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The art of the Pin


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12. The art of the Pin

Lesson Info

The art of the Pin

Hi, I'm kevin so I'm going to talk to about the art of the pen or how to make pinterest content is going to perform really well. The first thing I want to point out here is that while pin is a new word on didn't even exist within the lexicon of advertising not that long ago up in is really a straightforward creative canvas, so if you look here the elements of a pin or simply an image, a description and then pins or bookmarks they link through to whatever source that content comes from. So while it's new it's, very simple and straightforward in all of the elements that make you successful it advertising in other channels are probably going to make you successful advertising on pinterest too that said we wanted to really understand what drives successful pins what are the top characteristics that could help you succeed on pinterest? And so we ran a handful of studies comprising a total of more than one hundred thousand pins, and these pins and total had billions of impressions and some o...

f these pins were well, these pins were evaluated by people and by computers, and we were looking at things that air subjective, like, is this a beautiful pin or does this pin feel like an ad? We asked people to answer those questions, then we asked computers to analyze them on the basis of things like with the aspect ratio of the pen how many characters are in the description are their hash tags and things like that and we then sliced all this data by vertical to see if there were any nuances here and what we found was that when we look at all of the top pins on pinterest the top performing pins we found that there was one single unifying characteristic that most pins had in common what was that? Well, let me show you an example that will explain what it wass here we have two nearly identical pins in the sense that they're roughly about the same product to loose knit sweaters and here I would just pause and ask you to think to yourself make a guess here which of these pins do you think performs better? Okay, make your guess now let's talk about them I think the one on the right probably has a stronger image it's a little bit clearer it's a little bit bigger the one on the left it's a little bit mohr bland's not quite as you know zoomed in but the real difference here is in the descriptions. The one on the left is described as the perfect slouchy sweater where it with loose pale blue jeans and converse for casual look or dress it up with dark skinny jeans and a pair of black high heels the one on the right simply says gray loose knit sweater so now feel free to change your guests if you'd like to ok, the answer is the pin on the left is the top performer dramatically so and the reason for that is the most successful pins on pinterest are helpful so the secret ingredient the key to making your promoted pins and your pins in general successful on pinterest is to simply make them helpful people have come to pinterest to plan their futures what information do they need to plan that's what we see is the key differentiator here is this pin on the left tells you how to incorporate this look into your wardrobe and your style so in addition to featuring your products on the things you sell, you should offer tips, suggestions, advice, instructions anything that will help pinter's to actually do the things that your brand is helping them to discover on pinterest so the number one thing you need to remember is pin should be helpful. What we found, though, is that there were a bunch of different tactics that you could use to make your pens more helpful. I want to talk about those now he won't obviously do all of these in the same pin, but if you're wondering if your pin is helpful as helpful as it could be, go ahead and take a look at this list uses a checklist and see if there's anything that you might be doing that you hadn't already considered first up, detailed descriptions. I'm going talk through each of these in just a couple of seconds here, step by step instructions and how two's lists text overlays, tasteful branding, and I'll tease out what that means in just a moment, and then colors and settings that convey your brand. Yes, we'll answer the time old question of what color performs best on pinterest. Spoiler alert there isn't one. Okay, let's, walk through each of these examples. Now. This pin here I'm featuring is a very descriptive pin. So this is the most important thing you can take away from this video. Descriptive pins are almost always more helpful if you look at this one in particular. That's actually more than ten rows of text, and that feels like a lot. But the thing you have to bear in mind is that almost everybody uses pinterest on a phone or a tablet. And when they do so, we actually truncate the pin descriptions after three lines of text. So the only people who are really going to see all of this detail are the people who say, hey, this looks interesting. I want to learn more about it. And they go into that close up view where they want to learn more so, given that people self select in tow, learning more air on the side of giving them or information rather than less so that when they click into that, they can learn more and see if this pin really is going to map back to their lives and what they want to do in their future. Next up instructions tutorials how to the's air by very definition, helpful in the case of this one it's a very simple image that goes through the steps of making this delicious looking ice cream burger. Now you don't have to just use images to convey the instructions of the tutorial there lots of successful pins that air instructional on tutorial in nature that maybe just have one frame in the image, but a very thorough description that might even list out the steps. You can also obviously have that pin. Click through to your website where you list out even more detail on the steps. So think about what the right creative treatment is, but try to make instructional tutorial pins as well. Next up is lists the nice thing about lists, as if somebody is thinking about this use case right now in their life. It's going to drive traffic so let's say that I had just moved into a new apartment this pin here ten designer tips for decorating small spaces is going to be immediately applicable, and I'm highly likely to click through on it but let's say that I'm not redecorated my apartment right now or maybe I have three months left on my lease, then this is the perfect thing to save for later the perfect thing to repent onto one of my boards so that when I do get into that new home, I we'll be glad that I had saved this and aiken reference it as I start to decorate it. Ok, next up text overlay. Now, why is text overly something that we might even encourage on pinterest? Well, in a lot of digital platforms, it's something that has discouraged the reason is that pinterest is so visual, but sometimes on image doesn't adequately or immediately convey what the pin is about. So take this one here we basically have ah bunch of ingredients sitting on this table here and then a ziploc bag full of what looked like some burritos, but that doesn't really clearly immediately tell you what it's about and so this simple edition of the text overlay three yummy freezer friendly meals tells you a that it's a listen there's more than one recipe here, but be how this pin might apply in your life so that you have a chance to evaluate and think about it even momentarily before your skin pass and move on to other pens so they could be very, very helpful it just capturing people's attention, giving a little bit of a headline you won't always use a text overlay, but if the image is a little bit more vague or a little bit more generic than it can certainly be helpful. Next up, let's, talk about that point I mentioned a couple of moments ago, tasteful branding we have found consistently that pins that have brandon can actually outperform pins that don't, and the reason for that is that people have come to pinterest looking for things that will help them plan and do the things they want to do in their future. So in the case of this one, this is a simple rug from the images is very, very plain, probably from the website, but the presence of the target logo here tells us a lot of actionable and remember the key here helpful information. First, it tells us where we can buy it, too. It gives us a sense of the price range, and three it gives us a sense of the style, because there's a certain aesthetic that is commonly associated with target all of which are very, very helpful additions to the pin that air communicated very succinctly and very clearly through the presence of that logo. Of course, as this thing gets repent all over pinterest over and over, and a lot of people see it, it also helps to build the target brand. Finally, I want to show this one from ari I, which answers that time old question, what color performs best? Or should we do pins that have a white background or actually show our product in the context of a setting where it might be used? The answer is generally, it doesn't really matter. You should just ask yourself, would this be more helpful if it was photographed in a certain way? Maybe your brand is known for vory lights, colors or maybe it's ah, coffee brand and it's, known for very subdued sort of grainy earth tones. Those things will help will be helpful to penders because they'll communicate your brand and their considerations that you should keep in mind. The thing I like about this pin here is that the tent is shown in the woods. What sparks your imagination and get you thinking about how this pin could impact your life and get you enjoying the great outdoors that's. All of the tips that we've seen be helpful to brands as they try to create pins that themselves or more helpful, but basically that's. The main thing you want to keep in mind is when you're evaluating a pan and you're asking yourself, is this pin as successful as it could be? Just ask yourself if there's anything you could do to make it more helpful. And if there is something, go ahead and do it. And it will highly likely drive more success for your pins. Thanks.

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Pinterest is a tool that millions of people use to discover and save creative ideas for their future. Every day, people turn to Pinterest to get inspiration for things they want to do next: things like a recipe they want to cook tonight and a trip they want to take this weekend, to a car they’re interested in buying.

In Pinstitute for SMG, you’ll learn unique and effective ways you can help your brands to reach consumers through Promoted Pins.

In this course, the Pinterest Agency & Partnerships team will share exactly what you need to know to develop advertising campaigns and tactics that will help you achieve your brand’s goals. You’ll learn:

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