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Class Introduction

Most people know me from the Photoshop Training Channel. That's my YouTube Channel where I post, surprisingly enough, Photoshop tutorials (laughs). But for my work, I usually do compositing. This is something that I did for fun. This wasn't a client piece. But I always like to start my presentations showing my latest composite. So, that's the newest one. It's also printed on the wall there. I know that some of you may have seen it before. I also like to show the slide that has my information, email. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. I know that some of you have that already, but I know the people at home watching for the first time do not. So, that's how you can contact me in case you have any questions on anything that you see here. I also like to show-- That's my website, by the way, ptcvids. That's my logo. I also like to show my very first composite every time I present because sometimes, I show things like that and people assume that I was born having all that knowl...

edge. But no, that's my very first composite ever. That's me feeding my friend's dog. I don't know if you can tell that's a dog, but it's a terrible photo. Clearly, I was a terrible photographer, and even worse at compositing. But with a lot of the techniques that you're gonna learn today, I was able to go from that to that. So, you know, with practice, you do get better. You do improve. This class is going to be all about Photoshop tips and tricks. There are different things that I've learned throughout the years that I think will help you-- They could be techniques, hidden tools, a combination of both, of how to achieve interesting results or things that will save you time, or just create interesting effects.

Class Description

Everyone knows that Photoshop® is full of amazing tools and features, but where are they hidden? And which ones should you use to be the most efficient and productive as possible? In this class, Jesús Ramirez will share his best Photoshop® tricks and power shortcuts. He’ll concentrate on little-known techniques that most people never think to use and some tricks that even the experts may not be aware of.



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