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Slideshows and Stacks

So let's say I'm in my pictures folder and I want to see a slideshow of my cream of the crop images right so all I have to do is come over here to the view menu sideshow so now we've got a slide show of our best image is great for vacation picture opportunities neighbor drops by oh just wait one minute who showed you my vacation pictures and as they roll their eyes you say no no no no no you only take a second click click click and you're finished but if you don't like the speed at which the sideshow is playing on you want to customize that a little bit then what you can do is come appear to the demon you and chief slideshow options okay, so now we have a whole lot of other um settings that we can play with here in bridge so here we've got black out additional monitors this's a fabulous thing to do I only work on the laptop what shocks off a lot of people I don't have a big tower at home I've got a really smoke and fast hi and laptop so when I'm at home because I travel teach a lot rig...

ht so when I'm home I plug it into an extra monitor so I got two monitors going on well for this slide show what an elegant thing to be able to say hey blackout that other monitor you know, in that way the slide shows this happening on one screen, which is really nice. You can choose to repeat the slide show. If you want, say, teo, have it looping in your photography studio let's say you've got a little welcome area or lobby area with folks come in. You could have a monitor up there that showing your best of the best photos, right? Advertising your stuff. You can turn on a kin burns effect, zoom back. And fourth, we'll take a look at what that looks like here in just a minute. In here is where you can set the duration of each slide. I never, ever make people sit through a photo for five seconds. That sounds like a very short amount of time is for ever. I mean, you may as well just slit their throat because they're going to hate it. So I always drop it down. Teo teo, you can turn on a caption and you can determine what that caption is it could be a page number. I think compaq gives you part of the final name and you can choose how the slides show up on the monitor. The positioning, you know, do you want to scale him to fit, uh, which is could leave some blank spots, so if you've got a portrait orientated image in there then you're going tohave gray on the side of that if you choose scale to feel it's going to blow it up where there's no empty space and here are your transition options okay, so we've got a nice dissolve or you can choose these crazy ones which are also awful at the most I'll do a push or dissolve because when you get into these crazy transitions and we should probably just do newspaper spend for this year heck of it or tumble week cause I'm from texas then people will start focusing on the transition instead of your photos, which is kind of the opposite of your whole point and then you can use this slider to determine how fast the transition is, so I'm I'm not going to make you do that that's kind of awful okay, so we'll set it back to dissolve and we'll take a look at what that zoom back and forth looks like because that is really nice and elegant. Kim burns effect is really what it isthe so seeming in digging out see how it's got that little gray part on the side of the screen if we would have chose scale phil bridge would be enlarging those to the point where we didn't have any of that gray stuff but that's a personal preference on your part are you willing teo at your pictures? Bees seemed in like that where you don't really control exactly how they're being displayed on the screen up to you okay, so slide shows are really really handy I'm going to share with you something very personal the moderators or everybody in the creative life studio is now going what she gonna tio I'm going to show you something that my husband and I are having made as christmas presents to each other ok and is totally kid friendly so don't freak out anybody we are having some custom jewelry made we are both designers my husband is an expert in typography and he designed a logo for us okay for my name and hiss and we're having it made into a really beautiful pendants so the jeweler has been sending us revision after revision after revision and it's kind of hard in an email to like compare the emails like which one do you like better? Oh my gosh I don't know can I see that other one again perfect opportunity to use bridge in a personal situation okay, so what I did was I saved out all the attachments in a folder and did a slide show so these are some of the designs that are jeweler sent us with our these are the ones we finally decided on but just another great use of bridge, you know? So you can see how many different things that you had to look at and it was a near cocktail hour when I gathered up all these patriots about five thirty when we were trying to make the final final decision so we made a nice little martini and we sat there the death and we put the slide show on loop okay, repeat so that it would keep going over and over and over enough while we sat there to really get a feel for which one of these that we thought we would want to wear for the rest of our lives another great use for bridge and that's handy to know a slide show of anything on your hard drive anything instantly ok. So now let's take a look at grouping images into stacks ok, so if we scroll down here I did some renaming so that's why my duplicates aren't appearing right next to each other so this right here thes three photos are the same shot. All right, so if I don't want to see them repeated through my content panel here I can put them in a stack okay, so to do that you just select the images and then you could do it a couple different way you can choose stack group s stack or just press command g for group or control jeon a pc now that's what they look like in the stack okay, so you can see it's got a little outline of a stag okay and if you want tio free the images from a stack of course you can so you can select that stack or activated rather come back up to the stack menu and choose a new group ok you can open the stack temporarily closed stack so here's your keyboard shortcuts right here commander control right arrow to open the stack which just temporarily expands it and then command or control left arrow to close it back up again you can expand all the stacks that aaron that current folder at one time you can collapse all the stacks and you can control the frame rate that I'm a thief stocks are played back with okay and if you would like to assign a different image to be shown on the top of the stack on for this particular images doesn't really make sense to do that we'll go ahead and close this stack but if I come down here and I stack these guys which aren't the exact same shot I could group them as a stack and then if I expanded it I could choose one file to be representative of that stack so you make the stack expand it and then choose which image inside of it you want to be at the tops and I could say hey promote that one to the stop and then that one becomes the first picture in the stag ok so now we can close those back up and then how do you preview stacks? Well, that could be an interesting one because there's no menu item ok, so I'm zooming in to show you the idol icons that you can see when you may understand this shows me how many are in my staff thistle number right here so there's four images in this stack when I mouse over to the stack I get a little play back control so I don't have to expand the stat to see what's in there I can just click the play button see how it went through them so that's what that frame rate option under the stacks menu is frame rate so that controls how fast that playback is of the stack and again teo playback a stack you just got a mouse over to it and that's when you get that little plane back control even also scrubbed through it by grabbing the bar but she could just click the little play that and then they will play through them. So that's a great way to tidy up your screen if you've got a whole lot of images, it makes a big difference that are similar or shot, you know in burst mint on your camera so that's just a little bit about stacks anybody have any questions on stacks? It's pretty self explanatory and once you understand the usage of it and be creative with the use you probably you know if you start using these tools and bridge you're going to come up with all kinds of great ways to utilize them in other ways ok so let's say you had a slew of pdf document you know what have you you could group those into a stack let's say maybe refinance your house and you've got you know a bunch of e mails going back and forth pdf after pdf you know with the financing company and you you know your view and pdf sandbridge too right group those in a stack so there's all kinds of uses you know beyond photos even design projects this to tidy up your view that you're seeing in the content panel he could group projects as well like that doesn't have to be just photos yes can we just have one quick question and that was from an s ko tin can you export this light show you can export the slide show if you created a za pdf okay another thing that you can't do with them slide shows enbridge thanks for asking that question because it reminds me you can add any music to slide shows and bridge but what you could do is you could have our teams running right side of your itunes playlist hit play pop over the bridge player slide show then you've got music with your slide show but it's nothing that can be embedded in exported

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Get your file structure whipped into shape by learning Adobe® Bridge with Lesa Snider! This Deep Dive takes you into the organizational functions of Adobe® Bridge so you can get your files into order. Filter and rate your images, keyword and rename files, make batch changes, and more! If you have Adobe® Photoshop®, you have Adobe® Bridge, and now you'll know how to use it.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6