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Scrapbooking with Project Life

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Ideas for the Project Life Mini Album

Becky Higgins

Scrapbooking with Project Life

Becky Higgins

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17. Ideas for the Project Life Mini Album

Lesson Info

Ideas for the Project Life Mini Album

Welcome back to scrapbooking with project life with becky higgins here on creative alive we're going to get right back to it it's all years, becky good thing because there's a lot to cover, so I'm excited about this this is a really fun segment you guys because this is where we can really life I'm like you're living pinterest page instead of getting in line and online and looking at like virtual samples of what's out there and all sorts of inspirational ideas, I brought stuff with me to share with you that I hope captures really well to our internet audience because when it comes to project life and it comes to this idea of this simple ified scrapbooking, we I totally recognize that we're not always just doing this day to day documentation of our life, but rather there are some really fun themes and occasions and opportunities that we have to create more you know, more ideas so that's what this segment is about is is really just being inspired and thinking about different variations of...

project life. I also want to point out that this isn't for everyone who necessarily thinks that they've got to do it all remember that category I talked about the beginning I'm not assuming that you are I or anyone watching is in that category of I want to do it also I want to do all these ideas the point of this segment is to get you inspired and to really get you thinking not to add to your to do list, but to think ok, what of what I'm seeing here? What would be good for me, teo possibly tackle as a project aside from everything else instead of making it part of this long to do list? If there's just one scott book that I might view as an important topic to cover and my own personal memory keeping which one would it be and that's what I'm hoping that you could do? I want you to think and be open minded some ideas we're going to share I mean, expect some interaction from you guys maybe you have other ideas of what you've done or what you're feeling inspired to dio we certainly want to hear from what's happening in the internet of ideas of different themes as well take notes this is a good time to kind of right down not what I'm sharing necessarily but what you're feeling because some of these topics are going to get the wheels spinning a little bit and I may not even mention what you end up writing down it just is going to come to you and this is part of what's fun about this industry and scrap booking as you guys know for those of you who have been part of it is it's all about sharing we share on people, scott bookers we share and we love sharing and getting ideas and that's what we're going to dio aa lot of this particular segment let's run through some some themes that scrap bookers might instantly I think of when it comes to scrap booking in general baby childhood, school, college, wedding, honeymoon, honeymoon, travel all about me tribute, holiday presentation or project bragg book family through the years process like building a house, for example, recipes home these air just some examples of what kind of are some major events that happen or occasions that seems scrapbook or the you know that we would dio they're all really great ideas, and I'm not going to break down and talk about each one, but I'm sure that you've either dummies or your wheels are spinning on how you might do them. And when it comes tio scrapbooking and onda themes that you d'oh aa lot of times we put them in twelve by twelve albums that makes perfect sense, especially for chronological stuff or, you know, typical everyday storytelling. But the project life many album is designed to be a small place that we can actually house a particular topic or theme without taking up too much space, so what I wanted to just mention is that me, most of what I'm sharing in this particular segment is actually in many album so just to give you an idea of what it is the many album comes I touched on this briefly before but it comes as a small book that is with a pocket stitched on and there's a little space so that you can throw a three by four card right there in the pocket and then when you open it up you'll see the pages come with it they're attached there stitch dead and you have this opportunity in the book tio to just kind of not have to think about which plastics they're going to go and how many should I have? There are twenty pages so in here and if you do the math and you don't have to because I'll just tell you what this means is eighty four by six photographs will fit in here and eighty three by four cards so that you can have a bit of journaling or a little design next to each picture. So eighty four by six photographs is what is typical and a project life many album so I'm going to jump in and I'm going to just start showing you some of the stuff let's start with something that if you've been following my blogged you may have heard about it but I know many people watching are brand new to this and it's so important for me to share this because it's a very sentimental and special project c it's called stories of home, and the point of this scrapbook is tio be a place of preservation of what your home is like right now, and a lot of us are like, really, really my home. Well, I've got dishes in the sink and laundry on the floor, and my kids beds aren't made and there's two faced up to the sink, and is that what I'm talking about? I am that is what I'm talking about. I want to see your home as it is right now. Sure, there's, some nicer areas of your home that you're more proud of and you're happy to photograph and some you're going to be reluctant to take pictures of because it's, meth, e or it's not done yet? It's an unfinished project so I would encourage you to consider this idea of stories of home. This is a special card, a couple of cards, actually, that we designed specifically for this project that are available free on our website, so that becky higgins dot com so that you can and print them and have them specifically for this project with project life cards. A lot of them are very versatile in every day, and so we want to give you something specific, so as you can see here as I flip through, you see pictures that some are pretty some are more about the decor summer. Just what sitting around this is a picture of what my kids taped to the door to make sure everyone knew this is mom and dad's room. Make sure we label that's everyone knows where're. We can be found at all hours of the night. This is laundry on the floor. This is a bed that hasn't been made. This is a place where we hang our keys by the garage door. This is my shadow, my dog, oreo. I'm not a dog lover until we got where you don't night can honestly say I love my dog love the dog, he's, always by my feet that's, a part of home he's, always at home next to me, our towels. I packed jewelry for a trip that I still haven't unpacked from weeks prior. It's sitting my bathroom counter that's, a part of my home, a shelf that is lovely, that still doesn't have stuff on it because I haven't prioritized that project it's a story of our home, just a lamp in the bedroom, the laundry that's about to be rotated. Close that still need to be ironed, the product that we use for laundry and you can see all of these ideas. I'm not going to talk about every single picture, but I will point out a few more things just to get those wheels spinning favorite pictures that you have hanging on the wall wrapping paper, sticking out of the corner of my office, open up the refrigerator, open the refrigerator and and you know what's in there because you're not going to necessarily be having that same, you know, the same dietary habits in a few years, and this is kind of history again. Another favorite picture it's really important to me that we always have a picture of our wedding day. Our marriage is more important than the wedding day I've always that's always been my philosophy don't get so caught up in the wedding day because what matters is your marriage like really getting that part right? So many people stressed about the details of the wedding day, but the wedding day was the day that it happened, it's, and that to me has it's the beginning of our family and it's always important to me to have a picture of us together on her wedding day, for the kids and for us and so that's why I took a picture of a picture. Because there's a story in that and it goes along with my values and my priorities piece of furniture that I want to paint, you know, I write about this there's a written memory or anecdote or story to go with each one there's something else to my kids taped to the wall next to my desk. This is a project that we did for thanksgiving a few years ago. I just did a big poster board and framed it in a really large frame, and it and I put a letter stickers that say grateful across the middle and it was this blank canvas and I had all of my kids, andi, us, everyone just right on it, just random things that they're grateful for, and we had a child who didn't write at the time who could draw pictures, and that was a family effort that is a gratitude project that I did around the time of thanksgiving, a few years it will never come off my wall. I mean it's not thanksgiving thing, it's a family thing, it's a home thing and it remains on our wall and well, for a very long time. And so that is something that is a story of our home, a piece of furniture that we recovered that makes me happy every time I look at it because it's one of my favorite colors and it goes on and I'm making a smoothie my keyboard I spent a lot of time right here that is a story of home and it's a story of my life oh this is perfect what is this guy's stack of stuff writing to be waiting to be photographed and scanned it's what we're talking about and I took a picture of that because it's my life this is what's going on in the story of our home our bathroom and shoes laying around that didn't get tucked away stuff at the top of the stairs it's waiting to be put down something that's falling out of the wall it's on my long to do list for my husband please fix this when you get around to not running the business and working full time outside and raising our kids with me could you please fix this is a story of our home so that's the idea of this and you get you get the point despite flipping through and I actually have more examples of this that I have shared now I want to point something out because I'm all about being transparent here you see my blank cards I wrote on most of them and you can see that I still have to finish this up I wasn't gonna not bring this album because I didn't finish it I am I am totally okay with the fact that I do have this unfinished project that is almost done and I just have to take time to right just a few more things and then it will be good and done okay, so that is stories of home what do we have next? I'm going to show you one that I don't have here in the studio with me but this is a recipe album and this recipe album is put together by ashley bennett and she is a part of our creative team and you can imagine what this is it's an album that has special memories to her on dh I am going to try to read this my eyes are a little bleary for my cold but she says growing up I love to bake and cook with my mom and grandma I would sift through their recipe boxes and see the recipes written on their own in their own handwriting it was need to see their notes written and the margins of the cookbooks it's amazing to me what the memories what memories brought to mind from reading a few simple ingredients she goes on and on about talking about this because it's such a sentimental thing to her these recipes or not just yummy recipes their story there's meaning there's purpose to why she's doing this and so instead of making a full big scrapbook about it making a big project out of it she knows it's just a handful of recipes anyway but their special to her she wants to do something with them they go into a mini album and now this is really cool because she's able to implement the product that she likes what those cards are that you can see her from the all of addition a project life I'm she used them elsewhere in her scott book but she had a few extra you're always going to have extra because we want to give you enough to make sure that you can you know if you mess up on cards you have another one too grab from but you can see that she likes the product she implemented it she has a recipe on there and she also has pictures to accompany the memory that goes with that all right another example is a guest book now I realize that this is a little bit unique and I might be you know, one of the weirdos in the world who thinks this is important but we have had a guest book in our home since our first house the first time that we had an actual house way never really had people stay with us in our first apartment but when we got a house I knew that it was a priority to always have a space that was comfortable even if it doubled up is something else for guests we love having family and friends and visitors and even strangers sometimes certain circumstances have brought a couple of strangers to our house who have left in our guest room, and we haven't always had a dedicated guest room, but there's always been a comfortable place for somebody to sleep, so having a guest book has always been a priority to me, and I have lots of different guest books from over the years, depending on where we were living and how full it got. But now that I have a project life, many album, I have stopped scrapbooking and decorating those pages and getting behind on that, and now assumes the guest leaves. I print the picture, I slip it in, and I'll show you what that looks like. We have a specifically and exclusively designed, many kit that is for a guest book, specifically on our visit, a website, digital project, life dot com. We're going to be talking digital, so I know the digital questions air in there, but please know that we are going to cover that today with our guest instructors. But the guest book theme is designed to be fun and happy and it's, a place that you can slip these into a mini album, along with the pictures that you're going to be taking and tell the story of the guests, and so the way I have this design is there's, literally one layout per visit and so I don't need a layout per visitor because if the whole family comes that's a lot and it's unnecessary and so and I don't want to burden everybody but I do ask my guests will you fill out these little cars and most people who stay know me well enough to know to expect that I'm going to be giving them a few cards and they're going to be ready to just, you know, go with it and they're good sports but I have a place where they can write their names where they traveled from when they visited, what was their reason for visiting? What were their highlights? What was their favorite thing? Any other things that they want to mention and that's what this is so this is a layout of my brother kevin and his wife and family who came and visit us? I have a few pictures in there and all of the four by six pockets of course, and then you see that the rest of the cards are from the project life many kit that's online that's digital that they is really easy just to print out and they wrote on the cards and I slipped it all in and I'm done and I'm immediately called up at the point of even them leaving so just a couple more examples same thing and the left hand corner I put their names and then all the other four by six pockets or their photos and the little three by four cards are the journaling and it doesn't matter if it's a whole family or if it's an individual and what I've done with this is that I've actually put ahead of time the cars in the album so they're just ready we do have guests a lot we've because we invited and we love it and we love them and so I already have these albums are this album filled with the cards ahead of time and it just makes it convenient for me another idea with the many album is for the kids to actually do them themselves and we've talked about this a little bit it's really important to involve your kids somehow and not just because you want to make him a scrap occur like mom that's not what we're going for although that's certainly a park and that would be great but it helps really infuse that self worth that self value that self purpose that self awareness of I'm special and it's worth it to preserve my memories and to put them in a place a special place, a special scrapbook so this is a maya jen who we talked about the last segment the one who had that idea of photographing and using it on your phone the people that you love this is her daughter amaya they're all this ah maya's digging mess she's into this she loves it and it's easy now the thing that I've learned about kids is they love to be creative I felt like I was more creative as a kid then I was an adult in some ways kids do love to get creative and so this is an interesting concept when you think about kids with project life because project life has been to take the guesswork out of it the creativity out of it the complicated nature out of it well what's happening with kids is they actually are having more fun doing this because first of all that action of just slipping things into pockets makes you feel productive it's kind of like taking a to do list just checking things off scratching him out it feels productive and then each one of the little cards is like a little canvas it is like a little art campus if you want to decorate if you want to embellish so this is a maya she's working on her many album she is using little cards from a mini cat called the childhood many kit and I use that in my albums I showed you yesterday they're very popular because they are they have on them little prompts this is her little sister avery avery is only six years old and look at her and writing is that the most precious thing you want to capture this you want to preserve their handwriting for sure so avery six even she could do project life because all she needs to dio is right on these little cards mom's going to print the pictures and all slips into albums just showing you a little bit more of avery and how you can see these photos slipping into pockets and how she's writing and drawing on the cards and she loves this because it's her and mom loves this and even I as a friend I love seeing this because its preservation of who they are and what they're doing this is colin okay scrapbooking j k o back me up here is not just for girls and women lets me make sure that's really clear it's not feminine hobby it's who takes pictures in this world boys, girls, men, women ok, it doesn't that's why I keep saying it doesn't matter your life situation to do more of the fruit through and all the embellishments but that's ok, all right, we'll take more credit for doing that a little bit more here's a kid nine years old he's a boy and he is an athlete collins an athlete he's as boy as they come and he loved doing project life because it wasn't that it's not a cute sea process for him he's writing he's getting his handwriting in there and he's telling his story and he is trying and he's writing his stats and his friends and whose teachers are and he writes his tours you know his towards our take out garbage brush teeth go to school, make bed dishes we'd take shower that's a chore practice piano clean room I wish I wrote down my choices a kid I can kind of remember I told you have a bad memory I can kind of remember I mowed the grass I remember dustin, I remember vacuuming I remember cleaning toilets I remember doing these things, but if I had written them down these air my chores or in claris case yesterday the's air my rules about me you know, writing it down at the time at the age that they are is significant it's really, really special. Let me show you if the camera can come right here opposite sides and I'll show you these childhood many kids I'm talking about look like this there are three different styles that we have of the child had many kids there's one has more of a girlish palate. I want to say girl boy that's why it named the boy or girl or him or her? Because it's not necessarily that way I'll show you in a minute why mayfield edition is what we call this and thank you and the bridgeport edition it is a little bit more of the boy kind of colors and wellington is very neutral okay, so that this is what it looks like this mayfield edition right here is going to give you e going to show you all the cards of course, but you're going to see the color palette you see how it's not like overly pink, pink, pink, pink, pink I'm going with orange and salmon and a brighter reddish pink and a turquoise and yellow that's the color palette for the mayfield edition and it has all these fund prompts and it has designs to help really enhance the pictures for your project and that's what the may feel addition looks like now the bridgeport edition with kind of war that boy palate is the very same designs I want to make sure that you understand that you're not you're not changing up the designs here you are changing the color palette, so you're not feeling like you're missing out on something in one kit you're just changing and getting the colors that you want and look at how pretty I shouldn't pretty look how awesome these are green and blue and turquoise and orange this kind of a reddish orange awesome colors for somebody and why did I have not say boy? Because look at that I would use these for me it's not boy and girl it's just this is the bridge poor edition, and this is such a cool color palette that's used for so many different things. This is the wellington addition. Wellington is designed to be more neutral. And so you have here red, gray, black, a little bit of a sea foam, turquoise color and look how cold those are is one of my favorites with the world map. Okay, so the emphasis here and the childhood many kids, is that we want tio preserve childhood. We want with these cards to be able to tell the story of a child's life through using products that enhance that and it's not just about cute designs it's about what your prompting them to write about. So just like on this last slider, this current slide actually, of collins cards, I'm prompting him with this product to write about his sports, to put his that's a ce faras his his height and weight, which we care about when we're little kids. And then we want to forget about it when we get older fun facts like what do you what do you bring? Tio, what do you eat for lunch? Is in a home lunch or school, and she could check the box who doesn't love checking boxes. I love checking boxes. How do you get to school, bus, bike, car or walk? He was able to check the bus box on the name of the school and notes and friends, teachers and chores like I said, so we are prompting you on almost all of the cars in here. And, of course, there are also journaling cards that are just regular journaling cards ready for you to write about anything that you want, she says. My twelve year old daughter just recently became interested in scrapbooking, even though I've been doing it since she was a baby. We were at the hobby lobby, and I showed her some of the project life many kids and now she's so excited to start she's purchasing her an album and a kit for a christmas gift and just can't wait to see how it evolves and this is adding more ideas how teo help it evolve so it's like the coolest I ever as a gift for kids, for adults, four teenagers for college students to be able to give somebody that that option of being able to put something together very, very easily with a many album, and in many kit, for example, or even just a handful of cards from your own kid. No, maybe you're a collector of project life and you have all these cork it's and you're hoarding them. You are collecting them and you know what? You're going to have extras and every kid that's, another way to do it as a gift is to take a handful from each one, put them together and cute packaging, which we're going to talk about later also and put it with the many album as a gift. What a great idea! Thank you for sharing that. Excellent. Ok, so I have another family, another friends, the schultz and family who did the same thing. Every kid has their own album, and every kid is doing their own project and her own his or her own little mini album, and it does not have to be for the older kids. So even if you have younger kids who are not really writing a whole lot or don't have, you know much that they can contribute, get their scribbling or the little handwriting and oh, my goodness, what does this mean? Tio her? What does this mean to less like she is? I went into their house and saw, visited them, actually and saw what the mom lori was doing with this and what her kids were, and the kids were on fire about it. In fact, the oldest one is like she is wanting to sell project life to everyone and so he's just on fire about the whole thing is just the cute ist um, another. Another thing to keep in mind with these theme albums is they don't have to carry a theme they don't have to carry a solid, you know, a solid topic they don't have to. And so in this case, these air just random pictures of elizabeth, they're just random there, not in any order. They're not like this is your fourth grade year. This is your pre school year. This is just elizabeth right now on all the cute picture was that she wanted printed or that her mom wanted to print so along these lines there is something that you can do with your kids called a personal yearbook. Now this is something that has been a very special part of my one of my things I do with my kids since my oldest was in preschool. I have it here with me and what this is is a pre school, or excuse me that personal year, but is the concept is that you help a child create a mini album or you can do it in the in the context of like a folder because we have the option to talk about a minute on dh you can capture that child full year in a school year and one little album, but it's specifically at school that's why I call it a personal yearbook. You guys know how you get your books at school at the end of the year, your kids get them and has what's in it as the whole school's events in the highlights and everybody's pictures and it's awesome it's a piece of history. I love my yearbook still it's nice to have those, but the personal yearbook and the intention of this is that you actually get to focus on that child's year, their experience very specifically. So these designs that you're seeing here I mentioned our digital site, digital project life dot com this is the place where oliver digital versions of our real life products are available. Sometimes we don't take a product to mass market and actually manufacturer it because it's a little too niche or we just don't think it will sell well enough for whatever this is one of the ideas that I've had for a long time that I know would be an amazing cellar but in retail setting it just doesn't make a whole lot of sense because it is very specific and yet everybody who's doing this I still get testimonials about this everyone who's doing this has fight has found themselves truly enjoying the experience because this is what it does in one album layout by layout you see sophie's school life and so the idea is that these designs and this is what I was trying to explain their exclusive on digital project life dot com that's the only place that you can find these designs that air for this project okay, so this is a month by month through the school year, so here is the month of august and I'll show you real quick see the months how it's always in the top left corner, not a rule that's just I like consistency when it comes to, like, showing a theme so there's always a month card here and you write what you're featuring that month and then it's a it's a picture to go with that and then it's the kid's artwork that month and a handwriting sample that note that month like a note to go with it and then and has designs that it has also a place for explanation on this stuff now the way that I put this together is that I actually go into the school and I'm a mom of a student in a classroom who says to the teacher hey I'm so and so's mom I want to come in each month and I want to take pictures of the kids and I want tio show them that preserving their life is important I will volunteer to take a picture of each child each month and I know some of you are thinking crazy this is one more thing dad to my plate I'm a mom I'm busy I am a mom I am busy and I value volunteering and I'm volunteering my talent and my time to go into the school into the classroom and do this for the kids it's not for me I do not benefit from this in terms of like you know I love the end result but this is for them teach them young teach them young that it's important to preserve their memories so going back to what this is I take a picture each month I pick a seam for that month and I go ok this this month I knew you guys were talking about the state of arizona that's where we live so they're talking about state aa lot and so I had each kid point to the map of arizona in the next month it was lunchtime does it have to be about the big halloween party or the big event that month it's just something ordinary lunch time recess p e or music or sitting at my desk or what my backpack looks like anything school related is what you want to tie into the story and so I go in each month I take a picture and I print those pictures and I go back and later and we're going to slip all of the cards in and they write on them so this is an example of sophie's year last year sophie wrote on here she's she wrote and drew and this is her story is pictures of her in her own words and her experience I'm going to stop there with the personal yearbook and just let you know that when you go to my site I actually have a full explanation and there's even a free pdf that comes with the product with the sexual product that explains the scope of how you are to do this album if you want to so that is the personal yearbook another idea to keep in mind is that something have touched on before is doing this as a gift doing a project like many album is such an easy tangible it's small on dh it's it's easy to hold its comfortable so another another way to another gift idea is something that somebody on our team did lori lori wanted to make a gift for her husband for father's day so we designed not because she wanted to but we decide eh an exclusive digital product called rad dad at these products the designs of these cards are very cold very hip on dh fun and they go really well with fun dad pictures and so best that ever you can see there's not always journaling on each card you can go through and foot this whole book and you can feel that this family loves their dad she loves her husband what's to celebrate him she got the kids involved they drew on cards they wrote on cards she quoted them she actually you know, ask them questions. What do you think about data? What was your favorite memory or what's your favorite thing about him and she wrote them down. Lorrie gave one of the most special guest her husband by pulling this album together and on dh making sure that the kids were involved and not just her and she even oh I mentioned this she quoted her kids about their dad which is really special. So that is one way that you can give a gift is to your spouse to dad to mom I did a gift for my mom I think when she turned fifty five which wasn't that long ago but it was pretty project life and I put together a little album for fifty fifth birthday fifty fifty five things I love about you and it was one of the most special things for me to go through, not just as not just for her, is the recipient, but for me to really go introspective and go ok, why do I love my mom? I love my mom there's, no question about it, and she is one of the most amazing women and such a stellar example to me in so many ways. But if I actually can think about the specific reasons of why I love her, that meant so much to me identified and put on paper why I loved her, gave her the gift and it goes without saying that it was a special gift for her to receive. Another gift idea to give is an anniversary gift. So clyde and claudia, we're having a fortieth anniversary, and my friend alison, their daughter said, all right, so I want to give them a gift. How do I do this? Well, she asked the right person. You do a project like many album it's. A no brainer. Why is it a no brainer? Well, because you consult the photos and super easily and you could involve everyone. You can involve everybody in this project. And this is what I mean. These are pictures from their anniversary party. It was a surprise. All these guests came so you know, they got pictures of of the decorations and stuff. And look what happens. You started seeing pictures of the loved ones at the party's show up. Doesn't have to fill every single card. But they wrote a note to clyde and claudia. They wrote a note. They wrote a note. So do you see, in this album, the gift is so special because it's not only about their anniversary party, but it's about it's direct messages of love and support and you guys are a special part of our life in their handwriting with pictures of them. So clyde and claudia would appreciate an album of just pictures of them it's all about them. It's their anniversary. But what's even more special to a lot of us is what you know what's coming from our loved ones. So can you imagine how much this meant? And there you go, work in progress. She knows she's still got to get connie's picture. So she put a note there. Connie's pick. Okay, so that's what a fortieth anniversary album looks like coarse. It does not have to be a fortius but that's why it worked out fill the entire album and what a treasure that they have now forever and for their family as well. Another idea to share with you is I mentioned earlier a process actually going through the process of doing something, whether it's, you know, building a home like this or what other processes can you think of yes, actually this is from this is, ironically from process or my project like processes about a project of healthier life and weight loss. I hope someone gets this idea and gets a better result because of this idea are you listening up, rachel remember, he said, how can project life help you get on track with their fitness or waiter exercise goals? This is really amazing that she brought this up. This is not the first time that this has been brought up by a project lifer. The reason is is that people find out when they actually document the process and I love the idea of the weight loss or health improving your health and I also want to bring up something that seems a little bit of a downer but let's talk about it cause it's really life for a lot of people people were going through health issues, cancers an example cancer affects a lot of us and other illnesses and diseases to document the process of going through that and trying tio sort through your emotions and feelings and being able to really record that as you go and hopefully in an improving type of way andi even if it's not so much of an improvement it's a story it's part of your story you're documenting now or you're documenting it for someone else because they're special and they mean something to you. So this is something that's really important, and I wanted to lighten it back about back up a little bit talk about weight loss we have seen several examples of people who have had much better results because they documented the process and why wouldn't you, right? It is so motivating we've all probably been for this experience of of trying to lose weight or get in shape or whatever that's typical of a human being, we try to do better, and I have found personally that when I do track what I'm doing, then I'm able to see and I'm motivated by that tracking that documentation and so how fun to do that with pictures thank you so much for pointing that out everything yeah, a lot of fun please share more ideas as they come. I mentioned earlier that it would be really cold. It was a question that came from the internet about child are not knowing the dates where does it come from? Where does it fit in? And and I suggested that one thought is to create a whole album that's just that child's art so without going into the technical aspect yet because we will disaster noon I want to just remind you that it's really very simple you d'oh scan that art down and then you can resize it in your photo editing process our program and then you can put it together in an album so this comes from a blogger vegas girl at heart and she submitted this and wanted us to see that she did this book for her child and has austin's art throughout the book and as you can see these air not originals everything wasn't this big giant thing that she tried to fall down or even cut down she scanned everything and slipped it end and how cool is this for austin? This means a lot to him I know it doesn't I don't know who he is but I you know that when he sits and flips through this but that he feels special mom took the time to make a whole book about his art that is awesome all right talking kind of non kids again let's go with this is how about paying tribute to a special pet jennifer in illinois sent this and wanted to share it with us she actually has I can't refer it with her her fiance, her husband but let me read your read her email tio she says our dog maggie passed away in february and I had long been planning to do a photo book to celebrate her life shortly after her passing, my husband started asking me questions about scrapbooking and said that he was thinking about doing a scrapbook for her. I immediately thought that project life would be the perfect solution and far better than a photo book I printed seventy eight photos not sure why seventy eight but she probably knew you confirmed eighty in an album and assemble the album with the wellington and cards for him so it's already for his stories of maggie there were only a few cards in the wellington kit that were too themed to use because you guys remember it's really mitt for documenting childhood but the designs are definitely apparent apparent and easy and versatile to use and other themes. But she said it was the perfect design and kit size for this project even though it is bitter sweet I am so excited to share this homemade gift with him and my step sends I have this album with me here today it's not about a child it's not about art it's about a special love for his special pet in this family's life. This is the story of maggie wilson and how she touched our lives I'm not going to read through it and none of us are going to cry we're just going to know that a lot of us relate to this you know a lot of us have someone special even if it's a pet it doesn't have to be a human being. A look at the writing. Look at the writing in the stories and everything that shared from the family about about this dog, and let me just point out, because this was designed to be a childhood. Many kids. These cars are versatile daily rita routine. What? Uh, excuse me, this is what a weekend typically looks like. Ah, holiday memory. You could see how this can apply to a pet doesn't have to be a child. So what? A special project of so grateful that jennifer, an illinois, shared this with us, and I think that a lot of us can appreciate that this is something really special you could do for a pet that is still living, or that has passed on.

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Preserving your best memories doesn’t need to keep you from making new ones! Join memory keeping maven Becky Higgins for a class on her famous Project Life® scrapbooking system.

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user a779fb

I have been involved with scrapbooking for many years and have made numerous purchases for supplies, a room full and then became so overwhelmed by all of it that I have done very little. The reason being, that I was so conscious of what everyone else was doing and mine never quite measured up to what I saw that others were doing with all the embellishments, and techniques. I then turned to card making because it was a much quicker gratification than studying and laboring over the perfect layout with the perfect paper and etc. I had gotten an earlier Project Life kit of Becky's a few years ago and because of a very busy life had never fully gotten the concept, but thanks to Creative Live and Becky I am on the right track now. I am so very motivated and have recently taken all of my photos out of old albums, boxes, etc. and have them at least in order by years so that now I can begin to document this life of mine. By the way, I just turned 70 and boy does that mean a lot of photos. I am equally excited to get an album started for each of my grandchildren that they can document their own lives. My three youngest are 9,11 and 13 and are so heavily involved in sports, community, church and life itself that they need to document this now, for sure they will forget when they are 70 and trying to play catch-up. I have been a fan and follower of all things Becky Higgins since the beginning of Creating Keepsakes and have always felt she was so very authentic in her aspect of documenting, living life and celebrating everyday living. She is awesome and thank you Creative Live for having her on and allowing so many of us to share in this 3 day event. I know I am catching this in the summer 2014 when In fact this was done in 2013, but better late than not at all. A very special thanks to Becky!!!

a Creativelive Student

I am very excited to document my families life. I have 5 kids and a wonderful husband and life goes so fast. I feel like I do everything on the express train! However, this course was not for someone with the ADD brain. This 3 day course could have easily been consolidated down to one day.... maybe two. I think Becky is adorable, however, think she said the same thing over and over again just a different way. I am excited to start project life and review the videos as I need to.

Kathy Laflen

I need help with organization and this class really helped. I also love the simplicity of Project Life. One of my favorite things was how pictures are taken of kids projects to preserve them rather than keeping the originals. Photos of hands has also become a new interest thanks to one of the guest presenters. This class was worth every penny!