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Retouching and Compositing 360 Degree Photos in Photoshop

Lesson 9 of 17

Creating a Spherical Panorama


Retouching and Compositing 360 Degree Photos in Photoshop

Lesson 9 of 17

Creating a Spherical Panorama


Lesson Info

Creating a Spherical Panorama

Class Description


  • Work non-destructively with linked Smart Objects and 3D Textures.
  • Seamlessly remove elements from a 360º photo.
  • Create adjustments without causing a ‘seam’ in the final composite.
  • Techniques for removing yourself (and others) from a 360 shoot.
  • Introduce 2D artwork (including logos) without distortion.


VR photography is here, right now. Billions of people are rotating and exploring 360º photos in Facebook, Google Streetview, hotel and resort websites, and automotive sales apps.

So, what’s missing? Retouching and branding!

Learn to seamlessly remove the tripod and introduce new artwork into your 360º (VR) photos — without leaving Photoshop. Learn how to edit, enhance, and augment this engaging photographic experience with custom branding and retouching techniques using the Spherical Panorama and 3D tools inside of Photoshop. We'll also cover some shooting tips and workflows for removing yourself and others from a shot, combining bracketed photos together, and mapping 2D artwork into the 3D spherical environment.


  • Photo retouchers and compositors
  • Real Estate, Hotel, Resort, and Restaurant photographers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Product photographers (automotive, interior design, virtual tours)


Adobe Photoshop CC 2021
Ricoh Theta App (optional)

FREE Basic App for Mac or Windows


  1. Class Introduction

    Learn what a 360º photo is and why you would want to edit and retouch them.

  2. Shooting a 360º photo

    Get a quick overview of the cameras and apps that let you capture 360º images

  3. About the Class Materials

    Get familiar with the files that you can use to follow along with Chris.

  4. Viewing 360º Photos

    Download free software that will allow you to explore 360º images on your desktop computer.

  5. Beginning the Project

    Create a new Photoshop file in order to combine the original photos together.

  6. Removing Chris and Joe

    Use Layer Masks to remove the photographers from the original bracketed photos

  7. Removing Additional People

    Considering there are people in all bracketed shots, we’ll use healing and cloning techniques to remove them

  8. Use a Smart Object to Apply Camera RAW Adjustments

    Wrap all layers and groups into a Smart Object for easier editing and global control over color adjustments

  9. Creating a Spherical Panorama

    Convert your newly retouched 360º photo into a 3D object within Photoshop

  10. Removing the Tripod

    Create a new layer that can be seamlessly mapped into the original 360º photo

  11. Adding a Logo
  12. Adding the Hours of Operation

    Add some additional information into the image that can be ‘discovered’ by those exploring the image.

  13. Exporting a 360º Photo

    Export the spherical map to a new 360º photo that contains all of the adjustments, editing and compositing changes

  14. Re-centering your 360º Photo

    Change the default loading view of your 360º photo by adjusting the offset of the spherical map

  15. Bonus Photos

    Get in a little more practice by editing these additional 360º photos

  16. Where to Use Your 360º Photo

    Learn to share your 360º photos on social media, through an online service, or even on your own web page.

  17. Conclusion

    Congratulations! Here’s where you can go from here