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Become a Travel Hacker

Chris Guillebeau

Become a Travel Hacker

Chris Guillebeau

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1 Introduction Duration:19:38
2 Getting Points & Miles Duration:24:10
4 Cards for Travel Duration:45:10
5 Cards for Travel Part 2 Duration:39:48
6 How to See the World Duration:46:19
7 How to See the World Part 2 Duration:43:24
9 Hacking the High Life Part 2 Duration:22:26

Class Description

Want to jet off to Europe or Asia, or holiday in style without paying for it? Welcome to the world of travel hacking: the art of free or low-cost travel made possible through frequent flyer miles, round-the-world plane tickets, and other innovative money-saving strategies.

NYT bestselling author Chris Guillebeau has traveled to every single country in the world. During this course, Chris and a few special guests will show you how to earn hundreds of thousands of miles and points — before even getting on an airplane. You'll then learn how to put your new treasure chest to good use to go anywhere, anytime.

Your dream vacation is much cheaper — and can happen much sooner — than you think!

Warning: this action-packed adventure is highly practical. You might find yourself planning your next vacation in real-time.


a Creativelive Student

Wow I thought I was a savvy travel sister already, but WOW you've taken me to the next levels. So here I go. Thanks a million Chris & Stephanie you ROCK. Big hugs. I love love love Creative Live, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all you do. It really is the best thing in life to Learn & take Action, If I could only have one thing in my life :) it would be learning from all you Guys & Gals I am forever grateful. Cheers Doris

a Creativelive Student

Great class with lots of very specific things to do. Chris is wonderful and it's amazing to hear him talk about how he travels the world. BUT it's really only worth watching if you're in the US.

Christine Yun

I wish I saw this course earlier! I learned so many tips on how to save money and discovered how to get perks from different credit cards. There's definitely long-term benefits to watching this class. Also, this is a great class if you're thinking of opening a new credit card as it walks you the benefits of each one.