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Scrapbooking with Project Life

Lesson 11 of 39

Project Life Process with Q&A

Becky Higgins

Scrapbooking with Project Life

Becky Higgins

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11. Project Life Process with Q&A

Lesson Info

Project Life Process with Q&A

Let's find out what's happening out in internet land we've got lots of great questions thank you very much for sharing all your questions and comments as always, let's start with endlessly endlessly saying I'm wondering if most people just use one cork it for an album or a combination of several I find myself getting hung hung up on color coordinating with my photos do you think people makes a match the different story? Excellent question that is I'm gonna ask you guys tio what you d'oh but that is that is really up to you so you know I think that when you're when you're doing a project life and you are deciding what makes most sense for you, some people really do need to stick with one core kit and you need to just leave it at that and not complicate anything for some other people they've got to keep it creative on dh really mix things up and make sure that you are doing it according to what your pictures are in other words, if you're doing an everyday album but you come across pictur...

es of thanksgiving you want to use thanksgiving cards will then mixed sat in and if you would rather have the whole album, look uniforms and just stick with the cork it so it really depends on what you're looking for and in terms of what most people dio I would say if they're brand new to project life they're probably sticking with one kit I personally diehard scott booker obviously a project lifer I actually don't mix it up a whole lot myself I like kind of that ease of just pulling from one box and just making it uniform it looks nice, but I would say that most people who are already doing project life are probably mixing it up. What do you guys still there's anybody in here have in terms of like mixing the product from different kids or do you like it all? You know, farms I only like to mix in the same car, not mixing up the cork it but if I have a christmas, you know, lay out or paid whatever I can stick a christmas card and just make it look a little bit not a lot of explaining that okay, same thing, okay, yes, we do a little different. I set up my project life at the very beginning of the year and I that way when I find you have ticket stubs for movies and stuff, I just stick it in and then I can do it during so I do the whole year up front because that works for my busy life as a single mom working and then I just print picture and I'm done so that's really kind of thing you're talking about twelve I told album you pick one, cork it and you set up the whole thing at the beginning of the year because you're doing it chronologically, it sounds like and no matter what comes along in your life and whatever picks is in a printing, you aren't even scrapbooking, you're not even doing cards are ready to go it's already there you took the photos and you add it to what already exists and then you're you're instantly caught up. Yeah, because if I had to pick and choose like and as I was going, it wouldn't get done, but if I just sit down one day and do it all up front, then I then I keep up with do what works for you because some people at home are probably thinking, I've got to do it as I go because I want those cards to go with my well, yeah, then dude, then do that right? Great question lori's asking I love the idea of a gift album. Is there a cork it for couples say, for a wedding or anniversary gift? Yeah, we do have a way to have a little kit that is for wedding and I don't have it here this is the mini kit and the many kid comes in different themes and stuff, so for example, this one right here is the childhood um one of the childhood editions and it has cards in here that are the ones I was showing you from cruz album these are just a more neutral palette, but it's the same idea it covers childhood like school and just being a kid like just life as a kid, where is this one? The holiday edition? This has everything from christmas to valentine's day to halloween to back to school thanksgiving fourth of july for those in america, you know it's it's different. So yes, we have a wedding many kids now as faras a specific shame for what was it couple's wedding is really specific, but if I'm doing an album about my husband and myself, I'm not looking for a couples can I just I'm going toe put our pictures with whatever cards I like best and whatever seems to, you know, enhance those pictures the most so there's not anything specific for that necessarily seems like whatever story you want to tell you just match it up yet, okay? And was medicate you're using to tell cruz story that was one quick question from michelle yeah, absolutely so it's the childhood many kids thought was pointing out and this is available and three different styles because everyone it's like the baby, the baby, I have a neutral version and then I had baby for him and baby for her and it's the same thing with the child had many can I have one that is very neutral the one I was showing you I have one that I used in cruz album not his baby album but the other one where it's very I'm kind of boy and then I have one that's more feminine and pinks and funds bright happy girly kind of colors and so people have options for the style but there are three for childhood cool ok so a couple more questions, please all right so this is about children's albums maria wants to know well actually for your kid's artwork do you devious it if I the artwork before you put it in the protectors good question on their idea certification products out there I'm not as familiar with what the latest and greatest is on the acidification it's actually something again we're keeping it riel here we're keeping it real that's something I actually want to look into a little bit more and certainly if people who are watching actually are aware of products that take the acid out of papers the chime in and share with us and let us know in the meantime I haven't I have not been the acidifying I this will be my art the kids are directly into page protectors and leaving it the my my photos and my cards are all archival great and I guess if it's that important you can actually take a photograph of it and print that out that's right? So this is a follow up in the children's album theme irish goose wants to know love saying that do your kids create their own albums or do they just add to the ones that you create? Thank you for asking my kids you ready for this are not as interested in doing project like cells. Okay, are you sure that they're yours so here's? The longer explanation for that I actually have had them dio some some project life both in many album form and they're full sizes but start to finish none of them can seem toe like have an attention span long enough to complete the album. I would say that my kids are actually the exception because I'm hearing lots of lots of testimonials about families who have kids who are start to finish doing their own albums. So I have the answer in parts like that because while my kids particularly aren't necessarily doing it start to finish, a lot of kids are and they are loving it because it is easy and kids love to be creative don't get me wrong, but a lot of them enjoy this process just as much as we adults do, which is you slip things in pockets I mean it's just it's so easy everything slips in and you're able to enjoy your pictures and for the kids it means that they have quicker results and being able to enjoy their own scrapbooks it does certainly really easy now denise has been trying to get into the quest they're very easy to slip in if you put them in the the album the right way I just discovered that it has to say becky higgins on the left but I'm in upside down and she was literally putting it in this sway outside okay I can't see it on my glasses on you should put him in yes a word to the wise right here along the spine you also you always see the design letter in this bottom on the bottom yes and it will be legend ball you know it it's silver we want to keep it subtle we don't need a brand everything in your scott books really blatantly but we want to make sure that you could see which design is which so you know which more you you know what you need more ever whatever but the design letter is always in the the corner no matter what it is yeah okay what other questions are are you guys coming across here? I'm actually fascinated they would almeida is doing now it looks like you've all brought photographs is anyone for anything you know anything else anything else is going to go in your scrapbook I just have a little memorabilia ticket stub went numb. Let's talk about your ticket stubs so you might actually fit right in that spot, which I'll probably stick a car. I was going t o yeah, six. They fit in the spot and that's awesome and it's like it's always such a good thing when they fit in the pocket that you plan on it. But I would suggest putting a card behind it looks like you're doing that now, and it just gives it that finish luck, doesn't it? And that's what? We have the solid textured cards for a swell. If you don't want to put a project life like a journaling carter filler card, you could just have a solid piece of card stock, and you're asking, you know what else today putting and besides pictures, I'll show you here on claire scrapbook, something else that I like to dio a lot with my kids. I want them actually writing on the card I want I hand them the project life card, and I say go for it. So one thing that I did with with claire is that we found not too long ago that claire was she had rules and apparently somebody was breaking one of her rules right and we didn't know that she had rules and so she's like she was kind of freaking out a little bit so we said clear honey calm down what's going on she's like that is against my rules and so I'm like what what rules you have mom no tickling you can I tickle me and you can't do this and so she had this listen I'm like hold on I'm going to get a product in a project life card I hand it to her she got as a pencil and she writes the rules the rules about me no tickling dad mom reporter know scaring porter because she puts everyone's names next to the rule no laughing at me mom and dad and we liked we laughed when she does something cute but she's offended by that like that's that she doesn't like that it hurts her feelings no making fun of me no kicking me no killing me no killing claire it's against the rules guys listen to me that's her role which sounds a little bit unfortunately like I was when I was a little girl little bossy read a story that's a role mom read me a story be nice porter and everybody just be nice so I mean how precious is this right now I love this but imagine how much more this means and five years, ten years. Imagine what this means to her grandchildren. This is phenomenal. One thing for me to write it down. Another thing for her in her own words, another another example is that sometimes when I hear from a teacher or a friend or someone who shared something about my child, I write it down. So I got an email from her teacher and I wanted to write down what she said claire had a fantastic day. She has such an excited lerner and has offered so much to our solar system unit the students and myself especially appreciated the media, right? She shared claris that's a wonderful example for her peers. Well, I know that I love that. I appreciate that, but to actually put this portion of an email in her scrapbook immortalizes it. I mean, this is like a permanent thing that said about claire that boost her esteem that she now has forever. I definitely want my kids to be involved in their scrapbooks, even though they don't necessarily have an interest in doing it a lot themselves. I do hand to hand over to them and ask them tio two right on cards. This is another example the card on here says handwriting. The ideas get a handwriting sample and it says, my dog's name is oreo, I love him that is what she chose to write, so not only am I getting a handwriting sample sample, but I'm also seeing what's really important declare at this time another thing this little card gives you an opportunity is against from the childhood many kids that says things I like to do and it has little check boxes, you can check any of these boxes or you can write more. So she checked the box for outdoor activities and art and games and then wrote, I love to do really art or messy are for colored are I love to play outside and animal games, and that is super telling of claire. So so don't be. Don't despair if your kids aren't really into this if becky higgins kids aren't into project life, it's okay, if your kids are dear dad, you are the best dad in the world, from claire to david, not down to david love and you know, again, this is this is the way that I involve my kids. I have them right on cards, and I am super satisfied with that. Now we talked about stuff to put in albums you had some tickets does I don't know if the audience at home could see these faces but man they are serious in here okay she's partying in the back of everyone's focused and really like down to business that's what project life does if we were in a traditional scott look in class and I was here yapping your ear off there would be some blank stares at the pages and I get that you all know that anyone has a scrapbook or has been to classes it can feel overwhelming unless you're being walked through step by step I'm not walking through step by step in holding anybody's hands here because everyone's just slipping photos into pockets let me show you another example up here of a couple things to include in an album here's you know no no prince regular order I have a few things on this page it's designed b picture picture this is a screen shot this is a screen shot from my phone you guys know how to do that? No yes ok this is how you do it. I don't know an android but on an iphone if you have an iphone you take that main bottom but that the at the bottom of the phone and the top button the power at the top and you click him at the same time they just took a picture. That's a screen shot and then it's going to be in your camera roll. Okay, so I like to take screen shots on my phone. This this one in particular is a text on this. We were in a car pool with a friend, alison alison, text b and she was quoting this conversation that she heard in the car. Nobody gets me and I said, how hot love her it's been heard before? She's like, oh, yeah, it was in regards to the rock paper scissors game she maintained that porter would never beat rock and real life porter and I tried to explain that it's just a game. It wasn't happening so funny. That's just that's. Not funny to necessarily other people. It's funny to us is a family because I could totally see her frustrated and the situation. And to say nobody gets the that's totally worth a screen shot on my phone and sticking into the album right here in the same context. We have a few scan things that I reduced and printed talking about this tomorrow. Talking about this process tomorrow that look over here hearings. Claire got a year's terrorist really excited the's or her first little hearings. And she's done a couple of years later she wants to have nothing to do with hearings I don't care that's fine with me so we for sure we want to preserve these and keep these little hearings in there original artwork of both front and back this is an eight and a half by eleven page protector um more arts what kind of other questions and comments are coming from our internet? Well, hell, I got break the rules you tip line because we're not supposed to talk about ourselves, but with this one it says I get this british guy so much credit I wonder what his thoughts are about this crazy group of women with I don't think that it all I'm loving this they're not crazy group of women they are so enjoying what they're doing and it's lovely to be a part of it, but I'm really enjoying it and I do actually do scrapbooking myself he said he's actually the mr scott burger I'm not here but yeah let's these ladies are having a great time. I think online audience really enjoying that really? I think some of them are scrapbooking with us to know they do and they do in here's actually a real question it comes actually from three different people chanel she front comments and danielle b all want to know about suggestions for older pictures like three and a half by five or the older back picks could you put them at the top of the four by six solid paper and then slipped them into the slots? Excellent question time and and again we have a segment coming up this actually about odd size photos and size stuff and I want to address that more specifically at that time but I'll I'll answer your question now a short answer is that my person personal recommendation comes in two parts first of all, if you have a ton of pictures that you do want to preserve in digital format anyway, my recommendation would be that you scanned them all anyway and if you're scouting them all and you want to print them all four by six to slip a man and not have gaps around an awesome but if you want to just scrapbook literally the ones that you have right there that might suggest him with the that you add that picture the odd size photo on top of a four by six cards and that's where you can use a little adhesive just really lightly but just a little strip of adhesive I'm on the back of the photo to put on the four by six card another thing that you could do is use a little strip of washing tape which is a common and popular and well loved product in scrap booking just very it's acid free and archival it's made right and it's decorative and you could just put a little strip of t that the top and that way it's not only adhering the picture to the card but it's also it's also a decorative element so those are my two main suggestions it's a great question and we'll go more in depth yeah what our audience they're actually doing what they brought with them today in terms of what they're hoping to memorialize them if you don't mind chris farley tammy's just happens to be closest to me what did you bring today? What do you want for the scrapbook you creating? I'm doing just a family album my daughter's a photographer and she takes a lot of family pictures of s and so I'm trying to organize I'm not going in any particular order because I called him I can move my my page is around you totally I'm starting with thanksgiving of last year we had a photo shoot and then if I find something before I put it on top you know it's a magical thing what are you seeing what I'm seeing this is coming out of this midnight editions and there's yellow in some of the clothes her family's wearing so it goes perfectly and this is one thing I should point about point out about if you don't mind this is the midnight edition I talked about earlier and with this midnight edition everything is very neutral black white gray with a little pop of yellow and the reason why I'm bringing a little attention to this one is that as in see you use it here this is exactly why I love the midnight edition so much is that it really makes your pictures shine because it's so minimalist so so like clean and pure most of us want to have more fun with color and so that's why most rockets have lots more color because it's scrapbooking it's fun but that that midnight edition is perfectly probably mix up the additions because we have a photo shoot in red so I'll take my cherry yeah mission and I'll do some pages with that I'll mix it up yeah absolutely cool I mean what are you working on? T o r family spends a lot of time at bear lake which the lake on the utah idaho border and we go there every summer so I have pictures going back fifteen years and I decided to put all the pictures together from all those different summers and it's in one album fun the whole is that not because of just organizational but the fact that you are taking what a deep family tradition and have year after year after year of that same tradition and one album and this is to the point of you don't have to do chronological scrapbooking you don't have to dio in order of year or an order of chronology days and weeks. And forget all of that and say, you know what? This one theme there like in your case is in one album that's going to be a family favorite for sure? Very cause she's using the rain addition, the rain edition is this beautiful, moody blues, greens, purples and it's beautiful with her water pictures on dh keep in mind, you know, no different from the midnight edition is all of these cards are versatile journaling for filler designs it's up to her as she is going through this process, so we want to see some others as well. Don't you want people with yourself to david? You're sharing, okay? I'm I'm kind of how I did it was I actually started project life the beginning of the year, and my daughter got engaged july eighth, and my life changed until november third when it was over, I think I think so, so I'm taking my pictures from july, which kind of started the story of what we went through, and so I'm going to continue that through the beginning of november, but it's just trips, we took events with them, getting to know their family, our family's things that we, you know, just experienced from july until that day in one album oh yeah yeah it's probably gonna be continuous and then when she gets her her wedding pictures and everything I think this will be great to do a wedding album for her they'll be separate but this is just the process that it took to get there of merging families to theoden shin that you're using is I'm joined is the sunshine addition very happy and vibrant it's fun and it has kind of an eclectic feel to it in some are very script e there's a lot of like really clean cards and clean design and you know again the backs the one side of all these has a filler design and then you have options of journaling and filler on each of these cards and so that's going to give you options as you're going through right and not mixing and matching the cards with the photos and I love this color palette for what you're doing it looks like summer time you guys were right leg very very fun so should we see from more okay, what are you working on? I'm or can those dreaded boxes of printed pictures that I've had in my cause of how good this so a thousand into luck you're getting it's driving me crazy though it's not digital and I think oh I could go in and you know I know just get him and just get them in just get to men and may I may I borrow this something go up to the table for a second. Your kids ok with showing tell are you okay? Okay. I have not seen anyone's pictures I not you know this is this is no prep for me. It's really helpful for me to probably explain something. What? What you have here are you have pictures? Let me a little let me get this guys I'm telling you I'm better thinking when my space is clear but I'm talking about now I have my space all right? So you have a stack of photos here you're able to work with them horizontal vertical no matter what's going on, you could slip them in, you have doubles, you know that you can you can toss one or he used it in a different album or whatever. You don't want to include doubles, you know to which I know that you're not getting pointing that out in case somebody is wondering with this type of picture you have a decision with each one. If you want to just leave it as a four by six or if you want to trim some of them down to that three by four size, by all means go for it that's great cause if you can get more pictures in the album so in this case there's a story here. I would probably be tempted to trim this down to three by four. However, would I know that she was on an airplane? If I do with this, so I probably leave it. Ok. So this is an example of how you narrow down example of tea. You pray that yeah, because, you know, this is really fantastic. I'm seeing that there are pictures haven't seen these before. She is cute. What is her name? Sarah. Sarah she's involved now? Oh, she's always so happy that you're doing is oh, my goodness. Hey there, ho there, america on the whole world loves you right now. All right, let's, talk about narrowing down. We have this opportunity to really kind discuss so I'm just spreading some potential and that's what I've noticed is because if I would have scrapping these pain, you know, even two thousand five or whatever, I would have been more a test. Him, I'm not as attached to him. There you go. That's gone so far, cem and like it's. Okay, to not do it immediately. I'm so glad that you brought that up. Not only is it not not only is it okay, but you gain perspective. So this whole idea of me going back and doing our wedding album, I'm going to take any journaling from the moment and make sure that that transfers over if I ever read do this album. But my perspective has changed. I love my husband more today than I did when we got married. There's more that I would probably add to a wedding album now, because it's been many years and so it's okay that you do things later. Let's talk about sarah's pictures for a minute. She is, darling, every picture of sarah is cute. But do we want to include all of these? Negative? Now, this is why, if I look through a scrapbook that showed, for example, all of these pictures on one page I put probably glaze over just a little bit because I glance at it and psychologically it's stay stuck on glancing and that's because I see similarities right in here. So let me just pushes the side and talk about these for a minute. Right here we see three pictures that are similar. If you want to include all of them for one reason or another. Gray, I am not going. I'm not going to stop you, but I would say that this one's blurry don't need it. This one whenever there's a finger in front of the flash and it bounces off, it makes everything else dark. And when I compare the two this one, I mean, look at those eyes there is looking at me. This one means something to me. So if I were to choose one that's, my that's, my choice right there. I don't need the other one's necessarily again, I'm not saying everything has to be narrowed down to just the one picture. But you certainly have choices when you have similar pictures. Let's. Do it again. Okay, let's, do it with these other pictures of sarah. So we have all of these. Obviously, this people kiss. We know not to use the duplicates, but when I look at the's, I'm getting the idea that these are not a special occasion, but rather they were shia ventures. Say that again. So some of them in months. So she was seven months old and you were trying to get a nice picture of sarah. Okay, and everything in this yellow outfit with sarah. Seven months? Correct. All right, great. If you want a full layout of sarah seven months old, then that's. One thing, in fact, the baby kid. Gives you those cards to say this layouts at seven months old if it were me, let's pretend these are all from about that same time of sarah b in seven months old and they're not. Obviously I can see that. But if they were, then I would, you know, they aren't that's. My other daughter. Anna. Okay. Hi, anna. Okay. Yeah, the idea would be that if I know that one layout is covering that particular month on let's. Say, I'm doing just four by six photos. I know that I have eight pockets for four by six. One of them's, a title card that brings me to seven. So which seven of these do I want? And that's where you start narrowing down? I have more than seven. Okay, immediate know why? Flurry k blurry, this one's blurry also see how easy it is to narrow down this one looks a little accidental, you know, like she's. Not really. They're now we're down to these. Okay. Blurry that one's out. Okay, here we are. We're narrowing down now, and this is just for my family album, so I would only pick one I e I mean, this is far because it is not about seven on her, okay, just I would just pick one for our family, our fact going if it were just for her and you're doing a humble way out on her seven months, then you would probably narrow down and I would probably too I would choose to that or at least different enough where maybe it's farther out so that you can see that's her betting that's her story right there and these things that were in her crib and I would choose it close up that really shows those eyes if it's a family album and you really know that you want to narrow down one then the question is, well, what am I trying to portray? Am I trying to focus on my beautiful girl or am I trying to focus on the surroundings of sarah in her crib and that's how you choose? I'm not choosing for you I'm not even saying which one or the other I'm just saying you can take a stack of how many pictures was this and you can narrow down tio no one because of whatever reason you decide so that is that's what I go through in terms of process of narrowing down pictures what kind of other questions are we getting? Well, I'll talkto all the students we have no oh yeah please what do you do with those access photos? Great questions, you tax rate question I some of them for her baby you know I pick and say ok like these two for her baby album yeah I think I took the rest yeah well ok don't say that on your own it throw them away way to throw pictures away once you once you scrapbook the ones that you know you want to keep and they're done they're there you don't have to keep the extras it's ok it's kind of like with our digital photos you don't have to print all of them that's if we if we all printed and did something with every picture we ever took oh my goodness like that that is intent amounts of printing and and space ok, so what else were you going to say? Something like what do you do with those excess and there is a terrible of their glory or whatever I do throw them away they are just marginally less good than what I'm using I'll take it behind it in the same pocket oh, great. I need next your picture for something down the road like you know it's my child spotlight day in kindergarten yeah it's back there to pull out genius that's so genius second higgins just called me so I love that because of specifically what you just said it the tail and sometimes your kids are going to come across a school project and it does not add bulk it's a picture I mean we're not even talking to millimeter of thickness there it is so it's so thin and you have that ok that's beauty of pocket scrap booking for the ninety seven threes and right there is being able to put that the extras right behind so I'm so glad that you brought that up who else wanted to comment about extra pictures and what you do with them if you don't throw them away, you don't touch him behind the pocket is there anything else that you guys dio using from other projects? Ok? Well on any album or something, what do you do with them though before you get them into other projects? I think that's probably part of the question is what do you do with them before that before? Like where do you store them? Oh, come back in the same area, put him right back into the little box and now what I was going to go back to is just go back to where you're organizing and where you are I'm storing and and sorting and categorizing and contain a rising and everything that we talked about in the past segments that's where you want to keep your stuff is in those containers and then you can pull from them so I'm not an advocate of one or the other I'm gonna say the same thing I said a lot do what works for you so what are you working on? I've got thirteen milestone while you have been like, how long have we been doing this? And I'm kind of weird, I like the journal cards to all be the same because then the focus is on the picture, so I put all the same journal cards, okay? I'm so glad you brought this up. I'm so glad that you did everything that I'm showing I really do mix in the cards and I like to show a lot of color, but I see a lot of examples we see a lot of examples all the time of people using project life, and I have noticed a lot of people do you really enjoy this process of simply using the same card throughout the layout because we knew offer a handful of each design right? For the most part depends on the kid so that if you wanted to that as an option, you can, so I'm really glad that you brought that out. What are you working on cantor family album? And this is actually a trip up to oregon that we took in the summertime, so I'm putting all those pictures I'm noticing that if you put for your pages pictures, pictures, pictures, you're matching yes, you're sticking in all of your pictures first and then you're going to go back and throw the cards in is that right? Yes. That's what I did to I throw all my pictures in and then I make the product work with my numbers. I want if I need more space like I need the three before, sir pictures I'd rather sacrifice the cards. Absolutely awesome. That's so cool. We have just a few minutes left, so we might as well find out what you guys are doing as well. I'm super interested and anything she is catching you're back. I have issues, I have issues weigh all have a way, like I tend to obviously print photographs before I decided and what format I'm gonna put him in and then I have issues because I don't know how many photographs to put on for each subject, okay? And then I don't know that sometimes the later don't fit like if I really want a photograph and, you know, I've already done half of it, okay? And I have that and, uh, horizontal where vertical is and then I'm stuck with that picture and die reprinted or do I change you? You make it not complicated for yourself. That's what you didn't have issues you got? Yeah, and that's that's why I wanted you guys to scrapbook here with me live so that we can come across the real life struggles and hurdles and address them so I'm glad that you brought it up when it comes to this kind of a situation where you have something that you are, you're stuck because you're finding that you're tryingto a square peg into a round hole. Then I tried I personally just to simplify the process, I work with it in other words, let's say it definitely out and I have one more spot for a vertical four by six I can put my sticky note on there and go find a four by six photo that fits in there, or I can simply pull one of the four by six journaling cars from the kit and just right and right on that card and make that my journaling spot and just work with work with what I've gotten yeah, the spot where I got my myself to that point, so but, you know, it depends on what it is to like I showed you that picture of ali scrapbook, and I showed you my own scrapbook where I've posted I wanted the intentional about what's on there, so I know I've got something in mind. I know this is going to go here, I think that, you know, this is going to go there at the post it's adding them so then I know what I need to print obviously just printing, yeah, last, but not leave I know on day four of the twenty two day trip and I'm loving the craft um system because they've got only this is the craft edition of process in addition and it's got all these wonderful little sayings that I don't have to do very much journaling at all I mean it's like for real yeah so yeah I'm slamming these in my days and you guys a question thank you so much this is this is so cool for me to see you guys in real life like really doing this my question is because you've all experienced traditional scrapbooking as well and they're both awesome like I said at the beginning I don't care how people do it I want people to preserve their memories and do something but can you explain to those who are watching at home who aren't doing this with us? What it feels like what this process okay, lisa just went I'm I'm fourteen layouts and what I talk so much at the beginning I didn't and I don't want to be like, ok, I've got ten thousand products to choose from on which sticker joined one where do I place that like it just takes the guests were gala just relief like and accomplish something like my aunt and you're surrounded by distractions yeah, we're talking, I'm talking, you're sharing this little space with your new b f f you know it's, not your comfort zone, you're not at home, you're not there with all of your stuff, and yet you're able to be super productive and that's the idea of, like, goingto crop, or going to a scrapbooking gathering and doing these type of things with other people. We get e mails all the time from people who are getting together and doing this, and they're accomplishing a tremendous amount. So instead of just girlsnight and coming home and look what I did, honey, oh, half of the layout, okay, so I promise I'll get more done next time. It is no longer like that. It is productivity, which feels so good, we can be creative, and we can have fun. But we can be productive.

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Preserving your best memories doesn’t need to keep you from making new ones! Join memory keeping maven Becky Higgins for a class on her famous Project Life® scrapbooking system.

Chronicling a good life doesn’t require endless weekend hours glued to your glue stick. Becky will show you how to efficiently create one-of-a-kind scrapbooks using a simple method that preserves your memories and reflects your personal style. In this class, Becky will teach you her back-to-basics approach to memory keeping. She’ll cover organizing your photos, designing a timeless scrapbook and everything in between. You will learn how to select and compile your photos so your scrapbooks tell the story you want future generations to remember.

Whether you want to commemorate a major life event, document a trip, or start an ongoing scrapbooking project, this class will show you how to turn your big moments - as well as your everyday, seemingly mundane but equally important moments - into beautiful memories.

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user a779fb

I have been involved with scrapbooking for many years and have made numerous purchases for supplies, a room full and then became so overwhelmed by all of it that I have done very little. The reason being, that I was so conscious of what everyone else was doing and mine never quite measured up to what I saw that others were doing with all the embellishments, and techniques. I then turned to card making because it was a much quicker gratification than studying and laboring over the perfect layout with the perfect paper and etc. I had gotten an earlier Project Life kit of Becky's a few years ago and because of a very busy life had never fully gotten the concept, but thanks to Creative Live and Becky I am on the right track now. I am so very motivated and have recently taken all of my photos out of old albums, boxes, etc. and have them at least in order by years so that now I can begin to document this life of mine. By the way, I just turned 70 and boy does that mean a lot of photos. I am equally excited to get an album started for each of my grandchildren that they can document their own lives. My three youngest are 9,11 and 13 and are so heavily involved in sports, community, church and life itself that they need to document this now, for sure they will forget when they are 70 and trying to play catch-up. I have been a fan and follower of all things Becky Higgins since the beginning of Creating Keepsakes and have always felt she was so very authentic in her aspect of documenting, living life and celebrating everyday living. She is awesome and thank you Creative Live for having her on and allowing so many of us to share in this 3 day event. I know I am catching this in the summer 2014 when In fact this was done in 2013, but better late than not at all. A very special thanks to Becky!!!

a Creativelive Student

I am very excited to document my families life. I have 5 kids and a wonderful husband and life goes so fast. I feel like I do everything on the express train! However, this course was not for someone with the ADD brain. This 3 day course could have easily been consolidated down to one day.... maybe two. I think Becky is adorable, however, think she said the same thing over and over again just a different way. I am excited to start project life and review the videos as I need to.

Kathy Laflen

I need help with organization and this class really helped. I also love the simplicity of Project Life. One of my favorite things was how pictures are taken of kids projects to preserve them rather than keeping the originals. Photos of hands has also become a new interest thanks to one of the guest presenters. This class was worth every penny!