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Powerhouse Yoga

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Preview: Wake Up The Core

Kristin McGee

Powerhouse Yoga

Kristin McGee

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1. Preview: Wake Up The Core


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Lesson Info

Preview: Wake Up The Core

Hey, guys it's kristin mcgee, welcome to my powerhouse yoga program. This class we're going to focus on waking up the core. You don't need any props unless, of course, you need a blocker strapped for some of the structures or standing postures and celeste get started. Okay, so let's get started. Nice tall, comfortable seat. You might wanna rock side to side, pull the buttocks. Flashback, really anchor the cits bones and then try and move a little forward over your sits bones he can gain access to the pelvic floor muscles. But bring your heart center back in space and start to soften the ribs. The very first thing we're going to do is called tv a breaths. And I did this a lot post pregnancy with my twins because I had a diagnosis or a split in the abdominal. But this is so great for all yogis to really find that core strength. So your hands are you just going to wrap around your ribs? You're going in halla breath through the back body and an ex helga ha uh huh. Ha ha ha ha ha! And imagi...

ne those ribs knitting in front and the abdominals really drawing together in how excel, huh? Ha ha ha ha! Shoulders down the back one more inhale exhale, huh uh huh ha really feel that shaky shake trauma of truth in the abdominals feel the lift of the pelvic floor close the eyes resting hands on the knees in hella deep full breath again through the back body and start around a cappella beti short sharp excell ations out the nose keep pumping the abs feel the energy bouncing off the underside of the brain get rid of any stale thoughts in the mind and really start to fire up the core muscles. X x x x x x x x begin to slow it down exhale exhale exhale empty all the air out in hell to fill up lift the chest to the chin drop the chin to the chest keep hollowing out the lower abdominals keep floating the back ribs up off of the hips keep engaging the route lock pelvic floor muscles and when you can no longer hold the breath and lift the chin release the locks exhale all the air out beautiful come forward on the hands and knees hands render shoulders knees are under hips I want you to really press through the inside of the palm summoned forefinger especially in how arch and look up to the ceiling but in your cow pose here still engaged the lower abdominal exhale around and hollow out through the spine pull the belly button up you inhale arch and open keep a little engagement in the court here don't let it all hang out exhaling round scooping the bali tuck the tail bone forward towards the nose in hell arch and exhale round now stay really rounded bring your left me a little closer to your right knee pull your right knee up to your nose from your abdominals and the next he'll extend the right leg back look forward on the mat in hell need to nose hollow it out exhale extending lengthen long energy through the back of the knee in hell need to nose exhale extending lengthen now stay here balance an imaginary teacup on the lower back and stretch the left arm forward draw the abdominals in and up narrow the front bottom ribs pulled the shoulders down away from the ears keep lifting the inner right thigh a little higher so that the hips stay level now bring the elbow to the knee hollow it out again and exhale extent inhale so tap into that core power exhale inhale exhale now take the arm out to the side the leg forward and come back to centre hugged the midline in how reach open exhaling clothes in hell reach open exhaling close place the left hand down push the ball the right foot into the mat lengthen back through the hell and stretch the achilles and then slide the left knee forward a tiny but turned the right heel down and raise the right arm up curl the tail but under soften the shoulders down away from the ears find your midline here gathered the ribs together in front, lengthen through the underside of the left body and then take your right arm in, circle it around a few times, try and stay completely stable in the corps and then reverse it and then come back to hands and knees flipped that right heel around, bring your left knee back to meet your right like senior and a plank shoulders down away from the ears, hollow out the belly and then just dropped the right knee and lift and then the left knee don't let anything else move right and left right and left right and left right and left two more right and left last one and left beautiful drop the knees lower the chest the chin slide through to a baby cobra and here just like in your sway back horse position or your cow keep lifting the abdominals in and up even in your back bend and now exhale press up to hands and knees hands under shoulders, knees under hips in hell arch and look up exhaling round and hollow draw the right knee a little closer to the left, took the left knee to the nose and then extend that leg straight back lengthen in hell need to nose excel extend need to nose extended stay stretched the right arm forward fill the length and opposition from the right hand to the left toes narrow the front bottom ribs, draw the belly button of the spine and then elbow to me in hell exhale lengthen in him, exhale in him excellent now open to the side not easy and clothes and open and close and open and close now place the right hand down, pushed through the ball, the left foot lengthen back through the hell maybe slide you're right needle forward a tiny but turn the left heel down, open the left arm to the ceiling, curl the tail but under soften the shoulders down away from the ears. So when you pull the scapular down away from the ears and you really gathered the shoulder blades onto the back, you're engaged in the secondary power house and now take their left arm and start to circle it around. Try and keep still with everything else pelvic floor engaged bellybutton to spine and now reverse it, circle around and then bring your left hand around as if you're going to come back to all fours again, press your left, he'll find half of a plank scoop in the abs and then stretched the right leg back to meet the left. So now one straight line energy from heels to head gather in the ribs this time both knees drop and lift don't move anything else, though in hill excel in x four more and three and two and one excellent now slowly lower through chatter ranga keep your ribs engage don't let your bellybutton fall open as you go into upward dog belly button a spine lift and excel back to downward facing dog beautiful shake it out about the lips spread through the toes now lift your sit bones up and back and noticed how that kind displays open the front ribs keep the action of the cits bones lifting up pelvic floor engaged but then hug the midline gather the front ribs together find your core in your downward facing dog really engaged the powerhouse here shoulders come up away from the ears smash imaginary marshmallows under your palm's tapping cheer breath and as you inhale, inflate the back body and as you exhale nero the front body another deep full breath in and deep full breath out walk the feet up to the hands fold over the legs take up sit elbow you khun sway little side to side keep scooping in the lower abdominals to float the chest over the thighs not the head yes and no blow out the lips and then released the hands and really scoop through the abdominals tuck your tail went under and slowly round up to stand using the powerhouse to stack the vertebra one on top of another step to the front of the map big toes touch feels together so here circle the shoulders down and back find the opening in the collarbones in the chest and then gather the ribs together find that lift to the pelvic floor find the lift of the lower abdominals float the arms up but keep the rib soft really fight to draw the ribs down away from the fingertips reaching up shoulders away from the years breathing breathe out engaged the pelvic floor breathing breathe out inhale and then exhale small and I forward hands to feed I mean how lengthen forward and exhale step the right foot back to a lunge pushed through that right heel just like we did on all fours is if someone's yanking a sock off your back angle step your left foot into a plank one straight line of energy draw the belly button of the spine lower chattering don't let your shoulders around forward you know the upward facing dog keep drying the belly button of the spying excel the downward facing dog and breathe in him and exhale in here exhale lift the cits bones draw the belly button to the spine in him exhale press your thumb and four fingers in him exhale inhale the right foot forward lunch excel the left foot forward fold inhouse swan dive up to stand and exhale the arms to the sides in hell the arms come up palms press belly button a spine exhale swan dive forward hands two feet forehead two shins in how lengthen here especially hall about the lower abdominals exhale left foot back to a lunch press through that heals been the inner left fight of sailing right foot to plank one straight line of energy lower down through chat around if you need to do knees chess chin that's fine in hell upward facing dog or cobra excel downward facing dog and breathing him and exhale in him exhale keep gathering the front ribs together deep breath in and deep breath out in how left it lunges forward xl right foot forward fold in hell swan dive up to stand this time exhale swan dive to the floor in how lengthen and look forward keep looking forward as you step or hot back lower down lift up press back in him and exhale so triangle wrinkle free and the ankles lift the fronts of the ankles lift the inner thighs notice how as you engage the inner thighs it comes right up into the pelvic floor muscles right up through the lower abdominals and then the chest starts to float forward. Crown of the head towards the fingertips is the shoulders lift up him back keep lifting the cits bones up and then slightly curl your taliban under find that kiss of the pubic bone in the tailbone to engage the pelvic floor take a deep breath in excel stepper hop forward in how lengthen excel fold in house wand eva one more time exhale swan dive down in how lengthen flat back excel step or hot back lower down in hell lift upward facing dog and exhale press to downward facing dog great work shake it out over the lips notice how everything starts to warm up keep the connection of the abdominals keep drying in the front bottom ribs hollowing out underneath the belly button, tipping the cits bones up to the ceiling. Take a deep breath in and the next house stepper hop forward in how lengthen exhale fold in house swan, dive up and exhale arms to the sides beautiful and how band the knees sit back in an imaginary chair, lift the arms that press the palms or keep the arms shoulder with the part so here especially see if you can find that core engagement. Keep lifting and lengthening out of the lower back, soften the shoulders down, pull the ribs together in front, zip up a tight pair of jeans, keep gathering in the lower abdominals, lift the pelvic floor, sit a little deeper and then swan dive forward hands two feet in how lengthen excel stepper hot backto lower lift upward dog pressed to downward dog turn your left heel down for a step your right foot forward used the court to step the foot up come into warrior one hips forward facing belly button to spine exhale lower down through chatter ranga in hell upward facing dog exhale downward facing dog is you're finishing your exhale turn your right heel down step your left foot for china to lift your hands even more core work in hell up exhale lower in hell toe lift and excel to press breathing and breathe out wag your tail if you need to keep drying the shoulders up away from the ears try and hug the armpits around the heart center at the same time spread the collarbones wide spend the inner elbows towards each other pressed the time and four fingers down take a deep breath in step or hop forward in how lengthen excel fold bend the knees sit back route katarzyna straighten and released the arms some study he in hell awkward chair excel forward fold inhale lengthen out exhale lower down in hell upward dog belly button this fine exhale downward dog turned the left heel down step the right foot forward use your core in hell up warrior one exhale lower down keep the breath flowing in how lift up exhale press back turned the right heel down step the left foot forward and hell up to war you're one tell down under exhale to lower in hell toe lift and exhale to stay shake it out clever the lips is you need to spread through the toes try not to get lazy in the core keep activating the powerhouse keep hollowing out the lower abdominals keeping it in the front rooms together crown of the head, lengthening forward towards the fingertips. Deep, full breath. In excel stepper, hop forward. Inhale, lengthen, exhale, fold, bandini setback, hasna, straighten and released just one more time. Inhale awkward chair, exhale forward, fold in hell. Lengthen out, exhale, lower down in how lift, exhale press right foot warrior one. Use the full breath in hell all the way up.

Class Description

Skill level: Intermediate
Classes: 5
Time: 30-60 min
Cycle: 5 days

Spending long hours sitting, standing, bending or crouching in service of your creativity requires a strong body. In fact, creators can benefit greatly from exercises that strengthen their core and improve their posture. Powerhouse Yoga is Pilates and yoga combined, designed to activate and strengthen your “powerhouse,” which is the core group of abdominal, lower back and pelvic muscles that are the foundation for all movement. These classes will help you:

  • Create a dynamic, full-body workout
  • Improve your posture, body alignment and stability
  • Unlock newfound strength
  • Develop heightened control over core muscles
  • Build an understanding of the most connected part of your body

Kristin McGee is a celebrity yoga and Pilates teacher, speaker, author and mompreneur who’s considered a pioneer in the yoga movement. Kristin is known for making fitness fun and accessible for students of all ages and stages. She’s appeared on a variety of TV shows, including “The Today Show,” “The Jay Leno Show” and “Good Morning America.” And she’s produced her own DVD series covering power yoga, yoga for preteens, Pilates for beginners and more. Kristin will teach you how to:

  • Perform stretches and standing postures
  • Engage, activate and stabilize core muscles
  • Support balancing postures, inversions and other yoga poses
  • Increase overall strength, flexibility and control

These five dynamic, full-body fusion workouts of 30 to 60 minutes are perfect for intermediate yogis. They are ideal for those who want to harness deeper core awareness and activation to enhance their daily yoga practice.

Workout Descriptions:

Wake Up the Core
Wake up your core with essential Pilates moves for your yoga practice. No props are needed, but you may want a strap or blocks for stretches and standing postures.

Burn Baby Burn
It's important to have a stable and strong back as a part of your core muscles. This class will focus on Pilates glute exercises and hip exercises to make sure your powerhouse is as strong as can be.

Full Body Sweat Session
Get your heart rate up and ignite your core! This class focuses on Pilates oblique exercises and twisting actions, which are crucial to everyday movements.

Core Balance
This yoga balance sequence will explore standing postures, arm balances and inversions. We'll understand why a strong and active core is so crucial to these types of poses and get a good workout in, too.

Powerhouse Stretch
This class offers a calm, restorative sequence to release all of your muscles, especially your deep psoas. You'll focus on using your core to go deeper into poses and increase your flexibility as you go.


Anja Vlasblom

This ​is a great class. I like Kristin's energy and way of teaching. A few years ago I attended Bikram Yoga Classes, and that is all my experience with yoga so far. Before I started to view this class, I watched Dylan Werner's class "Yoga Strength Basics for Beginners" here on Creative Live, and this was super helpful for understanding how to move correctly during this class.

Christine Yun

I took the Full Body Sweat Session lesson and thought it was a great overall yoga class. Kristin walks you through all the basic moves and I loved how she incorporated ab workouts too. I didn't sweat as much as I wanted to but it was definitely a great home workout!