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Powerhouse Yoga

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Burn Baby Burn

Kristin McGee

Powerhouse Yoga

Kristin McGee

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4. Burn Baby Burn


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Burn Baby Burn

Hey, guys, it's Kristin McGee. Welcome to my powerhouse yoga program. This'll class is gonna focus on the glutes and are. But it's just really important part of our powerhouse, because it's just important to be stable and strong and the entire back body and the glutes as it is in the core. So we're gonna do some little burn. Baby, burn this class. If you have props, that's fine. You can always use a blocker strap if you need it. Otherwise we'll get started up front. So let's get started in front of the mat. Cut. Nice talk. Comfortable seat. Close the eyes. Rest the hands on the knees. Find that nice lift from the base, the spine all the way up to the crown of the head. Thank your sits bones. Find the energy of the earth that rises. Open up the collarbones. Open up your palm's be receptive to the universe. It rains down. See your potential moving forward in your Eastern hemisphere. Set a goal for your practice, moved towards it and then ANC yourself in your Western hemisphere, your memo...

ry, your past, everything that's brought you to this place now expand with universal breath and feel your circumference start to expand. Open up to new circumstances in life. And as you exhale all the air out. Gently open the eyes, interlaced your hands. Press the heels, the hands forward, not start to float the arms up, but keep the ribs soft. Don't let your ribs splay open. Engage the core immediately. Press the hands up and then dropped the ribs and the shoulders down. Find more lift out of the lower back out of the lower body. Thank your sits bones. Activate your glutes and see if you can find a little more action lifting out of the lower back. Soften the shoulders again, breathe through the nose and then take a nice big side stretch over to your right. Thank your left. Sits bone. Come through center over to the left anchor. The right sits bone. Come back through senators, stretch your hands behind your fingertips, face forward and you gonna lift up, open through the hip flexors and the quads and against. Squeeze the glutes a little bit so you can get more extension. There. Open up through the chest and back door, the belly button of the spine. Lower the hips down coming to boat. Fire up the core and then switch says the opposite legs in front. Same idea. Open through the back, open through the front, open to the hip. Flexors dropped the head. This time, if you'd like lower down, come back through another boat, stretch the legs long, scooping the abs and then cross your ankles. Rock forward onto hands and knees. Hands under shoulders, knees under hips. Few cat cow breath swarming up the spine in hell. Large open. Tugged them at towards you, exhaling round and think oppressing the sticky Matt Away in Hell Arch Exhale Round in Hell Arch Open, Exhale Round. No, stay rounded. We're gonna tuck the right knee to the nose, but keep the right knee bent and flex the foot to the ceiling in hell. Need to nose, excel, flex and lift in hell. Need to nose flex and stay, and now little pulses up with the heel. Activate the gluten. Activate the hamstring back of the thigh. Keep lengthening the tailbone long. Keep drawing the belly button of the spine. Keep the hips square to the mat. It's kind of like Allah. Jane Fonda almost right, little but lists here Now we're gonna open the need of the side and bring the knee forward and back. Think of the need being above a shelf. Little peeing dogs is what my four year old son calls these. Pull it forward and back, Forward and back. Work the hip, work the obliques. Work the abs. Now bring the knee forward. Keep their stretch your leg out to the right. Move the weights. The right hand. Lift that leg. Work the booty. Breathe in, Breathe out a little higher. Inhale, Exhale. Keep the weight even in the hands in how now exhale dropped the foot. Come back with your hands to your hips and over into a gate stretch. Kind of an underestimated posed. We don't do the set off him. It feels really good. Opens up the flanks beside the body. Now come on up Scooping the abs hands on your hips and step your right foot into a lunge. Keep your tailbone dropped your front hip rooms lifted and then press forward into a crescent Lunge. Take your hands into prayer. Lift up out of your lower back. You can even catch your left wrist, pull to the right and then come back through center released the hands down. Step back to downward facing dog rollout to plank scooping the abs. Lower knees, chest chin. Slide through to a baby cobra. Open your heart. Press back to a child's post for a moment and then around yourself, up to all fours in how art and Exhale round took your left knee to your nose. Kick the hell to the ceiling in hell. Need to nose exhale, heal up. Need to nose. Now stay here trying narrow the front ribs and then push up, up, up, up. And we do so much hamstring stretching in yoga class that it's really nice to strengthen that region. Find the connection of the glute hamstring. Push up through the heel, Try and keep drying in the abs, pulling up the ribs and then open the knee. Pull it forward and back, forward and back. Keep the belly button to the spine. Work the obliques. Keep the arms straight. Three more to and one. Stretch the leg out to the left. Hold it up there. Try and lifted a entire Keep the elbows straight. Bring more waiting to the left hand. Too hard not to want to fall into the right. Lift the leg, Lift it, lift it lifted and then lower it down. Beautiful. Walk your hands Back side went over into gate. Let no stretch breathe And then come on up. Hands on hips. Step your left foot. Forward front. Here. Prints lifted tailbone down and then slide everything forward. So you get into the belly of the right thigh. Keep the abs engaged as you lift and lengthen out of your lower back Catch right Risk pulled to the left. Come back to center Hands to the front foot Lift the back leg up, step forward Fold into the legs Keep the feet hip with the part Let the head and neck go Now Ben journeys and swing your arms up to the sky like you're doing a kettle bell Swing hinge from your hips and swing your arms back So it's in hell to swing up. Exhale to swing back Find that nice origami hip fold Inhale now exhale. Stay here. We're gonna clasp our hands and fold Benjani's once again scooping the abs. Float your chest down your upper thighs like a skier at the top of a mountain. Look forward try and keep your chest glued to your thighs is you straighten your legs and hinge in hell. Bend and look forward. Belly button. It's fine exhaling hinge one more time. Inhale and exhale Now, This time, inhale. Bend the knees belly button a spy and use your core and step your right leg back into a lunge. Lift the arms up high, lunge. Drop your hands. Step back to downward facing dog. Keep the abdominals scooped in and up is you rolled a plank, lower knees, chest chin or chatter. Ranga upward Dog your co breath downward dog and breathe and health through the nose and exhale out the nose and keep lifting through the lower abs. Tip your sits bones up. Keep hollowing out the lower abs. Lift your sits bones up near the front ribs. Squash imaginary marshmallows under your poems. Step your right foot forward. Lift the arms up high lunge. Step the left foot forward, Clasp your hands. Fold into the legs in hell. Swing the arms up to stand. Pull the belly button of the spine. Exhale. Swing forward in class in how the left leg goes back. Lift the arms. Lots of core there. Exhale downward facing dog in hell Rollout to plank. Exhale lower down. Keep your belly button to the spine and how lift an excel. Press deep breath in and deep breath out. Shake out your head and neck is you need to pull the shoulders up away from the ears. Step the left foot forward lunge. Lift the arms up high lunge. Step the right foot forward, clasp the hands unfold. Swing the arms up and then swing forward in class in hell. The right leg goes back. Belly button. It's fine. Lift the arms. Trust yourself. Step back downward facing dog rollout to plank. Lower down, lift up and press back. Great breathing and breathe out in how the right foot lunges. Forward arms lift xlf it Forward class pants unfold. Inhale the arms, Swing up and exhale. Swing forward class in how left leg goes back. Glutes and abs strong. Exhale, right like to dog in hell. Forward to plank. Exhale lower down in how lift up Exhale. Press back in. How Left foot forward arms lift. Exhale right foot forward class pants Fold in hell. Swing up one last time. Excel Swing forward. Clasp the hands in how the right leg goes back. Arms lift. Exhale the left leg to down dog forward to plank. Lower down. Lift up and press back now. Foot your right leg in the air. Dogs split and then tap the left toes and lift for two for three and four, five, six. Keep drying in the abs. Seven eight. Keep the leg extended. Come out to a plank. One straight line. Energy little circles with the right leg five times one direction Stop five times the other direction. Great. Press it back up. Downward dog split. Step your right foot. Forward to a lunge. Take the arms of high lunge. Narrow the ribs. Draw the belly button of the spine We're gonna straighten the front leg Pull the elbows down, Bend the front knee Reach press to the right Big toe, man in health. Straighten, exhale, Bend in health. Straighten, Exhale, Bend. Keep your hips stable. Just been the back knee and straighten it in hell. Bend, Excel, Press good elbows Long shoulders down in hell Bend, Exhale Press Now try this straight in the front leg. Bend the back me Bend the front legs straight in the back leg in here. Exhale. Use your abs to study yourself. Inhale and exhale. Awesome. Step that left foot forward clasped the hands folder where the legs take a breath and then swing the arms up Swing all the way over a clasp The hands in how the left leg goes back the arms lift Exhale the right leg to down Dog out to plank Look forward as you lower down belly button to spine Inhale Lift up squeezes Celebrates together Soft bend in the elbow Exhale Press back now left leg in the air. Dog split. We're gonna tap and lift to three four. Keep that back leg long. Five, six, seven, eight. Keep the leg lifted. Come out to plank. Narrow the ribs. Keep everything Study. Just circle the left leg five times in one direction. Stop five times in the other direction. Press back to dog split. Step the left leg through to a lunge and lift the arms up to a high lunge, so narrow the front ribs. Draw the belly button of the spine straight in the front leg and bend. Inhale. Exhale. Shoulders down, away from the ears. Inhale. Exhale now Keep your hips stable just bend the back knee and stream in him. Exhale in here except now Try straightening the front leg, bending the back, me bending the front leg, straightening the back leg in him. Exhale. It's tricky in here. Exhale. Swing that Bakley forward. Clasp the hands full over the legs. Nice work. Inhale. Swing it up. Step the feet together. Catch your left wrist pulled to the right. Once again, back to center. Catch the right risk. Pull to the left, back to center. Bend the knees. Sit back in an imaginary chair. Sudket Hasna Use the glutes here said a little deeper. And then swan. Dive forward. Hands defeat. Lengthen to a flat back look out step were hot back. Lower down. Lift upward dog pressed to downward dog. Now step your right foot forward war your one big full inhale up. Exhale to to make sure you rolled in the open. Inhale Reverse it cut. Will your hands forward step back and lower, Lift up and press back. Left foot forward right hill drops arms. Come up for your one. Exhale to to inhale. Reverse it cut. Will the hands forward step back and lower and lift and stay shake it out over the lips. Now the head. Yes and no. Compressed through the thumb and forefingers. Breathe through the nose. This time, Raise the right leg in the air. Dogs split. Bend the knee. Open the hip and thigh toward out the foot once again stepped through the warrior one. Use the glutes lifting arms. Exhale to to inhale. Reverse it cut. Will the hands forward step back and lower. Keep giant in the abdominals in hell. Lift. Exhale Press left leg in the air. Dogs split. Bend the knee. Open the hip and thigh to roll out the foot. Step through the warrior one. Full inhale. Exhale to to make sure that Nero's open inhale reverse it cut. Will the hands forward step back and lower and lift and stay. Shake it out Once again. Flubber. The lips press you the hands lift up through the sits bones, dry in the belly button near the front ribs and then bottom of the Exhale step We helped forward in hell lengthen. Now what we're gonna do is separate the feet, hip width. Catch the big toes, yogi toe lock and then fold into the legs Are the elbows up to the sides. How about the lower abs? Think of pulling your toes out of your heels so the weight moves forward to the art to the foot. And then look for WordPress, your right thumb into the floor in front of your right big toe and try lifting your left leg out to the left. Look forward. Lift the lake high, not easy, right? And then bring the left leg back down. Press into the left. Big ah, thumb and big toe and try opening the right leg to the right and then bring the right leg back down, feet together. Look forward. Nice and then step were hot back. Lower down, lift up and press back. Excellent work. Shake it out. Flow out the lips now. Spread the right toes wide like jazz toes and clipped the back your left ankle. Pull that ankle down and stretch the Achilles in the CAF. We're allowed to your plank again and feel what it's like to use the legs and the glutes. Pull back through the hell. Draw the belly button of the spine open to your chest. Breathe through the nose. Try Chanda Ranga like so keep your left toes flexed as you lift up dog and go back to downward dog split right leg in the air. Now step your right foot forward Warrior one. Lift and open the chest. Exhale to to use the glutes straight in the right leg. Lift the arms, bend the right knee press straighten lift. Been impress. Straightened lift. Been impress now straightened lift and stay. Use your abs. Float all the way over and decide triangle reaching with both arms and then separate the arms. When you can no longer go any further, keep the engagement in the core and the obliques. Look up to the top hand. Breathe through the nose in here and exhale. Now bend your right knee and just extend the left arm long overhead. Extended side angle. You could either use a block. Put your right hand outside the foot or bring your right elbow up onto the me or keep the hand inside the foot. Yogis Choice. Let's keep pressing the outer left foot down. Take all the bends out of the top arm, breathe through the nose, and now you can also extend the right arm long Here. Really fire up the glutes fire up the core, keep reaching, and then come up to stand with the Hanse, framing the ears, turned the rate toes in and dive forward. Keep the weight in the art to the foot, lookout to a flat back and then fold into the legs. But the head and neck go. Keep the elbows, elbows narrow and breathe and once again, optional. Hand a headstand here if you want to. A foreign balance. If you have a foreign balance, practice anyone. Try and float yourself up using your core. Or just stay where you're at. Eventually come down if you're up and look forward and we're gonna do some little side to side lateral lunges. Working the glutes keep drying the belly button of the spine. How about the lower abs so you can stay low? You can go high. You can really think of shoving the knee open, pressing the toe down now. Eventually stay over to your right side. Come around into a lizard lunge, walk the right foot a little more to the right and drop the elbows down inside the knee. They can rock a little forward and back over the left ball. The foot and then eventually dropped the back me down. Soften the shoulders, breathe through the nose, inhale and exhale. Think of kind of hugging the midline with the right knee pulling towards the armpit. Now walk your hands back. We're gonna sit down inside the left foot so you can kind of tuck that out or left hamstring in lifting. Open the chest, find your sits bones anchoring down, float the arms up and first come forward over your right leg. So if you need to sit on a block, you can so that the hips or level fold into the thigh, says Tree and Muka, aka Pot Upashi. Moten Asana, Sanskrit name For this pose, it's often done in Ashtanga practice, or it is done in the primary, Siri's. So now come on up and we're gonna lie back so you might want Teoh almost bend that right knee and adjust the right hip room forward so both hips or level before you come down. And if you want to go all the way into your back, that's an option. You really get that huge hip flexor quad stretch in the left thigh. You can even put your right ankle above the left knee. Or you can hug the right leg in, or even extend the right leg up in here. If you had a strap is well, you could draw the light closer to you. Those are all just optional. You can always just keep that leg long. Just work on curling your tailbone under drying the belly button of the spine here and breathe, and then eventually come up. If you've laid all the way down, we'll take that. Left me and open it like a gate. So we did gate earlier in practice. This is kind of like a seated version of it. Take the left arm over towards the right toes. Now, if you want to make a cool figure eight, you can bring the right hand under and take hold of the left ankle and then take the left arm over and hold on to the right ankle and your little infinity sign can pull that top arm a bit and open up to your chest and breathe through the nose. Inhale and exhale and then come on up. Tuck the right knee under the left knee. We're going to do a little mermaid seat So stretch the left arm over and take the right arm into a nice big side stretch in the right side. Deep breath in and deep breath out. Come on up and lay on to your right form. Press down to the right form, lying your legs up in line with your hips and then coming to a side forearm playing stretched the left arm up. Pull the shoulders down away from the years narrow the ribs. Think of your hip rooms moving forward in your chest, opening back in space. Maybe you flip your left leg up here and then eventually come all the way down onto that white side. Keep the integrity in the side of the waste. Slide your legs forward to the front corner edge of your mat. We're gonna just lift and lower the left leg about 18 inches up and down for three for four. Lift from your thigh ing glutes. Six, seven, eight, nine, 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 08 little circles forward. Try and keep your hips steady. Your abs tight circle from the thigh, not the foot. Stop and circle back, work the booty and then we're gonna do internal rotation and external rotation and again move from the femur bone, the hip and the thigh. This is so good for all of those positions, like our extended angle or warrior to anything that requires that big turnout. Feel the action of using the glute to help spin the thigh open. Now keep the toes turn up to the ceiling. Flex, kick, point, reach flex kick point. Reach for three for five, 62 more seven and eight. Excellent. Slide your legs back. Roll onto your tummy. Keep your people going flat into the mat. Stretch your arms forward, draw the belly button into this mine, and then we're gonna do a little swimming. So it's right arm left leg reaches and then left arm right leg reaches so we'll do a few slow work the back body, and then we're gonna lift everything up and go for a swim for eight and seven six. Five. Lengthen behind the knee for three to and one excellent hands by heart. Lift your chest. Lift your thighs upward, facing dog, scooping the abs and exhale downward facing dog. Beautiful. Shake it out. Flubber. The lips petal out the feet make jazz toes with the left foot clipped the back of the right. He'll pull down through the Achilles. Keep that leg configuration As you come out to plank, you can feel what it's like to really use the legs to help the course. Stay strong and active. Right toes will stay flex. Does you lower chatter among those shoulders down, away from the years upward dog. Keep the right foot flexed and then downward dog split. Step the left foot through Warrior one deep, full inhale. Exhale to to in health straight in the front leg and Exhale Bend. And here's what we were talking about that external rotation. Inhale, exhale, inhale. Spend the inner left thigh to the ceiling. Exhale now in house. Stay here, scooping the abs. Reach all the way out for triangle. Both arms retreats reach, and then you can open the arms and stay so glue yourself between those two walls. Stack the right hip over the left, took the left hip under shoulders down away from the years. Take all the bends out of the top home and then bend the left knee reached the right arm overhead. Extended side angle could use the left arm to help side that me open more deep breath through the nose. Inhale and exhale next on the left arm, long here and how all the up to stand arms frame the face turned, left his in. This time you can lace the hands, lift the chest and then come all the way forward. Head down, arms overhead. Maybe sway the arms, little side to side. Try not to lock out the knees. Find a micro bend in the legs. Bring the weight forward to the arch of the foot. Lift up through the inner thighs pelvic floor and then release your hands down and we'll go back to the skater lunges. This time you can lift the opposite toes if you want to kind of go side to side. Maybe don't use your arms more level ninja back and forth and then stay around to your left. Spent everything forward to the front of the mat, turned the right heel up and come down into a lizard. Maybe rock a little forward and back and then eventually dropped the back. Me Listen to the breath. The sound that the years like to hear most is the oceanic sound of the breath breathing and breathe out and then come on up and start to sit back inside the right foot so you can tuck that thigh flesh in inhale. Lift the arms up and exhale. Die forward over the left leg. Maybe you catch your right wrist with your left hand. Use the abdominals toe. Help slide yourself forward over the thigh, listen to the breath in him and exhale, and then come on up and start to lie back so you as you go down, sometimes it helps to put the left foot on the floor and slide the left hip room forward so that the hip state level and then you can lie all the way back if that's available to you. If you want to put the left ankle over the right knee, you can or had the left knee into the chest. It's pretty intense in that right quad and hip flexor. Maybe take the left leg up. It's all yogis choice on your body on a year breath. See where you're at and every day is a different practice. The breath will always be your best friend and your best guide. If it starts to get held or stuck, then maybe you're going a little too much or little pushing too much. And it's really nice to kind of push past our comfort level and out of our comfort zone. But we don't want to cause any pain or force our bodies to do anything that isn't natural for them. Come on up, take the knee, open it all the way to the right. And so here's that cool little figure. Eight. If you want to slide your left hand under and catch your right foot and then take your right arm over and catch your left foot like you have your own infinity sign here, pick up underneath the right arm. Bring the left elbow inside, left shoulder inside the left knee. Feels so good and then come on up. And now you just slide that left knee under and you're in this little mermaid seat. You can mark your right hand to the right and bring your left arm over and breathe here, shoulder soft belly button to spine and then come on up and go on to your left farm. So line everything up. Hips are stacked even with the legs and then pushed down to come into side forearm plank. Lift the top arm up, melt the shoulders down away from the years. Gather the ribs together, maybe float the right leg up if you want, and then eventually come all the way down onto your side. Whatever is most comfortable side your leg slightly forward so that the corner of edge of your mat don't let that right hip room drop back in space. Keep it stacked and then just lift and lower the top leg to three. Keep lengthening long behind the knee without locking out the knee so you're still working the muscle. Seven eight shoulders now on ABS in nine, 10 11 13 14 15 16. A little circles forward, so you're circling the leg from the upper thigh, but you're not letting the torso move. Try and keep everything still unlocked in and then reverse it. And then it's internal external rotation and again from the upper thigh. Really, try and find as much turn out as you can, right for all those triangle poses that turned out leg three to stay turned out one and then brush kick up point. Reach lower for two. Hopefully, you're filling your booty for three shoulders down for ABS in and up. Five, six, seven and eight. Great. Release the legs. Come onto your belly this time. Park your forehead on your hands. Flex your feet heels together. Toes turned out and then pushed the hills up and release to three four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. 10. Trying Keep your knees off the floor, heels together. Extend both legs straight and then bend the knees in reach. Long little hamstring pulls for three and four five six seven eight nine. Stay back on 10 and then beat the heels together. 10 987654321 Relax for a second, just shake it out. So it's that glute hamstring action that really helps us in our boat pose. If you bend your knees, catch your feet. Think of pushing the heels up toe. Open the chest so it's the back body. It's the hips. It's the thighs, lifting you up, opening your heart. Breathe in, breathe out. Inhale, exhale. Release the toes. Hands back by your waist. Lift into an upward facing dog. Press back to a downward facing dog. Take a moment. Pedal out the feet, check up head and neck floor at the lips. Lift the right leg up in the air. Dogs split, bend the knee, open the hip and thigh. Step forward into a lunge high lunge arms lift. Bring the hands to prayer and twist around to your right here. You could work on splitting the arms or taking a bind if you'd like. Look at past your right shoulder. Breathe through the nose back then through the upper body. Keep that back legs strong. Drop your hands to your front foot. Slide your back foot a little closer and straighten out over your right hamstring. Shoulder soft. Lengthen up to the lower abs, foot the chest down the thigh, and then we're gonna head out to half moon right hand forward. So here's that outer thigh lift that we're working on in the sideline leg lift. Really? Find the outer left eye lifting karate. Chop the foot. Press through that he'll breathe through the nose. This is where you could maybe even hover and find your balance. You're using your core and your glute, and then drop your hands and float the left Like all the way up to a standing split. Really? Use your booty lifted high. Maybe test your balance, hold your right foot or even clasp your hands behind your back. Lifted an entire and they were gonna tuck the knee all the way under for seeded spinal twist. So anchor your sits bones, lift up tall and then wrap the left arm around the right knee and twist to look over the right shoulder. Every inhalation lengthen taller. Every ex elation twist a little deeper. Come back to center counter to its left. Nice little pop sometimes and then we'll do ankle to knee. So slide your left ankle forward shins on pretty much parallel to the front of the mat. Go wrinkle free in the right ankle. Try not to let that foot sickle pull the buttocks. Flashback. Sit up nice and tall again, belly button of the spying and then walk your hands forward and fold into the hips so as much strengthening we do for the booty. It's also really nice to stretch open that area. The external rotator is maybe reach around and kind of beat it out. Keep back burning out of the lower back, he breathing through the nose, softening the shoulders. Two more breaths. Inhale, exhale, inhale, Exhale. Come on up. Shake out the legs. We're gonna step the feet down. Bridge the hips up into a tabletop, so curl the belly button of the spying. Curl the tailbone up to the ceiling. Try and get your hips higher than your knees Open up to the upper back. Breathe through the nose. Drop the head back. If that feels okay, then lower down. Cross the ankles. Rock forward stepper. Hot back, Lower down. Lift up and press back. Great. If the left leg in the air Doc split, you can bend the knee, open the hip and thigh, step through to a high lunge arms lift and then big twist right arm outside the left knee, either hands to prayer. Maybe you could work on a bind or stretch the arms apart. Try and look up past the left shoulder. Breathe through the nose. Take all the bends out of the back. Me. Use that back hip and glute muscle toe. Study yourself in the post. Drop the hands to the front foot, slide the back of a little closer and then straighten out over the left eye. So square the hips off, create a little space in that effort, upper left hip and then float your chest down the thigh. Breathe in and breathe out. Press to the left big toe mound. Start to head out to half moon left fingertips to the corner edge of your mat. Flex your right foot strong. Use your core power. Use your glute. That same action here. Really press that out of right thigh up. Maybe you try your hover or bring your hands to prayer. Whatever you'd like here. And then we're gonna come into a standing split. So right, Legace. High as it can go. Take all the bends out of that right knee. Reached the toast of the ceiling again. If you want to test balance here, work the core. Lift that leg high and then took the right thigh under. Have a seat seat. Its final twist. Make sure that your sits bones are anchored. Lift the right arm up. Twist around to the left. Every inhalation grow tall through the spine. Every ex elation go a little deeper into the twist. Try and use the core in the obliques. Don't muscle your way into the pose. Que counter twist to the right and then ankle to knee. Stack the shins, one on top of another, trying not suck sickle in the left ankle. That's when the foot collapses in on itself. You want to try and keep that nice knife edge of the foot, lift up tall and then walk your hands forward. Unfold well, baby, he feel that right? That's where the burn baby burn is right back in there. But our hipster like the basement of the house, right? So we store a lot of junk in our trunk. It's a good time to flush it out in the yoga practice, since our issues Aaron our tissues, we don't want to hold onto stuff. Two more breaths. Inhale, exhale and how exhale. Okay, come on up. Shake out the legs. This time, let's try in claim plank. So this is a really good hamstring. Strengthen or you point your toes. Keep your legs straight. Draw the belly button of the spine, lift and open your chest. Little challenges to kick the right leg up and lower than the left leg. Kick, kick, right leg, kick, kick, left leg kick kick right leg kick, kick lots of abs, left leg, kick, kick and then release and come all the way down onto your back. Keep the lakes together. Press the feet flat into the mat, scooped the Taliban under bridge the hips up. Extend your right leg long and then kick and reach to three four five, six, seven. Step on eight. Lower lift the hips eight and seven. Six and five, four and three to and one. Combine it. Kick lift lower press two three four five six. You got this seven and eight and relax. Hopefully felt that a lot in your left seat, so place your left ankle above your right knee. Press the tops of thighs away, hugged the right knee and thread the needle one more time. That may stretch in the outer hip and glute. Now displace your right foot down. Bridge the hips up. Extend the left leg out and then kick to three. Keep the hips level. Ford that left hip dropped five six. Press through the right foot. Seven. Step on a and the new lower lift eight and seven Lincoln through the left knee, six five, four three to step on one. Now kick it, Lift it lower press for two for three, four, five. You almost there. Six, seven and eight and lower down. Great work. Place the right ankle above the left knee, compressed the thighs away and then hugged the left leg in thread the needle Now press both feet down this time hip with the part Bridge the hips up Place the hands under the back, Puff the chest of the chin Scoop out the abs Stay here If you'd like to go into a full wheel fingertips a shoulders and you can lift all the way up. But I want you to think of curling the tailbone under and sliding the heels on the sticky Matt towards your fingers So you engage the hamstrings again. Find your glute power here scooping the abs. Open the upper back so the back Then you want to get into the upper body, keep breathing, inhale and then exhale. I took the tune lower down rest for a second. You could windshield wiper the legs if you'd like back and forth, and then one more full or half wheel yogis choice. So if you can hands But years from your tips face the shoulders can lift all the way up. Tuck under the till, breathe through the nose. Maybe you want to work on extending one leg up. Work that other leg pressed down the inner foot that's on the floor deep full breath in and eventually lower down and bring the feet together and goddess and rest back. Men's air so great, like the antidepressants of yoga. So catch your breath and breathe, and then you can drop your left knee over to your right. Take one more supine twists. Just open up the back. Rightly go over to the left. Come back to center. Stretch the legs out, turn the palms up. Close the eyes. Let the body melt into the floor. Let the floor come up to support the body. Melt into your own natural state of bliss and perfection and slowly start to ago. Fingers wiggle toes. Search the arms long overhead. Lengthen out through the legs world to your right side. Curl into a ball. Let your head come up last. Find a nice, tall, comfortable seat like we started because the eyes rested. Hands on the knees find the self that rises below you the support system that you have Mother Earth, the organic energy that we want to keep talking into. Be receptive and open to north above the gifts that rain down. Keep moving forward towards your potential in front of you. Thank yourself in the memory behind and find yourself right in the middle of your own personal universe. Take a deep full breath in and exhale about forward to seal in your practice. I'm a stay. Thank you so much for joining me today.

Class Description

Skill level: Intermediate
Classes: 5
Time: 30-60 min
Cycle: 5 days

Spending long hours sitting, standing, bending or crouching in service of your creativity requires a strong body. In fact, creators can benefit greatly from exercises that strengthen their core and improve their posture. Powerhouse Yoga is Pilates and yoga combined, designed to activate and strengthen your “powerhouse,” which is the core group of abdominal, lower back and pelvic muscles that are the foundation for all movement. These classes will help you:

  • Create a dynamic, full-body workout
  • Improve your posture, body alignment and stability
  • Unlock newfound strength
  • Develop heightened control over core muscles
  • Build an understanding of the most connected part of your body

Kristin McGee is a celebrity yoga and Pilates teacher, speaker, author and mompreneur who’s considered a pioneer in the yoga movement. Kristin is known for making fitness fun and accessible for students of all ages and stages. She’s appeared on a variety of TV shows, including “The Today Show,” “The Jay Leno Show” and “Good Morning America.” And she’s produced her own DVD series covering power yoga, yoga for preteens, Pilates for beginners and more. Kristin will teach you how to:

  • Perform stretches and standing postures
  • Engage, activate and stabilize core muscles
  • Support balancing postures, inversions and other yoga poses
  • Increase overall strength, flexibility and control

These five dynamic, full-body fusion workouts of 30 to 60 minutes are perfect for intermediate yogis. They are ideal for those who want to harness deeper core awareness and activation to enhance their daily yoga practice.

Workout Descriptions:

Wake Up the Core
Wake up your core with essential Pilates moves for your yoga practice. No props are needed, but you may want a strap or blocks for stretches and standing postures.

Burn Baby Burn
It's important to have a stable and strong back as a part of your core muscles. This class will focus on Pilates glute exercises and hip exercises to make sure your powerhouse is as strong as can be.

Full Body Sweat Session
Get your heart rate up and ignite your core! This class focuses on Pilates oblique exercises and twisting actions, which are crucial to everyday movements.

Core Balance
This yoga balance sequence will explore standing postures, arm balances and inversions. We'll understand why a strong and active core is so crucial to these types of poses and get a good workout in, too.

Powerhouse Stretch
This class offers a calm, restorative sequence to release all of your muscles, especially your deep psoas. You'll focus on using your core to go deeper into poses and increase your flexibility as you go.


Anja Vlasblom

This ​is a great class. I like Kristin's energy and way of teaching. A few years ago I attended Bikram Yoga Classes, and that is all my experience with yoga so far. Before I started to view this class, I watched Dylan Werner's class "Yoga Strength Basics for Beginners" here on Creative Live, and this was super helpful for understanding how to move correctly during this class.

Christine Yun

I took the Full Body Sweat Session lesson and thought it was a great overall yoga class. Kristin walks you through all the basic moves and I loved how she incorporated ab workouts too. I didn't sweat as much as I wanted to but it was definitely a great home workout!