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Building Web Galleries

Building web galleries okay, so again, this is where all this rating and filtering comes in to play is on web galleries. So what we're going to do, I'm just going stay with the the's six photos right here, because that way won't take too long for our web gallery to build and it's very similar to what we did with the contact sheets earlier in the pdf ce so what we're going to do is click to activate the folder in which the pictures live turn on any filters that you might like tio drill down into that folder, and then you do need to select the photos. Okay, so we need to actually select them so command a on a macro control a on a pc. Now we're going to do the same thing we did earlier. We're going to come up here, tio the will output menu, or we could just click the output workspace doesn't matter which, well, let's click the output workspace since we're over there do give ridge a minute to rearrange itself depending upon how many photos that you've activated before you go into this outp...

ut module, it can take it a very short amount of time or a little bit longer, so just be patient have a sip of that tea or what have you so now let's, take a look at building a web gallery so as you see here, we've got two options this time we're going to click web gallery ok, now we get a whole different set of settings here on this right hand side, so we have a template menu. There are precious few templates in here. My favorite one is the html gallery because I loathe flash like there's no tomorrow that's a whole another story. If anybody wants to hang out after class, I know why load flash, I'll tell you, but I love the way to eighty mile gallery looks it's beautiful, and you don't have to worry about people having flash turned off in their web browsers to view this, so I really like the way this particular template looks again. You're not seeing anything happened here in this preview. Ok, we need to preview the web gallery in the browser. So remember how when we were jim pdf earlier, we had that refresh you will. Now we've got a preview in browser, so let's, go ahead and give that it click to see what it's going to look like, and it'll just pop open your default web browser. Isn't that a pretty thing, I think it's a real nice thing. I really like that, and if you had enough pictures that it needed multiple pages, it would create those pages and it would just line up the page numbers down here at the bottom, ok? So bridges handling everything is hailing the enlargements, I think that you got a previous and next, so you can view just the photos as enlargements, or you can go back to the home page and see all of them as a thumbnail of you. Ok, so it's it's really nice and we're going to customize all of this information we can customize the background colors behind the photos themselves. We can customize this color, all this text. So what I like to do when I'm doing this is resize my windows so that I can keep this open. We'll hide our photo leah site right now, so we're going to manipulate our windows so that we can actually see that make it a little bit smaller. I'm just grabbing the bottom right corner of the bridge window to make it smaller and then grabbed it by the time of artists get it over. So now we can see that previous again, you've got several different styles depending upon which template you've started out with, you'll have more or less styles here in this other menu, and when you create your own styles, they'll show up here so these air, like built in template sees our styles that you've created so now we've got all kinds of one things we can do so we can call our side we can say lisa snyder our photo lisa photography whatever gallery caption this is now the flowers about this gallery the's flowers shot on my fortieth birthday and malley p d day in august of two thousand ten hundred and twenty words a minute usually about a ninety seven percent accuracy rate. So what job do you think I had during high school in all through college types things for people I mean it's stupid amounts of money type and things that people don't want a type worked out really well so now if I want to see what that looks like over there in the web browser preview web browser and now I'm seeing my information updated okay, contact information is way down here at the bottom it gives you the hyperlink it'll trigger an email so you can put in your name here lisa snyder way said literally so dot com copyright and food he's a snyder here's your color palette okay, so what color do you want for test? What color do you want for detail ticks what do you want? Your background blah blah blah blah blah blah blah that's kind of self explanatory feel free that's been hours playing with that keep cruising on down using the scroll button do you remember that that scroll bar is there and that there are slew of options underneath all that so don't think just because you don't see an option isn't there remember that its long so you gotta scroll down okay, so here we've got a few more controls on appearance if I don't want these little cell members to show up I can turn those off. I can also choose to show file names ok and again to see an update previous browser this is another great way tio send a client photography client comes right. So what image do you want? You definitely want to turn on the file names if that's what you're going to use this web gallery for because how else is the client gonna say, yeah, I want the third picture in the fourth row and you're like you got a count that would be awful. So turn on the file names and that way they can just send you the founding of the one they want reproduced or printed whatever. Here you can control the previous size okay, you did not want to pump that all the way up, okay? You did not want to put sixteen hundred pixel image on the web, people are not e they will steal it, but she could probably get away, you know, for I don't know, I just wouldn't do anything over six hundred, I wouldn't think, you know, really dicey. And how big does the picture be? How big does the picture need to be for a client to say, yeah, I like that one better than that one anyway? Or for somebody to get an idea of your work? Ok, there are options for there are ways to post full size imagery on the web and not have it be stolen. We're going talk about one of them at the very end of the class called zoom if I okay, but without using some kind of a third party apple it teo keep people from snatching your images. I just don't think I'd ever go above eight hundred at the most, you know, for previous eyes on that you consent. The preview quality here seventy is probably pretty good. You can set the number of columns and a number of rows okay, and down here in the create gallery section, this is all about your web server, ok, bring, in my view, this is all about your web server right here. This is not the name of your gallery or anything like that. This is what is the name of the folder going to be called that you're about to export this html file and all the images and everything that goes along with it. Okay, so that's what this is so we could call this one I was really going to upload this to my website. I would use web naming conventions meeting those spaces and all that kind of good stuff you know malley two thousand ten save location you save it to your hard drive as well as uploaded to your server. So here is all of your custom upload information. So if your lab gave you access to a server like a client server that you could upload teo you could input that here and imagine the time that you would save on that I write for a slew of magazines I have a column and mac world that right for photo shop user I for elements techniques and they all have their own ftp servers stands for file transfer protocol it's think of it as an online bucket that I put stuff and they grab it out of that bucket when they see that it's in there so I could have this set up for those you know, locations and I could just you know, something straight there I wouldn't send them a website, but you kind of get the point anyway, this would send uh this information straight up to observer. She can enter the server name your username password you can even have it going to specific directory so really really amazing stuff here so we'll preview and see what we've got going on so we changed the previous size so now if I'm looking at my red browser you could see them that my previous size is a much larger so that's what this field is controlling right here previous size you would think that it was this size because that feels like a preview to me and this feels like an enlargement terminologies a bit weird in bridge so the preview size here is really controlling the size of the enlargement not the thumbnail the thumbnail size is controlled by where did it go there it is how many columns and how many rows you've set up ok and you can save all this information so of course if you were uploading it to your own website you could set it to go to your hard drive because that would be your backup copy right so clicking saves goingto make a folder on her hard drive and we'll just tell it to go ahead and put it on the desktop I don't want to put it in the stock folder on the desktop thank you and now when we come down to save bridges going to export that index file gallery created so let's come over here and find it so good our desktop and there's our folder malley two thousand ten so that's coming from the gallery name in here's thie index file okay with all of the cascading style sheets that it takes tio make it look like you said he wanted it to look font color, background, color uh absolute positioning and so on and so forth actually that was the extent of molestation and then in the resource is folder you're going to have any kind of scripting so css that's got your cascading style sheen information if there's any java script needed to produce the web page that you created it's going to be in that folder so if you're, uh a coder, you can come in there and do all kinds of fun things. So even if you can't get your website to look exactly like you wanted in here, if you have a little scripting background, this would be a great starting point. You come in here and customize with your own blocks of code if you'd like and in the content folder that's for your enlargement html pages they're going to be and your images so bridges creating the thumbnail and the large size so you can drill down and see everything that's happening there but pretty amazing stuff last but not least before we take final questions of the day, I mentioned that the out one more thing I want to show you on this let's say you have that gallery set up and that's exactly the way you want to produce your galleries forever then you're going to you make sure you save that as a style so again you just click that little dog your piece of paper to the right of the style menu and that is going to give you a naming opportunity saying call it photo gallery or something meaningful to you create and then from that point on for that template your specific style is going to show up there so you only have to enter that information once again unbelievably, that feature wasn't even cs five so if you're running bridge cs for you cannot save a style, you have to do all that or like I said, get it right one time and just don't ever change it because it will still be there until you change it but if you choose any other template in cs four earlier versions of bridge all your settings they're gone and there's just no way to capture them but see us five we got that back okay and then last but not least there is a way that I was going to open I'll open this file in photo shop so I'm in control clicker right? Click it open with them it's a raw and this of course came a raw popped open and I'll collapse my bridge panel let's say that I am a super high end photographer and I I have to be able to display my images at fuertes full size full beauty for anybody to appreciate it my heart just cannot take uh suffering are losing any kind of quality in displaying my image is there's a lot of photographers that feel that way also if you're creating big panorama tze you know this trick would also be useful. So what do you do if you need to post a really high quality finally internet not let it get stolen? Well, you can use a third party at name zoom if I that's actually installed it's college a little apple it that runs inside of photo shop so you open your image and you choose file export now we're in photo shop right not bridge zuma fi and you get this handy little dialogue ok, so what is going to happen is you tells in the five where do you want to put the finnish file? What do you want the name of it to be? What kind of quality want and what size you want it to be? Now you'll notice this verbiage right here image tile this software is going to split up your image into squared tiles so that when people are looking at your image in a web browser they're going to see it kind of small but if they clicked to enlarge it there on lee going to be seeing ah higher is tile one of the time as they scroll through the image ok so on the fly the web server or your browser rather is rendering out ah high quality version of that image one little piece of it at a time so that on ly one tiny little chunk of the image is high resolution or high quality when you're looking at the images that hall it's going to be a smaller preview but then when use him into it in the zooming part when you hover over it with your mouths you get a little magnifying glass when you're looking at it in the web browser and so what zoom if I will do when you do that is that on ly that section of the image that you're currently viewing will render at full quality then when you move to another section that tile goes backto low quality and then the other tile is rendered at full quality so using zoom if I in this way then you can let your viewers have a high quality high resolution experience of seeing your image but they're only going to be seeing it a tile at a time so at no point is the whole image sitting there high quality on the internet so my good friend bert mon roi he did a he's a photo realistic illustrator okay, so he did a painting of times square the thing is like insanely big I'll get these dimensions wrong but it's something like one hundred feet long by three feet tall I mean it's huge it's is a panorama of times square in new york but he built it all info shop from scratch and its photo realistic so he put it on the internet you can go to his website burt mon roi dot com be artie mon roi dot com and if you go to see the times square piece of art he used zoom if I so you see the big thing as a little picture but then when you click it in your web browser it'll zoom into just one piece so you can move around throughout the image and zuma find the background is bringing those high risk tiles up and changing them toe low risk you know, after you pass away from that one point so it's that would be the only way that I would ever post higher is images online and that was a long explanation but some folks out there I think we'll find this helpful so it's built right into photo shop it doesn't cost you any extra money to do so that could be anything. Questions all right, we definitely have a few uh got a couple minutes so we'll just take a few questions here. Do you have any found questions in the audience about about we'll take one from the internet a digital echo from ohio is wondering talking about split toning that you were doing when you do that is that permanently changing the raw files or is it creating a new copy automatically? Oh, I love these questions thank you for asking that neither any edits to making camera raw are nondestructive, meaning that camera raj is really making a text list of the edits that you've requested and they're not applied to your image until you export camera roz another file format you can always indeed anything you've done in camera rock forever, which is really, really great and it's not creating another copy of the image it's just keeping track of those idiots in a text list, and when your preview in them and bridge you're previewing those with the edits applied there still not applied only when you export the image from raw to another format are those adjustments actually applied to the photo that's pretty, and if you are interested in finding out more about camera, that is one of the deep dives that is available in the bundle it is need check that out exactly all right, so we had a question on twitter earlier today, and that was from rg photo who asked, can you set up a script enbridge to automate multi step processing for a batch of photos not beyond what you see in the export panel so that's the extent of the custom ization of the batch scripting religion thank you but if you think about what all we've done in bridge when we were making pdf contact sheets you can save a template right? We're making web galleries you can save a template when we were using the export panel we're making preset so it's kind of like you're doing that but it's you don't have anything you don't have actions and bridge and inactions in photo shop is just you're selling photoshopped hate record everything I do with the mouse in my keyboard starting now until you turn it off just like a regular road tape recorder you know hit record it's going to keep recording until you press stop that's what actions are in photo shop you know record all my mouse movements in all of my keyboard strokes save it and then you can play those back on single fouls or multiple files but bridge bridge doesn't have actions okay um I think we got time for one more question this is from l a photo eso we've been doing all these presets and templates and and all these things that we've been setting up if you want to save all these presets in case you need to reinstall photoshopped or bridge where can you back up all the special things you say there's a preset folder inside of bridge so you could gosh you know make sure that you archive that somewhere else you know but but the cool thing especially with cia six is when you and it was new cia six actually, but when you install cia six the program the installers going to say, hey, do you want to migrate all your presets? So for example, if I had a slew process in c s five instead of having to drill down into the presets folder in the application folder and move them over manually to the new application folder, the installer will take care of that for you so that's a new option called migrate process and see a six with that manual transfer be the only way if say you buy a new computer and want to set it up like your old computer? Yeah, definitely the manual way would be to do that, so I believe you can even control where those pre says are saved. I have to dig around a little bit to find where that is and where it isn't in photo shop it's in the industry where it isn't photoshopped case here we are in for the shot we're going to go for shop preferences plug ins so you can tell photo shop where tio save all your special stuff doesn't have to be in the plug ins or presets folder it can be in a different place actually that's plug ins a preset sir handle through now and see a six preset manager so edit presets preset manager and then you can determine its not coming right to the top of my head right now, and different preset folder. Ok, but where they live is in the applications folder by default. Unless you've changed that so let's, try it up to the application folder. Come up to the adobe land, and it is vast when you install creative suite so we can come down here to the photo shot folder and there's all the plug ins, and then there's the preset folder. Ok, so you could manually grab that preset folder and take it elsewhere, if you wanted and listless, find the bridge folder. So here's your presets right there.

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