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Advanced Typography: Fine Tuning and Finessing

Lesson 11 of 12

Can You Spot the Type Crime?


Advanced Typography: Fine Tuning and Finessing

Lesson 11 of 12

Can You Spot the Type Crime?


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Can You Spot the Type Crime?

Now we're up to the type quiz okay? This is a fun thing okay? This is not your not going to get tested I mean not gonna be don't not going to get graded so take one of the sheets and, um I'm going to show you um a number of things that many things were discussed today many things were discussed and typography the fundamentals okay, so if you haven't seen that and you're intrigued by some of the things here that we're looking at, you might want to view that on take a look some of these I mean, these air kind of whimsical some of these things have more than one thing than you know, two things, but we'll start and I'll tell you what, just write down what you see it's not going to take a whole lot of time and we'll go through it and then, um we'll talk about it okay? I was sweating it this's an easy one, okay, I don't have these number, but we're just going to keep moving. This isn't this is number one this actually has two to type crimes that appear twice this is from the tv this is a scr...

atch I won't say what channel so you do you have any sort of insight into what actually this is? Does it matter is this looks like a screen capture or something so weather report this is just like right off of ah yeah I just stopped the screen yeah I'm telling I get some good stuff that way and you see and you just got to see you and I you know I can rewind on what I have or I hold out I freeze it because I could do that with a lot of people do that with the kind of tv that they have the government no one is going to strike you you never know it's a strange exactly I mean and you know when I weigh oh my god I can't believe that no I found this one I was like are you kidding me okay yeah some of them I seek out some of them I just find okay so this let's see this one is from um typography the fundamentals okay, but if you're if you're watching this one and you didn't see that one then you might think you know all that stuff but if you don't know what's wrong with this you don't know as much as you think you know on this one's a little challenging okay let's see can I give you a hint do you want a hint that's what I was going to say yeah yeah yeah it's it's in here e it's in the body copy that says our our mission ok that's where I want you to look okay not sure what this context is uh I have a feeling this so I don't know what I'm not even gonna guess because I didn't read the article I'm sorry to say ah but I'll have to do that when I get home okay so I mean this one should be obvious I'll tell you this one is not about current ing okay, so if you don't know what it is and you're thinking I'm getting really tricky here um this one is not about current, okay, this is something we talked about today and I also mentioned in the corning section this is a tough one look at the second line, so don't look at the text below and it's not in the top line it's in the second line okay if you don't see it don't like I said we're not going okay this one you know what? I really like the look of this page and I was questioned whether I should leave it in or not because I really think what I'm seeing here is intentional, okay, but if you even know what I'm talking about if you even know what I'm questioning whether it's intentional not just write down what you're seeing on this one and I'm not talking about the reverse are okay I'm not even talking about the headline I'm talking about something else in that column okay? This is look at the top I hope you get this this is from the fundamentals so if you don't see it maybe you need to see the fundamentals again so it's the top okay when you see it you're going to know it on this one if you don't see it don't look don't get crazy looking in reading the text and all these three investigator I know you I know some a medical report on uh some something what's scary is it was in my house yeah it's about a very irritable bowel disease okay so this is a visual thing this is something I mean did any of you the end of you see this one I'll give you did okay is actually two things here but we can't ignore this one because I really didn't spend a lot of time talking about it it's not the fact that this would look a lot nicer if an f ligature were there okay I didn't really spend a lot of time and I don't consider that a crime some of these are not crimes but this is something that we talked about today I'm going to give you two words to help you read it oh you should get this one quick quickly squid you must have gotten it no no you got it once you see it it's so obvious but you know you know what? You're sitting very far away so we'll give you a handicap thank you. I don't worry about it. Okay um I did talk about this and this is questionable see, I consider this a type crime but I could tell you that it was totally intentional in this page so I hesitated leaving it in but I left it in so it's an intentional design but what do you think I'm thinking or thinking this is it about there's a whole lot going on here so let's just and let's not talk about the fact that this is all hard to read okay with look at these two things wrong I'm going to look at this line the one that starts with wednesday see if you can get either either of the crimes here they would say that a crime see how much you can remember, see if you can really remember more than fifteen percent and what have you done? I mean this this is nice. This is nice. So you know, you might not see this because you just dazzled by the beauty of the setting. Uh, no, I'm not gonna give you a hint on this. We're just gonna finish finish up, okay? It doesn't matter that's crooked that's the way it's supposed to be just what's your gut thought well, this one's a little challenging some of them we really just discussed peripherally little bit this is just supposed to be fun, so not a big deal, okay chris are you trying to figure it out too? I love you and the good thing is that we do have the people who are online in the chat room then they're jumping in there trying t o figure out so it's great so very interactive experience that people can do at home as well as our student here well, you know what's good about this is this is what you should be doing to your own work I mean, you know, this is sort of like the preparation for how you should be looking and that that's why why I created the typographic checklist because what? Let me tell you what that is because it's a really valuable piece I've talked about so many things today and in the other session, which is the fundamentals that yes it's really hard to remember everything. So I made a checklist of every single thing that I have talked about that that you need to check sort of towards the end of a job because there's no way you're going to remember even if you bye bye the you know you buy the session and you watch it over and over it's still helpful toe havel a checklist on when you get to the end of a job you can say ok, did I remember all these things so I created it for my students and for anyone that wants help remembering that I used to tell people make a list make a list so then I said you know I'm going to make a list so that's going to be a useful thing for you if you if you sign up and get that okay so we're almost done you know what this is tactically not wrong but optically is something that I would change that we talked about I believe this was from uh the fundamental session but again if you think you know the fundamentals and you don't see it maybe you don't know this much is you think okay um what is this nineteen is this the last one nineteen okay well hey how good is your recent memory this one looks like we just cut off right there you can't even see what's below yeah well a magazine ad maybe yeah you know what I don't even know what it is but I just was like better that caught your eye though it caught my eye for some reason okay and then finally and you know what sometimes you see the same issue and two things in a row possibly could be o k pencils down now just kidding not school okay so let's go back I guess I just have to scroll back to the beginning and let's see how everyone did I just have to to these one at a time that's okay yeah how you guys feeling? You get you got something down for you alright chris you know if our our live audience doesn't guess it I don't know if you have people you feel free to chime in if somebody tells you what's sure something is all right if that works but we're going to start with our live audience here so what's wrong with this don't quote yeah this one is like pretty obvious right okay so here we go this is a dumb quote this is actually a type of ground you know typewriter quote it's more like a foot mark and it should be um a curly or a typographer sze quote okay two things here wait oh you know what? I wasn't even thinking of the current ng so there's three things I'm so so happy you're catching more than I even looked at the w ay that's really great you know that's great so what you said something else the end ish well is it a yes it's a hyphen it should be and and then dash what else partner? Ok right that's an apostrophe and that should be a foot mark or in inch mark I had tend to think that I don't know I don't know how many no I guess it wouldn't be moderate flooding if it's three to five feet as well I don't know if they only have one mark it's supposed to be a foot so I mean it's ironic again so this is supposed to be in and dash and this should be a foot mark and yes the current ing is bad I'm thrilled that you noticed that I hadn't even looked okay did anyone here get this one? I want it enclosed the end who's yes they that should not be an open quote that should be an apostrophe tellem who's really in charge ok that's an omission ok it's not a contraction it's an omission and that's one of those things that you have to manually look for if you remember when we were talking about this um in in in the fundamentals um that that's something that your computer will automatically set that way that you manually have to look for because it's incorrect as an open quote it should be an apostrophe to represent an omission of letters them could anyone figure out what's wrong with this one where's your double life by o there you know what e didn't even see that so I love it they're beat me in my own game talking to well ok I told him to well but you know I was thinking of this remember what? Rivers yes this's poor justification with really open award spacing and rivers of white space so yes you've got that one for sure so I mean what's this one and I said it's not about current it's the quotation mark should be yes I should be hanging you know again this is not a type crime I call this type crimes this is this is a visual choice but in fine typography I would've hung that into the margin mohr and if you couldn't hang it completely I would have I would have moved everything else in and tried to make this a line better because as it is it looks like an indian I'm sure there's other things going on there but that's the primary one that I wanted to see if people could could catch okay so you had to have gotten this one did you one's facing the lines yes the optical alignment because you have calves is what you're going to say letting yes leading line spacing even though it might be said it even even letting in line spacing because the second line is all caps the space between the first two lines looks a lot tighter than all the others okay so that needs to be adjusted visually not even if it's mechanically correct did anyone get this? This is a tougher one hyphen is it oh no it's just I told you it's just in this line here the kama now I too may I know this one is tough you see how much space there is around the one my guess is that's a tabular tabular spaced okay because there's a lot of space between the one and the comma you see that now? Yeah, yeah so I mean and again those those you're tough things to spot but that's what I saw in that one I know this one it's the one I got right? I got one right? And this is it let's see? Because I think this is the hardest one that oh should be tucked the rest of the paragraph should be tucked into that o okay, it is about theo okay? My might issue with it is mostly that it should align and again I believe this was intentional, but I just wanted to be a topic of conversation because we talked about initial alignment normally I say to align them with a line so I think it should be lower and I don't think it's a lining here, okay, what you said is very interesting because conceptually I liked what you said. What you're saying I think is that this line should be tucked into the top more so that it reads as the word right it's all connected well so that the e should be closer to the oh so what right is that the bottom lines should be still it'd be all more of a unit and less segregated even look better if you took instead of making the indented paragraph lines straight if you curved them to the ship okay, so you think it would look good as a contoured the type contoured okay, everyone has a different take. All those things are possibilities. I do think this is intentional because what I'm seeing is a very gms trick layout. I'm seeing lots of rectangles so I can understand, even if they knew it might read better why this was not put closer to their because, you know, I think that's that's a personal decision of personal choice. Okay, but I agree with all of you. I love that you caught all that and the alignment all of those are other possible treatments for an initial and all it's telling me is that you're getting it you're thinking of how else it should be done and how you could better improve it. It doesn't matter what they did or what they intended. I just love that you're old got the one that I thought nobody was even going to pick up and I was gonna pull that went out, so I applaud you guys. Okay, uh, did anyone get this one? Takes more. Yeah, fake small caps. How about this one bad rag? Yeah, okay, you took you a minute, then when you got it, you're like I got it. Okay, you see how the rag is it's it's, very g m it's, not a curve like I showed you early, but it's this funky geometry kind of thing. And the reason that those things were bad is because they are distracting. They create an unnatural shape that sort of pulls the eye to the margin rather than into the copy. Okay. Did anyone get this one mind? Bri yeah, yeah. Um, you know, exactly, light. See, I wouldn't break type directors club. I wouldn't take tai would try to find a way to put tokyo type directors club on one line of possible. And so even if you had a short line in a wide line in a short line, you're sort of breaking a thought, okay, this one, I should be an easy one because something we just did turning like w exactly this's a beautiful page and either option is correct. The e w e e w in the second liner overlapping the w in the third line are not what the heck I mean, this is so obvious, yet you have another well is good. I was wondering about the word of view, the v if that should be more to the well, I wouldn't call this a diagnosed I wasn't so good. I don't really mind this. I think the spacing is okay, I know, I told you can't always get even spacing. Um and this is one of those things where you're gonna have a big space here. And I wouldn't necessarily open other things to match it in this case because it loses sort of the beauty and the tightness of that typeface. So that's that's? Why, I say there's, a lot of exceptions, but, sir, I love this. I would have done the same thing here. Even if you had an objection to that, they had to be both the same. So did anyone get this one? Ok. Put rags. No. Okay, remember I said it's where the is the iess drawn on the page, isn't it? Let me give you a holy the lower case letters the sheep letter spacing lower case. Yes, the sheep pitching would steal sheep. Anyone who letter space lower case would still she okay. Like I said, I don't remember the magazine, but I do believe it was done intentionally and then went. Like I said, when I was talking about this, this is something that traditionalists feels should not be done, but a lot of sort of experimental magazines and certain designers will do that. But I just wanted to show it to you and reinforce that and tell you. Is it a crime that all depends you know it's it's acceptable for this publication but in my world it is considered a crime so not only did they let her space this but they let her space all this out so it's not like they just did the headline okay, so it's that line beginning wednesday there's two things there place dash there should be smoke well that that would be a certain thing what? Adding spaces um before and after the hyphen well, you're looking at the right thing but you said the wrong thing that I think about it should it should happen it should be it should be an end dash exactly yeah, okay whether it should be raised up a little you're right I hadn't even thought of that because I saw one other thing like the numbers there no lookit enough evan okay what's wrong with the one in the same far apart why are they two for a part forgetting what's called okay because those air probably tabular stays okay, as long as you can see it I don't care if you remember the name so far but that's what happens when you use tabular lining figures and you don't do something to fix the spacing okay, how about this one quotation work in the period? What about the quotation works it's kind of far from okay exactly this is an example where horizontal alignment remember that I said it's a little hard to find I was mostly showing you poems and things and you were like why don't you use that? I don't know if I even see it but if you look at this because of this this line looks like it's too far over to the right and this line looks like it's too far over to the left because its ending in a period and a close quote so in order to make it optically ah visually center to vertically sorry how horizontally centered I would move this line slightly out to the left and move this light line a little more to the right can you say it? You might not think I could see that one right? Okay of a of an area far apart you know what that's good I wasn't even working. Okay, I wasn't thinking of the current ing of this one I this is great that somebody said the word spacing is too much here. I love that one thing I talked about a little bit and I didn't really talk about it directly is that our to me is a swash are that I will only use at the end of a word okay, so I feel and this might have been intentional I think it's appropriate here but if this typeface had a regular are I would not have put these are in the middle of a word. Okay? So that's more of a lesson or something to be conscious of then saying they did it absolutely long because I don't know if there is another art I don't know if it's intentional luck or not and I love that you noticed some of the spacing and I really love that you noticed the words spacing okay, anyone get this one? No it's fine. The recruiting current line here it's feeling being part of the line it's the alignment okay, so so this is something that you hardly see. So this line it should align on the d not the register mark and then I thought I would move the register markets floating to me so I would move that closer. Okay, like I said, it's not officially a crime, but it's something that that I would change to make it look a little better so long, really long and dish is that what you said? Yeah, yeah. Ok. So it's inappropriate and dash in this first line of text but it's very long and very tight for that particular type face so I would probably change it to an end dash instead of anam dash and I went head space to the right the left okay, so two more words spacing absolutely and the f I is way too open and the teo is a little bit to open and a wise a little too open. And the period is also too nice of that one. You got that so it's words spacing and current ing on dh last, but not least on this one it's the prince apostrophes for everything and it well, I think it's more the current ing the line spacing, I believe, is probably intentional, but look how tight, like a tight this isn't look open. This is okay, so they did some good things, but this is really bad and really tight. So, um, basically, how did you guys stow pretty well, we're not creating any way, you know, but anyway, um, I just want to thank everyone for staying with us today, and I hope you got a lot out of this. I hope that the quiz at least help to refresh your memory about some of the things that we were talking about. Chris, any any general comments? I mean, we've got lots of general didn't come up here and we could wake people really enjoyed that last time when you could tell how much fun the students were having here, a lot of high energy interaction there. The people in the chat rooms they were all chai ming in taking the quiz as well way had some final thank you's coming in from a chat room fresh start says I love this class thank you eileen ambulance is I wonder if I lean realizes how much joy her classes brought us thie chat room really was and joining us some nice shelley says I started my career in a print shop designing typesetting key lining transitioned in the computer era while working in house and retail advertising but this course has been a feast for my years as well as my eyes and finally pam from pittsburgh says I used to work for a major newspaper after watching this course I now understand a lot of the typesetting problems that we ran into we were using web type and their print editions we had problems with embedded logo's moving it was a complete nightmare so thank you for all those comments thank you pam for two million and eileen time has flown by so much fun it's been great it's it's so nice to have you here ilene thank you again everybody who's been tuning in but that's all for us this has been typography fine tuning and finessing with eileen and now my name is chris jennings thank you so much for tuning in but that's all for us that's a wrap great thank you guys

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