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Charter School Bids

Lesson 9 from: The Business of Volume School Photography

Matthew The Body Kemmetmueller

Charter School Bids

Lesson 9 from: The Business of Volume School Photography

Matthew The Body Kemmetmueller

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Lesson Info

9. Charter School Bids

Lesson Info

Charter School Bids

Charter schools have been big for us. They've been big successes and big failures as well. We had one school that we worked with that we were really, really excited to go in and begin this process, and for a variety of reasons, we won't go back. The organization from the school to us was awful, there were financial commitments. We had set up special pricing with this school for different packages and they were supposed to guarantee us x number of dollars, or every kid was going to order at least this amount, you're gonna be guaranteed this money coming in. We never got our check and they had done some fundraising, we know they got the money because they put it online, it's a GoFundMe. I know they got it. We sent them invoices, we don't hear. So, just because charter schools are working for us, not all of them just work. But our best accounts have been charter schools. So, what are charter schools? It's a publicly funded, independent school, established by teachers, parents or community...

groups, under the terms of a charter with a local or national authority. What that means is it's a teacher who says, "I really don't like the way this school "is teaching, I think we need to focus on this, "so I'm gonna start my own school." But they can't just say, "I'm starting my own school," there has to be another power above them that says, "You are meeting the educational "needs to be high school." That they are ensuring that the kids that are coming through are getting this standard of education. Okay? One of the schools we work with is St. Croix Prep. It's a charter school, K-12, about 100 kids a grade. We do all the underclass photography, all the sports photography, all the candids for marketing. How I got that meeting, we talked about. Was, my old boss, his dad coached the founder, and I used that to start the conversation. So, what we did, I found it out, I said, "Hey, can you talk to this guy for me?" My old boss said, "Yeah I'll get to it." Another six months, "Yeah I'll get to it." Another six months, "Yeah I'll get to it." Another six months, "Yeah I'll get to it." So I said, "Forget this!" So I just emailed, and I emailed and I said, "Hey, my name is Matthew, referral from," in the email line. "Hey, my name's Matthew, I'm a professional photographer, "I run this awesome studio. I'd love to sit "down and chat with you about the "things we can do for your school. "I promise I won't take more than 10 minutes "of your meeting. Let me know if you have time to talk. "Thanks." Send. No response. 10 days later, "Hey..." same email, same email. I go in and reply to my email that hasn't been replied to, "Hey, haven't heard back from you. "Just wanted to double check, I'm sure you're "really busy, I just want to double check if "you have any opportunity to sit down and meet "and discuss some things. "My friend thinks it would be a really good "fit for your school, let me know if you "have time to talk, thanks again." Send. No response. 10 days, I reply to my email again. "Hey, I know you're super busy and I don't "want to be annoying, I'm just not positive "you're getting these emails. "Can you just respond so I know that they're "getting through to you? "Because I would hate to keep bothering you. "Thank you so much, have a great day." Response, "I've been so busy, I'm sorry. "Let's set up a time, come on in." Went in with my meeting book. They'd been with a big provider. They are a small account to a big company. They are a big account to my company. I went in and I found out that basically, they felt overlooked and under-appreciated by the provider. I said, "Man, not by me, I'm gonna crush this for you." So, we went in and got the deal. St. Croix Prep, to all their sports. Sports actually got the job, too, because they didn't have anyone that would do it. So we did 1,212 kids in four hours.

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Diane Yvon

I was looking to add preschool photography to my business and this course really was thorough and helped me prepare. Matthew is so friendly and always makes learning easy! His courses are very organized. Highly recommend, Diane Zarlingo

Dorine Rosier

Matthew is very good in his teaching style and makes me want to watch the whole thing! The information he gives is priceless!

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