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Type Effects

Lesson 39 from: Practical Adobe Photoshop Basics

Khara Plicanic

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39. Type Effects

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Lesson Info

Type Effects

So this is a fun thing. We're gonna create this silly from the nineties, who we're gonna We're going to make a note to the nineties here, So I'm going to use my type tool, and I'm just gonna click to insert my cursor. I don't need a box for this, and I'm gonna type nine the number zero and an apostrophe and s, and it's all huge and big on my screen right now, and that's okay. Just get the type out and then style it. That's usually the way you do this. So we'll get it out and I'll just hit commit. I'll grab my move, tool, drag us down so I can see what I'm doing. All press commander controlled t and zoom out a little bit so I can scale this down because I just can't even deal when it's that big so you can transform it. The thing about type is, and I guess we didn't mention this yet, but type is vector information, so it's not made of pixels. The way a photograph ISS, it's vector. That's why you can make it any size. You could make it big, and it will always look sharp and crisp and beau...

tiful because there's no pixels in it. It's all shapes. And we'll learn more about vectors in the next segment, I think, Um, but right now, I just know that type is vectors. And so it's not subject to the rules and limitations of resolution and pixels the way other things like our photos are. All right, So we have this type here, and I'm gonna change the typeface so will come up in my options bar and this type, this font that I'm going to use is called Bauhaus 93 regular. So I'll select that, and I'm going to adjust the turning because it bothers me that this s is, like, way out. So we have this apostrophe, and then we have a lot of space before this s. And in this particular piece, I just don't need all that space. I don't want it. I'm gonna fix it so I'll insert my car. So there, open my characters panel and drag. That's too far. Drag the Koerting down to like a minus 1 50 And also I'll do the same thing. It with the space between the zero and the apostrophe. Maybe not quite as dramatic, but going to make a little adjustment there. Okay, and I'll commit that. All right, so here's what we're going to dio. This type is what we call live type. So this is type I can edit. I can put my cursor and here change the typeface, change color chains. The I can change it to, say, the eighties. If I want it's live creditable type, we're going to create a number of effects on this type that will also be live inevitable so that we could change this any time, very easily. So type players just like other layers we've worked with so far, they can have effects applied to them. So one effect that we are going to apply to this is a pattern overly so, just like the other day when we did the glitter pattern overlay, we're going to do another pattern pattern overlay so well, come down to the bottom of the layers panel and click the effects button and shoes pattern overly so you'll see a screen that looks like this. You're setting your pattern that it shows you by default will be different unless you are clairvoyant and you somehow have this set up. If I reset my patterns, all click Replace. Oops, No cancelled or I won't reset patterns. There we go. I don't think there were. So this is what photo shop shows by default in this release anyway, So I'm not gonna use any of these you'll find if you click this year, button that there are so many other presets available so I can choose one. In this case, I'm going to choose Web patterns and it's gonna ask me if I want to upend or replace. I want to replace, so I'll click. OK, and I'm gonna choose checkers one, so I'll double click that. And if I move this out of the way, I can see the type is now filled with this checker pattern. And these patterns are designed for web. So this piece shouldn't be printed, cause I'm I'm bending the rules here, and I'm scaling this pattern to 613% because I just really wanted to use it in this example to teach you. But, um, if we were to print this, it would look terrible because this pattern is falsely enlarged like pixel ferry mania is happening right here. But for this example, I'm gonna roll with it so you can adjust the scale to be something to your liking. And we leave the blend mode to normal. They pass it 100% click. So we just added this pattern. And if I tape change this to say the eighties, it would still have the pattern. So it's pretty cool. We're gonna add another effect, go back down here and shoes. Um, stroke. So stroke is the fancy designer term for outline. And if I move this over here out of the way, I can choose a stroke here of I don't know what I'll go with 30 pixels or whatever you you like. Choose that there the position of the stroke. You can have it stroke outside, inside or centre of the letters like the edge. So I wanted to stroke the inside and I want the color to be black, and then I'm gonna go and click, OK, And finally, 11 last thing that we're gonna apply to this is a drop shadow. So we'll click the effects again and shoes drop shadow. And actually, we could have done all this here by clicking by adding these different effects to our plate. But I keep forgetting and I always click OK, so we're gonna add a drop shadow and normally you drop shadow will be black. So by default this will be black like this. So to change it toe white you're gonna put your mouse you click in this box and then put your mouth in this box and click and drag to this upper left corner and click OK, now we can change the distance. You can see it previewed here where we want this distance to fall. If we want a soft shadow, we would increase the size But I want it to be hard. I wanted to be less of a shadow and more of like just ah, like ghost behind this, uh, layer. So I wanted to have a hard edge and maybe the distances there may be the angle is there. We'll call that good click. OK, okay. And what's cool about this is all of these effects are live and they're part of this type player, so I can scale this type player. I compress commander control T and scale the whole thing, and it's gonna take all the effects with it. If I switched my A type tool and come here in here and type seven for seventies, the seven will automatically take on all those characteristics that we've applied over here in the layers panel. So what that means is that it's all creditable and vector and just infinitely flexible. All right? And then we can turn on this little piece so owed to the nineties remembering the nineties. And there is a link to this fund file to in the course, of course, files. That's a fun one. All right. Question. Uh, just to remember, how did you do the background layer there? This background existed already, So I So, in real life, I found this image and acquired the image and then just actually had to do some editing of it. And illustrator. So I edited it a little bit. Um, and then I just put the text on top of it. So but, yeah, you could create this and finish up, but that would, you know, take more time than we have in the course. But, um, it was a great source image

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I tuned into this class hoping to glean what I cold since it was free. I ended up purchasing the class because it is FILLED with so much great information in a fun and easy to understand format. Khara is an amazing instructor - I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Worth EVERY penny. Thank you Creative Live for offering such great material, at even more amazing prices.


What an unbelievable teacher Khara is. I have wanted to learn photoshop forever but was intimidated, overwhelmed, then I watched this course. OMG I learnt so much, more then I imagined. I am so excited now to start using Photoshop, I can't wait to try out everything she taught us. With the skills we learnt over these two days I think this course provides everything I need to know to feel and more. She was outstanding, the absolute perfect teacher for someone who has never ever used Photoshop. Also great moderation by Kenna. Thank you for this awesome, amazing, wonderful course. I am sure anyone who watches this course will agree it is incredible. I couldn't recommend it more. This course was just Smurfy!

Roz Fruchtman

I would highly recommend Khara Plicanic's Practical Adobe Photoshop Basics. The name of the class, implies that the class is for beginners, but that's not exactly true. Most of us learn Photoshop by the features we need to know at any given time. As many will agree, there are a number of ways to get to the same end. I can only speak for myself, but... I would bet that many of us don't know all the strategies that are taught in this class! Check it out, I doubt you'd be disappointed! Khara brings a fun and relatable approach to everything she does. She is very entertaining, while being a superb instructor. Last, but not least... This class brings with it a ton of useful bonuses. Warm Regards, Roz Fruchtman aka @RozSpirations

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