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Powerhouse Yoga

Lesson 5 of 7

Full Body Sweat Session

Kristin McGee

Powerhouse Yoga

Kristin McGee

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Lesson Info

5. Full Body Sweat Session

Lesson Info

Full Body Sweat Session

Hi, it's Kristen McGee. Welcome to my powerhouse yoga program. And now we're gonna focus on the obliques and a lot of twisting action, which is so crucial to every movement doing life. So we're going to get our heart rates up. Nice. Full body sweat sessions. So, in front of a thief, find a nice, tall, comfortable seat, closed the eyes, rest the hands on the knees, take a moment to tap into your breath. Just let go of their anything else. It's in your mind right now. Let this be all about you and your practice. Let your breath connect your mind in your body. I feel that nice lift and lengthen the spine is you inhale And as you exhale that the shoulder soften that the jaw released. Let the brow release Inhale deep full breath and exhale. Now gently open the eyes and then float the arms out to the sides. Take the fingertips to the tips of your shoulders. We're going to Duke Apollo body with a twist. So we're gonna inhale to one side and then start the exhale to the other. X x x x x x x x ...

now stay all the way around to your left Exhale all the air out Place the right hand on the left, the left hand behind the back Inhale, lengthen and exhale Twist Now use the core. Use the obliques to initiate the twist Inhale Keep the six months anchored. Exhale. Take the left arm up. Floated over to the right. Come back up to center, Stretch your arms out to the sides. Once again, place the fingertips on the shoulders. This time inhale to your left and start the Kabbalah body on the right. X x x x, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale Exhale all the air out Left hander, right knee, right hand behind the back in how lengthen exhale Twist in how lifting lengthen, exhale, twist Search the right arm up. Lean over to your left, Get the nice, lengthen the obliques. Come back up to center both arms to the ceiling and then die forward over your legs. Walk your hands out. Let the head and neck release Walk your hands over to the right, structure the left side over to the left and stretch to the right side, back to center and over onto hands and knees so either roll over your shins or come back sliding the legs behind you. Find that nice position with the hands under the shoulders. Knees under the hips in hell arch, exhale round, inhale arch. Always a nice way to open up the spine and excel round. Now find a neutral spine. Take your right arm, open it, keep your left arm straight and then swing it under to the left and back open. So here, working the core in the obliques three four I have a nice way to open up the shoulder and the rotator cuff. Six. Seven and you really start to fill this in the waste on eight. Come all the way through. Lay in the back of the shoulder. Stretch the left arm up to the sky, maybe catch the inner right thigh and breathe. Here. Inhale and exhale. Come back around the hands and knees, open the left arm and slide it through. No. Exhale for three, scooping the abs for twist from the waist. Five six seven and then stay all the way through on eight. Back of the left shoulder on the floor, right arm open. See if you can catch that inner right thigh, possibly spread through the collarbones. Breathe through the nose and then come back around the hands and knees. Curl your toes under, and then you're gonna keep like there's an imaginary block or ball between your inner thighs. Draw the ribs together, scooping the abs and just float your knees an inch off the floor and hover here. Work the core. Don't curl. This sits bones under keeping neutral spine release. Inhale. Exhale. Pelvic floor lifts your knees up chest an inch, bellybutton the spine. Release one more time. Squeezed the obliques in the waste, hollow out the core shrink. Wrap the front ribs towards each other and then bring your but back towards your heels and lift your hips up to the sky. Benjani's quite a bit. Bring your chest back to your upper thighs and then start to unfurl the legs. Keep narrowing the front ribs. Once again, bend the knees, sits bones up to the sky and a curl the tailbone under. Draw the belly button of the spine and straighten out the legs one more time in him and exhale. Now slide your hands. Maybe a little closer to your feet. Take your right hand to your outer left foot and twists. Look up underneath the left shoulder. Keep the inner left hand pressing into the floor. Lengthen through the sides of the waist and then switch right hand forward. Left hand catches the right foot twists. Look up under the right arm back. Find out a little lower back. Draw the belly button of the spine. Step the left hand forward and then to start to tobe all hell the feet up to the front of the mat, folding over the legs at the head and neck. Go look out to a flat back, lengthen, move towards the ball of the foot and then walk your hands around to the right one more time. Find that nice lateral stretch in the left side through center over to the left, back through center, and then just round yourself up to stand step to the front of the map. Big toast. Touch heels together. Circle the shoulders down away from the years and immediately tap into your core swan. Dive the arms up, press the poems Swan dive forward hands defeat. Lengthen flat back. Look out. Step the right foot to a lunge. Press through the hell Lengthen behind the knees. Step the left foot to a plank. One straight line. Energy lower through chatter. Ranga inhale through upward dog. Exhale back to downward dog deep full breath in and deep, full breath out. Keep pressing the palm's into the mat. Lengthen the shoulders up away from the years Lincoln through the sides of the waist in the obliques and then wrap the front ribs towards each other except the right foot forward. Lunge. When you're right, I'm open to a twist. Reached the right arm long overhead, but keep the shoulder down away from the year. Circled a hand around to the front foot. Step the back foot forward and fold into the legs. Inhale swan. Dive up to stand and exhale arms to the sides. Inhale the arms up. Drop to the lower abs public floor. Excel Swan Day forward. Inhale, Lengthen flat back. Exhale left foot to lunge. Press through the heel. Inhale right foot to plank. Exhale lower down in how lift up and exhale. Press back. Breathe in. Breathe out over the lips if you need to keep hollowing out. The lower abs lift above the knee caps engaged the quadriceps step the left foot forward lunge. Turn the left arm open. Twist reached the left arm overhead. Circle the hand round. Step the back foot forward fold into the legs. Swan, dive up to stand in this time swan Dive to the floor in how lengthen exhale, right foot back toe. Lunge in How left to plank Scoop out the abs is you lower chatter. Ranga. Don't let your shoulders round Forward in hell toe upward dog. Exhale to downward dog. Deep breath in and deep full breath out and held the right foot forward. Lunge. So peel the writer. I'm open in her. Reach it long overhead. Drop the hands up the back foot forward, fold into the lakes. Inhale swan. Dive up to stand. Exhale swan dive forward Hands defeat in how lengthen exhale left foot toe lunge. Inhale right foot to plank. Exhale lower down in how lift up Excel. Press back. Nice work. Shake it out, breathe in and breathe out in how left it forward. Lunch. Exhale left arm opens. Twist. Inhale. Reach it overhead. Drop the hand. Step the back foot forward fold into the legs. Swan dive up to stand one last time Swan day. Forward hands, two feet. Look to flat back. Lengthen. Step the right foot to a lunge. Little different this time. Left it to a plank and then push up back to plank. Two more times. Push up back to plank, scooping the abs. These air a lot like Pilates Push ups as well. Push up back to plank, narrow armed. Now go over to your left hand. Outer left foot coming. Dobashi starts in a side plank, so stack the hips near the ribs. Pull the belly button of the spine so you can twist under and lift just under and lift. Twist under and lift. Nice. Come all the way back through. Plank lower through chatter, ranga upward dog and down or dug. So step your feet in a little closer to your hands. We're going to try and take the right hand to the left foot again for that twist. Now, if you really want to challenge your core, hugged the midline. See if you can lift your right leg in the air in this twisted dog position and then step your right hand forward. Step your right foot forward and turn your right arm up to twist come into an upright twist at your right hand leads. You look over the right fingers tic tac, the hips so that the left hip room lifts out of right hip room drops. Use the obliques. Use the core bellybutton, a spine twist a little further. Come into a high lunge. Opened a warrior two. Inhale Reverse it. Cartwheel your hands forward. Turn your back, heel up and step forward. Front of the mat. Deep breath in and deep breath out. Inhale swan. Dive up to stand. Exhale swan. Dive to the floor in how lengthen out exhale, effort to lunge in hell, right foot to plank. Push up back to plank. Now use your core. Knit the front ribs, scooping your abs to lift you up, scooping the abs to lift you up. Now, right hand out of right foot, Float the left arm up Bush's Dossena. Wrap the shoulders down away from the heirs, scooping the abs. If you want to include the twist, twist under and lift work from the obliques. Try not to let the hips take the twist with you. That's really good practice for, like revolved Triangle. Come back around, lower down or just head back to dog, lift up and press back. Nice work. Shake it out. So now we'll take the left hand to the outer right foot. Try and find that twist, and then this is really precarious. See if you can lift the left leg in the air. You really have to hug the midline and then step the left hand forward step. The left foot forward turned the left arm to twist and come to an upright twist, so reach back through the left fingers. Think of the tailbone drying under belly button to spine. Twist a little deeper in how high lunge Exhale Warrior two in how reverse it cart. Will the hands forward turn the back hill up, Step to the front of the mat Unfold. Catch your breath deep full breath in and deep full breath out swan. Dive up to stand. Keep the hands above the head and then just sink the hip suit. Katasila Belly button this mind. Breathe through the nose. Take the left elbow outside the right knee. Another twist. Look up past the right shoulder. Notice if that right knees slid back in space, translate the left knee back and even out the knees and the hips. So again, the twist is from the Koran. The obliques. Come back to center and over to the left. Keep twisting, keep breathing. Don't let the right knee slide forward. Come back through chair Swan, dive forward. Hands defeat. Look to flat back. Lengthen out step Were hot back. Lower down, Lift up, Dog pressed to down dog step the right foot forward Turn the left heel down and held the arms up or you're one Exhale to to inhale Reverse it Using the obliques Exhale cart Will the hands forward and how to plank Excel to lower and how toe lift Exhale to press left foot forward, Right Heel drops arms come up, Warrior one Exhale to to inhale Reverse it cut. Will the arms forward keep using the obliques in the core? Lower down, lift up, Press back deep full breath in and deep Full breath out. Inhale Exhale. Narrow the front ribs. Soften the shoulders away from the ears in here. Exhale, inhale a breath. Exhale stepper. Hop forward in hell to lengthen, Exhale, to fold, then the knees. Sit back in a chair. Campesina, straighten and release the arms to the sides. Just one more like that. Inhale Katarzyna. Exhale forward fold. Inhale, lengthen out Exhale step were hot back. Lower down in how Lift up. Exhale. Press back right foot to warrior one. Use the breath. Exhale to to inhale. Reverse it. Cut Will forward step back and lower and lift and press left foot to warrior one. Exhale to to great. Keep rolling the knee open as you reverse it. Cartwheel forward. Step back and lower and lift and stay. Shake it out over the lips. Keep pressing through the thumb and forefinger through the finger pads. Lift the forearms up away from the floor with the sits bones up, and then engage the core. Float your right leg up into the air. Dogs split, curled any forward to the nose and up in back in hell me to nose exhale opened back in honey to nose Exhale opened back. Step the right foot forward. Turn the left heel down in how the arms up to warrior one. So keep everything forward facing here. We're gonna straighten the right leg. Press the hands down. Think of spinning the left hip around to the right Exhale Bend and reach up. Keep pressing the outer left foot down in hell. Straighten, exhale, bend in health. Straighten, exhale, Bend. Now straighten and stay. Lace the hands behind the back, lift the chest and then bend that front knee and come forward. Take the head down inside the foot. Take the arms overhead, hollow out the lower abs. Pull the outer right hip back in space, listen to the breath and then release your hands to either side. The front foot. Turn your left heel up and open the right arm back to that twist. Sink the outer right hip. Lift the front of the left hip room. Now slide your left foot back in space. Lower the left knee down, reach around and catch the left foot with the right hand back. Been open to the upper body. Options here would be to come down onto that left form if it's available to you and you want to, or you can stay upright, keep breathing. Keep spinning. The waste. The 20 The twist in the upper body, the heart open. And then we're gonna release the back toes. Lift the back knee side the left foot forward and come in to try and go from the ground up. Kind of a fun way to do it a little funky, but you'll get a different stretching. The obliques lengthen through the left side. Lengthen through the right side. Draw the belly button of the spine, pull the shoulders down away from the years in hell and exhale here. If you wanted to wrap the left hand behind the back to get even more of a twist in the upper body, spend the chest open and then eventually come up to stand. Lengthen out your legs for warrior to look over the right fingers. Soften the shoulders, Inhale reverse it cut. Will your hands down Step back into plane can lower and lift and press. Float the left leg into the air. Dog split. Pull the need in the nose. Extend the leg back in hell me to nose. Exhale up and back in hell Me to nose exhale up and back. Step. The left foot forward turned the right hill down in how the arms up Warrior one and straight in the front leg. Pull that left hip back, bend the front, even reach the arms up in health. Straighten Exhale, Bend in health. Straighten, exhale, bend, inhale, straighten and stay lace a hand. Swap the thumb that's on top, lift the chest, then the front knee come forward. So when we do just little things like that, breaking those little habits, it makes such a huge difference in life rights. Always the little things that make the most difference. So just swap out the hand that you use when you brush your teeth or eat a meal, unlock the door. Use your mouse pad anything like that. That's gonna help create new little pathways in our brain and keep us young. There's the plasticity in our brains, and the yoga practice really helps. Keep everything young, alive and growing and changing and evolving turned the right hill up. Open the left arm to a twist and then slide that right leg back in space. Reach around with your left hand and catch your right foot back then through the upper body, breathes in the nose. Feel free to lower down if you'd like and hold your left ankle is you. Bring that right. He'll closer to the glute. This is one of my favorite stretches. Two more breaths. Inhale exhale in him. Exhale now. Release the foot tucked under the back toes. Lift the back knee, turn the right heel down and start to lift yourself up in a triangle from the ground up. Belly button, a spine Shoulders away from the years. Keep spinning that inner left thigh up to the sky As you press down through the left big toe mound, you can help to stand. Exhale Warrior. To adjust your feet is you need to inhale. Reverse it. Cartwheel your hands forward, step back and lower and lift and press Nice work. Shake it out. Clever Out the lips. We'll take the right leg in the air. Dogs split this time. Bend the knee and open the hip. Now take your right knee towards your right shoulder and then up and back work the obliques. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale and then step your right foot forward. Turn your left heel down and windmill the arms up to Warrior two. Now we're gonna do a little swaying. Were your inhale. Reverse it. Exhale, extended, inhale. Reverse it. Exhale, extended, inhale reverse it and then exhale. Extend and stay long reach of energy from the outer left foot to the left. Fingers shoulders soft. Take the bend of the top elbow. Roll the right name or to the right. Lift the inner left art in her left thigh. Spend the obliques open. Breathe through the nose. Now drop your left hand. Help your back foot a little closer. Straighten out over the right thigh. Make sure your hips are square. Scoop out the lower abdominals. Create some space in that upper a hip rim. Fold over the right thigh, Lincoln through the flanks of the sides of the body. Breathe in and breathe out. And remember, the sound that the years like to hear most is the oceanic sound of the breath. Keep it nice and steady and smooth. Now, if you have a block at home, you might want to put one outside your right foot or place the left hand outside. The right foot can also place the left hand just on the shin or the thigh will try Revolved Trick own ascena. Not an easy pose. Twist and open and look up to the right hand. And again keep that imaginary teacup on the lower back. Hollow out the abs back then in the upper body. Breathe through the nose the same way we car pulled up into Warrior two. Cart will up to stand with the left hand and then pivot the right tools to face the left. Bring your hands on your hips, lift up to your chest and fold forward fingertips to floor. Look out to flat back and then fold into the legs. Soften the shoulders, breathe through the nose. Look to a flat back again. Place the ring right hand down and turn the left arm open to your twist. Maybe you catch the right hand right inner thigh here and open, and then we'll switch left hand down, right arm open. Maybe you catch the inner left thigh. Might have forgotten to do that in the site triangle, so here's a nice place to do it. Then you can just fold back into the legs. Or you can come into an optional tripod headstand, scooping in the abs, floating the legs up and using the court to do so. And then if you wanted to do a twist here, the lakes could twist to one side. You could even split the legs apart. That's optional. Come on up. Maybe twist to the other side. Split the legs apart. And if you're not in trip but headstand, just stay in a different variation off, straddle forward bend or stay longer in your twist. Eventually, the lakes can come back down. If they're up in hell, Look forward, Kate told your waist left to stand open back to Warrior two. On the right side. Inhale. Reverse it. Put Will down step back to dog or plank chatter. Rhonda up dog and down dog. Give it a second here. Catch your breath over the lips. Float the left leg in the air. Dog split. Bend the knee. Open the hip and thigh toward at the foot. Bring the left knee to the left shoulder and extend back Alberta shoulder and back elbow to shoulder and back. Now step the left foot through anchor the right foot down and cart well, it up to Warrior two. Inhale. Reverse it. Exhale, extended, inhale. Reverse it. Exhale, extended, inhale. Reverse it and exhale. Stay in the extension long reach of energy out of right foot through the fingers. Breathe through the nose, belly button to spine, shoulders down, away from the ears. Keep rolling the left me into the left shoulder and then drop your right hand down inside the foot. Help your back foot a little closer and straighten out over the left eye. So create some space in that upper left hip Ram hall about the ab's. Float the chest down the upper thigh. Breathe through the nose. Now try revolved Triangle. So right hand out said the left foot left arm opens to a twist. Try and square the hips off, trying to balance that little couple water in your lower back. So don't let the right hip room go into the twist. Used the obliques in the core and then back. Then open to the upper body. Deep full breath in and deep. Full breath out. Inhale. Exhale. One more breath. Inhale exhale. Nice work cart. Will it up to stand. Pivot the toes to face each other this time will lace the hands behind the back. Lift and open the chest and then come forward into straddle. But the head dropped to the floor. Arms overhead. Maybe sway them a little side to side. Keep anchoring down the big toe mounds. Keep lifting the inner arches deep breath in and deep, full breath out and then in hell all the way up to stand Exhale Warrior two on the left side Inhale Reverse it Cut Will forward Make your way to down dog throwing your plank chatter Run goes whenever you'd like in hell up and exhale back Nice work this time Float your right leg up into the air Dogs split Benoni open, hip and thigh You can drop over into a rock star using that left oblique, stretch the right arm over a breathe through the nose and then you can flip your dog back around foot the right leg up and we're gonna twist right. Need a left elbow up and back, Twisted under, lifted up, Twisted under lifted up and then step through to a lunge Hi, lunch arms lift and we'll go into a big twist Left elbow outside the right knee Hands in prayer for revolved Lunge. Or maybe you take one arm up, one arm down. Maybe you take a bind Yogis choice and keep the breath Study. Keep the hotel open. Keep using the core. Now we're going to release the left hand, walk it forward and step onto the right foot coming in towards a warrior three in the at lower body and then revolved half moon in the upper body. So now the right arm is gonna twist open. Try and squeeze the midline. Use the pelvic floor muscles. Take all the bends out of the back, me open up through the upper back, breathe through the nose and then drop your right hand down. Step your left foot way back and start to walk your hands down on the inside of the foot for lizard. Then eventually conjour up the back. Me soften the toes, often the forehead self in the jaw. Soften the brow, walking your hands back. Walk your right foot all the way to the left in fallen warriors so you might tuck those left toes underneath you again. If you want to keep the left hip room moving towards the floor, flex the right foot strong and now twist the upper body by bringing the elbows around to the right. You'll get a really nice big I T band stretch in the outer right thigh. Keep breathing this stretch feels so good, and then walk your hands back and you might want to try the arm balance here, so you come on to your hands. It's like chattering the arms. You flex your right foot out, and it's balancing on that left arm, and then you try and lift the left leg in the air. Now some advanced yogis conjunction back into chattering Go from there. Otherwise, you might just want to step back into down dog. If you need a child's pose, take one. If you want to pedal at the feet, shake of the head and neck floor out the lips, float the left leg in the air. Dog split, bend the knee, open the hip and thigh, and then you can drop that foot over and coming to a rock star. Stretch the left arm long. Breathe through the nose. Come into the ball the left foot or flat in the foot and then flip your dog back around and now twist the left knee to the right shoulder and up and back. Twisted under, lifted up, twisted under squeeze. The waste lifted up. Step the left foot through to a lunch. High lunge, arms lift and then big twist around to the left. So were combined stretch arms apart. Just stay with the hands in prayer. Use the support of that back leg. How about the abs? Keep spinning the chest to the ceiling and then dropped the hands and slide the right hand forward launched the right leg up into the air and then twists the left arm to the ceiling for revolved half moon. Take all the bends out of that back leg. Keep spinning the chest open. Breathe through the nose. Inhale, Exhale in him. Exhale. Release the left hand. Step the right foot. Way back. Lower the forearms Down inside the left foot Coming to lizard An event She dropped the back me down, listen to the breath and then start to walk your left foot over to the right for fallen warrior. So you want to keep that left foot flexed, keep the back foot tucked under, and then start to walk your hands around to the left. Get that major oblique twist stretch so it feels good for the lower back or for my lower back. Anyways, it feels amazing when then also feels good that I t band that area the Leo Tibial Band attacks is that the iliac crest and then goes to the tibia. It's that band of fashion tissue that feels really good to phone roll on. Maybe not really good, but unnecessary sometimes of Homeworld. Two more breaths in him. Exhale and then walk your hands back. And if you want to try the arm balance, you can. So one side might be different than the other. Harder, easier. Try and flex to the front foot. The back leg extends, and then you can step or hot back into dog or chattering Go upward dog and downward dog. Nice work, you guys shake it out about the lips, petal at the feet. Stepper. Hop your feet forward to your hands. Separate your feet. Hip width. Take hold, Yogi, toe lock. Look to flat back and then fold into the legs with the shoulders up, away from the heirs. Breathe through the nose. Now look forward. What we're gonna do here is take the left hand to the outside of the right foot, the right hand to the inside of the right foot. So your right hand is crossing over your left. The knee comes between the elbows and we start to come up to stand with the foot in the hand, stand up nice and tall, and then try and extend that leg out. If you can't extend the leg out, the Nikkan stay bent and then the right arm reaches behind you for an upright twist. Try and look over the right hand. Breathe through the nose. Now bring that right hand back around. This one's really intense and hard. But try and bend your left knee. Come down. Maybe you can always even touch her. Maybe you could even touch the hip to the floor and then try and stand back up. Major gluten action from all that we have to stand and then we're gonna take hold that yogi toe lock again. Lift the chest, open the heart and try opening the leg to the right. Maybe look to the left. Bring the leg back to center, release the foot, squeeze the waste, use the core and then just brush that leg back behind you coming to a standing split with the lake high into the sky and step the right foot down next to the left. Let it go for a second. Let's actually massage the risks. Place the hands under the feet hasta pot and boost Ascena with the tops. The shoulder rooms away from the years. Breathe through the nose and then look forward. And now the right hand first to the outside of the left foot, left hand on top of the right hand, step down the right foot, hollow out the abs, and try and come up to stand with the leg in the hands so that he could just stay back here and you could take the left hand back. You can also straighten out that leg completely. Try and find the inner right thigh. Step into the inside of the right foot and then take the left arm behind you and twist and breathe. Come back to center, take hold of the foot. So this side's a little trickier for me. You try and come down and then stand back up. It's a lot of glute lot of core. Hold it here and then take your left big toe, Yogi toe lock. Squeeze the waste. Open the leg to the left. Maybe look to the right. Come back to center, release the legs, squeeze the waste float that, like, all the way back behind you into standing split and then bring the left it down to meet the right foot. Bend your knees. It's Take your knees all the way to the left. Take your hands around the right. We'll try Revolved Crow. Now you're gonna take the legs up to the outside of the left arm, flex the feet, and then sometimes you can take little variations here if you'd like. But use the obliques. Use the core. Come down, try the other side. So twist the legs all the way to the right. As much as you can. Walk the hands around the left and then try and bring your legs up on the outside of your right arm. Breathe here and come back down and around and have a seat. Really nice soles of feet together. Knees apart, body can ass and open up the inter feet and then fold forward. But the head and neck go soften the shoulders down, away from the years breathe through the nose and then come on up and extend your legs out to the corner. I just of your mat. So we're going to do a little exercise called the Saw. This is a pill eighties movie. Take your arms out to your sides. Scoop the abdominals in and up. Twist here, right. Take your left pinky finger. Think of signing off your right foot. Come up center to us left and saw center Twist rate ANSA center to us left and saw lift, twist and saw lift twist and saw lift twist and saw lift twist. ANSA. Now bring your legs all the way to gather Flex your feet strong Peress your hands out to the side, narrow those front ribs. Come forward over your sits bones. Twist, twist rate, but don't let the feet shift. Twist, twist left twist twist right twist with left twist. Twist right twist with left twist, twist, rate twist twist left. Come back to center full over your legs First. I can't let the head and neck go Breathe in the nose. Come on up to sit. Bring your right leg back for John. You sure saw snow. First, we're gonna take the twist. Anchor the sits bones, lift up out of the lower back Tuusula deeper through the spine. Float the right arm up inside. Lean to the left. Let that out of right hip. Anchor herself in the shoulders. Breathe through the nose people inhale and deep full exhale. From here, it's a twist and a forward bend twist in the lower body and forward fold over the left eye. Keep into warming the torso forward. Feel the twist in the lower back and the lengthening out of the upper back. Breathe in and breathe out deep. Full inhale and deep full Exhale. Come on up to sit and take your right leg and cradle it in your arms. Try and sit up nice and tall. You're rocking a little baby. Lengthen out the lower back, keep flexing through the right foot and then scoop about the abdominals and use your core to slowly lower down into your back. So it's like you're in an upside down pigeon or a pigeon on your back can always slide that left hand over to the right foot, and then we're going to an upside down lizard lunge. Pull the right knee into the armpit. Keep lengthening through the front of the left. I keep softening the shoulders, keep breathing through the nose and then, like we did standing, we're gonna try this on our back. Take hold left big toe, Yogi toe lock If you need to use a strap here, you can. And then draw the hamstring. The lake towards your face, Stretching out the hamstring. Take all the bends out of that. Back me. Soften the shoulders. Use the core. Open the leg to the right, but use your obliques to keep the left hip anchored. So work the outer left hip down. Scoop out the abs. Spend the inner right thigh to the ceiling, belly button, a spine. Take the leg back up to the ceiling. And now, fallen warrior on our back. Left hand catches right foot. And you bring that leg all the way over to the left and you can look off to the right for a big, huge twist and stretching the obliques. Listen to the breath. Breathe through the nose. Bring that leg back up to the ceiling. Now take your left leg up to meet your right leg. Press your palms into the floor. So this is yogis choice. If you want to do this with bent knees, you can. This is called the TIC Tac. Both legs are going to drop over to the right. They're not going to touch the floor. Come back up to the ceiling, scooping the abs, both legs over to the left. Don't let them touch. Lift them center to the right and lift to the left and lift to the right and lift to the left and lift to the right and lift to the left. And if now go to the right, stay to the right and walk your legs back and forth. Use those left obliques pas hold and then all they have to center. Good job over to the left. Stay, go for a little walk. Keep that right shoulder down into the floor. Squeeze, stay lift up and then slowly float your legs down. Using the abs using the core, let your legs come down to the floor. Flex the feet so their hip with the part. Take your hands behind your head, elbows wide. See if you can come up to sit with the hands behind the head. Who, not easy scooping the abs round a little forward, lift up, lengthen out of your lower back and then hollow the belly to come to sit in hell up. Exhale over. This is called the neck full in how up and back scoop it down and how one more time you're supposed to really try and keep the elbows wide. It's so hard. Exhale. Reach in hell up, Kinch. Halfway back. Sit up. Nice and tall. Hinge halfway back. Used the abs link. Fail the Laura back belly button. It's fine, nice and tall halfway back. Sit up nice and tall now hinge halfway back. Twist here. Right center set up tall halfway back. Twist here. Left center set up tall. One more time back twist rate center lift backed with left center and stay. Nice work. Bring your left leg back. First revolved John. You twist around to your left. Every inhalation lengthens every ex elation twist a little deeper. Take the right arm inside. Take the left arm overhead, reaching for the left toes stretching out the left link. Listen to the breath, soften the shoulders and then forward fold to your right leg. Twist and forward fold. How the abs think of the left Rubes moving towards the right. Keep lengthening the chest forward. Breathe through the nose and then come on up to sit. Take your left leg in your hands. Sit up nice and tall rock a little side to side Jozy obliques to really float the backrooms up off the hips. You'll get a deeper stretch in that glue and then haul about the belly and start to lower down onto your backs. And now you're in a pigeon on your back. Supine pigeon can kind of stretch that left foot closer to the right shoulder and then upside down. Lizard, lunge. If you're lunging on the ceiling, flex the foot and then take hold the left big toe yogi, toe lock, Stretch the leg. Keep internally rotating the right guys. If you were still standing on that foot, breathe into the left hamstring. Soften the shoulders. Keep the core engaged. Open the leg to the left. You can look to the right leg back to center. Now you catch the outer left foot. Bring it all the way over into a fallen warrior. Look off to your left shoulder. Maybe peel the front of that left hip room down, away from the shoulder. Breathe through the nose. Bring the leg back up to the ceiling, float the right leg up to meet a hell sir. Together toes or slightly turned out. Squeeze the inner thighs in her ankles pressing. So engage your pelvic floor hands alongside the waist. Legs were going to circle around to the right to the left, back to center and stop. So you're working the entire core region. Lots of obliques, lots of waste. Circle around and lift. Circle around and lift. Circle around and lift. Keep scooping in the ab. Circle around and lift one more time each direction right around left center. Stop left around right center. Stop now. Just little hell beats with your ankles as you start to lower your legs, forward hill beat says. You lift your legs up. Little hill beats and lower. He'll beats and left. Keep narrowing the ribs. Bellybutton, a spine hill beats and lower hill beats and lift. Now lower, lower, lower, lower, lower all the way to the floor and let your legs relax. Keep the inner thighs together. Slide the knees on the feet onto the floor so the knees are slightly bent and then extend your right leg out at an angle in hell. Start to lift yourself up, so this is 1/ teaser. Exhale lower down in hell to lift and sit tall. Exhale to lower and how to lift Exhale to lower Now we're gonna end How? Lift up and twist to the right Come center and lower in how? Lift up interest to the left center and lower Great switch sides left leg extends The closer in your foot is the harder it is. So find a happy medium. Just don't let this left leg slide down Your gluing the inner thighs together the sites tougher for me and how lift excel lower I think I hold well, you know, I hold the baby's always on my left side and I tend to shorten that side of the waste and lower in how lift Exhale lower now in how lift Fight for it Excel to its left center and lower And you can always use your hands on the back of the thighs to help you set up Twist right center Now, this time before you lower stretch both legs up and lower all the way down Arms back, legs forward and then lift all the way up Full teaser Sit all the way down Lift up and lower Now we're gonna lift up Keep the belly button of the spine twist right to its left. Come center and lower last time. Lift up. Scoop, scoop, scoop, lift. Twist left. Lift the ribs up off the hips. Twist right, Come center and that we're all the way down. Excellent Work. Arms overhead. Take your left wrist pulled to the right. Take the right risk. Pull to the left, Come back to center. Hands alongside the way. See if you can use your abdominals to lift your legs up and then all the way overhead. Clasp your hands. Walk your shoulders up toward your ears, not away from your ears. It's the only time in yoga that we actually kind of shrug our shoulders up because you want to come off of the cervical spine and onto the skull and then hands to the back. Use your core to lift your legs up. Keep scooping in the abstract the belly button of the spine. Try and take your hands higher up the back and float your toes away from your forehead. If you want a job, you're right leg towards you, your left leg away, and then twist your torso again around to the left. Come back to center and switch. Come back up to center maybe circle out the feet, flex and point the toes. We're gonna lower the legs down overhead and take the feet over to the right. Drop your knees alongside your right ear and go for a nice twist and lower back and stretch out the obliques they expect to center. Walked them all the way over to your left. Drop the knees by the left ear. Come back to center. You can drop the knees either side the ears. Carnaby Dossena. Didn't I strapped in the lower back and then start to lower down onto your back? And we did? Ah, half of a dead bug on each side. Now we're going to full dead bug. Pull your knees into your armpits. Try and drop your tailbone heavy into the floor. Soften the shoulders, breathe through the nose. We have the right thigh over the left eye catch. Hold your outer ankles and you'll taken upside down cow pulling your heels to your outside of your glutes and then wrap your legs completely together. An eagle for up your arms and the eagle on little eagle crunches. It's a scoop. Lower and upper body. Three four five six seven eight and then drop your knees to the left. Look off to the right one last big twist. Come back to center, unwind the legs first, take your Cal face pose, pull the heels to the outsides of the glutes and then wrap all the van Thio ego opposite arms crossed this time little scoops to three four. If I six seven eight dropped the needs to the right, look to the left. Come back to center on wind the legs, shake them out in the hips one last time. Slowly float your legs down. Keep the belly button of the spine. When the legs hit the floor, let them fall open to the sides. The shoulders melt down under the year away from the years the back of the next. Soften into the mat, Surrender and let go. Let your breath breathe for you. Slowly with the fingers and toes, Stretch out your arms, lengthen out to the legs. Gather your knees into your chest, rock little side to side rolled on one side or rock up to sit on that nice, tall, comfortable seat Like we began. Take a moment to honor yourself in your practice. Watch the breath and bow forward to seal everything in Nama. Stay. Thank you so much for joining me today, and I hope to see you soon.

Class Description

Skill level: Intermediate
Classes: 5
Time: 30-60 min
Cycle: 5 days

Spending long hours sitting, standing, bending or crouching in service of your creativity requires a strong body. In fact, creators can benefit greatly from exercises that strengthen their core and improve their posture. Powerhouse Yoga is Pilates and yoga combined, designed to activate and strengthen your “powerhouse,” which is the core group of abdominal, lower back and pelvic muscles that are the foundation for all movement. These classes will help you:

  • Create a dynamic, full-body workout
  • Improve your posture, body alignment and stability
  • Unlock newfound strength
  • Develop heightened control over core muscles
  • Build an understanding of the most connected part of your body

Kristin McGee is a celebrity yoga and Pilates teacher, speaker, author and mompreneur who’s considered a pioneer in the yoga movement. Kristin is known for making fitness fun and accessible for students of all ages and stages. She’s appeared on a variety of TV shows, including “The Today Show,” “The Jay Leno Show” and “Good Morning America.” And she’s produced her own DVD series covering power yoga, yoga for preteens, Pilates for beginners and more. Kristin will teach you how to:

  • Perform stretches and standing postures
  • Engage, activate and stabilize core muscles
  • Support balancing postures, inversions and other yoga poses
  • Increase overall strength, flexibility and control

These five dynamic, full-body fusion workouts of 30 to 60 minutes are perfect for intermediate yogis. They are ideal for those who want to harness deeper core awareness and activation to enhance their daily yoga practice.

Workout Descriptions:

Wake Up the Core
Wake up your core with essential Pilates moves for your yoga practice. No props are needed, but you may want a strap or blocks for stretches and standing postures.

Burn Baby Burn
It's important to have a stable and strong back as a part of your core muscles. This class will focus on Pilates glute exercises and hip exercises to make sure your powerhouse is as strong as can be.

Full Body Sweat Session
Get your heart rate up and ignite your core! This class focuses on Pilates oblique exercises and twisting actions, which are crucial to everyday movements.

Core Balance
This yoga balance sequence will explore standing postures, arm balances and inversions. We'll understand why a strong and active core is so crucial to these types of poses and get a good workout in, too.

Powerhouse Stretch
This class offers a calm, restorative sequence to release all of your muscles, especially your deep psoas. You'll focus on using your core to go deeper into poses and increase your flexibility as you go.


Anja Vlasblom

This ​is a great class. I like Kristin's energy and way of teaching. A few years ago I attended Bikram Yoga Classes, and that is all my experience with yoga so far. Before I started to view this class, I watched Dylan Werner's class "Yoga Strength Basics for Beginners" here on Creative Live, and this was super helpful for understanding how to move correctly during this class.

Christine Yun

I took the Full Body Sweat Session lesson and thought it was a great overall yoga class. Kristin walks you through all the basic moves and I loved how she incorporated ab workouts too. I didn't sweat as much as I wanted to but it was definitely a great home workout!