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Account Retention

Lesson 14 from: The Business of Volume School Photography

Matthew The Body Kemmetmueller

Account Retention

Lesson 14 from: The Business of Volume School Photography

Matthew The Body Kemmetmueller

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14. Account Retention

Lesson Info

Account Retention

An account retention is the foundation for success. It's so much easier to keep an account than get a new one. Every one you lose is setting you back so keep them. You build from there, it's way harder to build than to keep the ones you've got. Alright, happy accounts will also provide you with free marketing. They spend more money and it costs less than getting new accounts. Loyal customers become ambassadors for your brand. There's a lot of things that can be said about it. Loyalty equals trust. Customers are also more willing to try things with a vendor they like and they trust. Okay? We had a school we wanted to start shooting cap and gown, and cap and gown photos is not like a thing in Minneapolis. No one does it. It's a huge thing down south, no one does cap and gown photos. And I told them, "Hey I've got this idea, we want to try this, "we want to shoot this product. "We've got this idea about how we can open this up "and photograph all your seniors and do this "and we can creat...

e this and it's gonna be amazing." They wouldn't have done it if they didn't trust us. They trusted that we could do it quickly, they trusted that our vision was going to be cool. So focus on keeping those accounts happy. 70 percent of buying experiences are based on the customer's perceptions of their treatment. So think about that, that doesn't... 70 percent of buying experiences are based on the customer's perception of their treatment. That doesn't even talk about the product that they bought. That doesn't even talk about if they were treated poorly. If they perceive that they're treated poorly, their perception of how things happen. We always have to look at things through our customer's eyes We have to know that the lens that they're looking at us through affects so much. 78 percent of customers have bailed on a transaction because of poor customer service or because of a poor customer experience. 89 percent of clients start doing business with a competitor following a bad customer service experience. And that would have been me if I hadn't called back and talked to the manager. Would've gone to another place and I would've never come back. Alright? And this is a big one for contract schools and things where you're getting people who have to do business with you. It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience. And the key word in that is unresolved negative experience. So if there's a negative experience and you fix it it doesn't take 12 times. You've just got to make sure if there are any negative experiences going on that you're on top of it, you're handling it quickly, efficiently, you're making things right now. When you mess up, blow them away with your response. It is huge huge, huge, to blow away your accounts with big grand gestures when you mess up. We talked about this in the sports class but I've had sports orders that go wrong. We reproduce the whole thing, we'll redo the whole order and deliver it quickly at our expense, even if it's just something weird, some weird little glib thing. One of the schools that we work with, they have a giant mural on the back wall that says, "Class of 2013." Paid to have this giant mural slabbed on the wall. Well, every time we do a sports shoot there everyone wants to know why it says "Class of 2013." So the first couple of years we found out we had to go in, edit out that "Class of 2013" in all of these things.

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Diane Yvon

I was looking to add preschool photography to my business and this course really was thorough and helped me prepare. Matthew is so friendly and always makes learning easy! His courses are very organized. Highly recommend, Diane Zarlingo

Dorine Rosier

Matthew is very good in his teaching style and makes me want to watch the whole thing! The information he gives is priceless!

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