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PR for Crafters

Lesson 13 of 19

Helpful Tips for Working with Bloggers


PR for Crafters

Lesson 13 of 19

Helpful Tips for Working with Bloggers


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Helpful Tips for Working with Bloggers

Let's, talk a little bit about a few more helpful things that you couldn't dio as you are pitching to block or so after the review goes live, send a thank you note it could be via email you consent or thank you gift via email or via mail it's totally up to you, but then also thank her publicly via social media. They love this. Everybody loves to get a shout out over social media so after the review goes live linked to it, go to her page and say, thanks so much for sharing our products for doing this awesome giveaway. Go go to your own social media and share that review there as well. Well, it really does go a long way, and this is just unexamined of something that I did. This is decline that we're looking at. Yesterday she got to mention and shape magazine from our for my get media happy program. So what did I do? I gave a shadow to shape magazine and I said, thanks so much shape magazine for feature and get media member affinity in our in your april two thousand fifteen issue. So this...

goes such a long way away because shape magazine is being acknowledged, my client is getting a shout out, sort of thanking them for making this work and everybody really benefits, so don't forget your job after that review goes live your job is not done your job is still to promote that review shared on social media, thank them and just be really thankful and keep promoting that. So what happens if you get a bad review? This has happened to me quite a few times I send my products, my soaps to a blogger and it was equal blogger and she wrote my review, she said really awesome things about myself, and they said one thing that I absolutely hated was that the soaps were packaged in bubble wrap, how equal friendly is bubble wrap? So she was basically telling her readers that she didn't like my package and I sort of knew that be ahead of time because I had been playing around with different packaging and I'm still researching the right packaging for me, and I already knew that that packaging was not the right fit, but I had and found another choice yet, so I looked that looked at that and I said, okay, I'm not the only one who's being bothered by this packaging this blogger that's a problem with her too, so that's something that maybe I need to make more of a priority to find better equal friendly packaging, so if you do get a bad review, look at it as feedback that you don't have to pay for you don't have to hire someone to come in and tell you what's wrong someone is doing that for you for free and that should be a blessing for you should be really happy that they're taking the time to tell you what's actually not wrong or what's actually not working for your own brand and don't send them an email and again don't take it personally don't think like, oh, she must not like me I'm a horrible person I should just shut down my business because I'm going nowhere that kind of thinking doesn't really get you anywhere right? So don't take it personally but do incorporate her feedback and then don't send her a mean email and you could say that review was just so rude I can't believe I send you free product and this is what you write about and all of that stuff that sometimes we might think that I've thought that something I hate to admit it, but I was like that's I don't want to you know I just didn't want to hear it, so don't do any of that keep it to yourself if you need to write the email just deleted after you get it off your chest but don't send it to her it's her blawg it's her opinion she could write whatever she wants to write about your products yes would you recommend to avoid getting into a sticky situation, not promoting the post until you've had a chance to read it so not saying like I think it goes back out so what you're saying earlier today about telling everybody you were going to be in a magazine that didn't work out? So should you always wait till you're it's happened? Yeah, absolutely I make sure you read it and what actually did with that particular blogger I still shared with my audience because I thought most of her review was right on and her packaging comment was actually correct like that something that I wasn't really proud of either. So I wrote and I said, you know, thanks so much for sharing this I totally agree with you about the packaging we're working on it hopefully will find a better solution that's more equal friendly soon so you can still address the fact that you've got a negative sort of review without being really mean about it and it's kind of thanking her for sharing her opinion and being gone so don't ignore it just I mean if the whole review had been negative and if she said I hate the smell and it made my skin break out and all of that stuff, I probably would not have shared it with my readers but because most of the review was positive, I still decided to share it all right so there are still things that you can dio after that mentioned because now this is a relationship that you started with that blogger and you want to continue that relationship so you want to ask them what are the types of products she needs for future stories and we we talked about this earlier where I got a lead for woman's world magazine from a friend well this is how you can help out your friends tio who are entrepreneurs and share some of their products with bloggers that you already have relationships with and ask her if they have any blogger friends that she can connect you with this happens all the time you could say I really love doing my give away with you do you happen to know of any other bloggers who also want to do this and oftentimes they will refer you to other bloggers and then when you reach out to that other bloggers you consent you khun say maya referred me to you and again that goes such a long way than if you were just reaching out with no referral and then keep the relationship going on social media regularly follow up with them sure their content comment like and so on so how do you leverage your block mentions and to even more sales? This is really really important because your job is not done after your review goes life so after the mention add a link to the review on your website, added tear, and the news page in the press page in your home page. In your product pages, let your newsletter subscribers know that you are featured, especially if it's a really influential blawg. Let your retailers now shared on social media and linked to it on social media a few times, maybe three or four times for the rest of that week. But keep in mind working with bloggers is really the quickest and most cost effective way to get more traffic to your website and to get newsletter subscribers and social media followers right away. And it definitely should be a huge part if it already isn't a huge part of your pr strategy. When you, uh, put them on social media, should you tax them this? Well, yes, absolutely always tagged them. Great. Great question, yes, because that way they will know about it. And it will also show up in their feet as well. So tagging very important.

Class Description

Doing your own PR can be really intimidating. It is easy to feel like you don’t have the right connections or budget to get featured in the media. And what happens when you don’t have enough product to meet the demands of a huge press mention? Andreea Ayers knows exactly how that feels and in PR for Crafters she’ll help you develop a complete action plan for getting and managing press.

No matter how big or small your handmade operation is, Andreea will help you set up the PR plan that is right for you and the way you do business. She’ll help you identify the types of stories editors are looking for and how to pitch them what you sell. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Find out what magazine editors are working on and who to contact
  • Tailor pitches to magazines, bloggers, and other media outlets
  • Increase sales after you get a press mention

Andreea will help set up a PR plan that doesn’t overwhelm your schedule but is in alignment with your target outlet’s editorial calendars. You’ll master the art of making your work more compelling to editors and more likely to be picked up.

Andreea has started and sold three companies in the last five years and that success has been bolstered by her DIY approach to getting press. In PR for Crafters she’ll take you step-by-step through her process and offer lots of tips on making it your own.

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This class was so jam packed with useful and current information. It deals with issues that did not even exist as recent as last year. I made drastic changes to my social media outlets and forums, that have greatly improved my fan base. Andreea is an amazing roll model, teacher, and example of success.


I watched all three days of this course, and it has helped my mom and I in so many ways. We started a soap business in late 2014, and nothing we did worked. So we are currently regrouping, and with all the information we learned from Andreea we feel so much more confident this time around. Anyone looking to do great things with their company needs to see these 3 courses. Creative Live great decision on having Andreea on here.