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Scrapbooking with Project Life

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Organizing Products

Becky Higgins

Scrapbooking with Project Life

Becky Higgins

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8. Organizing Products

Lesson Info

Organizing Products

We are going to talk about organizing and organization, as I've mentioned in past segments is something that I really I value I value organise organization I value being organized, but I am not the most organized person there are plenty of people who have organization just, you know, they've got it down in every aspect of their life that's not me and that's not what I pretend to be. I just I do some things really organized and I'm super disorganized in other areas and I bet we could all say the same about ourselves way have different strengths and weaknesses we're going to talk specifically about organization within the context of scrapbooking, of course, and we're going to do it and break it up into two different chunks assed faras the topics we're going to talk about organizing products we just started with excuse me, we just ended with that in the last segment, so where to start with products? And then we're going to talk about that all the photos and the stuff and kind of where you...

go from there and we'll break it down so let's, go ahead and start with organizing products like I said, because it was the last thing that I ended with I love to just kind of carry on, you saw some of the products I was just thinking as I was going through that I went through and kind of showed you some of the plastics I showed you some of the court kids and I hardly scratched the surface in terms of what our company offers for products that are all still part of that same project life system very solution based very simple but options for styles and things like that and I think the next natural topic to cover when it comes tio products is both and once you have them it's one thing just to kind of pile it all up and have it in one place and great to get at least one place but then you want to know where to put it and how to organize it. I'm a little limited because I'm on a set with set stuff and I'm not at home and I can't show you you know I can't physically be there pull things out I have a picture is a share of what other people are doing on dh their organization and we're going to dive in and kind of go from there but I do want to say that the first thing that you want to think about before organizing products and thinking about organizing products is a little bit of a refresher from what we talked about last segment which is that there are I talked about four things that you want to think about before you go shopping and that's because I I myself am not an impulsive shopper, I don't just go oh, I like it, I mean, by it I'm sometimes there's something really cute a target, I'm going to pick it up, but really, I'm pretty thoughtful about my purchases. I'm pretty careful about where my expenses go and and I'm you know, that's usually a purpose if I buy something, it isn't usually just because it's cute, I usually know what I'm going to do with that, and I really it's not everybody thinks that way. I think that way, I think it's a good quality to think, you know, obviously think first before you buy, but I do want to bring up this four points again before you go shopping the same four points actually relate tio, before you organize, ok? So you've shopped there, buying your stuff now a few things to think about. I'm going back to this point again, which is think about your goals way think about those goals and what you're trying to accomplish this can actually affect your organization. We'll talk more about that budget again. You want to consider your budget, because if you want to organize your stuff and you, you really have a little bit more budget toe work with, then you really should consider investing in some things that will set up in the corner of a room or maybe you have a spare bedroom it's not being used in the kids are all moved out or whatever. Well, then you might want to consider investing in some space spatial organization for that purpose. If you're very very limited, then you have to know that before you start organizing, he have toe not just know it because we all know where we are in terms of budget resource is things like that, we have to acknowledge what it is because it is what it isthe, and so before these are organizing and you're really limited. But then you just go shopping and start buying all these organizational trays and drawers and things like this you're you're blowing the point you don't wantto you don't wantto get to a point, a lot of scrap bookers have in the past, which is you just buy and buy and buy, and then you get more and you accumulate more and all of a sudden you're in a fight with your yourself because this stuff is just taking up too much space in the you spent too much money and that's that's not what scrapbooking is about, we have to remember everything we talked about in segment one. Scrapbook penis for all of the right reasons that we all feel in our hearts and we want to keep it focused that way. So it's actually really important to think about stuff like this before you shop before you organize space is the other one? Yeah, I think about where you're going to be. I brought up the idea of like maybe you have a spare bedroom, maybe have a wall or a corner in your better maybe you maybe you're ok taking over the dining room table and nobody will mind, you know, whatever, whatever your space is, figure out where that is, figure out where it is physically like stand in that spot in your house and identify it and know what it is, and then you will be more clearly understanding what you can get for organization and then finally, what is your organizational type? Think about this think about your personality and this way that you best function and thrive and on dh what works for you? Some people really do need to have all of the stuff in front of them. They need to see it, they need toe glance at it and and it makes them happy because they see what they love in front of them in terms of products some people really do need to like, you know, out of sight get out of the way having on the other side of the room or how have tucked indoors just think about what your personality type is this another thing that I don't think a lot of scott walker's pay much attention to really really assess your personality type for creating and for doing memory keeping because just to give you an example you might be the type of person who gets started in scrapple came you learn about it you're excited about it you go shopping you buy stuff you organize stuff you accumulate stuff you collect stuff you start using the stuff you're excited you're doing this you're going to the motions okay what might happen and what has happened to a lot of people who are in this particular example that I'm sharing because they go through the motions they get excited they accumulate they have it all and then they find themselves burning out but they may not have identified that the reason they were burning out is because they overwhelmed themself with this visual of so much stuff in front of them that's just I mean that doesn't work for everybody that's why I know about myself even though I'm not the most organized person in the world I know the organization makes me ah high functioning person when I utilize organization in my life and when I clear out clutter in my actual space right here that I can see when I'm working whether it's work work or stopped looking work or you know, you know, whatever I'm working on I am I'm good I'm high functioning, I am feeling I'm feeling put together and when I feel put together, I feel more creative and I don't mean creative in a stickers, you know, decorative create I mean creative like what I'm doing and how I'm getting through this and so that's, why it's important to understand your organizational type? Because I don't want I don't want anyone to start accumulating and then organizing, and even though it's nice and orderly and then be stuck with this situation where a few years from now, you might be looking all of this stuff feeling like I just want to shut down just because of how much I've accumulated. However, some people like I said, really thrive on this idea of having at all seeing all and, you know, really this gave the day interactive x states with products, so just keep in mind we're not going to go through and, you know, delve into everybody's personalities unless anybody wants to share anything. Yeah, go ahead, clark says that they want to be a high functioning scrap aholic I never heard that why we're all laughing for those of you who are non scott vickers is because scrap aholic is a very common word for a reason I need to get really like involved it's a nice word for you know passionate or obsessed or addicted to or whatever but t feel like a high functioning alcoholic I totally get great yeah gray I love that feel free if anybody else wants to chime in of course but but these air before before bits of advice that I would share before you start organizing anything let alone shopping for that ok so let's talk about spaces uh to set up a work area I want you to go home in your minds most of you watching are at home right now you guys were here with me you're not at home but I want to kind of go go there in your minds and think about your space think about where where you've already been scrapbooking because you guys here with me have already been doing this at least a little bit where are you set up this just think about it for a minute and the second part of that question is why are you there in that spot is it the on ly place available to you in your house um does it work for you does it work for your family and I want to really focus on that one does it work for your family? Do you want your family to view your hobby as something that is taking up space that really should be used for dinner at night for example there's a lot of there's a lot of places in your house that should and could be used for different things. I'm not going to all of that. I'm not going talk about hosler plans in decor and room set ups and anything like that I want to talk about with scrap booking and where your physical spaces, why do you have it set up where it is? And does it work for you? So ponder on that and I would like to go ahead, just open up just for a minute and just find out if any of you do any of you haven't area in your house that you are set up in that is working and why is it working for you? And also do any of you have an area set up that it's kind of a frustrating situation? It's taking up space? It could or should be used for something else and you don't know that solution is yet does anybody want to share either way? Yes, please, meyer, empty nesters and so the kids are gone. We've got I've got we called the scrapbook room. Yeah, my husband has built shelves and I'm I'm all set up I excuse, so that is that is that's my bias that is like the flat screen tv out there. Oh, nice. So it's, probably your happy place. It is my happy place, right? And when right, sonny, you even decorated at the way that you want to be right and say right and that's, why you are thriving in your hobby? Not the only reason I'm not thriving this much as I should be that's why I'm here start to have a physical space that is your happy place that feels bright and sunny and it's so you, I'm sure that's a huge, fussy and certainly not everybody's situation, right? Does anybody want to share where it might be? A frustration? Yeah, way! I'm kind of an extra room where there's our computers and kids toys and so it's a nice area where I can work on it and have my family around and we have ah, wet bar that we don't use is a wet bar, so I took that space over and it was great my first year when all I had was one cork it minor you've been accumulating on and now as I yeah, the space that I actually have to work on his getting sort of narrower and narrower yeah, yeah. Sure is, I can imagine, and so you've got to figure out a way to get that product put away. Yes, and so are you the type that needs to see this product out? Well, you know, I think that is, although then when you were saying that can be overwhelming, I thought maybe that employment that much, maybe that's, why some of us are burning out, and I'm really glad that we're talking about that it's something that's not really addressed in scrapbooking this is what I'm saying three day course actually has such a huge benefit to talk about things like this because you can talk about decorating pages, but that's not going to solve the problem for the people who are like, well, I'm out, I did scrap booking for a while, and now I'm giving up what we're talking about, some kind of psychological stuff that happens with scrapbooking that we don't give a whole lot of attention to, and so but definitely challenge you guys to think about what might be your hurdles in your physical space and how we can get past that. So again, this is such a personalization topic like I everyone situation is so different, but the bottom line would be that you really need to find an area that that works for you and works for your family we've got to go great comments coming from chapman people obviously utilizing spaces they can some people using their home offices, other people actually using the dining room table I could just picture that others are saying it's really great to have a separate crafty move because their husbands and their field stays in boyfriends totally fed up with but something really did say they had a room dedicated entirely to crafting nothing let's just say they have rolling cards that they bring in a mountain here bringing their craft materials and there's one more that says they use their laundry room which inspires them to get their laundry done before they start working a scrabble I have a friend with that concept she built her home so she chose everything she designed her room to be a laundry and scrapbooking crap sting gift wrapping creative space with her laundry and for her she has planned this out in her mind I'm sure she began with the end in mind and really figured out that this is what's going to work for her this is her area of not only creativity but productivity and so as as a mother who's running this house she's able to do laundry and maybe walsh's printing a couple pictures over here she's holding a couple things over there and that works for her now for some people you do not have laundry combined with your scott looking space I don't either I actually don't want to mix the two that doesn't work for me what works for me is is a dedicated space that I really should have shared a picture of this I don't have it I think because I think everyone seen my home office, which apparently isn't the case I mean, I asked my team who might be watching to take a mental note that I will share a picture on my block really soon again but the space is it's a good size space it was totally empty when we moved into the house and we we knew getting this house that this space would not be a game room, you know, off the family room but it would be it would be I've always worked from home so it would be my home office we had no idea it become headquarters for this business, but it would become the space where I would work my husband you know, he works at a hospital so he doesn't work at home, but in running the business with me he has a computer and I have a computer but I want to be in a space where my children are there and so and this for me against super individual decision making here, okay? For me I'm super involved in scrapbooking that means I'm doing it a lot and so if I am scrapbooking aa lot I don't ever want to be oh, I don't want my kids to think that the hobby is more important than them because I don't just wait for night time or not time and we don't have numbers in the house anymore but you get what I mean I want my children to know that my space is there space now that's not always like the best scenario for me it works even when my kids were babies and toddlers I have the appropriate things out of reach you can't get certain stuff, but they know that this is a family space we're all five of us are in there on a daily basis they're doing homework, I'm here doing this dad's here doing that crews on the ipad you know, like we that's a shared space, it works for our family, I'm grateful for it I'm grateful that we have a dedicated space but it's a shared space and that's I just want have it any other way so well go ahead and move on then in terms of actually organizing once you've established where this place is and where you're going to situate yourself and locate yourself in the house and you d'oh need to figure out how to organize in that space but again remember you got established what the space is first a wet bar or spare bedroom or the corner of your bedroom it's going to be a different situation depending where you are, but in terms of organizing my opinion, and I think it is probably the opinion of a lot of people as that you categorize and then contain arise, you want to take everything that you're organizing and you want to get it into categories again, not I'm not saying that it has to be this way. I'm just encouraging to consider it when you gather everything and you start figuring out where things are going, it just kind of makes sense that you would take all of your pens and put them here. No, I'm really talking to scott bookers because non scrap bookers, we're just getting started there like, what on earth are you talking about? What kind of stuff? And I'm gonna have to get you're going to find yourself probably accumulating a few things. So, like I said, get all of your pins in one spot. Get all your twelve by twelve scrap of paper in one spot if you have it, and most scrap bookers already have this stuff, so I'm not talking about just project life. I'm talking about with whatever stuff you have, whatever stuff you might accumulate, break it down might want to put all of your maybe have core kits from project life. You want to get all this court, get someone place maybe you have rulers and staplers and and uh um die cuts and I'm just thinking like anything it's just whatever people have just categorize it and then from that point then you contain arise and what that means is you find what the appropriate house for the item is so for example this is contain arising those pens and scissors I happen to be in here is well in a glass that's a container that's not what I'm saying it should be you know the situation with your pins but it's one way tio containerized pens another way is to put them in a drawer. Another way is to put them in a box that's inside of your I'm not going to make any decisions for people on on how they containerized but I want to make sure that everyone gives thought to this idea that you do want to categorize first before you dig into that um when you do this process for those of you who are just not organized at all that's ok that's what it's actually really exciting that's where I really want to come home with you because that would be fun that we really find the sit together and go ok if this were a real life and if I were going home with somebody here in the audience I would say all right, first thing we're going to dio is we're going to go through your house and if it's all in one place great if it's not we're going to pull from other places, but either way we're going to get everything in one spot great now it's here what's the next thing we're going to categorize I want off off the pins here, paper here court kits here if you have if you have a collection of stickers and other embellishments get them here maybe you are a collector of something ribbon maybe have lots of ribbon because it's fun for you you like tio embellished with ribbon and you want to utilize it and you don't want to get rid of it great let's get all of your ribbon together let's not have everything in term mixed again suggestion on ly not the end all be all solution, but it works it helps people. The next step then would be to contain your eyes everything's different you're going to have different materials out there that are helpful for organization, you can walk through any store and find things that will be helpful. I'll show some examples but you'll want to pick the right products to organize your things, keeping in mind where the space is if you don't know where your spaces and you start going and buying bins and boxes and shells that to me I am not even sure I could. I would not know how to do that. Actually, you really do have to begin with the end in mind. Was there anything else from anything coming in in terms of thiss whole idea of categorizing first before container rising and it's? Fascinating, the way people have described, how they she's scrap it home and how they manage their project projects. And they, you know, shared with seven different ideas of how they put things in difficult terrain. Is other people being very open and saying it just sits all over the timing room table and that's how they they managed to work? Because exactly just saying, you know, the categorization is great, but people have different ways of handling it. That's a very cheeky comments as well. Like husbands and boyfriends who called talk about the scrap rooms they leave off. Yes. Wait, wait. My brother's about tv with that term always, always there like a nice, nice hobby over there. I won't say it. Think of anyone. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. And that's? Why it's so important to do what works for you? I do have friends. I think of a friend who neighbor actually my neighborhood, she has overtaken the dining room, and you know what it works because they have one child they could eat around the little kitchen at table and they know that mom spaces set up and she's getting their memories in the books and it works for them and that's great it would not work in your family you have you have five right five kids ok where would they eat it just does it it just doesn't work so mom can't do that so yeah there's this order to everything so let's go ahead and give you some examples of of organization the first thing I want to talk about his plastics earlier in the last segment I was sharing some examples of all the examples of the family of plastics that we haven't project life the's the photo pocket pages and the page protectors and there are great options and very solution based people slip things in and not have to cut glue and embellishing all that cool but there can be aa lot and what do you do with them? And I want you guys here and on the internet to be sharing and thinking about ways that maybe you have been organizing so that we can kind of work off different ideas as well but I'll go and show you what works for me I like to organize all these packages that come you know all of the plastics and they're different varieties I like to organize them within an album I want I want everything that's in these packages even though they look pretty and nice and their white, I really just need them in a book that works for me. It used to be black now I have a pretty color, so I'm going to show you what I'm talking about here, um, what I've done, and by the way, since I'm since I'm showing this album, this is a page lifter and this page left her comes in every project life album, you also get a sampling of photo pocket pages in the album, they come with it, which is awesome because then you get a head start right there without having to buy a separate product. But the point she lifter is something that I want to bring up because for years I used, you know, lots of different cos albums for years and years, and I have found that when you do not have a sheet lifter in there, what happens when you close the album is all of these pages in a curling with the three rings? And if you haven't experienced that yet, you will, and you don't want that to happen because it bins all the edges of those papers and ultimately bins your pictures, and it just creates kind of a permanent curve that you don't want so that's just kind of a general scrapbooking tip is that if you don't have a page lifter and your album just get one in there and all the project like albums come with this all right and it has a reminder right there to cultivate a good life and recorded justin k to forget what what we want to deal all right, so this is what I have remember those dividers I talked about scrapbook dividers that were inspired by years ago the franklin covey like you know, day planners they come with this is what a package looks like it's very simple clean we have these and designer styles to coordinate with every edition of project life so if you're the type that wants something kind of fun, colorful, snazzy um looking around I don't see him I see some but they're very decorative and whatnot they coordinate I'm a fan of just nothing going on I just happen to like that now I probably I probably should consider using the decorative ones when I have something so empty in here but I'm just pointing out there are options, so if you're like me and you like it to be really clean and simple, this comes with thinkers in the package, so when I opened the south and I probably took him out, of course I did yeah, I sure did so sticker you'll see you'll see in a minute the stickers that come in here you label at the top here whatever you want and so you can see they're clear make sure you peel off the lining like I outlined last time and what if I put up here on this label I have I've identified that it's designed a and as I flip through here you can see I've put a bunch of a design a here my next section is for design be so what I am doing a scrapbook and I'm actually sitting there working I am able tio look at what I've got in front of me and go ok well I've got this many horizontal pictures this many vertical I need to put them together which design is going to work for me and one of them well like I said we have designs eh through z and so you have options and the way I've organizes is to put them all in a binder just make sense from an organizational standpoint and it could just go back on my shelf just like the other albums on my shelf so that's one idea to share I haven't done this but just photo pocket pages but I've also done it with the page protectors the one these are all the five by seven eight by ten eight and a half by eleven twelve by twelve and I have labeled them accordingly as well so and the way this looks inside an album I mean here's a nice thing it sits on a shelf it looks like a scrapbook and so you you're giving this this facade of like I've done even more on we're not trying to be pretentious of course but it's kind of nice to see a clean album on yourself that is doubling up his organization double whammy right there I'm a fan of that idea any day inside when you flip open the one has like all of the different page protectors they're different sizes it doesn't need to look pretty I just need my stuff I need my plastics you know the emphasizes that I need I had to go looking for like one page that told me all the different types and printed it off but it was just ah yucky looking one is there somewhere that I can get a b c d and what they look like on a nice piece of paper to put it the front because I couldn't find that anywhere they just found the one that had like the fan of three and then a fan of three and then I had a color room and myself to remember you know what a b was I love your question you know we'll tell you why you ready for this before as I was prepping for the show and I'm kind of going through what I wanted to share and what I want to point out that the very same thought came to my mind and the reason why is because this album I pulled it out because I switched the album I put in a pretty blue in I had taken my actual physical catalog, which isn't available to consumers it's just for trade shows it's for retailers who want to carry the product, and I actually cut out that those pages that show the different designs I had stuck it in my album, my own personal use well, when I do things as a solution for myself, I usually find it's a solution for other people, so to answer your question, I thought of that and I'm going to do it available right now, but again, I'm helping my team is watching and taking notes, but I can't take notes right now one of you will email me out, you know, where those twelve by twelve page protectors if it was just a sheet to put in there and put in the front to know that any reference it's a reference of what each design looks like and that's exactly what I had in my album and it's exactly what, as I was realizing prepping unlike I've got to do that and so it's really funny that you've asked about it said, thank you very much we will certainly do that will make it a free download on the website making higgins dot com it'll probably be up within a week or so, so definitely check for them that way we can all printed out. It won't be twelve by twelve because most people can't print on a twelve by twelve, but yeah, but it'll be a probably a half by eleven you can slip in the front of your album, would that make the most sense? So you didn't have by eleven? Or is there a different side of his it's up to you guys right now? No pressure right now and colored like it was like the three by fours were yeah, engine the four by systems like our additional templates, we're talking about digital later, but our digital templates are exactly that you can see what street by foreign four by six, just by the color, and it makes it really organized to just look at really quick, they he's so much for sharing that. I hope this is indicative of how much we listen as a company we love when we get little bits like this from people who are like, well, what about this? Or I'm still struggling because I can't figure this out or what about this product idea? We usually do it, we use, we are taken notes and we do stuff like that, and this is such an easy thing that I wish I had thought of sooner and we'll do it tomorrow next week all right, so so back to back to this whole idea and eventually we're all gonna have like this the reference she in the front of our album if you want to organize your plastics like that's a great solution it works but it doesn't work for everybody for whatever reason so another way that you can do it as shown here is that you can't just put your plastics in drawers and you can just you know, put them piling up on top of one another this comes from julie in prescott, arizona and julie's actually done lots of project life I don't know her personally but she is one of our very loyal fans and customers and has shown a lot of stuff on her own blogged and it's really you have to do what works for you so for her she puts them in a drawer the question would be well, how can you see underneath and how does that work? And so maybe one suggestion would be that you put a piece of card stock which can't see, hear and she probably didn't do but put a piece of card side between each eh a b c and then maybe a post it note off to the side that's hanging out that says design ages I'd be so that you can see kind of like tab dividers in a notebook except you're just kind of doing a makeshift you know, alternative within a drawer so that's one way to do it another way that people really enjoy organizing when it comes to the other stuff let's shift our attention from plastics to the cards project life you know, the essence of project life is putting your photos your stories together and so you have all these little cards and they come so organized and these boxes and that's cool but as you become more what's a nice word that we're using interested I want to say obsessed about a cz you will find it's so fun and easy to do to describe looking in this format of slips, upsets of you know you put it all in that you're going to want more because you can now accomplish more than you ever could before and so in order to do something with those products the cards that come in the box if you want to go beyond that and maybe you have even more stuff or maybe I don't like the white boxes maybe your styles rustic and warm and the clean white is like, you know, a striking contrast to what you want to keep up with well then you consider this again going back to this whole like not to get too psychological but think about your personality, what works for you and what motivates u k so for example, these cards are in a little crate no, I'm not going to say run to target and wal mart and pick it up because it's not there, she got this at some. This is julie again in prescott, arizona. And she got this little vintage crate somewhere and she loved it. She picked it up. It's kind of old rustic. She has all of our cards in there. They're not. They're not organized in terms of all of the red ones here and push that's. Not how julie thrives that's not what floats her boat. She just wants all of our cars and keep crate and she's just going to go like this and she's going toe. Use her little fingers and go through and go. All that one's cute shall use that one. Make the process work for you. Set up the organization to work for you so that you'll do best now. Another idea. And certainly if their ideas coming through the internet did you have one? Now they want to share a question related. Really? A question. Not just about how do you store the materials that you scrapbook with? But what about the stuff that you want to scrap book? Yes. Like yeah, absolutely, yes, let me let me get that. Let me come to that in just a second don't let me forget ok so so when it comes to this kind of a thing where you want this desktop organization and you have kind of cards and a little create another way to do it is to find like those plastic door organizer's this one comes from my kia I think I care and it's called the antonius drawer organizer and this comes from jessica she's a blogger at the mom creative and this is how jessica has chosen to organize her cards same concept is that little crate justcause able just to go flip flip, flip flip flip and she could just find her cards pick out the ones that she likes and then just you know sticking into her album I love that I love that this is what works for her and it's designed to be in a jar which also works for her she doesn't need it out can you set this on your counter? You betcha go for it it works great same with the crate have it out looks good wonderful but if you want to take that crate or if you want to take this little drawer organizer and put it in the drawer go figure then then that's great too and along with your organizer's like this there's also like think about silverware organization think about any sort of organization that half end yours and other industries don't think don't think about scrapbooking because you're not going to go to most stores and find a scrap booking organizational tool, we as a people way our training ourselves to think outside the box, we've got to go find other stuff that works in this case, we have somebody who loves project life, she's starting to accumulate and she found you can see clearly it's like a utensil silverware, drawer organizer and look how awesome! Then she took it a step further. This is also julie julian press kit, and she took little pieces of card stock, cut him to the same size as our cards, a little a little hot taller for that label and she's labeled so the addition of project life, which is named we name all of our additions by either theme or color, like the honey edition, the craft edition, the midnight edition, the cobalt, amber it goes on and I'm evolving, and that kind of just signifies and identifies like what? The kid that didn't mean color is she's labeled them so that she can flip through, but she knows quickly. If I'm looking for the jade edition, I'm going to go right there, I'm gonna go to the cherry edition it's over there, and so again that's what works for her, another point to bring up is that we have a product called the organizational tray. This is super inexpensive. Blank, empty tray comes in a project life box, and it literally is the tray. That's it the trade. This is what our cards come in within a box typically like, this is our packaging, but we sell just the tray. And the reason for this is that everything already comes in the court cat so that you leave those cards there if you want. But sometimes you want a box. It goes with all the other boxes, all the other, the other stuff. And we talked a little bit about, like, the stuff most stuff won't fit in here. This is for little things like your little products or your little embellishments or your little stuff that you want to add to your scrapbooking stash here. Probably stash, but also with this, we have touched on it in the last segment. But we have a lot of things outside of court. Kids like the same packs more of those little pax is so the different themes I haven't sitting right here on this desk. And I said, last segment, we have thirty six different things right now and growing. This is just a handful I pulled out for, for example, those all theme packs, this is like a unpatriotic great from military great for fourth of july. Great for whatever americana is the name of the theme pack well becoming that little package and that may be all I need, but if I'm accumulating a whole bunch of different products, then it this tray so nice to be able tio stick right in here. I have another theme that is camping and I can either keep them together in the same section are same compartment or I can break them apart and I could do those little towns like it did in the other product so you can see here that this is great for just extra stuff that maybe is outside of a court kit. Additionally, we have textured cards. We're going to talk about these later, but these air just plain solid textured card stock that coordinates with every edition of project life so that when you have the stuff like the receipt's in the movie ticket stubs and whatever, you can actually just back them with a solid piece of card stock and put that into your album well, where these going to go and keep him in the box? That's that's fine. And that works for me, but if you want to put it with everything else and you want to keep it all together and have these matching boxes in the organizational trey is certainly an option so let's go back to this question for a minute because the question is what about what about the memorabilia that's the one word to sum up what we're talking about all the stuff that doesn't fit marshall say that's not standard four by six we have an entire segment coming up that's about stuff that's not your standard for by six so I'm not going to go deep yet, but I do want to mention that when you have things that are not the product and it's not the pictures but all that other stuff one said suggesting that I would would offer and definitely recommend is to use the big envelope pages or the small envelope pages toe hold your stuff and this is something I haven't touched on yet, but with project life this is part of the system as well. These are exactly what they sound like. They're envelope pages it's like a big plastic envelope or a small plastic envelope that has the three holes in it to go with any standard three by three three ring binder pay whether it's project like album or another scot book album or even a three ring eight and a half by eleven binder that you picked up at the office supply store this was too big and well that you know, but this will fit the told by top album the other sizes are eight and a half by eleven six by twelve and six by six and these air for different purposes but this is what I would say is that when people are wondering well, where do I store that stuff in time actually ready to scrap bucket right here and it simply works it's a self closing it tucks into the little split just like that keeps that secures the things are flying out which is really nice and then it is literally a big envelope to stick stuff in here and then in addition to that every one of them has a pocket on front pockets are not random sizes they are four by six and three by four so that you can take that cute card that you pulled from somewhere and you could stick it in the pocket and that's how you label the contents of what's in here so if you're taking on a huge organizational project and you're going back and you're organizing for example, the past ten years of your family's life and you let's let's say you've got your five kids and you're sorting and organizing and figuring out what goes where and we'll come back to organizing photos you can set up a bomb flow for everyone in your kids ok jake is here maria's here sandy's here whatever and you can put all their stuff in one envelope if it's too much stuff for the one envelope then just break get down wait till you get to that just that child and then you can do like one envelope per year or whatever it depends on your situation so that would be my number one solution that was asked from somebody on the internet is just you know utilize these for storing until you get there now I'm going to make an announcement about something that nobody knows yet just to make sure we're all still awake in here is there a role and it's probably deal right this has been a long time in coming but when it comes to organization and project life we have not yet provided our own solution for like the ultimate organizational thing so I don't have a picture to show you yet which makes the mystery even more like exciting but we do have the project life tote that is coming and it's coming soon jagdish a asked how do you keep these photos and embellishments organized when you're going to a crop or you're away from your normal yeah I'm so glad she asked him about that a lot of people have been thinking about that we're certainly asking time to time but it's been on my brain a long time and now we're actually pulling it off and so there are so many makeshift ways that you can organize and we we want you I want you to really like do what works find your vintage crates if you want or did your clean white, you know, look if you want, but the tote, the project life toad that is, is specifically for project life cards is designed to be on the go. And that way, this tote can be it's scrap pickers who love to go and scrapbook with other people or go off location or or within your house moved from spot to spot because you can't find that stationary, you know, place that you could have drawers and things like that. The project, like total will be that place that you can put all your stuff in, whether it's, all cards or all photos or all project life embellishments or not project like embellishments, it organizes, and so I won't describe it in too much detail. But it will be very soon. You'll be seen asleep prototype images, and so that is coming, and it is awesome. S so watch for that and that's my news flash of the day.

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Preserving your best memories doesn’t need to keep you from making new ones! Join memory keeping maven Becky Higgins for a class on her famous Project Life® scrapbooking system.

Chronicling a good life doesn’t require endless weekend hours glued to your glue stick. Becky will show you how to efficiently create one-of-a-kind scrapbooks using a simple method that preserves your memories and reflects your personal style. In this class, Becky will teach you her back-to-basics approach to memory keeping. She’ll cover organizing your photos, designing a timeless scrapbook and everything in between. You will learn how to select and compile your photos so your scrapbooks tell the story you want future generations to remember.

Whether you want to commemorate a major life event, document a trip, or start an ongoing scrapbooking project, this class will show you how to turn your big moments - as well as your everyday, seemingly mundane but equally important moments - into beautiful memories.

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user a779fb

I have been involved with scrapbooking for many years and have made numerous purchases for supplies, a room full and then became so overwhelmed by all of it that I have done very little. The reason being, that I was so conscious of what everyone else was doing and mine never quite measured up to what I saw that others were doing with all the embellishments, and techniques. I then turned to card making because it was a much quicker gratification than studying and laboring over the perfect layout with the perfect paper and etc. I had gotten an earlier Project Life kit of Becky's a few years ago and because of a very busy life had never fully gotten the concept, but thanks to Creative Live and Becky I am on the right track now. I am so very motivated and have recently taken all of my photos out of old albums, boxes, etc. and have them at least in order by years so that now I can begin to document this life of mine. By the way, I just turned 70 and boy does that mean a lot of photos. I am equally excited to get an album started for each of my grandchildren that they can document their own lives. My three youngest are 9,11 and 13 and are so heavily involved in sports, community, church and life itself that they need to document this now, for sure they will forget when they are 70 and trying to play catch-up. I have been a fan and follower of all things Becky Higgins since the beginning of Creating Keepsakes and have always felt she was so very authentic in her aspect of documenting, living life and celebrating everyday living. She is awesome and thank you Creative Live for having her on and allowing so many of us to share in this 3 day event. I know I am catching this in the summer 2014 when In fact this was done in 2013, but better late than not at all. A very special thanks to Becky!!!

a Creativelive Student

I am very excited to document my families life. I have 5 kids and a wonderful husband and life goes so fast. I feel like I do everything on the express train! However, this course was not for someone with the ADD brain. This 3 day course could have easily been consolidated down to one day.... maybe two. I think Becky is adorable, however, think she said the same thing over and over again just a different way. I am excited to start project life and review the videos as I need to.

Kathy Laflen

I need help with organization and this class really helped. I also love the simplicity of Project Life. One of my favorite things was how pictures are taken of kids projects to preserve them rather than keeping the originals. Photos of hands has also become a new interest thanks to one of the guest presenters. This class was worth every penny!