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Searching for the Creative Spark

Julieanne Kost, Chris Orwig

Searching for the Creative Spark

Julieanne Kost, Chris Orwig

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Class Description

The creative spark is a powerful force, yet it doesn’t always come easily. Join Julieanne Kost and Chris Orwig as they give insights from their own lives about how to go ignite and sustain the creative spark.

You’ll explore ways to get started and to keep from getting discouraged when you encounter resistance during the early stage of the creative process. You’ll learn how to keep the momentum of a project going and how to engage technology to take your work and imagination to new heights. You’ll expand your creative potential by embracing gratitude and refreshing your stores of tenacity, fight, and hope. By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped with habits, strategies and best practices for making better and more creative work.

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Ratings and Reviews


Long read. If you don't like to read here's the short take: Highly recommended. Applicable to all. As a hobbyist and amateur photographer, I have know both Ms Kost and Mr Orwig through and Adobe TV for their excellent classes and teaching skills. They are easily experts in their respective areas and well known on a national and international level as to merit the descriptor as "famous". So when I was offered this course through Creative Live, I signed up for it with lowish expectations (even though I like both presenters). Who hasn't heard such talks about creativity from such venues as TED Talks, B&H Photo, Adorama and a plethora of youtube videos? Yeah, great...what's next? As I was watching this talk, I became spell-bound with Ms Kost and Mr Orwig who spoke from their hearts about this elusive and rare skill of being creative. Their discussion hit on photography but went far beyond the lens. They invited the listener to listen to their own hearts about pursing their creative passion(s) plus gave PRACTICAL and do-able advice! (No, you can't get creative just by listening or attending a workshop. You have to WORK at it and make TIME for it.) It was also refreshing to see some of Ms Kost's darker composites and know that it's ok to 'go there'. The other gift these generous humans beings gave me was showing how they listened and encouraged each other to keep talking about this creative spark. They were not trying to out-do each other with chest thumping stories or images. Rather they were opening up in a way that is rarely seen in a venue like this (or really, life in general). I would recommend this talk to be heard by all. Have it broadcast in schools and beyond (yes, I think it is THAT profound). Kudos to Ms Kost, Mr Orwig and Creative Live for this most excellent presentation! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

BARBARA cavness

Great conversation and creative boost. They both touched on a lot of topics I fight with every day. I lack creativity but I enjoy beautiful creativity. When I see Julieanne's images I always ask "how did she do that"? I am encouraged and I have strong points to work with. I am a big fan of Julieanne. I've watched many of her instructional videos. Thanks for the class.

Sarah Major

Quick and pleasant little discussion around creativity. Reminded me of the importance of sticking to my creative aspiration no matter what. Love the note about making sure to balance content consumption VS creation of content. Overall inspiring free class.

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