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Setting Up Your Photography Business

Craig Heidemann

Setting Up Your Photography Business

Craig Heidemann

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Class Description

Most aspiring photographers focus on developing their skills behind the camera, but it’s equally important to establish a strong legal foundation to support your work. Join Craig Heidemann to learn how and why you need to set up your photography business as an LLC or corporation. Craig will cover how to get a tax ID number, how to use contracts to manage client expectations, and the difference between employees and independent contractors. After this workshop, you’ll understand how to license the rights to your images, the truth about model and property releases, and everything you need to know about copyrights in order to start your photography business successfully. 

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Ratings and Reviews

a Creativelive Student

This course was awesome! There is a wealth of information shared from both a photographic and legal sense, covering all bases of the need-to-know for your photography business, both for new start-up and the duration of your day-to-day business needs. Federal and state regulations, contracts and legal implications are discussed in an easily digestible way. I learned a great deal from this course and hope Craig entertains the idea of teaching more Creative Live courses in the future.

Joseph Thomas

Such a wealth of information. I only wish it was longer so I could soak up more information lol. Great course.

Steven Erat

Excellent course. Craig is very well spoken and provides comprehensive yet easily understandable material. Very relevant and up to date. Near the end of the session Craig discusses an optional DVD with 25 business contracts that he wrote which can be bought online if desired. I immediately purchased the DVD extra because I know I want Craig to be the one that crosses all the Ts and dots all the Is in for my contracts.

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