Quick Start to Film Photography

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Quick Start to Film Photography


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Class Introduction

Thank you. (audience applauds) All right well thanks for being here today and for joining me to learn a little bit film. So like Drew said, I'm Sandra Coan and I am a portrait photographer, actually from Seattle, here in Seattle. And I specialize in maternity, newborns, families, classic portraiture and I do it all on film. So I've actually been doing it for a long time. This is my 17th year of business like he said. So I'm one of those photographers who started in film, 'cause that's what there was. And then I moved to digital when that came along. And then I actually made the decision to back to film and to start shooting film. And originally I made that choice just to photograph my kids. These are my kids. What I found was when I moved to digital I had stopped photographing my own family, because I really, really hated the post production part of it. And I wanted to not miss them growing up. So I started, I picked up my film cameras and I started shooting again just for my family. A...

nd the more I did that I quickly realized like, "No, I need this in all my life. "I love it." And so I incorporated it into my studio work as well. So now, if you see my Instagram page, you follow me, everything I shoot in studio I shoot on film. And there are a lot of reasons why I love shooting on film. And I'm gonna share some of them with you in just a minute. But really what it boils down to for me is that it's just really fun. It's fun, it's exciting. It makes me feel inspired. I go to work and there's a challenge to it. And there's an art to it that I felt like I was missing when I was shooting digitally. And it's why I decided to bring it back into my studio work. So. Isn't that a cute baby. (laughs) So, actually I had taught another class on film photography here in Creative Live, Intro to Film Photography. And we spent seven hours in that class. And I taught you every single thing you possibly could think of, need to know about shooting film. And so, it's a great class. So when Creative Live came back to me and they said, "Hey we would love for you to teach "a film class for photo week." I sat down really long and hard and thought about, "Okay well how can I take all that information "and get everything you need to know "and condense it into a 90 minute class?" And I worked on that for about an hour and I was like, "Yeah, so I'm not actually gonna be able to do that." There's (laughs) just like, there's no way. But what I can do is I can teach you enough so that hopefully you'll be inspired. And if you want to you could out today, put a roll of film in a camera and go out and shoot with great results. So that's why we're calling it a quick start. It is indeed a quick start. We're just gonna go over the basics of what you need to know to go out and get started. And again it's not everything you need to know, but it's a lot of what you need to know. So this is what we're gonna cover. We're gonna start talking about cameras and film. 'Cause that's kind of like the basis, right, where you need to get started. So we're gonna talk about the different formats and what kind of film goes with what format. We're going to talk about how film is different from a digital sensor and why you need to know that when you're making the transition from digital photography into film. I'm gonna teach you how to meter, for both black and white and color, 'cause it is slightly different. And then we'll wrap up this segment talking about photo labs, why they matter, what they do. And then explain a little bit, give you a little bit of language, so that you can communicate with a photo lab so that you're getting perfect scans and prints every time.

Class Description

Have you always wanted to shoot film but are just unsure how to begin? Join film photographer Sandra Coan for a quick start to film photography. In this class you will learn:

  • The difference between film and a digital sensor
  • How to choose the perfect camera and film for you and your style
  • Where to find and buy professional grade film stocks
  • How to meter so that you get perfect exposures every time
  • How to find and choose a photo lab so that you can get the most out of your film images

By the end of this class you’ll be ready to pick up your film camera and shoot with confidence!


a Creativelive Student

As all of her other classes, this class is amazing and very informative too.