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Photoshop Power Tips and Tricks

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Select Subject Button

Jesús Ramirez

Photoshop Power Tips and Tricks

Jesús Ramirez

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11. Select Subject Button

Lesson Info

Select Subject Button

Adobe is working on something called Adobe Sensei which is Adobe's artificial intelligence. It's found on many apps already including Photoshop. So, I'm just gonna show you really quickly two features that Adobe Sensei has. Number one is the Select Subject feature. So this isn't the latest release of Photoshop. I think it was in April or March when it was released. But when you have the Quick Selection tool active there's a new button in the Properties panel called Select Subject, right up there. So when you click on that button, Adobe Sensei the artificial intelligence will analyze the image and it'll know, ideally hopefully what the subject of the image is and it will select it. The selections are not perfect but they're really, really good so you just have to fine-tune them a little bit. So, with this man layer selected and the Quick Selection tool active I'm gonna click on Select Subject and if Adobe Sensei does its job we will get a selection right around the main subject. So the ...

selection's already pretty good. I would just have to fine tune it from there. So that's a really, that's a great way of saving yourself some time when you're making selections because you can let Adobe Sensei do the first selection and then you just fine tune it after that. Now this is obviously an example where it works great. This example here, with this couple running on the beach, is a little more complicated, we have two people and whoops that's the preview of the quick selection tool, we have two people and we have this dog and we have the beach. So, watch what happens when I click on Select Subject. So it did a really good job in selecting the two people it sorta missed the dog a little bit but again as a starting point that's not bad because now I can simply just click and drag an app to the dog here and I pretty much have my selection done and I can click on the Layer Mask icon and I already made my selection. I mean, really, really fast so I think that at one point Adobe Sensei is going to get even smarter and the selections are gonna be better. But for now they probably get ya about 80% of the way there and then you just have to fine tune it. And if you're thinking well what's the alternative? The alternative is using something like the Quick Selection tool and clicking and dragging on the guy, and on her, and then on the dog and then I went over to the line here so I have to hold Alt + Option on the Mac to remove from that selection. So you can already see I'm taking longer than Adobe Sensei did to make that first original selection. So, it's a great way of saving yourself some time when you're working with selections. The second, Adobe Sensei feature, and I'm trying to find a good... I think this photo will work great. So we have this photo. So, as before Adobe Sensei recognized the people that were in the photos and it selected them. Adobe Sensei could also recognize faces so. I don't know how off-topic this is but I was recently Adobe Summit and they were showing a demo of Sensei and you could walk up to a camera, it had a monitor much like this one, and the camera looks at you and it displays with text if you're male or female, what age it thinks you are. It said that I was between 27 and 37, which I am. And then your percentage of smile. So If you smile a lot it'll say 100% smile or if you frown it'll say 0% smile and it's crazy the things in your face that it can detect. Anyway that same technology is inside of Photoshop and we can use it to adjust facial features. So, if we go into Liquify... Some of you may know that there is a Face tool right there. If you press A on the keyboard you can activate it. Face tool, the one that looks like a little person. With the Face tool active, you can do one of two things. You can hover over the face, notice that Photoshop already detected the face, and I can click and drag on these handles to adjust his facial features. Obviously, you don't wanna make extreme adjustments if you're really doing this to a real portrait. But you can see the power of this. You can easily manipulate the facial features by clicking and dragging on the handles or you can use the sliders here in the Face Aware Liquify section here. And you can just drag the handles. See that. Photoshop does detect more than one face if you have more than one face you'll see this dropdown will contain the other faces. If you have three faces you'll see face one, face two, and face three. Their order, the order of the faces depends on the photo. Photoshop reads photos left to right. So if there was another person on the left he would be face number two. So, Photoshop reads from left to right. So yeah, so Adobe Sensei is really, really smart and it's found in a lot of Adobe applications and they're adding more Adobe Sensei powered tools with every new release so it's really cool what they're doing there. Also, one thing I do wanna mention is with the Liquify tool you can of course make really crazy distortions obviously. But Sensei is smart enough to know that this is still a face and it can still control the face. So you can make caricatures of people using a technique like this, by using the Warp tool and just warping the face away and then adjusting it with the Face Aware Liquify tools. And when you're done just press OK. And see I wasn't working with a smart object so I actually made a change to that layer. So I if I were to save it I could never come back to the original face. The only way I can come back at this point is by pressing Control + Alt + Z, Command + Option + Z on the Mac to undo. Or you could use the history panel if you've gone several steps. That's the histogram not the history panel. The history panel just shows you all of the adjustments that you've made. In this case we've only made two adjustments. And since, again this is a tips class, if you click on this icon, right here it'll create a new document based on that history state. So, we have two history states, so Open and Liquify. So if I wanted to make a new document based on that history state I can just click on this icon right here, right next to the little camera, this one here. And it created a whole new document with just that image. So that's another way of creating multiple files from the same file if you wanna sort of test things out. You don't have to necessarily do a save as. You can just open it in a new window, make adjustments, if you like it you save it, if not you just close it like I'm about to do now and it's gone forever.

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Everyone knows that Adobe® Photoshop® is full of amazing tools and features, but where are they hidden? And which ones should you use to be the most efficient and productive as possible? In this class, Jesus Ramirez will share his best Photoshop tricks and power shortcuts. He’ll concentrate on little-known techniques that most people never think to use and some tricks that even the experts may not be aware of.


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There are but a scant few who really know Photoshop well enough that are able to teach it with a comfortable flow, thoroughness and a pleasant personality. Jesus hits all the marks and I must say, I enjoy... and more importantly, learn more from him than most of the others. It's a pleasure learning from him. Thanks! (I watched 3 times in a row today LOL)


Absolutely loved this concise and useful course! This was the first time I’ve heard Jesús teach and I really enjoyed his teaching style. He gets right to the point, no fluff or filler, is easy-going. The tips he teaches in this course are great! I’ve been using photoshop for ten years and I learned something new in each section. Money well spent!! I can hardly wait to check out his other courses!!!

Scott Weishair

Amazing! Really cool stuff explained quite well. Loved it!