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Nonverbal Sales Pitch

Lesson 16 from: The Power of Body Language

Vanessa Van Edwards

Nonverbal Sales Pitch

Lesson 16 from: The Power of Body Language

Vanessa Van Edwards

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Lesson Info

16. Nonverbal Sales Pitch

Lesson Info

Nonverbal Sales Pitch

I would like you to take out, in your bonus material you have something called The Nonverbal Sales Pitch. We've been talking a lot about scripting out your elevator pitch, but I also want you to script out your sales pitch. This is the question that someone asks you when they say to you, so why should we work together, or what can you do for me? It's the answer to that question. You've met them, you've given them a little spiel, and they think huh, maybe there's something here. It also could be your boss saying, So talk to me about your goals for next year. This is the answer to that question. It's that question, that casual conversational question that comes up where you have an income opportunity. An upsell, a product sell, a service sell. When does that come up? By the way, just going through the exercise of thinking when do you have to go into your sales pitch is extremely helpful. Think back into different meetings, networking events you have, and go okay, when have people asked m...

e questions like this, and what was my natural response? Thinking about that helps you prepare so you aren't bombarded when it actually happens. On this sheet you'll see that I broke it up into two different columns. On one side I have the verbal. That is what you're saying, your verbal answer to that. And then the second column we have your nonverbal. What is your nonverbal saying, how are you going to non verbally emphasize your words? Now at the top of the sheet I have just a reminder, a little cheat sheet of all the stuff that we've learned so far, and I had so much trouble getting these into one slide because we had so many different tips, but I tried to condense it. Here's what we're gonna try to add to your nonverbal sales pitch. We're going to try to add flex, so getting into your launch stance, getting yourself open, aiming your torso, having that power of engagements, that your toes and your torso are aligned towards the person that you're talking to. Elevating your game. Can you use a head tilt? Can you do a lean, well, on something that you're saying? Can you do power gazing? Is there a specific area that you wanna use? Are there any nonverbal explanations you can use to explain what you're saying? And lastly, how can you exhibit emotion? How can you be emotionally expressive, how can you add emotional gestures to that sales pitch so it doesn't sound memorized? Here's what we're gonna be avoiding. The law of hands. The more we show our hands, the more trustworthy we are, the more people can connect with us, so we always wanna avoid tucking or hiding our hands. Over-expressiveness. Reigning in if you're very big with your hands, you have a lot of jazz hands, we wanna bring you into the box, into this safe box. People take us seriously, incredible. Next thing we wanna avoid is the question inflection. Using our vocal power. Keeping our voice nice and low, saying it, not asking it, and not apologizing for why we're there. Volume drop. Sales. As I mentioned earlier, the biggest mistake I see in sales is mentioning your price. People like to volume drop on that. What they'll do is they'll say I'm so excited to work with you or let's do a salary negotiation. My goals next year are great, my numbers have been great all year, and I would really like a $2,000 raise. And the volume drops on that number. Again, you are non verbally asking for someone to negotiate with you if you do that, if you volume drop on that number, so I want you to practice keeping your volume the same. Look through areas of your sales pitch that make you the most nervous. Highlight those areas. Those are the areas where you often sway, where you fidget, where you use the question inflection, when you lose volume. Those are the areas that are your hot spots, that you really wanna practice nailing. You wanna avoid the deer-in-the-headlights look, the partial fear micro expression where your lids are pulled back and you look like you're reading a script in your head. You wanna avoid that deer-in-the-headlights look 'cause it looks like you're low confidence and you can't be trusted. Memorized cadence. I know that we're talking about a scripted pitch, and I actually like it when people can swap in words, change it slightly 'cause it makes it less memorized, but making sure that you're varying the way that you say something. Go home and practice your pitch 10 to 15 times different ways with different accents. You'll feel silly, but it will make your brain, train it to, oh, I have to shake up the way that I say this so it doesn't sound like I memorized it. Hopping and swaying, so making sure that we're really solid on our feet in our launch position, and we're gonna avoid self-soothing. Fidgeting, hair tucks, rubbing our arms, that's what we wanna avoid 'cause it shows that we cannot be trusted, and that's the opposite of what we want when we're selling. Okay, I had three people earlier who gave me their elevator pitch. I'm gonna have them come one at a time, though people who didn't get to do their elevator pitches are gonna come on stage, and they have the choice of either giving us their elevator pitch or their sales pitch, whichever they want. They get to add in more of what we've talked about since they've learned more. So Sarah, Sure. Do you wanna come first? Yeah. Okay. All right, so tell us what are you working on, what are you avoiding, what are you trying to do? I am one, trying to maintain eye contact and not show that I'm nervous. I think I can naturally fudge a lot of these things. I already have a rapport with you, I find that's easy to do. It's more about communicating my message clearly. Okay, so we're clearly an explanation. We're trying to add in nonverbal explanation to your pitch. What other nervous gestures do you find that you do? What should we watch for? I look away a lot. I look away a lot, I do the hand clenching I think we talked about. So keeping your hands nice and loose. A comfort object might be okay for you. If you want to, you're welcome to use my pen if you'd like. Sure. Okay. It's a comfort object. I'm losing my train of thought. Okay, no, it happens, and remember, when that happens, totally forgot what I was saying, right? I want you to be transparent and authentic, so just saying uh, totally forgot it. Okay, remember how she said that I look away? You can look away when the other person is speaking, but when you're talking, I want you to power gaze. I'm actually gonna stand in front of you for your elevator pitch. I'm actually not gonna have you look toward the camera 'cause I wanna make sure that you power gaze with me. I know, that' so scary. It's so scary. Okay, so first tell us what do you want us to help you with, your nonverbal or your elevator pitch? My sales pitch. Okay, so tell us what kind of situations this comes up for you. So this is a situation in which I would be pitching you to do content for your website. All right, which I need, so this will work, not to make you more nervous, It's perfect. No, no, no, no, shaking' in my shoes here. No clenched fists, right? We're loose hands. Okay, so I say I run a blog, and I write about a lot of science, but I'm having trouble with content. Can you help me with that? I absolutely can. When you're working with me, I'm writing content with longevity. It's content that's going to be the highest trafficked on your site for a long time, months and months, a couple years. I am obsessively detail, what's the word? Oriented? Oriented, focused, detail-focused. These are things that I'm looking at, these are things that I'm testing, that's all very important to me. And finally, my last in this three-piece secret sauce is what I like to call it, is that I take you as a client very seriously. Anything that I would try on your site is something that I have tried myself on projects. Okay, all right. That was good, that was good. I get to hug you? Okay, that was good, that was really good. Sales pitches are harder than elevator pitches, by the way. You just were the first guinea pig on the sales pitch, which are way harder 'cause you're selling yourself. Elevator pitch is an introduction. Sales pitch is like you're selling your skills. So let's help Sarah break this down. We start with how can you help so what did, I wanna also shorten this for you because Yeah it's long. We can make it powerful in less words. In fact less words make you more powerful. Alphas use less words to convey their points. So I wanna shorten this so that you're like bam bam bam and they're like what I need you, right? That's what I want to happen okay. It's the afternoon, getting a little excited. Okay so what's the first thing you wanna say when they say can you help me or what do you do? So my big thing is that when I write a piece of content for a website it sticks around for a long time it really is some of the highest trafficked content on their sites for sometimes years to come. Okay so she said she had a secret sauce, is that right? Which I loved I should've said it first. Yeah that's amazing. That's what comes first right. That came at the very end, secret sauce, people are gonna be like, what, I want the secret sauce I wanna know what the secret sauce is. Okay so number one is your secret sauce mention, right? Secret sauce right so? How do you wanna say that, I like the way you said at the end what's natural to you. I like, I can do secret sauce, I actually got that from you, secret sauce, I can say like a three step implementation, plan, something catchy. No, secret sauce. Okay okay. So what's the most direct way that you can say that. I like secret sauce I think I can make that work Okay so you can say, so I have a secret sauce, it's made up of three parts, right? That's the first thing, okay so, this is direct. So most important, deep breath (exhaling) right? I notice her voice got a little bit high because when we get nervous they get high. So the very first thing I want you to focus on is getting that credibility in. Keeping your voice nice and low so that deep breath so that's all I want you to focus on here, low and direct, and authoritative, that authoritative voice tone, so you don't go up, which you didn't do at all, but keeping it down. Okay so after the secret sauce, what comes next It's the-- Step one longevity. Step one longevity, content with longevity. Okay so this is longevity. Don't give me any words that are hard to spell okay. I'll try not to. Okay so longevity, so explain this concept to us so we can try to get a shorter way to explain it that makes sense go ahead. Yeah essentially my job is to create what they call Evergreen content so it's stuff that is going to drive visitors to the site long after I, hopefully, leave the company. And I've done that, I've been, it's one of the things that I've been very successful with. Okay so I actually kind of think that's cool it's also a little vulnerability mentioned there, like you say, I might not last but I want it to last for you so a way that you can maybe say that is, you know, I want your content to last longer than me or even you, I want it to be there forever. You can actually add that in so what's a non, explain it to me in one sentence. It's content that outlasts our business relationship. Does that sound kind of negative. Yeah I don't wanna end our business relationship. Okay. Hmm let's try, it's content that, I like that, so I will, and also you, I wanna bring in you, remember. So I will create content for you that, give me longevity in another way, let's think of another way to do it. Last a long time. I can't think of anything PG-13 that I could, sorry. PG-13, yes I promised the Creative Live gods I would keep it PG-13 so hum, yeah? Content that lasts so long, you won't remember having written me a check. That's pretty good. So I actually like that idea, and this is great because if you can add humor you can know in your head that if you feel comfortable you can add in that funny one, but if it seems like more of a serious one so you can stay serious. I like content that lasts so long you'll forget that we even worked on it. It will be generating traffic for you- Right. in the future, so longevity, so what's a non verbal explanation for longevity? I actually think that maybe we wanna bring you in. An extension. Right so I'm gonna help you with your content that lasts forever, that lasts beyond, longer than you ever remember having written it. Okay so we're gonna have the you gesture. Okay so what's the second benefit, second secret sauce? It's details obsessed everything has been worked over and fine tuned. Okay so, Sarah has a very interesting opportunity here with her elevator pitch. She's going to bring her personality into the pitch in a way that works, not a lot of people can do this. But I liked it when you said, I'm sort of detail obsessed or what did you way, I'm like obsessed with the details? Yah like obsessively detail focused. Okay obsessively detail focused. First of all that's a little bit funny and it, I want someone working on my content that's obsessively detail focused. So if you have something in your sales pitch where you can talk about an aspect of your personality that they would love, this is the place to put it so this is gonna be about you but it's in a way that they like, 'cause they don't have to worry about the details. Right. You're gonna take the details so this is where we wanna do a little self depreciation. Okay this is what we do so you're like, I'm very detail focused or I'm obsessively detail focused and you did this very naturally and you can say it kind of in like, a silly way, because you're saying, this is all, I know that I do this, and you don't have to worry about it. So do it, let's start from the top actually. So tell me about your secret sauce, longevity and then how do you naturally say, I'm obsessively detail oriented. Yeah hm, so I have these three things that sort of compose my secret sauce. The first one is content with longevity, content that lasts longer than we remember writing it. The second is, I'm obsessively detail obsessed. Sorry obsessively detail oriented. I really like that, right? We already got like half of the pinch it was only like five or six seconds. Okay so I love that and I like that sort of you can, this by the way is very close to the heart it's close to the heart gesture but it's a continuing ever growing process so if you're saying I'm working on fixing that, people get oh it's a process, that's a non verbal way of saying process. You can also, you did that naturally, and that's a great thing to do when you're saying yeah I'm very detail oriented, or you know what, I will fix this, if you make a mistake, I will fix it, I'm gonna work on it for you. It's a way of saying that there's a process. Okay so we're gonna do cycle you. Okay third what's the third thing? The third thing is that, I take clients very seriously and the way that I will improve their content is by doing things that I have already proven work on either personal projects or things that I've done in the past. Okay. I take my clients incredibly seriously I will only use strategies with you that I know have personally worked, right, that's how you say that so that is a direct pitch so this, this gesture, is a non verbal gesture for specific points. You see politicians do this, one, two, three, and we already use one, two, three so I don't want to use that again but this is very important 'cause you're saying you're serious. So you wanna show, non verbally, you're serious right. We're making the words and the non verbal congruent. So I take my client's work seriously. I will never use a strategy that I have not personally proven. Right. That sounds powerful. How does that feel to you, how natural does that feel to you It feels really good I take my clients work very seriously I won't try a, what did you say, you said it so well just then. It's always easier when someone else does it so, I will never use a strategy that I have not personally proven. I will never use a strategy that I have not personally proven. Right. And I want you to make that, say, and you can practice it so it feels natural to you. Right. Okay so we have serious work. And this one is we're gonna use this gesture, right this is the gesture for points and we're using that authoritative voice tone again right so, oh no point sorry. So we're gonna try it one more time, and by the way Sarah's been doing a great job power gazing with me, she's been doing it like, but have you noticed, that I've been coming closer and closer into her personal space and she is now back up against the screen. Oh yeah. Have you noticed that? I have backed her up into that screen. So Sarah's personal space is a little bit longer than my personal space so I have noticed that I've, so you can come on back and I promise I'll stay over here, okay so why don't you try it one more time. Sure. So Vanessa I wanna talk to you a little bit about the three components that make up my secret sauce. The first of these is the longevity of the content that I create, I'll create content that's going to drive traffic to your site long after we've signed our checks. Oh that's cool. The second thing here is that I'm obsessively detail oriented, everything that I've done has been tested and fine tuned so that you're getting the best results possible. And the third thing here is that I take my client's work very very seriously, I won't try something on your site that I haven't personally proven myself. Ya that was really good thank you, yeah that was great okay yeah? We got a comment in the chat and I'm just curious what you think about this. Sure. Saffron said I agree about, they were saying that obsessively is too strong and it made them step back. Is there something that is, do you think that that's valid is there something you could replace that word with to be effective in that? Obsessively so we, it is a very strong word, right we're using a very strong verbal word. I would say that, hmm. Maybe effectively, so people could say, or I'm seriously detail oriented, I focus on every single detail, so you could use every single as opposed to obsessively. So you can see how comfortable that feels, I would also, and I do this with my sales pitches, I take notes on their response to every bullet of my pitch so with these charts I want you to save these charts and as you do them I want you to pay attention and add in a little third column that is how do people react to each point right, so, I actually got so into Sarah's pitch when she said that she could create longevity content with me that I was like Cool, didn't even mean to say that but I really want longevity content, so that for her would be like check, that hits a sweet spot with my client. So you can begin to take notes on each of these bullets to make sure they feel really good and that you're getting the right response and if you have one bullet that's off, like people maybe are like obsessively huh? Okay you gotta change that word. But if you have people who laugh and they're like ha yeah obsessive me too. Then you wanna keep it. So you can actually split test in a certain way your sales pitch right constantly being experimental. Jean-Marie do you wanna come up and do yours? Sure. Alright so do you wanna do your sales pitch or do you wanna do your elevator pitch? Well I don't actually have the sales pitch memorized so I have my notes here, the challenge with my elevator pitch is that I do two different things. Right. So I'm a host here and then I also have my personal brand coaching side of my life too. So what do you think would be more valuable Maybe a good question somebody else asked that earlier on and perhaps Vanessa you can address that. When you do have two, almost quite conflicting areas of your life, which do you develop, do you develop two or do you develop one? Yes the answer is yes. I also have different elevator pitches for different things I have two, a third one I occasionally use for different areas of my business so yes, I do have two different pitches that I use, very similar actually in non verbal and it's similar structure, I usually start with, the what then the benefits and then the action step. So yes you should definitely, you can do multiple copies of this handout have elevator pitch one, and elevator pitch two, sales pitch one, sales pitch two. So you can do it. But would you blend them together like for instance, you know I would say, I'm really blessed to have two very different but complimentary professional endeavors one is as a host here at the Network, the other is as a, and then this is where I lead into the personal brand coaching and then, talk more about that as a solution. I think if you have the audience right, it's all about who your audience is. If you have someone who can appreciate both, that's who you are! Okay. Right you have two sides of your business. If you're a wedding photographer on the side and then you also, you know, are going to school for graphic design I think it's great to say both because that is two sides you don't know what they're gonna relate to. So I say I wanna help you with the one that you're most nervous about, 'cause then I can help you most with it. Okay so let's talk about the solution then, the sales part. So tell me about what you're working on first. Sure so I am a personal brand coach, a strategist and also the creator of my signature online program Master Your Presence. My program benefits women who want to shape their personal brand and presences, so they can attract the lifestyle, the people and the opportunities they desire. And then I follow it up with, I use my unique approach for women because unlike most books blogs or even speaking engagement about personal branding I've developed a mobile and interactive solution that teaches women how to look, act and become the person they desire to be at their own pace. This has taken a long time to develop but it means that my clients have a personal brand solution at their fingertips. Right, available through mobile. Yeah. So I'm gonna do something to Jean-Marie that she's not gonna like. Yeah I'm. Are you ready? Can I have your phone. Ya! Yes. Okay so, okay. I don't know most of that but okay. So here's why I took her phone away from her and this is why if you're looking at a bulleted script on your screen you can minimize it. The reason is 'cause, that was fabulous, and if it wasn't about video, I'd be all about it. Sure. But what we're talking about is the person to person, and that's actually harder than a video, because you have a script in front of you you can do it. So I'm a woman. Yes you are. I wanna master my presence. Yeah. How would you explain that to me, without the video script just explain it to me. Well I might even ask you if you know what personal branding is. Ah okay so, so this is good actually. You can actually start your pitch with a question especially if you have two different areas of your business or let's say that you're like I don't even know where to start with my pitch, you can start your pitch with a question that is totally okay. So we're gonna say. One of my questions that I thought actually I would end with, so how do you handle your personal brand. And people might not even know what that means though so. I think actually starting with, do you know anything about your personal brand. Okay. Is a great way to, then you can gauge, because if they know nothing about personal branding, your pitch is gonna be slightly different. Right. But if they're like oh yeah I know, I think about my personal brand, I have no idea what it is, then you have a totally different kind of pitch. Okay. Okay so, let's do this one as someone kinda has an idea of their personal brand, most people do, luckily personal branding people are starting to think about it so let's say oh yeah I kinda know about my personal brand, is that what you teach? Yes actually I teach women how, through my unique online solution, I deliver a process where you can learn how to look, act and become, the person you desire to be at your own pace. Okay, what do we think, I want feedback on this, yes? I like the counting, look, act, become I remember that now Okay. Love the counting yes agreed, yes? I was just thinking your tonality is really good. Super expressive. Yeah. Yeah you're a host, which you have that down, I totally agree, very expressive, yeah, anything else? I also noticed the lean in, so she was really interested. Cool I didn't even catch that 'cause I wasn't paying attention, very good, yeah, what else? One of my challenges that I'm working on though is to get lower so am I getting too high, with my-- What do you mean high? Like am I getting too. Oh do we hear high voice tone? I didn't actually hear that, you did a really good, but I also heard you take a breath. Okay. Before she did it she took a breath and that's muscle memory, right. The more we can get into the habit of (breathing) before we do it the better. So, I want you to use smaller words I know that's crazy right but solution is rough for I think you used methodology maybe, online and so I want you to use, because it doesn't sound casual you're gonna come off to people as memorized because, but, and of course a pitch is memorized but you wanna make sure that they can relate to you I need to humanize you I want them to be like I wanna work with you, you're my partner. Yes. That's exactly what you're doing with people. Okay. So I wanna use more casual words so let's break it down so you're gonna start with a question which is great. Then what comes next so yes, I actually, I help with that Yes I help with that, what, it's not a solution, what is it, help. So explain it to me again yeah what is it. It's a mobile and interactive solution it's actually basically an online program that they enroll through and it's self guided but there's also a lot of anchor points where there's interactions too. Yeah. It's an online program that you can take on your own pace or on your own time. Yeah. So. You can take it with you wherever you are, especially if you address women and if the women are in the age where they have children, schools and all the things, that is a very valuable thing that it's, I can take it with, I can take your course with me wherever I am while I am in the line to wait for my child pickup whatever. Okay so we're coming across a very common problem here. The difference between the what and the benefits. So that's what you're trying to combine the what you do with the benefits. You have to separate them. You know what you do. But people don't know what you do. So we have to first say what it is you do and then we say the benefits, okay. So I want you to separate those out, if you're having trouble with that so we're gonna say this is the what, sorry my pen is not so good. The what is the solution. The what is the solution, and then we get into the benefits and I wanna make sure they're separate or else people are gonna be like, what? I pickup my school, right? So they don't understand any of it, so the benefits come next. Okay Now I think with the what. I think what's the most important thing about what she said of all of it was that you created it. Right. Right this isn't out of some book. This isn't you're borrowing someone else's program you created something. Right. So I think that is the most important part of the what. Because I'm much more likely to take you seriously if I'm like wow you created it, it's something that you came up with. Right. So I want you to tell me about that. Okay, so it's my signature program that's taken me a lot of time to develop but it's really unique because it allows women to look, act and become the person they desire to be at their own pace wherever they are. Okay, that way we're getting much more natural now right it's sounding much less like a mission statement which is great for website or for video a much more casual. I actually liked when she said, I'm gonna use a different pen so it's darker. I liked when she said it took me a lot of years to develop but I want you to get even more casual with that. Okay. Right so be playful you can say, so it's a method that I developed, ugh, it took me forever but if finally found it, it helps women with this, this and this. Okay. Right that's even more casual so, one more time. Alright so the whole thing? Oh yeah? Observations from the chat room. Oh good yeah. And I'm gonna fill in the notes while you do that. Sure sure. So one of the questions we got from chat and I do the exact same thing and I'm curious to hear about it too they noticed that Jean-Marie is doing what they're calling the professional triangle. The steeple. The professional pyramid, yeah is that good? Yes so the steeple, this, let me put down my pencil, this is the steeple, it is the non verbal sign of wisdom and confidence. Now the good thing about the steeple is, it is the sign for wisdom and confidence the problem is if we over do it we hit the high end of the spectrum. So you have to find a sweet spot. Now I know that Jean-Marie's launch stance is this so she's doing it a lot right now because I keep having to reset her into launch stance. What you wanna be careful of with the steeple is not to over do it, you also don't wanna gesture with it. Okay this is not a good gesture. It's not a gun. You could right exactly, woo we're steeping! Okay so right so you wanna gesture you wait, you gesture and you wait, that's how you use it. So it's more like a centra position Yeah it's I'm grounded and I'm listening and you also don't want to necessarily hold it for all that long, you can do it for a little bit but you don't wanna have it too much right, and that's when you can say oh interesting so that's why a glass of water is great 'cause then I gets you out of that steeple right so then you can do it. Okay. That's a really good question. Right now but a few have noticed your feet were pointing they said it looked like you wanted to run off the stage. (laughing) Right what did I say, your feet always go in the direction that you wanna go and I'm making her incredibly uncomfortable and you're being such a good sport. So of course here feet are pointing towards her seat. Right okay yeah. Right. So what's the solution. So they shouldn't be pointed in two different direction it's more like this. Power aiming. Oh so straight. Toes and torso, right. Do you like this, does this work for you? Yeah right, right towards the camera, but you know that her foot was out pointed because it wanted to go back to her seat that's the perfect example of how our feet subconsciously point where we wanna go. Love it. Other things that we saw while I keep taking notes on this on the chat rooms. Just those two things and somebody said and I've lost it for a second here, they felt it was too long, too much jogging, that was it lipstick and glasses said there was too much jogging. Right I'm gonna get you casual. I suffer from verbosity. (laughing) By the way. If you ever, when I get nervous I also just keep talking like I just keep on talking and I'm talking about nothing so what I, I think that's a great vulnerability you can say oh my gosh, I'm, what did you say? I suffer from verbosity. Right and I would laugh so you can say that as a moment of authenticity if you find yourself and you're like oh I'm at 60 seconds on this pitch, you can do that totally. Okay so we are gonna shorten it in the chat rooms we are working on shortening it now. Can I get some water Brian? That would be awesome water. Water. A water bottle. I'm making her and also, that's very common so when our cortisol levels are high we get dry mouth and our vocal chords get really tight right that's why it's so important to stay in that launch stance 'cause I'm obviously grilling Jean-Marie right now so it's very common that you have that dry mouth. Just a bottle is fine, if that's okay with you. Thank you. Trying to get through this my cortisol levels are raising. We get a power pose for a second there we go okay that's better that's better. By the way like this audience members are like awesome for doing this so thank you so much I hope at home you're like giving them a round of applause in your room. Okay so I wanna keep this short and sweet 'cause it is that good. First you're gonna start with a question and you're gonna say this is my method right? This is my method and you can use my if you want I created it and very casual language and then your one two three is perfect, one two three is perfect okay? Okay so let's try it one more time, you wanna deliver it to the camera? Sure okay. So, I'm glad that you know about personal branding because I have a unique program that allows women to look act and become the person they desire to be at their own pace. What's my next thing? No that's it. That's it that's it. That is it right? That is exactly it oh my gosh. Yes yes round of applause that was awesome. Thank you. Okay, that is all you need, right you said this is my unique program and we do one two three. Because in my brain I went oh those are three things I wanna know more about and then you get into a dialogue with them and it is best to sell once you get to dialogue once they get a basic idea of what you're about what you've created and your benefits, then they can say oh how does that work how would that work for me? And that's the way you wanna sell something. I want you to keep it that short. Okay. I love it. Thank you. Thank you. You get your phone back. You get your phone I think (laughing) (audience clapping) Perfect. Irina come on up. Alright so do you wanna work on your elevator pitch or your sales pitch? Probably elevated pitch. Elevator pitch so. Because they're kind of related. Okay. I'm gonna erase while you tell me what are you working on so what do you wanna add what do you wanna take away from your pitch. I want to put it together in a nice way. Okay so you're working on making it smooth. Yes. Verbally and non verbally. Verbally and non verbally. Okay so what are some non verbal ticks that you found that you have to work on that we should watch out for. My non verbal ticks that when I talk I have a tendency to look sideways. Okay so you get to pitch just to me okay perfect. And I don't know. Alright we can work on that, okay so-- There's probably something that I don't realize in the moment. And we're gonna help right, we're gonna help you figure that out. Come a little bit closer to me. I know see I can already tell that I pushed her back and the stage okay so I want you to deliver it straight to me, this is, we're gonna work on her elevator pitch right, so okay. So tell me what do you do. I'm a photographer, I work with women, I do portraits which are fashion inspired and contemporary and at the end, the process of doing the product we will have (mumbling) It's okay, it's okay. You wanna start one more time? Yes. Alright so what do you do. I'm a photographer, I specialize in contemporary fashion inspired portraiture. I work mainly with women and the people who love them and I want women to love themselves, love themselves and see how beautiful they are. The verbal is fantastic right. Can someone write it down for me please? You get to watch it later don't worry. So the verbal there was great, right? Like as a woman I'm like wow the people who love me I want you to work with them too. Or you want me to feel, what did you say, beautiful or romantic, I filled in the blanks, I filled in the blanks 'cause I wanna feel that way too so let's I don't want you to forget so what you did first is you said the what, you said that you are a photographer who works with women and the people who love them and you specialize in-- Contemporary fashion inspired photography. Does that make sense to us? Who are you pitching this to? Like is it other photographers or just random women? No random women. So that would intimidate me a little. I'd be like fashion, I'm not very fashion forward, so you might wanna get into that might be a little intimidating for them at first. Are you wedded to it do you wanna have that in there? I can work on different way of saying that. Okay that's good okay so the what, I'm a photographer, maybe some kind of modern fashion styled photography and you work with women and the people who love them so that's the what and the who you work with so she has a who, who is very important for her pitch not everyone has that. Then you listed what makes you different, which I loved we haven't heard yet, is you make them feel what did you say. Feel beautiful, to see how beautiful they are. Okay so there's two things that you mentioned here. She mentioned a you, right so you say I make them but I'm gonna say I make you, or I make my clients and then you gesture to the person next to you, I make you feel beautiful it's also your goal, right so she was able to get her goals into her pitch by saying that's my goal it's to make you, as my client, feel beautiful so you got to do a goal and a you. Verbally I really like the structure. Non verbally what are some things that Irina can do to spice it up I want some more spice, that's what I want in this pitch I want spice what else can she do some feedback for her? More gesturing. Okay we need a little non verbal gesturing. So where do you think that could maybe fall? Where does that feel natural? You started to gesture once we got into this area. What do you think I think that the you, reaching out into you i think that's a definite one so you gesture definitely, what else what else did we see? I saw that there was like some passion in the helping women to feel beautiful, there might be something really heartfelt in that. I love that so I also felt the emotionality in that part of the pitch so when you get to that part of the pitch, I think it's really good I want you to feel beautiful, right? However that feels natural to you I don't want you to copy me. Not really. Right that wouldn't be, that would be how I would say it but actually you added naturally that emotion I want you to heighten that up like what does it feel like to feel beautiful or how does it feel to you when you have a woman come on your set and she's like I've never felt more beautiful. Like how does that feel for you. So I want that to come out a little bit so I'm gonna add the you gesture and the emotionality comes down here so we need some help in the beginning, right? That's where we really need some help up here. So what you do as a photographer let's start that one more time so tell me what you do and who you work with one more time. (exhaling) yeah nice deep breath, that's right, yes. I'm a photographer. I specialize. Uh-huh I'm a photographer, I specialize in contemporary photography for women so they will look like the girls from the fashion magazine cover. Cover girl. They. They right. They they they they yes. It's right so you can say my clients or the women I work with that's another way of emphasizing that you work with women, first of all I liked the beginning now, I'm a photographer and you said I work with contemporary women is that what you said, I liked that. Contemporary portraiture for women. Okay that I liked it was a little bit simpler, a contemporary portraiture for women, that I like 'cause I can kind of get that I'm like ooh, that sounds kind of cool so I like that. Here's what I think she needs is because it's very direct is you can use this gesture, and you do this already naturally. I don't know if you noticed you do this. This is like I'm about to go into explanation mode for you you can't do it the whole time, you can do it at the very beginning to add in a little bit of movement right? 'cause you tend to stay very solid up here. So you can say I'm, actually you said, I'm a photographer I do contemporary portraiture for women right so you can actually add that in. That's an easy way to add motion in if you can't think of a non verbal gesture that's a really easy way you can do it, you can only do it three times. I don't want you to count but just a little bit, right. You can't do it like if you do this the whole time and it's looking a little bit crazy. Alright so let's try it so we're gonna do, I want you to power gaze with you, that's the biggest thing I want you to stay 'cause I saw you looking up so I'm gonna make you gaze so we're gonna do that gazing and we're gonna have hand movement we're gonna bring in a lot of movement. People in the chat noticed Irina that you were swaying and that was obvious and in fact because of the length of your skirt that's what made it more obvious. Yeah, yeah. So that is a way that clothing can affect, it can highlight certain things. Yeah. Also jewelry can make that more obvious too if you have clanky jewelry or clanky jewelry if you're overly expressive it makes it even worst 'cause it calls attention to every single movement so yes movement and swaying so you wanna stay stable in your launch stance, yeah, exactly. Okay so we have this one. The who. Who. So do one more time for me from the top and let's see what we feel like what needs, what's missing in the middle? You can take a second if you need to. Take a deep breath. I'm a photographer. Uh, little louder. I'm a photographer. I specialize in contemporary portraiture for women I'm trying to remember things. Yeah it's okay it's good. And now I forgot what I was going to say. Okay so I'm a photographer, I specialize in contemporary photography for women and those who love them. And those who love them. Which I love right, and those who love them and that's a thing where you can add in a genuine smile 'cause you want to think about the people who love you and who love them right, that's something you do and then you end with my goal is to make you feel beautiful right so those are your three different areas. Let's try it. I'm a portrait photographer. I specialize in contemporary portraiture for women and those who love them, and I forgot what I'm saying. And I make them feel. And I make them feel beautiful. I like that, that was a lot better. Awesome great job round of applause for you. Perfect that was really good. To the internet for the comments. That was good, yeah? Irini you also had said looked beautiful and I love the idea of feeling beautiful, make them feel beautiful and look beautiful. Great thank you. Because that's what you want a photographer too right? Perfect yes absolutely perfect so, Irina what I want everyone to do today and at home is to go through their pitch and then start practicing these now we have what we need we have our verbal script, we have our non verbal script and we can start polishing that. And then we can start practicing it and getting that feedback from each and every different line so what we're gonna do next is we're gonna do part two their nonverbal. So we've been talking all about your nonverbal during your pitch so now how do you read your client's non verbal the person you're pitching and how do you react to that to increase your income. Your homework next is to work on your nonverbal sales pitch yeah. Terrific. And then when we come back as we continue in the course we're gonna be talking more about how to successfully communicate through our body language. Do you wanna tell us a little bit more about that? Yes so. I was like, gonna take a glass of water, yes, so what we're gonna be doing in this next segment when we're talking about their non verbal is we're getting into the part of nonverbal behavior that is about that dance, that communication back and forth right so you work on your body language, they react, and then you react back, I wanna make that really seamless so you feel like you're on the same page literally when you get into those perfect harmonious interactions with people it feels like you're just on the same page, that is how you can be persuasive. 'cause when your clients feel like even during the pitch you're on the same page, they're like wow, working with this person is gonna be a pleasure. I want to keep working with this person so that's what we're gonna be talking about next. Their side and how you make that happen back and forth. Perfect and it's so effective to watch everybody come up here and try it out so thank you to all of our students right here in the studio audience 'cause even in the chat rooms they were all saying it's really helpful to watch somebody else go through it and see that everybody, when we first start we were a little shaky and then you very quickly get very strong. It's amazing how fast you can make those changes that's what I love about body language is, once you learn something you can instantly incorporate it it's very very fast, yah. Absolutely. Hollywood in the chat rooms says I love how Vanessa backs everything up with science and makes it so real for me, and Vaz said, O M G this is so good, all the vocal stuff is what I need most right now, and I'm about to start filming YouTube videos to sell my services, so happy I bought this course, Vanessa you rock.

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