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Now we've got at least one question in studio probably about caches and that would be a good place to stop and take questions from the internet so joe what would you my question is I have blight from four and I have published five so do I have to two breads what kind of bridge do I have that I have the well bridges installed along with the creative suite aps and photoshopped ok so if you've got food shops e s five that what you have yes then you have bridge cs five and does delight through musa is I guess I'm confused on because when I go the light through my a no me goto bridge too I think that this is a great question and will take just a moment to address it here if you're using light room okay you may not need to use bridge right there a little bit different if light room well light room is like a combination of a scaled down bridge plus camera raw casey you could edit photos and light room you can import photos with light room you can assign ratings you can review reject all that ...

kind of stuff images in light room light room is not going to help you at all on illustrator files. Pdf cps files anything else? Okay so it's on lee for photography okay you cannot use light room to browse all the files on your hard drive but she can use bridge to browse all your files on your hard drive you can't do file management stuff in light when we can only do things that pertain to the images I think light room does have renaming in battery naming but none of this other kind of finder or when those explorer level stuff that we're doing here so light room again is like a scaled back or limited version of bridge plus camera raw. But if you're a photographer on ly okay, you're probably ok just, you know using light room, but bridge is really neat thing like like you saw, we can choose to see a whole movie audiophiles, multi page pdf pse and things like that so bridges much more full featured when it comes to file management tests and seeing all the files on your hard drive light room won't show you files that you didn't import with it case a bridge can show you everything so they are different things while light rain does do some of the stuff that bridge does said, help great okay, so you want take some questions wonderful s o we have steve hamel dot com from st l, a band in the uk wondering if bridge can be used to look inside apple's aperture files? Oh man, I don't think it can go, but well that's not true because the way I always used aperture and I used I used to use aperture when it first came out, it was so nice and slow hopped, shipped to light room and everyone back. But when you are importing your photos and if you have a folder structure set up let's say you store all of your photos and your pictures folder, so even when I'm using light room to import pictures, if I just let's say, went to mexico, then when I'm importing those pictures in the light room, I would you have light were and store them in a folder you know, called mexico, so pictures and then the chute location folder. Okay, so that's, how I do my own hard drive structure you can see inside those folders here in bridge, okay, so if you had aperture, make a different folder for your pictures, you can see those now what? You're not going to see an aperture light room is your catalogues so any of your and that's just a fancy way of saying an album in case of an app eternal iran, you can create custom albums with custom orders and all kind of things like that. You're not going to see any of that structure here in bridge, and like I said earlier, you're not going to see your I photo library at all. I think you can see the aperture folders over I know you can light room but honestly I haven't tried that an apt because I haven't used it in so long but I know the fullers that I'm making light when I can see that's great because we do have a lot of conversations going on about using light room with with bridge and so and kind of what the work flow might be on dh so I don't know if you want to go further on along those lines there was a question from jill adams you already answered the differences between the two and is there a work close set up that you would utilize with light room bridge and photoshopped if you're just a photographer probably not and just a photographer just a photographer I didn't mean it that way but if that is you know what you do then you're if you have like room the writing is that yeah if you read it bridge has bridge comes along with photo shop with right to free it free application for all intents and purposes you know, so why not use it? But even if you even if you do have live room again, you can't do this filing by management stuff and you can't see all the files on your hard drive you can on ly si the files that you import with light room and that's on lee what j pegs raw and tiff files right you if you're a designer bridges just worth its weight in gold because you can see everything and even in photography you know these days photographers or having to wear a bunch of different hats you know more so than we ever had tio where before so as a photographer to make it today unless you're just you know really really great you've got to be a designer you probably need to have a little web development under your your belt as well. So several different things so it's hole like a bridge with all of its file management goodness can be very helpful to you but you can do rating in light room we can do reviewing and rejecting in light room you can create web galleries and light room and light room can also upload your web galleries just like bridge can um I think you can do contact sheets and my room sort of not the same way you can do them in bridge but you can there's a printing module in light room as well so I would use them both you know but the photography related stuff if you've got light room stick to doing that they're such as the reviewing in the rating and the web galleries and and that kind of stuff and then switched back over to bridge to, you know, manage files on your hard drive and right so on and so forth cool. Thank you for that because if you get a lot of people so just one more clarification on that and then we're going to start talking about the light room is bridge combo is when you do things that are kind of that file management such as light room colors and the naming and everything or the tagging one star three stars are those things visible in bridge or they seen separate I believe they're visible and bridge because that information is being stored in the meta data file so you should see that meta data cool over and bridges well, thank you. Yeah, that meditated travels along with your file no matter where it came from and in fact, if you had applied a bunch of key words over in light rain or even photoshopped elements you know, if you were to view those files here in bridge and you would see all of that all of that later show oppa's well, yeah, great. Okay, so, uh, question outside of that topic tech rob who have seen a great a couple questions from them come in. So thank you, rob, what is the difference and benefits between importing and just looking at the file system and well, when you import your cash is air drawn so you don't have to get through that again and if you do import using bridge, you have that opportunity, and we're going to look a importing actual photos actual photos later on this afternoon, then you know you can tell bridge where to store the photos, make a backup copy if you've got a external hard drive attached and so on and so forth. So there's a lot of a lot of functionality in the bridge adobe photo downloader app, which is what it's called like an apple, it it runs inside of bridge so it's, really nice if you don't have light room than you should absolutely be using bridge to import your photos because it is very, very powerful, it gives you the opportunity to give them custom names or meaningful names that you can use in searches, which is really handy if you don't use bridge to import your photos. That's fine, too. You can still do a lot of that management here within bridge, so you could bat to rename all your photos, which is a fancy way of saying me saying rename a slew of photos at one time with a custom naming system that you set up, perhaps with shoot date or the chute, location or client name and the date so bridge will do all of that renaming for you automatically. So even if you don't use it to import you could do those things but it is more efficient if you don't have another database oriented program that you're using for import to go ahead and use bridge to import your photos to you great thank you we have a couple questions about cash and one from kelly are is when you purge cash just bridge have to recreate the previews all over again okay that ingenuity if we switch tio distributed cash as you suggest should we then purge the cash to get rid of the cash that is centralized and redraw all the conan yeah with folks are good yeah yeah yeah yes yeah and just a little bit more on that the quick access to purging the cash and you can think of it as has anybody here I ever had to delete preferences of a program to get it to behave right again that ever happened to you guys it happens less and less these days it used to be a big problem but software is getting better and better dumping the cash is the equivalence like you're telling the program forget everything you thought you knew and start over because sometimes those files can get corrupted you know thoughts get corrupted to nobody knows why so why why do you cache files get corrupted? No clue could be a problem with that spark with that spot on your hard drive you know it, you could have some kind of fragmentation going on in the hard driver, just a hard drive problem in general. So if bridges not displaying those thumbnails properly or let's say, you know, there's a photo in there and you're not saying that you're like to have gonna go to the finder and I see that file while enbridge show it to me, then that's a really good indication that you need to recreate those cache files and quick access to that is when she got a folder activated in the favorites panel or appear in the path bar. Then you can choose the tools menu and she's cash, and then you can choose hey, please rebuild your cash for that particular folder and it'll dump it. It'll take a little while depending upon how many photos air in that folder. If there's a bunch who knows how long it'll take, you know, said it to go overnight and walk away from it. But that's, how you do that great s o we have about twenty minutes until break. You want to keep going with questions or you're ready, okay, great, it'll take a couple of more questions and then I want to talk about searches and then we'll take a break. Fantastic so monitored by the shore on guns to preferences is there any way to keep filled in info that is always the same like you're email website et cetera open using bridge with camera I think having to fill in the same stuff every time yeah team and yes, absolutely it's called meditated templates and they're incredibly easy to use and we'll hit that after break marcy is saying if images are stacked in bridge how oh just changed things around that image that questions just believe it so there we go that's better if images are stacked in bridged how are they seeing side by side and how does this work in light room? Oh you can we'll take a look at an image stack here in a little bit that's something that they were going to cover after break as well, but it looks just like a stack of photos and there's a couple of different ways to preview comptel bridge to expand them, but you also get a little play button and so it'll give you a little beating like the world's tiniest slide show to see all the images in that sack and you can also tell bridge which image you want to be at the top of the stack which you know your prettiest image or what have you so you can change that as well it's very similar over in light up I photo teo, you know that events view anybody that's on a mac we've got a couple here in the and the insidious audience, so the events view is like a big shoe box for all of those pictures, and you can choose which photo you want to see as the events, if you like your representative photo of that stack, so to speak. I haven't used tax and light room, so I can't answer the second part of that question. Totally fine. Yeah, but you can't expand them here in bridgeville easily. Or like I said, use that world's, tiniest little slide show. If you fix a fragmented hard drive, will it break the connection and bridge? Will you have to re, you know, get rid of the cash and really make the connection? Great question. So the question is, if you fix a fragment and hard drive, okay, does it break the connections and bridge? No, it does not break the connections. If you were to rename that hard drive, the connections would be broken then yeah, which I did recently. So all of my favorite stop working all of my saved searches, which are collections stopped working because I installed a solid state drive inside of my laptop, and I moved the applications to the solid state drive, and I moved to my all of my documents, in my images to the old hard drive, so bridge didn't know which way was up. So I had tio yeah, it took a while, the tow truck, all that, but the speed least I got from doing that was far worth it. All right, um, that's. Great. So let's, just go. One more question from clara bara on. We can go ahead, move on. If you use the distributed cash, what you said, the location to in the cash preferences, you don't have tio mess with the location because bridges going to store that distributed cash inside the folders, where those images live, so you don't have to mess with it. He'd only used the location for centralized caches.

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Get your file structure whipped into shape by learning Adobe® Bridge with Lesa Snider! This Deep Dive takes you into the organizational functions of Adobe® Bridge so you can get your files into order. Filter and rate your images, keyword and rename files, make batch changes, and more! If you have Adobe® Photoshop®, you have Adobe® Bridge, and now you'll know how to use it.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6