The Art of Body Language in Portraiture


The Art of Body Language in Portraiture


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Class Introduction

This is such a surreal moment 'cause I have been a fan of CreativeLive for a long time, so to actually be on this stage and just share some of my work with you and maybe just to hopefully to pass off a little of what I know to you is really, really exciting. So, I'm so happy to have you all and to be able to look at each and everyone of you. (gasps) Don't be afraid to interject or ask questions. This is gonna be a wonderful time. So, let's get down to brass tacks because I have so much to get through and she's gonna be like, "Time, Stacy, time." Okay, so, as a portrait photographer I specialize in human beings and how we talk to one another. What's really interesting about how we do that is that only 7% of what we say is actually with our words. 38% is in the way we inflect those words. 55% is in how our body transmits what we're actually feeling and saying. So if you've ever been in those moments and we've all been there, where somebody's like, "Helsa, how you're doing?" And you've ha...

d the worst day and you're feeling utterly defeated and things couldn't be any worse and you're like, "Oh, I'm good." But what's your body really saying? What's your emotions and your energy really saying? All of these things are so important to us as we begin to interact with subject matter. What they're really feeling, what they're really saying. Not only what they are saying to us. What are we saying to them. And how do these things marry and bounce off each other? When there's two of you in a room there's this energy flow, right and it's going around and around. So with this artificial perception I'm going to walk you through how we can cross those boundaries to be able to relate to each other not only in the verbal words that we're saying and the way in which we say them, but the nonverbal words we're using and what they're saying to us and how we can incorporate that into the work we're creating.

Class Description

In order to succeed at being a portrait photographer, you must be able to look past the facade an individual presents upon first meeting, and observe their non-verbal language and cues to best interpret who they really are behind the artifice. This pretense isn’t intentional, it’s human nature. Rarely do people bare their soul to a stranger. Award Winning Photographer Stacy Pearsall discusses in this class how to gain your subject’s trust through genuine care, unselfish energy and intent observance. She'll discuss the art of communication, and the signals your subject is emitting, so you can best identify and capture your subjects genuine likeness. Visual perception is everything. Capture amazing and true portraits by learning to see the body language a person brings into your session and knowing how to gain their trust to show the vulnerability within.