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The Power of Body Language

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Students Pitch with Their New Skills

Vanessa Van Edwards

The Power of Body Language

Vanessa Van Edwards

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27. Students Pitch with Their New Skills

Lesson Info

Students Pitch with Their New Skills

So I am so excited for you guys. If you all wanna sort of stand up and shake it out, that's totally fine. I am so excited because I have been watching our journey, it's only been three days, and we've only done an hour or two of pitch clinic. We've actually only worked on pitches for a little bit. And still the changes I've seen have just been amazing. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna have people come up on stage and give their pitch, and I'm gonna ask them, Sarah, you're first. Yeah, come on up. So before you give the pitch, I want us to talk about what did you work on, what were your nonverbal pitch additions, and what are your three traits that you want? So when we're watching at home we can kinda know what we're looking for, what we can help you with. So what did you work on first? I think I worked on making it a lot shorter. Okay. Brevity. I worked on attempting to explain like a digital concept in a way that was concrete. Yeah. And just worked on being more confident. ...

Okay. Nonverbal pitch additions. What are a couple things that you added? I do a lot of talking with my hands just naturally, I'm doing it right now and I'm hyper aware of it. But I also hunch forward when I get nervous, especially when I'm in front of a camera and an internat audience. So just working on staying lifted. In your launch stance. And keeping my voice low. Talking slowly. Okay, so, slow, low and shoulders back. I like it. And the three traits, so have you thought about the three traits you want for your nonverbal brand? Yeah, I'd like to be authoritative, likable and witty, clever, sort of this rapport. Gonna write these down. Alright, so we have authoritative... Likable and witty, which I love. Okay. So what I want you to, oh, yes, so what I want you to do is, she's gonna give us her pitch. We're gonna see if there's any last things we can tweak, and the final one will be delivered right to the camera. So why don't you just practice what you learned so far. Sure. So I am a content marketer with a secret sauce. This has three ingredients. The first is content longevity. When I create content for you it's content that's going to last longer than the checks we sign. The second is I am details obsessed. Everything is perfect. And the third thing is that anything that I do for a client is tested. I test it before I try it with you. Well, that was really good. (applause) I mean, I don't even think there's anything that there needs to do some work on. I mean, is there anything that we have? It was really low. I loved the nonverbal. She stayed in her launch stance. Any other things that we should have her add or any other suggestions? No, I thought it was great. So why don't you give it one last time. At the end I want you to give your website or Twitter, any call to action that you want people at home to do. Okay. Now it's that extra addition. It's that extra addition. Um... Can I look at you instead or do I have to look right into the camera? I will, I'll look at you. So I am a content marketer with a secret sauce. The sauce has three ingredients. The first is content longevity. The content that I create for you is going to last a lot longer than the check, the checks we sign. The second tier is details. I am obsessively detail oriented. Everything is perfect. And the third is everything is rigorously tested. So anything that I deliver to you is something that I've tried on my own. So you can find me at The Modular Wardrobe Project. So Google search that. And my Twitter handle is Eadiest, E-A-D-I-E-S-T. Whoo-hoo! That was so good! (applause) Like, incredible. So I have a little surprise for you. You just watched Sarah's pitch, and I have her pitch from the very first day. So you can actually see the difference, how far she has come in just that little amount of time. So here is the difference. Here is Sarah's first pitch from the first day. My name is Sarah Eadie. I am a content marketing professional. And my work is important because it helps warm up potential clients to services and products that they might otherwise not try. So, I enjoy what I do. (laughter) Whoo! Huge change. Huge change. Alright, let's see who we have next. Max. (laughs) Come on up. Okay. So, first tell us what did you work on? Well, first off I believe that I worked on my launch stance. Yes, great. Yeah, and so you're gonna be delivering from your launch stance, what else? My vocal variety. I've worked on using different tempos. I've incorporated different accents on my own time to find the vocal variances in what I'm saying so I'm not monotone the whole time. Yeah, so I over lunch made Max do his elevator pitch for me in a made up accent. And it was amazing, and it made him add that extra expressiveness. So that was really great. What nonverbal pitch additions did you add? Any hand movements? We talked about staying nice and low. Anything else? Sure, I actually incorporated some different hand gestures that I could do. Also a little bit of a lean forward to include the person that I'm talking with. I've also included some inflections that raise on the ends of certain words, that add some color to what I'm saying. Okay, perfect. Three traits. What are your three brand traits? I want to be competent. Yeah. I also want to be warm. Uh-huh. And welcoming. Love it. Don't you love how everyone has such different words, that they have such different things they want? And that's good because it means that we're being genuine to ourselves. We're thinking about what we really wanna portray and we're keeping that really grounded. So my question for you is do you want us to help you or do you wanna go right for the camera? Can I do just like Sarah? I love it. Do one to you and one to the camera? I'm ready, yes. Excellent. So I would ask, Max, what do you do? I am a content specialist for Open Sesame. Open Sesame is the world's largest marketplace for buying and selling online training courses. At Open Sesame... I totally forgot what I was gonna say. That's okay, you can actually... So take a breath, that's good. I noticed you didn't start on an out breath. So (exhales sharply) Take a deep breath. And I want you to slow it down in the beginning and then we can speed it up in the middle. Right, so that's how you add an expressiveness, instead of doing the whole thing at the same pace. So (exhales slowly) And then try it one more time. So tell me what you do. I am a content specialist at Open Sesame. Open Sesame is the world's largest marketplace fr buying and selling online training courses. As a content specialist I can help you find new qualified buyers, and... I can help you market and merchandise your courses to earn more revenue. Alright, okay, cool. What suggestions do we have? I thought that was really solid. I like there's more revenue. More revenue, right? I also like how you slowed it down in the beginning and then he sped it up in the middle. So if you're having trouble with the expressiveness, you can think to yourself, okay, I wanna have different pace during different parts of my elevator pitch. I think that was great. Anything else we want to add? No, okay, I'm gonna challenge you to emphasize a couple of different words in there to add that expressiveness, and I'm gonna let you do. I think you're ready. Are you ready? Sure. Okay, do it. I'm ready for you. Sure. My name is Max Bubowie, and I am a content specialist at Open Sesame. Open Sesame is the world's largest marketplace for buying and selling online training courses. As a content specialist I can help you find new qualified buyers and market your courses by using our e-commerce platform. Whoo-hoo! That was so good. Oh yeah, that was awesome. Okay, we gotta see the original, 'cause it's like night and day. He was like, I'm gonna run off the stage! It's like night and day difference. Okay, see how far Max came. My name is Max Dubowie, and I'm from Portland, Oregon. I work for a company called Open Sesame, and we are the world's largest marketplace for buying and selling online training courses. And our company is important because we offer training that either accelerates you in your job, it either gets you a job or it keeps you out of jail. (laughter) So do you see how much expressiveness we had there, where he was extremely stiff in the beginning, and then when you added all those not only nonverbal gestures but nonverbal variance in your voice tone. It makes a huge difference in your memorability. Alright, huge hand for Max. Can I promote myself for a few seconds? Oh, of course, yes. So you can learn more about Open Sesame by going to or you can follow them on Twitter @opensesame. Or you can follow me @MaxDuBowie. I also have a blog called Maximize Your World, I like it. You're always welcome to promote as long as you use good nonverbal. That's my rule. Okay, let's see who is next. Iryna, come on up. Alright, so talk to me about what you worked on. What were your goals this weekend? I've got one... Can you step on the rug? Thank you. I've got wonderful feedback from beautiful women. Yeah. And I was trying to incorporate that in my speech and streamline it. And nonverbal pitch additions. Nonverbal, I try not to freak out in front of the camera. Okay, staying really calm. Be calm, yes, and natural. Right, and not freaking out. Are you adding any nonverbal cues, or are you going to do anything with your voice or your expressiveness, any goals in that? Maybe. Maybe. We're gonna see the difference. We'll see. Alright, so what are your three traits? Um... Trust. Connectedness. Mm-hmm. And competence. And competence. Great. Okay, so do you want to give it to us practice, or do you want to go right fr the camera? Okay, I'll practice. You're gonna practice, alright. So if I came in and I say, so tell me what you do. I'm a photographer. I specialize in contemporary female portraiture. I photograph women of all ages. And the best part of my job is I get women to look beautiful and to feel beautiful. I love it. And I missed one part. There was one part in the middle. For them and their loved ones. Yes. That's okay, though, but it felt really natural. I didn't notice, I mean only because I heard it before, I didn't notice a difference. I want you to go up in volume. Up in volume? Yeah, I want you a little bit louder. I know you're nervous, so I want you to go up, a little bit more vocal power. Did we hear her really easily? I want her to feel a little bit more vocal power. If that's okay with you. You can try it. Okay. And it's okay if you miss something. So if you're giving an elevator pitch, and you forget a little part, totally okay. You can bring it back up in conversation later, right? Someone asks you a follow-up question. Just roll with it, that means it was more natural for you. You were going with what you felt like you should say next. So that's totally okay if you go off script a little bit. Alright, anything else you wanna work on in your final, final pitch? That was pretty good, you wanna add that next part? I liked it short, so it's totally up to you. Okay. Okay, right here, yeah. I am Iryna. I'm a photographer. I specialize in contemporary female portraiture. I photograph women of all ages and the people who love them. And the best thing that I like about my job is I get women to look beautiful and to feel beautiful. Wonderful. That was awesome. Iryna, you want to watch your original? I know we don't really want to, but it's so different. You have to see it, it is so different. Hi, I'm Iryna. I'm a photographer. I'm a portrait photographer. I work with women. And I like this opportunity to work with women because the portrait gives a confidence and self-assurance and belief in its own self. Alright, so, so much more of the trust and connectedness that I got the second time. The first time I understood what you did, but I didn't feel that connection with you. You've added warmth in such a great way. I would love you to pitch anything that you have. Any of your websites, your Twitter feed. No. No, you're not ready yet. Right, awesome, I wanna give you a hug. That was really great. And thank you for being brave. Being brave. Alright. (applause) Alright, Jamarie, it is your turn. So tell me what did you work on? Well, we talked about cultivating an elevator pitch for particular scenarios and not trying to over...over-tell. So what I've done is chosen just to go with the personal brand conversation. Also, the other part is to lower the register of my voice. So I do have that question inflection. Yeah. And to try not to suffer from verbosity. Okay, so shortening it down, keeping it nice and low. Nonverbally, what nonverbal additions did you wanna add? Well, I think the words that represent me are warmth, authenticity, and competence. So I was doing this sort of locked or the over steeple. Yeah, over steeple. Over steeple-fying. And just to really be more open. Open up. Got it. Okay, so, do you want to practice with me, or are you ready for the camera? I think I'm ready. I think you're ready too. Alright, right in the middle. We are ready for you. Hi, my name is Jamarie Milkovic, and I am a personal-brand coach strategist and the creator of my signature online program for women called Master Your Presence. You can find out more about it at, or you can follow me on Twitter @_Jamarie_ Whoo-hoo. That was awesome. Thank you. It is so much more powerful. Everyone's like, oh my... Because when it's shorter it's actually more powerful. Right. You actually say exactly what you need, who you're looking for and what you want. I forgot power aiming too. That's what I was trying to do. And you were doing that towards the camera, 'cause that helps connectedness. We want to watch the original? Okay, let's watch the original. Hi, my name is Jamarie Milkovic, and I'm one of the hosts here at Creative Live. And Creative Live is an online education network that empowers creative entrepreneurs to learn their craft, their business, and get out in the world. I'm also a personal-brand coach strategist and the creator of my signature online program called Master Your Presence. And this benefits women who want to shape their personal brand and presence so they can attract the lifestyle, the people and the opportunities that they desire. Alright, so, so much, a huge hand. I wanna give you a big hug. Great. It's so much more powerful when you know how to harness what both you're saying and you're nonverbally saying. Okay. Meg, it is your turn. Oh, getting a last drink of coffee, get that last liquid courage. Totally great. So, tell me what did you work on? Everything. Everything, that's good. Alright, so what are some nonverbal pitch additions you wanted to add or you want us to focus on at home? Looking and sounding more confident. Looking like I know what I'm doing and why I'm here. Yeah, adding that credibility, yeah. Yeah, credibility. And so what are your words? Uh... Your three nonverbal traits, yes. Warmth. Intelligence. And confidence. Great. So, and confidence or competence? Both. And I'll have four. I'm gonna make an exception for you, okay, good. Okay, so, do you wanna do it right in front of the camera, or do you want us to help you with it? I'd like to do both because the two settings are networking... Sure. Which is much more talking to one person. Yeah, got it. Okay, so, if I'm at a networking event, I would say to Meg, so, what do you do? I'm a pediatric nurse practitioner, and I work with families with young children when parents have any kinds of questions or concerns about their children's behavior. Sleep, toilet training, discipline. Anything at all. I also have a great website where I answer questions from parents, anything that they would ever want an answer for. And you can actually go to it yourself and print out whatever you want, answers to any kinds of questions. Alright, cool, so what do we think? That was way more clear than when we first started. Anything you felt you wanna change? It was still longer than I had practiced. It was a little long. I want to take out one sentence. So you can choose. I actually think that talking about your website is great, but I think you can say, I have a really cool website, and hopefully they'll say, oh, what do you have on it? Right, or I have a really great website for parents. Period. Then if you're a parent you'd be, "What is it? What's on the website?" Well, for parents and people who work with children. Parents and adults who work with children. Right, that's totally fine too. I think you don't even need that explanation, yeah? I think it was a little bit fast in the beginning. I'm a nurse practitioner and blah blah blah blah. I think there would be some pause that I would not feel that there's too much information forced on me. It can never hurt to slow down a little bit. So if you want to slow down in the beginning, that's totally fine. I think it was just like, I'm a nurse practitioner, pause, and then go on with your, with the rest of the pitch. So maybe just that one power pause. It's called power pause when you really wanna emphasize what you just said and what you're about to say, it helps differentiate that you have, that's what you are and now you have something else coming. Yeah. You also mentioned your website three times. I think it can be simplified down to one time. Agreed. Yeah, I have a great website. It's for parents and adults who work with children. Yeah, that's it. I also would like to know why you chose confidence, because I agree that you need to be confident, but surely in your field isn't competence more important to your audience? You tell me. You're in my field. I would guess that it is. Meg is gonna be the exception to my rule. I'm gonna give her four traits. That's what's gonna happen here. That's one of my characteristics in life. I'm always the exception. Okay, there we go. Self narrative, self narrative, right, that's what we're talking about with self narrative. Yeah, she gets what she wants. So, I think you're ready, are you ready? To try it in front of the camera? Sure. Confidence, confidence, right? Right here in the middle. Right to the camera. Is this the camera? That's the camera right there. Yep, hello. Yeah. Hi, I'm Meg Swibeck. I'm a nurse practitioner. I work with families with young children, and I help parents when they have any kinds of questions or concerns about their kids. I also have a great website that has answers to almost any questions that a parent or someone who works with children would want the answers for. Alright. Yeah, that was so good. Alright, are you ready to see your original? No, no, but I will. We all want to see it, 'cause it is so amazingly different, it's so good. It's so much more powerful. Are you ready to see the original? My name is Meg Swibeck. I'm a pediatric nurse practitioner. And I work with families with young children when parents have any concerns about their children's behavior, growth or development. My work is important because I'm the person people come to when the advice they've gotten from friends or family or pediatricians or teachers isn't enough to help them solve whatever concerns they have. Alright, so much more in this area, the confidence and the competence, is way, way higher. I'm much more likely to take you seriously by adding in those, 'cause I also heard that your voice was lower, which is exactly what we want. Alright, last but not least, come on up. So, tell me what did you work on? So I worked on tightening the script a little and adding in more hand gestures and nonverbal. Okay, so adding in explanatory gestures as for nonverbal additions. You already have a pretty low voice, so are you working on that? Are you working on pace at all? More for like expressiveness. Expressiveness, okay. And what are your three traits? I picked authority, confidence, and trust. I like that. Okay, so the question is, are you ready to deliver to me, or are you ready to deliver to the camera? I'll do it both ways. Both ways, okay, go ahead. I am ready. So, what do you do? So I work with companies that sell high-ticket items, and I help them get more customers, more leads and close more sales. Now most marketers just help you with SEO, but I actually work with you to make your website part of your sales process. That was really good. (applause) Like from yesterday, it's like night and day. I mean, I don't think there's anything that we can... At the end, make sure you give us your website, your Twitter handle, yeah. I think you're ready. Perfect, right in the middle. I'll add one sentence at the end. Totally. (exhales sharply) Wait. Okay. So I work with companies that sell high-ticket items, and I hope them get more leads, more customers and more sales. Now most marketers just help you with SEO, but I actually work, I actually work with you to make your website part of your sales process. And this is important because even small tweaks can then lead to big changes in revenue. So if this in general sounds interesting, send me an email at Whoo-hoo. That was awesome. That was awesome. Yeah. Thank you. We made it to the end. Yes. Alright, let's watch the original, shall we? Ready? Hi, my name is Sachit. I work as a marketing professional. I work with founders and CEOs to optimize their marketing. And it's important because every business needs more customers, and want to spend less money doing that. So the explanation of what you do is so much more clear, about the same amount of time. But from that I was still kind of guessing. And now your pitch is down to authority, right, so you know what you're doing. That's what I get from that pitch. There is no doubt that you know exactly what you're doing and we can trust you with it. Very cool, congratulations. Alright, so, I'm like so proud. I feel like a proud mama. I'm like, oh my God, you guys are so good. We didn't even work that long improving those elevator pitches, so it's just amazing to see the difference.

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I loved this course! I've learned so much and Vanessa did a terrific job making it easy and fun. I loved learning that by paying more attention to body language, I'm becoming a better listener (and picking up on stuff I never caught before). ;) I recommend the class highly to anyone and everyone as all can benefit from being more aware of others and yourself!! My hard earned education $$ well spent here. :) Cheers to Vanessa Van Edwards and Creative Live!


This was an absolutely fantastic course, it would be a huge understatement to say this course was worth the money. Vanessa provided tremendously accessible, highly actionable training useful for both social and professional environments. I couldn't recommend this course highly enough, and am heading now to purchase her next one! Thanks so much Vanessa and Creative Live, this is the course I've been hoping to find for years.

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I just found myself applauding in my bedroom as this program was wrapped up, Vanessa is fabulous! This was money well spent, loved every moment of it! I remember feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the information, and soon felt blown away by how many micro expressions I could spot during the clips she showed. I was so impressed with how easy it was to pick this info up due to Vanessa's enthusiastic delivery. YAY vanessa!