down by your side in hell. Arms up. Exhale for awful inhale lift halfway. Exhale played your hand. Bend your knees and step back to plank. Using your knees. You can come down, or you can come straight down to chat Aronda in how upward facing or cobra and then exhale. Use your knees shifted downward face, so just remember your modifications. Listen to your body and breathe. Spread your fingers wide here, gripping the mat with your knuckles and your fingertips, Another big and how and lips were sealed as you exhale. Come up high upon your to be toes, and this time you could take a little hop forward. Maybe a couple hot fourth to the front of your mat. Inhale lift halfway, and when you're lifting halfway, really lengthen your shoulders away from your ears before you fall down as much as you can. And then in how all the way up, excel your hands the heart center and down by your side can also bring your arms out to the side When you sweep up whatever feels good to you. Slowly fold for and how lived halfway excel Benjani's. This time you could step back. Or you can hop back to China in how upper facing Exhale downward facing. So if that felt good to you with the hot begin, keep doing that or you can go back to stepping. You have so many places to grow in your yoga practice, you never arrive. There's always places to go and places to flow, so just listen to your body. Embrey d Inhale here and, if so again, big in how and excel come up high up on your tippy toes. Benjani's This time. Look between your hands and maybe hop all the way to the front between your hands in hell. Lift halfway. Exhale forward full, and this time Benjani's come all the way up to chair pose and then extended to to jasna handsy or heart center and down by your side chair, pose in here and excel for Werfel, Inhale lift, halfway Excel, Benjani Step or hot back chatter. UNGA in how upward facing exhale, downward facing and our facing. You want to really pressure heels towards the four. Engage a core and lift up isn't much as you can see is very active. Even though you're relaxing here, you also spreading your fingers wide reading D. Bring your toes together to touch on. Bring your right leg high to the sky Benjani and open your hit, creating as much space between your knee and your standing leg as you can. Then solely flip your dog, come around toe while thing lifting your hips and taking your hand towards the sky. You can leave your hand straight up, or you can bring it over and make it more of a back bend again. These are only options. Slowly lower your hips and bring the leg back up high to the sky. Shift your weight forward. Need to nose rounding the back and extended by. Shift your weight forward, right knee, right elbow and extended back this time Cross your body right knee left elbow, an extended back. This time step all the way through for crescent. You can come to low lunch first, see how this feel and then maybe come all the way up to Crescent. Hold it here, Bring your arms back behind you. Airplane links and how live Excel Airplane wings in hell if Accel Airplane Wings and Hello and this time, take the knee down towards the ground. 45 for three to and one hands come down and stuff the foot back chattering in hell upper facing Exhale downward facing. Breathe deep here. Your heart rate is going to start increasing. It's going to start getting harder, but key feeling. Keep breathing on whenever you need to. You can take child's pose. Bring your feet together to touch left leg goes hi to this guy. Then the knee opened the hip looking underneath your left armpit. Slowly drop that leg behind you and inhale your hips up towards this guy. Option to stay here or create a slight back. Then, by lifting your hips even more towards the sky and letting gravity relax your arm. Besides your ear, solely lower your hips and extend the leg back up high to the sky. Shift your weight forward. Need to nose rounding your back and extend back left knee, toe left elbow, shift your way forward and extended back left knee right elbow Shift the way forward and excel it back this time. Shift away forward Need to note. Step it all the way through. Coming in into crescent using your knee. If you need to find your stance, Breathe here and airplane wings in how all good in your life and exhale anything holding you back in hell, bringing the good energy in negative energy out and how Exhale Release this time. Leave her hands up and lower your needs to the ground for five, four, three to and one hands come down. Step the left foot back chatter UNGA and how upper facing Excel Downward facing five deep breaths Here, Come up high for you to be toes din journeys Step or hot to the front of room it Inhale lift halfway. Exhale for Werfel. Bend your knees. Come into chair, pose whole chair Pose here, lift your right leg and cross it over your life. You can stay here or if you can hook your foot. Go ahead and try to hook your foot, and then a right arm comes underneath villa. Find a steady point to gaze at breathing and unhook your arms. Let comes up and relaxed down into share. Pose left leg comes up and crosses over the white again Staying here. You can stay here with just one leg wrapped or you can tuck your toe. Left leg comes underneath your right. Get nice and suck Lifting your elbows away from your chest, engaging your core solely on Wrap your arms and I'm wrap your legs chair pose and how exhale floor full and how left halfway Excel been journey stepper Hot back chatter Wronger Inhale up we're facing Exhale downward faith. Breathe deep here feet come together The touch right like us high to the sky Been. Then he opened a hit. Slowly flip your dog for a while thing. Breathe one breath here and slowly extend the foot back up. Shift the way forward for crescent Hands to hearts center Warrior two. Breathe deep here, Jack, to make sure your knee a straight over your heel, your arm is standing straight out from your shoulder. Embry in How and Exhale Reversal. Warrior Warrior two. Straighten your front leg. Reach out over your front toe triangle. Pose. Here. You can use a block if you need to come back to warrior two. I'm familiar. Hands back into the lunge chatter. Ranga in How upper Facing Excel Downward facing. Same thing opposite side left. Let comes high. Benjani open hip. Slowly flip your doll. One breath here slowly. Lawyer hips Extend the leg of high and shifted forward. Need to know. Step it all the way through for crescent again. You can use your knee here if you need to. Hands to hearts center Warrior two. Check your stands and breathe D River Show Warrior Warrior two. Straighten your front leg, reach out of your front toe and come down using your block here if you need to bend your front knee Warrior two familiar hands into the lines and lower down with the exhale. Inhale as you lift up and exhale as you shift that Breathe it out here. Five deep breaths come up high up on your tippy toes. Bend your knees step or hot to the front of your math. Inhale, lengthen. Lift halfway. Exhale for Werfel in hell with energy all the way out. Gazing up at your head. Exhale hands on her center and down by your side and how arms go up. Gaze up Excel hens come down, bend your knees. And this time, step back plank for crescent pose in her arms up and exhale. Bring your hands down and this time I want you to grab your box and place it out in front of you. Place your left hand down and stock your hips. If you wanna have both hands down, you can. But you really want to work on stacking your right hip over your left. And if you can slowly bring a one hand to your heart and maybe even that hand floats up for half moon, breathe deep. Here maybe can lift rather like one inch one into more. Hold here and slowly lower down back into crescent pose, using the blocks where you need to inhale. Lived up and exhale. Stepped to the front hands, come down and step your left leg back for crescent. Inhale arms up excel Shift the way forward both hands down, stuck your hit, keeping both hands down, maybe a finger to maybe a shaky Bring the hands of the heart. Hold it here or extend that hand all the way up to this guy, breathing deep wherever you are keeping your graze on the floor, Maybe lifting the outer leg a one inch, maybe one inch more, breathing deep, slowly bringing that hand out. The lead comes down back into the lunge and how arms Come up. Exhale hands come down. Step your right foot back slowly Lower down on the exhale. Inhale up. Excel back five rests here and slowly lower your knees down. If you have the handstand in your practice you've been working on it and you have it. You can go ahead and go into that now. Otherwise, we're just gonna invert just for a little bit. Create your triangle with your elbows and your hands at the peak, and then put your head where your hands are and put your hands where your elbows were and lift your hips. So this is the perfect In virgin, you don't have to do anything else, or if you're ready for a headstand, you can slowly shift your hips back and come up into a headstand. Just take your time. I listen to your body. If you have a head stand, you could make some fun variations with your legs really pressing down through your fingertips and your knuckles moving mindfully with your breath engaging your core. And were you ready? Slowly coming down back to your elbows and then back to the floor and child's pose, putting your thighs together and wrapping your shoulders around your knees. Take a big inhale and exhale on so they round up one vertebra at a time. Cross your ankles underneath you and bring your feet out in front of you and slowly bring your feet up for boat pose. Smile. This is your favorite part. Slowly extend out and back in, out and back in breathing deeply here for ni eight seven six nisi together five four, three to and one legs come in, feeder down solely. Bring your feet your hips toward your feet and solely relax back one vertebrae at a time. Hands are facing the ceiling. Take a big inhale and next, so again, big and how and excel. Lift your hips up to the ceiling. Hold it here and relax. Sit down. You can place your palms up towards the sky, or you can turn your palms flat towards the ground. Lift your hips and solely lower down. This time, take one of your blocks in place. It between your thighs and really squeeze the block and lift your hips. Feel the difference. Feel the extra engagement in your core and slowly lower down. Remove the block, bring your knees into your chest and slowly extend your legs towards the air, palms down on the floor and slowly lower your left leg and bring you back up. Follow about your right each time engaging your core here, breathing deeply, going the left and then the right, really working on your core engagement, Keeping that nice and tight that will protect you in all of your movements and solely bring both legs up and come up in over for plow. Go ast's faras You can using your hands on your hips to support you. Breathe deep, maneuvering your shoulders just a little bit. But make sure you don't turn your head from side to side is a very vulnerable position. So make sure every movement you make is very subtle for extra stretching and been journeys, or you can keep them straight at this feels comfortable to you. You can come up into shoulder stand by bringing one leg at a time up and then back down and uh, and back down. And when you're ready in your practice, you can being both legs up towards the air for a supported shoulder. Stand solely Laurier legs one vertebra at a time. As you lower down all the way to the ground, bend your knees into your chest and lower your feet to the ground. Take a big inhale and exhale. Roll over to your side and set yourself up and slowly shift your hips back and now come into ah y leg for Werfel, inhale and exhale. Come forward. You can use your blocks underneath. You take a big inhale and excel full for again. Big in Hell and Excel. And once that gets easy, can remove one block at a time and go a little lower and take a big inhale and excel. Go a little bit deeper and slowly walk yourself up and come over to the right. Take a big inhale, flying your back and excel full forward. Just go AST's faras. Your body will allow you don't push it or force it. Take a big inhale and exhale. Breathe into your hamstring, see if you can go a little bit deeper on slowly. Come all the way up and switch sides. Take a big inhale and exhale fold forward again. Inhale and exa. Relax all the way down and slowly come up and bring your legs together and come into your hands and knees shifting onto your knees for your camel again. If you use blocks during the week, you come grab your blocks and put him right beside your shen's here if you know you're gonna need those, but first, just place their hands on our hips and lift the heart. You can have your toes tucked or untucked. Whatever feels best on your knees can also put a blanket underneath your knees if you need to take a big inhale and excel relaxed back. If you have blocks there, would you like to use your blocks? Place your hands down and float your heart up towards the sky as you press your hips forward. And if you feel like you can grab your heels, then slowly tuck your toes under and go for your heel. And how and exhale. Press forward, open your shoulders and slowly come up just a slowly as you went in and slowly shift your hips back for child's pose in hell and slowly exhale again and how and exit and slowly come up to your hands and knees and place your left leg between your hands. For pigeon inhale lift your chest creates in space here and exhale. Fold for. Place your hands underneath your head and held it and excel. Relax. Take a deep breath here, coming to the end of your practice. Just release your shoulders away from your ears. Maybe we'll go from side to side and create some space in your hips. It's fine a place of stillness. Take a big in how and exhale and slowly come up and we're just going to switch sides. Bring your left leg back and your right leg forward, bringing that need directly in between your hands as far as your foot. Your split should be right underneath your hip bone, and if it doesn't go all the way, you can take a block and put it on your outer hit just to give you some leverage here. So find a place that feels good for the block. Slowly place your hands underneath your head and come down. Take a big in how and exhale, relax as you started to open up, you'll slowly be able to remove the block and melt in towards the ground. Another big in here and XO and slowly come up and bring that leg around to the front of your mat and shift your hips to the front of your mat as you slowly grab onto your thighs and lower down one burger at a time, please your heels facing out on the corner of your mat. Place your palms facing towards the ceiling and release your shoulders away from your years as you puff your chest and relax down. Take a big inhale and exhale. Let's take a moment to feel the relief, but letting go the strength, flexibility and the peace. Begin how and excel and solely will go your toes and fingers and bring your knees into your chest, rolling over to your left side. Pressure so far and coming to see the position. Bring your hands to your needs in your heart center. Bring your hands to your third eye for clarity of thought to your lips, for clarity of speech and to your heart, for clarity of action. Time of day

Class Description

Skill level: Beginner
Classes: 7
Time: 15-30 min
Cycle: 7 days

If you’re a creator, beginning your workday staring at a blank screen, page or canvas can be intimidating. One way to avoid that feeling is to start your day with a short, 15-minute daily yoga routine, which can help you relax and invigorate your mind, get in touch with your creative center, and find the inspiration you need to create for the rest of the day. This yoga schedule for a week course will help you:

  • Feel energized, mentally refreshed, calm and focused
  • Dig deeper into your unconscious mind
  • Become stronger, more flexible and toned

Koya Webb is an internationally recognized health and wellness coach who is passionate about inspiring people to reach their goals through fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Koya is a sought-after source and contributor for the health and wellness community, appearing on NBC and CBS, as well as being featured in magazines such as Essence, Oxygen, and Max Sport and Fitness. Her transformational seminars, retreats and workshops have inspired many to live more holistic and fulfilling lives. In this yoga schedule for a week course, Koya will teach you how to:

  • Build range of motion in the hips, back and hamstrings with static stretch
  • Do an inversion practice and fiery core work
  • Perform dynamic sculpting moves, lengthening sequences and toning
  • Increase flexibility and strength

Workout Descriptions:

Day 1: Flow Easy
This straightforward easy flow yoga will energize your body and awaken your mind, so you're mentally and physically pumped for the week ahead.

Day 2: Flexibility Flow
This yoga to increase flexibility class reinforces balance, increasing flexibility and blood flow so you can tackle whatever the day has in store.

Day 3: Strength Flow
This 15-minute yoga flow will strengthen your mind and body so you can soar through the rest of the week.

Day 4: Yin Flow
This yin yoga flow class builds a range of motion in the hips, back and hamstrings through a quick yet thorough static stretch sequence.

Day 5: Core and Inversions
This workout includes a playful yoga inversion practice as well as fiery and fun core work.

Day 6: Sculpt and Flow
This class combines dynamic sculpt sequence, lengthening sequences and toning while increasing flexibility and strength in a 30-minute flow.

Day 7: Meditation and Rest Day
Refocus and recenter with this calming short morning meditation and breathwork class.


Nicole McIntyre

As someone who is an absolute beginner to Yoga I really appreciate Koya showing all the ways the poses can be modified. Thanks CL for this!