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So what is the best way we could use bridge? What is the most pleasant experience that we could have while we are getting rid of the bad pictures came well, bridge has this amazing feature called review mode and you guys are gonna love it and you guys out there on the internet or going to squeal, I guarantee so this review mode is really just incredible, so what you want to do is activate the folder where the images live, and so we already have that so we can see our little path bar appear so we're in the folder that bridge created for us and what we're going to do is keep your shortcut is hard to remember, so I'm gonna select my images by cheap by pressing command aor control a in the keyboard shortcut, I think is commander control be yes, I got it right be fore review mode be for big better be for big, so here we are. This is a review, but it looks like a giant carousel and isn't that fun? Isn't that a fabulous way to see all of the images that you just imported? Amazing, huh? So it ...

makes him really, really big you can use your arrow keys to go either direction let's say we come upon a photo that is not our best work exhibit a you can market for ejection by pressing the down arrow key so you can think of that like thumbs down so if I want to reject this photo I'm gonna click the down arrow key and it disappears bridge has simply market for rejection and so it's hiding it it is not deleted it's just mart ok but it's hiding it from this view so can you think of a faster, more pleasing way to go through a slew of photos then this and this is really great if you don't want to use the left and right eric he's on your keyboard you can use the left and right arrows better at the bottom left of the screen talking see that down yonder as you go through these photos you're going to see the file name appear you'll also notice I'm a try to zoom oh he asking work okay good you'll also notice the little dots above the file name what on earth do you think that might be anybody in the absolutely joe this is your star ratings right here so if you come across a photo that you really like her what happy you can either click the little dots and I lied I thought you could click little dogs I guess you have to use a keyboard shortcut which are easy to remember command or control one two three four five to add that many stars right so if I think this is a two star image I compress command to your control, teo and now I've got two little stars so I hope you all are seeing the power of this now so actually will have this would be a one star so you don't have to undo the stars you just apply the rating that you want so let's say I thought it was a three star but after looking to the rest of them it's more like a point five star then I could click commander control one and that zeroes out their rating if you want to zero out the reigning completely its commander control zero came so we can quickly come through here and I like that one, so we'll give it three stars just in my own work flip work flu which is like workflow it's a little bit different similar but not exactly the same I'm blind I don't give anything five stars because I'm improving right hopefully as a photographer and so if you start out by giving yourself the maximum number of stars because it's not like you can add more stars down here we've only got five spaces, so what you could do is limit yourself to like take a three star is going to be my absolute cream of the crop and that gives you room to improve over time it's my own little funky way of thinking about it okay, so we might come over here and say that's a three but to see how easy this is, it's really me. So here you might be wondering what the heck the picture is all about. We've got a loophole in here too, which is a tiny little magnifying glass. If you click on a portion of a photo, then you can drag better and you can see that I was really trying to capture this honking big lizard in my photo. So not only can you apply ratings and reject photos right here in this review mode, but you can also zoom in and look at the detail. But so that's how you can tell hey, is this image sharp enough? You know? Is it out of focus? It's? Kind of hard to tell. Use that loop tool and you can tell real quick if it's a little bit blurry. In that case, you might want to reject it. And last, but not least on the review mode. If I zoom in here to the bottom right, you see that little collection folder, you can add images to a collection right here within the review mode. And, of course, to get out of the review mode, you're going to click the ex key.

Class Description

Get your file structure whipped into shape by learning Adobe® Bridge with Lesa Snider! This Deep Dive takes you into the organizational functions of Adobe® Bridge so you can get your files into order. Filter and rate your images, keyword and rename files, make batch changes, and more! If you have Adobe® Photoshop®, you have Adobe® Bridge, and now you'll know how to use it.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6