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Now let's, take a look at exporting your photos, exporting your photos uh has its own special panel it was cleverly named the expert panel and what you can do with this is you can choose to share your photos to some social media sites you've got pre cess in here straight from the factory for facebook for flicker and for photo shop dot com okay, now, when you click on these things out of the gate straight from the factory here, you do have to set them up. Okay? So if I double click these guys that I need to then go in and enter all my facebook information into my flick, your account information and basically you're giving you're telling facebook and flicker that you're giving permission for bridge to upload those photos to those sites. Okay, so that can be handy if you like using those social media sides where the handiest things that I found for the expert panel is saving our images to submit to stock photography companies because I'm a stock photographer as well, right? So I could qui...

ckly go in here. Tio my folder where my pictures live, I could find my cream of the crop pictures, right? Because you're not just some anything but cream of the crop to stock agencies, then we could come over here to the export panel and I could set up uh, it's kind of like an action I could set up criteria in which I want these files to be exported, so let's, just walk through that because that's a real handy thing. Tio and again, this is great for if you're using any kind of online labs for printing, and when we get into the holiday photo gifts on wednesday, which I can cannot wait for, we're gonna have some so much fun, and you're going to remember this because you're going to meet uploading photos to services like in picks and in a pinhole press and shudder stock and not shutter stock, shutterfly, snap fish and all those guys, you have to upload your image to have a photo product made out of there, right? A calendar gallery rap, they don't take raw file, so this is a great way to kind of ought to make that process because you only have to set it up once. So what we're going to do to set up a preset of our own is we're going to click the saved a hard drive icon, and then we're going to click the little plus sign at the very bottom of that panel, and we're going to add another saved a hard drive, preset that's what we're going to do, so we're gonna set pre set and then you get this fabulous dialogue that lets you set up all kinds of wonderful things destination where do you want the exported files to go? Ok, we're dealing with raw files, so I'm not going to save them in the same folder and say, hey exports specific folder well, where would you like that folder to be time to say, put it on my desktop and then saved two set folder name for stocks admission if you were a contributor for fa tolia that you might name this folder for tolia you're contributor for I saw a photo, which I am you could name this folder for I sought photo okay? Or you could simply say for stock because you would do the same things no matter what service you were submitting to you ok? And then you're going to come over here to the image options for printing on online from an online lab or submitting to a stock agency you're going to choose don't resize because you want maximum pixel dimensions for both because in both cases they handle resolution. Okay, you just want to send maximum pixel dimensions, so don't resize if you were let's say preparing these for something else or maybe you know, emailing or what have you and you did want to resize them? Then you could turn on this constrained to fit and what you're really doing is entering your largest tickled to mention either with or high it so you don't have to worry about if they're what orientation they are, but we're not gonna do that in this, and if you do choose to resize, then you get a re sample method, you know, how do you want bridge to handle that re sizing always render from full size image, and this is the most important thing for you to know right here in this dialog box for printing with an online lab or submitting to a stock agency is you want the image quality to be twelve okay, so we'll go back to eight here for a second if you choose maximum it's not the maximum maximum is ten, but you could go to twelve, so you want to type in twelve that gives you the highest quality jay pick from a raw file or, you know, from whatever it is include the metadata if you're part of the witness protection program that you'll definitely want to turn on removed location info and he can here's our metadata template again so you can include that great to do for submitting for stock agencies because you want that copyright information in there again not that it's gonna make that much of a difference if somebody really wants to steal, but that's what he that's what you've got, you can add additional key words right here okay and then uh let's name this preset stock and we're going to click save now nothing has happened to these images right now okay we've just made a preset so what you do is you drag files over there so I'm going to select all and I'm gonna drag all these files that priests it see how you get that little plus sign they're still not exported okay so what we've done is create the preset or the recipe now we have put files in line to be processed then because bridges thinking well she may want to go over here and drag in some more photos from several different folders correct we don't in this case so what we could do let's go back to that is once you're ready to go click that little arrow right there and that process is the job okay so we're going to click that and those files should start going there we go so you get a nice little status you know if what's happening there really really handy powerful stuff here so in very short time we've got a folder full of images suitable for upload into an online lab or to a stock service so that that's a really anything and you can see how using that using the ratings the review mod rating rejecting in conjunction with filtering down your collection and then setting up an expert preset like this uh the power of bridge is incredible so this is just a little list kind of what you've done here if you click the down reporting trying all the sleepy triangle, see how much more fun that is flippy trying down we're point triangle you can see exactly which images you exported using that pre set clear the list if you want and that's all there is to it. So if we pop over me, hide bridge by person, commander, control age and come over here to the desktop I can see for stop there's. All those j pigs handy stuff. So now let's pop back over the bridge. Okay, just do that one more time. Let's. Go ahead and trash that stock preset. Yes. Ok, so we're back to square one. All we've done is open the expert panel. It's open at the bottom left of your screen in the essentials view. Just look for the tab. Okay? So just click export if you don't see it, choose window export panel let's make our preset. Ok, so you have to tell bridge what kind of priests it you want to make. We want to make a pre set of saves to our hard drive. So we have to click that before bridge will let us add and a preset so if I don't have that selected this but it is not gonna work like it should, so we're gonna go ahead and click to add the preset now you need to set up all of your criteria export to a folder we already made that folder a minute ago it's still there desktop stock open saved to a sub folder if you want click the image options tab for online printing or stock services click don't resize always rendered from full size image turn that on and enter twelve in the image quality field. Turn on your metadata apply a template if you like add additional key words if you'd like name your preset we're gonna call it stock click save now you've got your preset it's going to be there until you throw it away. So now you come over here to your filter menu you start going through your pictures using your filtering so that you can choose the ones that you actually want to export. Ok? So when she got him selected by pressing command air control a now come over to export drag and drop them onto the preset and then keep finding other photos that you also want to export and then when you're finished adding all the files to the queue, then you want to click that little arrow right there to actually process them hey jude is wondering if something you would use for placing orders with your lab pricing orders with your placing orders with your lab like would you set up the next port shin in order to uh set things up to send to eleven yeah yeah that's kind of what we're doing right here so basically what we're doing is exporting the highest quality j peg we can from a raw file yeah so then you know you would come over to your web browser or whatever and you would go to the lab and you would upload him which will be doing a lot of that on wednesday we have a question in the audience um when you're exporting do you have the ability if he needed tio to constrain the file size tio specific portion like for instance I think an emoto it can't be over ten megabytes so you can definitely set a longest pixel criteria but that's all you can do in that particular dialog box but I think that would do because then you just have to figure out ok you know what if there's a larger game my limit you know what can my longest pixel to mention be whether that's you know landscape or portrait and then that uh would handle it and just so you know that if you need to come back in here and change any kind of criteria for a priest said that you've made you just click it to activate it and then you click that tiny little pencil the bottom of that panel. And it opens up all of those settings again, and that's where you would handle that, right? There is the constraint of fit.

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Get your file structure whipped into shape by learning Adobe® Bridge with Lesa Snider! This Deep Dive takes you into the organizational functions of Adobe® Bridge so you can get your files into order. Filter and rate your images, keyword and rename files, make batch changes, and more! If you have Adobe® Photoshop®, you have Adobe® Bridge, and now you'll know how to use it.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6