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XMP Sidecar Files

Lesson 38 from: Photoshop for Beginners: Essential Training

Mark Wallace

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38. XMP Sidecar Files

What are XMP files and what do they do? Mark explains how to use XMP files to store develop settings and use them between applications and computers.
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XMP Sidecar Files

Let's talk a little bit about sidecar files. What the heck are those? Well if we go and look here in the class materials I mentioned before, we have these little X. M. P. Files that show up an X. M. P file is an adobe Sidecar file. Now with the sidecar file. What you can do as you can take those files and you can save it alongside your original file. So if you have a raw file and an X. M. P. File, that X. M. P file is going to store all of the developed settings that you have made in that raw file. And so then if you take the raw file and the X. M. P. File with it and you put it on a different computer or maybe you use it with a different application, that different application or other computer can then see what you've done with that raw file. So I've included those X. M. P. Files in the class materials so that when you open the raw files that I've included, it includes all of the developed settings that I've made. Now. Some raw files allow you to save the developed settings inside an...

d they're embedded inside the raw file. Some files don't, so to be safe, if you're not sure. Always use an X. M. P. Sidecar file. Now, if your geeky like me, you want to see what's inside those. Well, let's take a look. So I've opened the wanna dot X. M. P sidecar file, you can see it's an Xml file here and it just has all of the data. This is very, very geeky stuff. If I go down here, you can see all the version, but it has all this stuff in here that uh, that adobe wants to know. So it's gonna ask things. It's like, hey, the sharpness, is this the radius, is this the detail, Is this the shadows are here. Every single little thing that you've done in adobe camera raw is saved. Profile names. All that kind of stuff is saved. So it's all the information about your raw file that can be used by other computers or other applications. Or maybe if you just want to archive that image and save the develops that you've made, it's all in that sidecar file. That's what those are. All right. Now, we're ready to take some time and dive into adobe camera Raw.

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Mark did a great job at explaining things and going over them multiple times throughout the lessons. My only issue was that sometimes it went a little faster than I could keep up and I needed to rewind it a bit and start again. But from someone who has never worked in photoshop before I 100% recommend this class to anyone trying to learn.

Terri Schwartz

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