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Scrapbooking with Project Life

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Scanning & Photographing Memorabilia

Becky Higgins

Scrapbooking with Project Life

Becky Higgins

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15. Scanning & Photographing Memorabilia

Lesson Info

Scanning & Photographing Memorabilia

So this is where we are we have envelope pages, we have the idea of turning it down and we have this idea of scanning it. So before we talk about photographing let's, talk about scanning a little bit, I don't bring a scanner. I'm not gonna have you watched me lift the little bit scanner. I've put it on and push a button, but that's essentially what the scanner is and there there's so much more affordable these days, but the idea of scanning is just a beautiful thing. We will actually talk about this more later today when our tech expert is here with me because I want to go into a little bit more specifics, but let's, just talk high level kind of conceptual for right now, as we're talking about this idea of odd size stuff, I'm such a fan of scanning it makes sense, it works scan stuff you printed out, you're saving space because there's things that are dimensional and also you can print them smaller again. We'll get to the specifics later, but you don't have to print everything even a f...

ull four by six size, but you can take a stack of stuff as you can see here and and that whole stock I literally took it in my it's called skin scan and snap and it's something that we could actually feed the whole stack of things at the top of your printer I know pushed the button and those were just runs to him. So instead of opening a flat bad sticky and on pushing a button waiting, waiting, waiting on then the next one it literally just that's some throw it's amazing. So we'll talk more about that in our tech segment, but check out this sack right here you take a stock like that, you scan it and then you print them out even like in smaller sizes like this. And this is what your your results can be. Anybody cute, adorable little three by four or four by six images and this is just a special to me. My child's drawing, then a full size picture our original stock regular paper great question you can print on photo paper a lot of people don't think about that and again, I wanted for sure just that more specifically with kevin later today, but you can print your scanned stuff, act as a photograph and just cut that up if you want to or not, I like to print on cars stuck because I like my immediate results. I scanned it all right, I want to print it really quick second, slip it into my album and again make sure that your card stock is archival, you know, because it's not all you know made the same way and so you want to make sure to be aware of that so here's another example these air to me miniature anything is adorable so when I think about what these originals are, which is these full eight half by eleven lined notebook paper and how I'm now this my son holding his little itty bitty four by six little prince of his school work I can still read every word I can still see everything and they were all really I don't say worthy of but worthy of being a full page in the scott book because beginning with the end in mind for me as you might remember from day one is I don't want my kids to go away from me with this many scrapbooks I want them to have a handful and so if I were to save everything in its original form and scott book at all, well then I'm defeating my my goals it doesn't work so once you printed them out and you actually stepped up slipped them into a project life album, this is an example of what it looks like so organized super organized it's orderly everything fits into pockets another example right here from claire's album we're just gonna grab her actual album and see if I can find some are in here I can show you this actually I brought this actually for um the text segment that we're gonna be talking about but you see all this right here I saved it for one reason to show you the stash that's the only reason I say that because I'm gonna go home and I'm going to recycle it I'm done with it and the reason why is my daughter is special her stuff is special but I have a scan and I have it reduced and printed and now it's displayed in her scrapbook that could enjoy a whole lot more than a stack of papers that's tucked away no matter where it's tucked away so that's my point is is being able to more easily and accessibly conveniently organized and and tap back into and enjoy the stuff that your kids are doing let's see if I can find an example I am not your putting onto an eight and a half by eleven that start trimming it down yes and that's why I wanted I want to dive in more with kevin because he's going to actually show us I can show you but I'm not set up in this segment but you you can actually set up a template and your word processing that has three by four or four by six boxes so then you take that scan image you drop it in and so I print out that eight and a half by eleven page with the little three by four or four by six images on there so let's see if you could see this a little bit better all kind of walk you through great and you guys know how much it bothered me that there's a mess underneath take him in and hold on, guys, everyone pauses show I'm gonna clean up my mess you know me well, you know, this is killing me what? We look what we're like you not here and it might be a little bit blown out with a lot of white. Hopefully you can see you going to worry about the details, but every one of these is a is on a note of paper or a white sheet of paper or it's a test from school or its use something like that where it's literally scan shrunk and a door rubble adorable to see little are in miniature form that's what I love so much about it, not just the preservation of it but how me is this at a glance to see all this stuff laid out and I can read every single word my daughter in church one time decided that she would write her own him she was going to make up her own words, you know oh, great and powerful god, you have the power, teo, you know, just just a sweet and she wrote that out I'm like ok that's I mean that's a part of who she is. That's what she's doing right now? A story about pocahontas, my favorite animal. Lt's, hot pop, my little benny, you know, whatever she's doing is all here viewable and that it's such a treasure to me. So I'm a fan. I am a fan of scanning and preserving those things so that you will actually enjoy them, because I do believe that if you keep them awful size, you will not be as likely to actually enjoy them. So any questions before I keep rambling on and I have more rambling to d'oh, we'll give you shout are you guys going so far? Okay, that's specific change protector. What? Um, alphabet numbers that the one and then all the three by force because that to me just having one picture and then all those little small things that you've scanned is just such a brilliant idea. I mean, yeah, yeah, I'm keeping my four by six and three before the only two sizes that generally even need to think about we have several just to give you an example of the one that you're asking about that one system right here, this is designed f so the idea here is that you can put a title card. At the top and this title card will actually announce what it is if you want and then look at all of these and we have the same design in this format as well it's in the back it's, one of the leader ladder because I don't know what I felt when they were going to do with this I can't put that many, you know, decorative cards in or whatever, but now that I see that you've put the scan things in there, that makes so much more sense to me, yeah, absolutely he is another example of this square format, and I bring this up because a lot of people do love to print square photos so you can implement the scanned are in with this get or with your four by four photo prints as well, so and I'm gonna I'm gonna actually walk through using these, we're going to do a kind of a live demo here that's going toe kind of demonstrate that a little bit more. So my last point that I wanted to make in terms of what to do, we talked about envelope ages and trimming it down and scanning and photographing, which you brought up earlier, and I talk about that photographing something does not you do not need a photo studio, you didn't not need lighting, you don't even need that much of skill and we have photographers watching you're like oh, I got skill I know how to work out something but most of us who are scrap bookers we're just taking our everyday pictures with our everyday phones in fact, if I can have brian, could we get david to bring my iphone into the studio? That would be great so with photographing and with preserving things through this process of photographing it's the same idea that we talked about with scanning my kids are so special to me but a lot of it is large and I don't it doesn't fit even in my largest page protector and you can't go larger than this in a standard twelve by twelve album and you probably wouldn't want to do I think that you should throw them all away no I'm not saying that are suggesting that I think it's great tio definitely save some of the masterpieces but knowing your limitations in terms of how big you can go in a scrapbook photography, photographing and object is key so to show an example I mean show several examples of what that might look like but here's some tips that I want to share with you and is that that's my phone right? Okay cool I'll take it a little demo in a minute thank you so much for my sound is off nobody text me for the next five minutes natural light is best natural light is best super important to keep this in mind, and I say this because a lot of people tend to forget about that flash feature they just go auto mode, auto mode, auto mode, and I'm not going into technical photography stuff it's there so much of that on creative life, that's amazing, awesome education on taking better pictures, but I'm just I'm just a mom, okay? And we're just going to talk about just everyday use of just something that's built in into my phone, okay? And everyone has a smart one. Has a camera might happens to be iphone five s it is a phenomenal built in camera, so that's, what? I'm going to be demoing in a minute, natural light is best because why, when the flash goes off, no matter what kind of lighting situation you're in, okay, we've got a lot of lights on us in here, and it could be a dark night or minimal light in the corner of a room or could be a room like this, but when that flash goes off on, this isn't a rule for all situations, but in terms of what we're talking about with photographing stuff, it's going to blast out. Whatever is in front of it that's the pointing of a flash when you need more light but when you're purposefully taking an object and photographing it, knowing that you won't put it in your scott book if the flash goes off you all of a sudden bill, you you have that blast of light you wash it out there's no more dimension, it becomes flat, it just is a flat image when you turn the flash off and you get natural light and I would suggest like inside of it, we're going to show you in a minute but inside of a door inside of a garage or something like that you're going to see the curves, the wrinkles, the dimension and all sorts of ways that you can't get if you blast it out with the flash so natural light is best shoot straight down, not a rule. None of these rules do not think I'm giving you roll these suggestions shooting straight down makes sure that you have that object and it's like and it's clarity and its full view of whatever you know, whatever it is if you kind of just haphazardly go like this with an object that sitting here, then it's not really your missing kind of you're more distracted by this angle than the object of being just straight down on it another tip is a simple background having a simple background takes away distractions visually from photographing that object, of course, and then have somebody having someone hold the item just adds personality. Creating a grouping is very cool for for condensing lots of questions I know about condensing because there's so much stuff you don't have to photograph one item at a time, and I'm going to show you some examples of this in a second you khun group them together and have several things in one image and it's a miracle, and you save a lot of space. And then one other tip I want to share is that when you create a spot for for photographing items, then as scrap bookers now that we're all kind of, we're in this to win it, we're in it, we're devoted, we want to do this, we want to be good memory keeper's, if you know in your mind, you've got that one corner in your bedroom or that one part of the countertop in your office or whatever doesn't always have to be blank. But you know where that spot is that has good natural light and you could shoot straight down and it's a clean, organized background, or whatever it is that you want out of your results, then you're going to be more likely to do it. Hey, I should photograph this one thing my kid brought home from the school great! I know my spot I'm gonna go there I'm going to shoot it and I have it and I'm done and so if you don't have that spot again not a rule simply a suggestion if you don't have that spot then you are less likely to do it because you're procrastinating ok, I'll photograph that I'm going to get to it see where should I do it? I got to get dinner then you know you just were way too easily distracted and all of the best ways let me show you what my spot looks like in my office I have a door that opens up to the backyard there's even molding missing from the door it's in bad shape this you know it's not a pretty spot but I have the simple wood floor it's not distracting it's just a nice warm color that's on the ground and I had this natural light you khun tell you don't have to be a photography expert to see there's all this light flooding in it's kind of a north facing you guys understand when I say north facing what that means if you've got something that's easter west the sons to blaring coming in or going down and so having it north and never directly coming into my window is a beautiful thing for pictures and how this chair and I am not nobody do this at home without consulting your doctor first, this chair in my office and this is the place where I stand, I want to shoot straight down and sometimes aiken ground myself right here on the floor, shoot straight down and I'm good, and then sometimes that doesn't work because my stuff is too big and I've got to get higher up. I need toe lift myself above it a little bit more so I could see straight down and get that so that is that is where I shoot I stand on the chair very carefully, make sure that there's nobody around that might push me off, and I place my item on the floor. I literally put myself right above it and I shoot and my flash is off make sure your flashes off, okay? So that's in my spot looks like in the office and this is the result of what I got from shooting there. Now, I don't think this is like the best ever I mean, it's the wood floor, it could be simpler. I could have a white background, but I've been too lazy to get a piece of white foam core to put there, or maybe the white was just blast that on anyway, so I'm really content find with this wood floor it's pretty neutral it's not trendy it's not distracting but this is an example of what those end result photographs look like they're not professional I took them with this okay? They're just pictures of the items that aircraft in large enough so that I can see the full item you don't want a picture this big and an item this big then you're missing the details of what the object is to make sure the crop in a little bit let me run through a few more examples of what it looks like this is a dragon that porter wanted to teach claire how to draw so they drew the same dragon while instead of instead of photographing them separately it meant even more that I actually photographed together because that's part of the story and that's what you want to keep in mind when you're photographing things together as well and so I did it on purpose tell just because I thought it was a little bit more by dynamic being please don't like get too worked up about should I be doing that? Or maybe I don't like that you know I'm not asking you to like it I'm not asking you to try it something I wanted to dio because these aren't like mass stir pieces there just doodling and so it was fun for me uh excuse me another example of shooting it doesn't always have to be linear and lined up. And in this organized fashion, I tend to be that way. And so it's, nice from you wants them all to scatter something a little bit and break things up a little bit. So in this example, these air, several pages of my child's handwriting, I didn't need to save every one of them, but I did want to group them together to tell the story that they are writing a lot. And this is what it looks like these days. Thoughts on the internet. Well, actually, this this might help solve the issue that suit taylor's having she says, becky, do you have any suggestions on how to sort and what to do do with school papers and drawings that are unfortunately in one big box? And I have no idea what years they are? Maybe this is a solution for that is to that's a great question. We're going top a little bit back into organization when I answer, because she's it's kind of a dual problem that she's having, you know, a lot of us have stuff that we can go back and pull from our child's history may be let's say you've got somebody who's in high school now that child's in high school, you have not done in the scott looking first of all. It's okay, don't stress about what you haven't done in fact, you're even smarter for doing it now because you're project life available t where's before you were stressed out over thousands of hours of laboring over traditional pages, but what you can do in that particular situation is like we talked about yesterday watch that organizational segment if you haven't make sure that you follow those steps and suggestions to gather everything into one place, you want to sort everything and then categorize before you containerized. But let me stay on that categorization don't stress about categorizing by year that's that's the number one thing if you think that you're supposed to do things by dates and chronology, then you need to just I'm giving you permission right now to give yourself permission to let that go don't stress about that my kids are young there eleven and under and I still get years mixed up I don't know when that west and I'm not worried about it let's go back to the high school example if your child's of high school age and you have all those years lots of years twelve, fifteen years of art, then you you might want to consider that you d'oh you mix them into a scott book or created your own scott book but that you don't worry about dates and instead you focus on this is my child's art this is them, and it doesn't matter how old they were in it doesn't matter when they did it if it happened in ninety two or in ninety seven and don't be embarrassed that you can't tell if they were five years old when they did it or when they were eight years old, because sometimes of the kids we really can't tell, but you have to just let that go and not get so worked up about chronology and dates because really, when it comes to beginning with the end in mind and if you fast forward to when you're long gone and that child is now a parent, they're kids not going to care if they were six years old or sixteen years old, or if it happened in this year or that year, so that would be my first saw is definitely make sure you let go have not adding that pressure, and my second thought is to consider making a many album or full size, but many album, which we're going to talk about in the next segment of just that child's art. So if you're able to identify pictures and make kind of a chronology you know of their life and this is you was a baby and then a toddler and then school years and then hide you know you're doing that then let's leave the art out of that because you might be stressing, should I slipped the art in at the right spot at the right year and just kind of leave it all alone and instead take all the art that you're scanning, you're photographing and create a whole many album just about child art in no particular order. In fact, you can even put that on the title card and no particular order here's your art. So I hope that helps as another answer from the charity yourself from from guess she just say, sometimes her children actually know the answer you just ask the child they got really good memory. I know exactly what it is that that's a really good artist, the guy's mantra now I e I actually found, you know, aside from this whole topic of scanning, when you think back to the organization that we talked about yesterday, I showed you pictures of my process and I laid it out I don't know that I dwell on this too much, and I should, and that is that when I was organizing I was sorting, I was not on my own, I was for the organizational project but I sure called my kids and wants to mile porter k luck real quick. Do you remember? Was this third grader fourth grade? Because they kind that their world is them? They are what matters the most in the world and their minds. They're very self involved. It's not a bad thing. It's just that's the child's mine. And so they're so much more apt to remember mom, how did you not know that that was in third grade? Of course it was in third grade. My teacher was so and so not so and so and so I actually found a really enlightening experience by tapping into my kids. Brains and their memories were so much better than mine. So great. Excellent questions and comments from from you guys watching online. Thank you. Yes, I have a question. So there's, you know the original you khun scan it, you contribute down or you can photograph it. How do you know? Is it just personal preference? What? You want it? How you want to put it in the book? Absolutely. Yes. My number one knee jerk response would be printed four by six. Because you're printing everything for by six make it easy, but I just showed you examples of three by four it's, so fun to, you know, to get him down to size again. We'll talk about that in the text segment later on how to do it, but that's, my personal preference was ok, I am trying to save space, I'm trying to condense, I'm not saving all my kid stuff, but I have a selection and I want to scan it, and I want to get a smallest possible three by four so I can get more on a page, so I have total less pages, so I have total less scrapbooks that's the way my brain thinks, and so, but if if you're new to scrapbooking or if you are just in this mindset of, I've got to keep everything simple like we were talking about earlier, if it's simple, it'll get done simple equals done simple, I'll get that if you just kind of keep married comparing yourself to the idea, then you're more likely just to print everything for by six, whether it's a photograph or it's, a picture of an item or scanned item or whatever for mi six form six form a six okay, so yeah, clearly you're going to talk about this later in the tech segment, but I think the simple done part where I get hung up is I've taken the photographs of the art, and then the next workflow step is there is a market way we're going to get them all computer, and we're going to print them and were for sure, covering that in the text, and I'm so glad you're asking if that's your thing? Yeah, yeah, you get the bed, man. What? Yes, you are thinking exactly like thousands of people are thinking right now, okay, great of scanning and photographing. And then what? And that's, why we have twelve segre I'm going to talk about all this stuff, and then I'm going to talk about this and it's it's a process the process doesn't have to be complicated. We're stretching this out so we could be in depth about it and we're talking about it, but when you get home, the goal is that you will go, ok, so I'm in a batch process, this whole thing I'm gonna do this and this and this, and I'm gonna break it down and you'll know what to do after this, like lengthy discussion that we're having. So I'm excited about that. Let me show you a few more examples of how I photograph things just to keep those wheel spinning and this particular example again I had I think it was claire who drew a lot of things, and she did him in a notebook, and I don't want to say that bulky notebook, there was no reason, and I didn't want to save every piece, so again, I group them together. I did a little bit of scattered luck. I photographed the group and whether I'm not sure how this is, you know, looking on everyone's monitors, it might be a little bit blown out because there's so much white or I might have over exposed my shot or whatever, but you can see that I can I can see what every piece of art is, but each one doesn't have to be a masterpiece doesn't have to be in this own page protector. Another example of the same idea is to actually get them on a wall, and you could shoot straight down if you haven't of space and if it's not too big, but if it's taking up a lot of space, then it might be worth just getting them on. What? Just use a simple piece of, you know, just regular scotch tape on the back of each one or whatever and just take them up, snap your picture now, I had taken this one without thinking I'm going to put it in a scrapbook. And so this again goes back to my tips, are not rules. My temp of students straight down of it, being perfectly centered was not a role if it says it was a suggestion, and in this particular case, I actually like that. It shows that it's in the corner of our office because I had them hanging up there already. I didn't do that for the purpose of taking a picture. I had it because I like them now sometimes sometimes you're going to have a situation where I don't know about your kids, but with mine, the porter really likes to draw things and then cut them out. They're not full sheets of paper. I can't scan them, they have to be photographed because their little he likes to trim around his stuff. And so what I did in this case can you tell where he is right now? Can you tell what this shot is? Does anyone know any guesses what I would say, floria? He is he's on the floor he's on the floor what I did is I did have a light gray foam core you know, just a big poster board that I had on hand I laid on the floor I laid out all of those things because I don't want to take the time to take him to a wall and certainly can't hold them all and then I had him just lay next to it and I put him in the picture because it's him at that age with the missing tooth you know that's this brings his art toe life I put him in the picture mix it up a little bit be open minded about taking pictures of stuff you don't have to do just follow the rules becky said a wood floor straight down stand on the chair don't get hurt no flash you know don't think too much about how this process has to be make sure that you're open minded and you know tap into that creativity that you do have intake in the picture and I share a creative idea that this is giving me what if he was pointing at the tooth and then maybe there's another shot of what the tooth fairy left absolutely you guys jean marie's becoming a scott walker welcome e notice like he really is starting to think like a tropical e I know I'm proud to have started scott looking at she's so this is nice and even j k o is going to tap into that and scott booker again because you're gonna bring back what you used to dio talking about prominence as well thistle president funny thing is that everybody thinks awesome I love that all right just a few more ideas to kind of get those will spinning is posted notes I talked about that you don't have to put the actual post a note in the scrapbook certainly can't takes up no space takes no time, slap it on a car you slip it in but I like to take pictures of post it notes actually on the wall because they happen a lot in my family they did growing up they happen to now I really never made that connection that at such a tradition for me in my family that it came from and that my family that I have now but when you know my son was really into avatar and decided to draw the bits and pieces of avatar and stick them on a wall well, I like that he stuck them on a wall like that's what I'm capturing here I'm not capturing the art I'm capturing that he took that art and said this is my art this is my thing you know I left a mark in the house and then this is something similar that he did years ago now I don't have these anymore I got rid of these because I took the photograph but I love mom I love you more than I love you more than a dog I love you more than an alligator I love you more than a son I love you more than a fly I love u k well guess what that means more to me than he can ever imagine ever it's art it's doodling he didn't think too much about it but he was just from his art doing art writing words slapping them on a wall and I couldn't bring myself to bring that down for a long time the only reason they're not still on the wall is because the sticky lost its sticky they don't stick anymore so I knew that the way to preserve this we're talking about memory preservation memory keeping on keeping this in my heart and in a picture and in a scrapbook because I took the time to snap a picture really easy stuff more post it notes these air self portrait and again look how cool this is in its environment of my messy desk they stuck him on my computer I didn't want to take him down for a long time my kids were right there in front of me staring at me and it has my mess and I see my pins and receipts and and us speaking and mail in my list and you know that's so historical for me dimensional stuff that's not flat yeah they're standing up because that's porter he's so does that he takes little are and he stands up well there's the best wayto to show that is not to flatten it down and stick it in the scrapbook necessarily that's one way but to actually snap a picture that shows them standing up and brings that toe life these air teeny tiny little things there's also bigger things like this my kids like to create these in a little miniature playhouse is andi let's step outside of kids for just a moment we're all adults here we most of us watching probably have kids but there's that we are also us tio right whether you have kids or not you've got to think about yourself in terms of what you're keeping that's your history as well okay so so keep that in mind my husband and I run a business we started this business four years ago we didn't know what we were doing we were doing everything and wearing every hat in the business I want to keep pieces of that history this is a prototype that we made together of packaging that no longer exists we tried it we did it now we're done we moved on to better packaging at the time we took cardboard my husband painstakingly took an exacto knife and cut and we drew any measured and no it's not that millimeters this millimeter guess what? This tells a story, this is us. This is david and becky trying to figure out what they're doing without any is this background or design background, we were figuring out prototypes for packaging by ourselves. Story story, story story I can't stick that in the scrapbook now that is one thing I am not going to throw away. That's that's going be like in some shadow box in our future. Officer, you know, a museum somewhere at some point let's talk about this idea that I brought up as faras photographing the hands with the objects. This is something that porter drew instead of just putting in the scrapbook, which I also did because this was one of his earlier masterpieces, and I photographed him holding it his fingers in the picture means something to me, there's just something about that that brings it to life because those fingers are going to grow big and they're going to grow hair on. They're going to get to be teenager hands and adult hands and these air his little at the time, he was probably six six year old hands holding this I mean something to me. This is a giant poster that he had to do about himself for school. Too big to fit in scott book I can fold it up and I can stick it in the envelope age and I could do and I probably did do that it's probably in there but to have him showing it and you could still read everything in the actual photograph having him holding it shows it's me. I'm here I wrote on this these are my pictures. This is my life and that again it brings it to life brings us to life this is claire. This is me, it says and you can see it's her she's holding it. Porter and his friends got together one day and they were drawing space boys space boys were what it was all about that day and you would think that something you just go straight in the trash not in my world I capture things like that I take the time to think what is going to matter to him later what's going to matter to porter's children later in his future wife what's going to matter is that there are little glimpses of who he was and what he did and who he hung out with those air his little neighbor friends on either side of them um putting not just hands but faces in the picture, you know, he's looking like he's becoming a preteen and this actually he's no longer the cheesy toothless he's not like whatever mom, this is my saying, you know? And so I love that his face is in the picture and that you're seeing that he is taking after mamas footprints and he's doing some creative leathery what is not to love about that history? Excuse me? You know, sometimes the heart doesn't have to be torn out or or scan just in its platform but showing it actually in the notebook. My kids love notebooks just as much as I dio is anyone else a fan of notebooks? I just keeping notebooks you keep your list, you keep your whatever when my kids do go in a notebook, sometimes I like to photograph it in the notebook. It shows that it's in there and man, I'm such a fan of these earlier portrait's like the just the big fingers in the finger nails, and that was by claire a few years ago super special to me, andi another another thing is that sometimes when your kids make something think about valentine's day, they're making those little treats doesn't have to be creative pinterest inspired, but even just the valentine's that they send out that they're they're getting rid of output something that's going away from them these were a little instead of candy that we gave to friends our kids to a christmas picture and I scanned it and shrunk it down and slapped mind all these little anybody notebooks to give to their friends just a little gift idea by the way I think I used mod podge to you know, secure it on there well, they were giving them all away this was a keepsake. This is something special that my children were creating and they weren't gonna have it forever because it wasn't for them it was for a gift photograph those handmade guests before you give them away and make sure that you preserve some of that thatis story story story okay, another thing is to photograph we do screen shots, right? You guys know how did the screen shots now I explained it yesterday now I have my phone you literally on the iphone take the top button and this round button right here at the same time and you click it at the same time that's a screenshot can't tell you for android I don't know android google can help, ok, but in terms of screen shots make sure once in a while you also take a picture of your actual phone like this. This is just a fun way to preserve what it looks like because technology is changing and this phone that I'm holding my hand will look very different and probably a couple years not even ten or fifteen years technology changes so much but I like that I was able to capture a conversation of with my mom they live in maryland and this is not too long ago when there was an earthquake really close by and we were freaking out a little bit because they weren't answering and there wasn't communication but texting worked during this situation and so we were texting back and forth okay keep me posted your fine that's great hey, let the kids know we're ok and that's history its history, its story and so instead of just a screen shot it shows that's not look it's a different phone this is the black one I have the white one now you know it's changing I have pictures of my old phones I should take into the time to dig these up but I have pictures of my old cell phones from the path from past years. History it's amazing. Yes, please. This may have been inspired from seeing all those super heroes the photos but bahama mom but the whole mama excuse me wants to know that you know they have three busy little boys and was wondering if you had thought of a superhero package because that would be super fun. Yes, I hear lots of ideas I hear lots of ideas on theme I've seen cards and something to keep in mind a couple of things my list is this long what I should do and what I want to do and we could only do so much at any given time, but thanks for your ideas. I want to know that when we hear a specific theme, ideas that work with your memories and your pictures were taken notes or writing it down, and while we can't do everything, we certainly like to meet those needs and do the best that we can. The other thing keep in mind is this whole intellectual property copyright like we can't do disney, for example, because disney owns that aren't we can't do mickey mouse ears because that's not ours, we don't own that, and so super heroes would be the same way we can't necessarily do things with those logo's a superman and batman and, you know, so it's something that it's great, I'm glad you actually brought that up, and we do take notes, but we do have to kind of dance around our our capabilities really just case in point, I brought up disney, we don't have disney specific products because we don't own that are can't do it, but we do have a theme park seem cards okay, so whether you're going tio this parker that parker this one, we have cards that go really well with those types of pictures, so thank you so much for your thoughts and your question.

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Preserving your best memories doesn’t need to keep you from making new ones! Join memory keeping maven Becky Higgins for a class on her famous Project Life® scrapbooking system.

Chronicling a good life doesn’t require endless weekend hours glued to your glue stick. Becky will show you how to efficiently create one-of-a-kind scrapbooks using a simple method that preserves your memories and reflects your personal style. In this class, Becky will teach you her back-to-basics approach to memory keeping. She’ll cover organizing your photos, designing a timeless scrapbook and everything in between. You will learn how to select and compile your photos so your scrapbooks tell the story you want future generations to remember.

Whether you want to commemorate a major life event, document a trip, or start an ongoing scrapbooking project, this class will show you how to turn your big moments - as well as your everyday, seemingly mundane but equally important moments - into beautiful memories.

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user a779fb

I have been involved with scrapbooking for many years and have made numerous purchases for supplies, a room full and then became so overwhelmed by all of it that I have done very little. The reason being, that I was so conscious of what everyone else was doing and mine never quite measured up to what I saw that others were doing with all the embellishments, and techniques. I then turned to card making because it was a much quicker gratification than studying and laboring over the perfect layout with the perfect paper and etc. I had gotten an earlier Project Life kit of Becky's a few years ago and because of a very busy life had never fully gotten the concept, but thanks to Creative Live and Becky I am on the right track now. I am so very motivated and have recently taken all of my photos out of old albums, boxes, etc. and have them at least in order by years so that now I can begin to document this life of mine. By the way, I just turned 70 and boy does that mean a lot of photos. I am equally excited to get an album started for each of my grandchildren that they can document their own lives. My three youngest are 9,11 and 13 and are so heavily involved in sports, community, church and life itself that they need to document this now, for sure they will forget when they are 70 and trying to play catch-up. I have been a fan and follower of all things Becky Higgins since the beginning of Creating Keepsakes and have always felt she was so very authentic in her aspect of documenting, living life and celebrating everyday living. She is awesome and thank you Creative Live for having her on and allowing so many of us to share in this 3 day event. I know I am catching this in the summer 2014 when In fact this was done in 2013, but better late than not at all. A very special thanks to Becky!!!

a Creativelive Student

I am very excited to document my families life. I have 5 kids and a wonderful husband and life goes so fast. I feel like I do everything on the express train! However, this course was not for someone with the ADD brain. This 3 day course could have easily been consolidated down to one day.... maybe two. I think Becky is adorable, however, think she said the same thing over and over again just a different way. I am excited to start project life and review the videos as I need to.

Kathy Laflen

I need help with organization and this class really helped. I also love the simplicity of Project Life. One of my favorite things was how pictures are taken of kids projects to preserve them rather than keeping the originals. Photos of hands has also become a new interest thanks to one of the guest presenters. This class was worth every penny!