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How to Order Specialty and Service Items

Lesson 19 from: The Business of Volume School Photography

Matthew The Body Kemmetmueller

How to Order Specialty and Service Items

Lesson 19 from: The Business of Volume School Photography

Matthew The Body Kemmetmueller

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Lesson Info

19. How to Order Specialty and Service Items

Lesson Info

How to Order Specialty and Service Items

Products that we offer for cap and gown, for specialty stuff, things that you're going to want to add in to make more money. Magnets sell every time, you have to have them. Magnets sell on sports, magnets sell on kids, everything. First time I did a school, I did not include magnets on my order form. First mom that called me and said, "I want to order a magnet," and I thought "Oh my gosh, that was stupid, why didn't we "include magnets in our order forms?" Like we include magnets now, you've got to sell them. Okay, everyone is going to buy them. The little bag tags, this is all product from Miller's. We talked about, well we'll go through that in a second. Here's one of the silly faces that we did for the... They just jump around, they act goofy, they love it. It's a great way, if you're shooting younger kids, to let them know if they're goofy and they want to kind of do that, say, "Absolutely, "we can do that, we're going to do it at the end. "You've got to lock it up, as soon as we'r...

e done, "you can do whatever you want." So then it gets a little bit easier participation, in a way you want to do things before, right? Other preschool stuff, I mean these are all, it's all just pretty standard stuff, cross your arms. Some of these kids are so little that the teachers help them cross their arms. My favorite one is when you say, "Cross your arms," and the kid goes like this. At which point, because kids are sensitive, you have to say, "It's really good buddy, "but I'm going to tweak it just a little bit." And you send a teacher in to help them move, okay? Other things that are bonuses if you're ordering from labs, one of the things that's cool that Miller's does, the CD that they get, it does have a thumbnail of it. It is branded with your studio's name. It says the file, the image number. It says all that stuff right on it, goes to them. The disc can work as a print release for them. Miller's discs, like we talked about with the other stuff for PSPA discs and Skyward discs, it's the same thing. They put a real nice presentation on it. When you hand over that disc, it doesn't look like you burned it on your Dell, before you came over. So it's delivery, it's important to maintain that level of professionalism throughout. Other things that if you were doing special like Christmas shoots, holiday themed stuff, if you wanted to offer that to families, they also have the holiday cards. And we'll kind of jump back a little bit. These are the school ID cards, that we get from Miller's. Now Miller's has a few different ones. This is the most expensive one. This is the big PVC one, okay. You'll see it doesn't flex like this one does, okay? These are like a buck something, these are a lot cheaper. I don't like these though, I wouldn't give these out, because I don't think it's the image that I want to use. It's good for some things, like if I was going to, how I would use this product would be if I wanted to give like sports bag tags for the football team, this would be a great product for that. I don't like it as an ID, go with the more expensive one, you won't regret it. You also have to know when you're designing and printing these, that staff and student have to be different. One has to be horizontal, one has to be vertical, okay? They want a visual cue, you've got to have color shift, something different, it's got to be different. We had a story I heard about Voldemort at one of the schools we do sports for. They sent all of the badges out, and they accidentally sent student IDs marked as staff, and they were barcoded, that let kids have access to the building. Okay, so they realized the issue, part way through the day, but some of those kids had lost their IDs. So some of them never got returned. So when we do this work, and we're talking about delivering stuff again, it's really important that you double check your work, and your labs work. Don't take it on good faith that it just worked. Work with really great companies, they'll do great jobs, but double check, Wasn't that a politician, trust but verify. You should trust but verify everything. Alright, key chains, dog tags, might not be for you. We still sell a bunch, alright? And of course, they always have the little fun packs and the little kids stuff. This one's really nice, it's actually printed on metal. You can see on the edge, this one's even more sturdy than this that we were talking about.

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