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Mapping Effects with X1 and S8 Kontrol

And a macro effect is when you twist one knob it controls multiple parameters across multiple effects. So by default this knob only controls one effect one parameter this not only controls one affect one parameter so on and so forth. Say I wanted twist one knob and all of these knobs move at the same time. So let's do that back into mini mode again that shift left and right arrow at the same time and let's now go to add in and go down to effects, right affects unit and I wanna have the dry wet knob one, two and three all be controlled with a single knob. So this first create dry what? Adjust not one, not two, not three let's go learn twist this nam twist this knob twist this knob to us it's not so know all three of these are signs through the same knob and we can see that it's many channel cc here's your six against this kind of middie talk here not really to relevance. Very ah knowing if you don't know what you're talking about but let's just remember that this is the not the one to c...

ontrol and look what's happening now when I twist this single knob, all of these are being controlled at the same time, so maybe I wants to have a single button turn on all three of those effects how would I do that? Well let's go to add in affects unit but in one affects unit but in two affects unit button three and let's learn hit that button it's about we want him to but we want it's now what's happening here it's a hold but we don't want that we want this to be toggle so let's do all three and change it to toggle all right so here we go get this little sweet now now the fun part is creating our macro effect right? I don't think that this is going to be the most interesting effect how do we make it interesting? Well let's start with reverb is a good place to start maybe we want to had a filter or something as well so I'm gonna goto peak filter I said to even a second effect and gator is definitely not interesting at the end so let's add a uh what other rhib herbs do we have here t three reverb all right. So now let's see what this effect sounds like? This could be a really good swoosh buildup effect so I have my trap play I need to turn on the master affectionate here which I had not done already so let me click there all right so that's crazy intense right? So how do we make that not as intense well, I think the dry weather is going to take care of that so I definitely want that sweeping and I want that building up to be happening with the river bs and the filter and all that but maybe my dry wet doesn't need to be turned up one hundred percent because right now and I turn this knob it's turning everything up from bottom to fold so let's go back to the dry what effects here and let's change the interaction mode a little bit maybe to relative right so now we can adjust things like the rotary sensitivity so let's change that to maybe fifty percent and now let's see how it acts ceo it only turns it up a little bit now focus here on the driveway that might not be enough but let's see what it sounds like some of these other guys might be a little bit too intense as well but I think you get the point right way we've created a macro and you can create a number of different effects like this as well. So this is just a really fun way that kind of creating something news like all right, I'm always using these three effects so instead of having to turn three knobs at once and turning you know this a little bit I can now map this out custom to do exactly what I wanted to do so that's creating a macro effect and that's on deck c we're gonna do one other mapping that's very fun as well which is remakes tech mapping and I haven't really got too much into remix decks so maybe I'll save that for the next course content all right and let's do something that I haven't covered yet which is freeze mode freeze mode is available on thie tractor control s eight and let me focus on this for a second so we can get the camera over here I'm going to show you how freeze mode works so freeze bell was taken directly from tractor deejay and how it works is you slice the way form up and eight slices for at least on here you only have a button so it's an eight slices and then you can jump the play head too a different slice depending on let's just show you first and I think I'll explain it afterwards so I'm going to be here but I'm gonna activate breeze you see what happens here on the screen I have a number of different numbers and you can even see on the tractor do we have these numbers? And when I hit a pad slay head's going to move to that slice so what? So this may not be the most interesting example of that, so maybe what I want to do is zoom in or moved to later part of the song all right so I can slice this track and also if I activate loop well freezes activated hit between that it's a loop between whatever two pads of my press so that's freeze mode freeze mode is on ly available by default on the estate unless you're using another piece of hardware with tractor deejay so say we want to have the control x one do that well it's pretty easy after you take this course it will be at least so let's add it in and let's go to debt common I disagree that this is a common control but let's ah let's not worry about that too much and let's do freeze mode first I want you to sign sliced triggers so slice trigger is going to be remember the numbers that we saw when activated freeze mode activated again on here each one of these is a slice trigger so deactivate freeze mode and we're going to create her own so slice trigger one you're gonna first matt that at in or in a do debt common slice trigger to head in slice trigger three this is when it gets tedious guys just warning you right now that's why people create map ings than sell them or they create their mapping when they first get a piece of hardware optimize it and then it's done you know and then you have your custom mapping you don't have to worry about it again and uh it's definitely worth doing I'll tell you that much and really at the end of the day it doesn't take that much time all right so let's learn and I want to have sliced trigger one be the first one on the right hand sign slice trigger to celeste trigger three slice trigger four um which decade we want this on let's do it on deck ease since we're going all four deck here deck de de de de de all right so now we have the ability to chop this up and um slow to track and detect the real quick and see if this works I'm gonna go back and forth between the two pieces of hardware so just uh bear with me here in the first activate freeze mode and let's see if that works so did work right but I had to activate freeze mode on the essay say I wanted to activate freeze mode on the control x one so I can do this a couple different ways um I can maybe assign it to the flux but in here that would be the easy way of doing it right but maybe I wanted to let's see that actually the start but I wantto I want to go over and and give that flux bug and flux but a second purpose through a modifier so let's go and first create the tract tech common freeze mode and we have freeze mode on let's assign that to the flux button and this you toggle and select our assignment to dec de let's see if that worked sweet worse right? So we'll hit play all right, so there's that there's a couple other parameters as well we have that comment sorry even losing that we have our slice adjust size and the slice that just count so for this I'm going to assign this because these need to be done to an encoder but I'm going to create a modifier because I want the same button or the same knob I should say the control both of these things so slice accountants life size and let's do the size of just first it learned and I'm going to sign it too this endless in code or here uh that's friend freeze mode on their sorry about that these air ah you know little small things that mistakes that you make sometimes but we needed to turn freeze mode on and you can see when I turn this knob it's adjusting the size all right, so now I for pete's sake I actually want to maybe try that again or maybe I want to make this also do the second function which is the slice count okay, so we already have the size let's do the slice count but I want it again to be this same knob here so how do I do that I'm gonna first assigned the slice count two that knob dec de all right then let's do it kodor but I want to create a modifier and get a modifiers like the shift key on your keyboard or the caps locks so let's added in and go down to modifier and do modifier one and then I'm going to learn this too effects three and so now when I changed this to butt in it's going to be hold and so when I hold down the button and I wanted to change the behavior of this knob right so how do I do that first we need to go down here to button options and set it to a particular value and the value is going to be the modifier state so up here we have all of these modifier states right? I can have up to eight modifiers and each modifier has a number of different states that you can have it in so one our zero through seven so eight I want to set this to value one so watch what happens when I press this button when I hold it down up here and modifier state it's in to change the value one and that's really important to remember and I'll tell you why is not when we go to freeze a slice count I want to go toe modifier conditions a sign a modifier which is modifier one and then I want to set this to value one as well so that means when my modifier state is that value one that this will be controlled versus this all right now we're getting deep here is deep but it should make sense in a second all right? So we now know that when modifier value of I'm sorry when the value of modifier one is that value one it will be controlling the free slice count but what happens to this right? So since we have both of these um assigned to the same knob I need to compensate for what happens with free slice adjust size well, this is in modifier st zero so we're going to add a modifier here far one and we're going to leave the value at zero so both of these correspond to modifier one so a modifier condition is at zero we're adjusting the size right? And then when I hold down this modifier and I'm at one, we're adjusting the slice count see that so now we're doing two different things and actually want to change this from a coder to fader and knob and this fader and nav as well, so that way I have c I have more fine tune, so I'm adjusting all of the different sizes and this isn't to be all of the different counts then he says all right, cool we just went super geeky there, and that is about as geeky as you can get with tractor pro. I'm not gonna lie. It actually does get a little bit more geeky. I won't get into it. But there's something called a modifier condition and it's what? We went over that on does not just the place stake. Okay, we can also have deck play, so when deck is playing a certain knob reacts a certain way. Then when it stopped, right and let's think of example that we've already went over on the hardware where deck play modifier condition might come into to account. So by default the touch strip ah, when you have to dex stopped is going to adjust this'll turn off our crazy effect here it's gonna just the playback and I can't scratch through, but when the deck is playing is going to do something different, right? It isn't just the tempo. So these are all things that you can map yourself and the guys that create this in berlin are geniuses, and they create such dynamic mapping xcx but this is something you can do yourself and really gives you more powerful, more power. I mean, this stuff you can't really do in any other piece of d j hardware, you go up by a c d j that's what? It isthe right there's not much you can do to kind of adjust this but you go and buy something as simple as the next one for two hundred bucks and you can make it do whatever the heck you wanted to do you khun set up a number of different modifiers and just to kind of give you a quick example all right, we only had, um used a single modifier with one value, which is one I could change this go back to my I'm wrapping up here, right? I could change this to b instead of hold to increase right or decrease and when it increases it's going to change the value from one to two to three to four when it decreases, you can go back all the way back down to zero so I could have I mean, a number of different layouts for this I could have this literally do one hundred different things if I wanted to to you know, just on this one controller here so don't feel like you're you're limited to what you have out of the box this khun dio a million different things so it's very, very powerful um and with that said, I think this is a good time to kind of wrap up this course we've went over a lot of middie mapping we went over hardware control versus software control. So the next thing that I'm going to go over is creating remix tex, and we're going to do with this bad boy right here, the control f one. I'll show you how to control remix techs, also with the control s eight, and we're even to get into my best friend over here, mr machine or machina, depending on how you like to pronounce your german words. And this is going to be, without a doubt, the most fun to torrey a. Ll.

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