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Recording Rock Guitars Mini-Class


Recording Rock Guitars Mini-Class


Class Description

In this FREE 98-minute class, producer Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, The Ghost Inside, Neck Deep) will teach you about:

Prep & Setup

  • Why this is the most important but least-discussed part of the process
  • Setting your guitar up (tuning, intonation, muffling, etc)
  • How to choose the right strings & pick
  • The importance of proper hand placement and picking technique

Getting Tones

  • What REALLY makes the difference between a good and bad guitar tone
  • Selecting an amp/cab and dialing in a tone
  • Choosing the right microphone(s)
  • Microphone placement

Editing & Mixing

  • How to edit DIs so they’re tight and clean, but not overly-edited and fake-sounding
  • The right workflow for editing and cleanup
  • Using elastic audio/flex vs beat detective
  • Basic approaches to EQ and compression for guitars


nadiya parham

love it how you are show us how to do this

Lucas LeCompte

Very informative if you have never really recorded guitars before. I wish I would have had this when I was first starting out. This one classes teaches me more about recording than college did.