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CDJs and HID Mode

That pretty much covers the turntables and dvs expansion pack and how you can utilize turntables and some of the functions and features from the turntable world and marry it with the digital world and now what I want to do is I want to talk about another type of set up that is fairly common especially in club settings these days which is utilizing the cjs to um to be able to control cerrado so um there's a couple of ways to do this one of the more basic straightforward ways is is usually when you buy like if you were to buy an sl box of some sort or you buy the mixer you would get not only timecode vinyl that comes with it but you'd also get control cds so you could actually pop the control cd right into these guys is the cd player and you'd be ableto put disk on and now be able to control time code just the same way I was doing here on the vinyl records but using the actual cd timecode so it's sending sending the control tone uh senator control signal that's coming into this and I'm u...

sing that to control it there's a couple of other ways one is that this this right here the model of this is a pioneer c d j two thousand nexus this is sort of your industry standard when it comes to like cd players and control players that you've seen in most nightclubs throughout the world I also have a usb slot right here at the top so I can preloaded usb I'm gonna actually what I did put on this usb was I put a folder that has the cerrado control cd way form so he actually can download that from surat oh dot com um it's a great way of then you know yes you might have the cerrado cds but what happens if you lose them or you break them or um somebody steals them from you or you accidentally leave them in the players you can download the the actual way form and then burn that to a cd or put it on a thumb drive and be able to utilize the that here so I can do that I can pull up the way for him and if I'm doing that I'm now playing it if you listen to what this is the output of this which I'll play that's that same familiar control tone signal so if I want I can now then switch that to then control control cerrado on be able to use the functions inside of surat oh so um um what weakened d'oh is just one of them tio okay um we can use it in that way or the other way that I'd like to talk more about this is is a function called h I d mode so here's how I wantto show this you need a couple of things to do this one is you need usb cables to run out of the way um out of the cd jace so you'll need a usb cable for each one and now this is going to run into an actual router so or into your computer either way if I'm running a mac book pro right here so I only actually have two usb inputs so that makes it challenging because I need to plug in the audio interface which I'm getting out of my reign tm sixty two so that's one usb and then I need to have one each for h I d motive these so that then is three u s bees and only have two ports so I need to have ah usb port then to be able to plug all of those things in and I want to use a powered port so I'm gonna use the power port just said it there's no late and see or anything like that plug that in so right now that's actually what's under the tables have plugged in these two u s bees into that and then what I have is if I go to the c d j and can you guys get an overhead of of my c d j here? So when I switched to link mode here it now is linked and it says pushed to connect so if I push the connect it is now connecting so now it's connected so it's actually there's it has now unlocked aa lot of the teachers that I have a lot of the buttons and knobs that I have on the c d j now are actually mapped two to my surat o d j software so things even things like this like I can actually go and you'll notice if you're looking at my screen my both my, uh screen on my c d j and also the actual screening my laptop I'm scrolling through tracks and you're seeing them in real time on both on both devices so if I pull up something like ah let's pull up a mme summer song master, which is actually one of ah cut corners tracks here if I pull that up and I hit enter is now going to load this onto that deck onto my left deck so now I can play this through my left side of things um see here but you're on your own rosa you there we go so I want to make sure that I'm in internal ahs well, that's a bit that's a big thing if you're using a chidi mode it you're almost using these as if they were controller, so you definitely want to be an internal mode as opposed to a relative or absolute mode and that's that's a big trouble shooting thing so make sure you're an internal mode um that is making sure he has my back here by hit play now I have playing stop that works I can change e don't change the tempo I even have the ability to jump too hot to use by using the et bien see the three hot two buttons on the siege a thief, the loop so I can set a loop on the c t j so I've got aa lot of the a lot of the features that I would normally then have to hit on some other sort of you there on the keyboard on another sort of many controller. I have the ability that then hit on the c d j so this makes it a really good way of, like, seamlessly talking to the c d j and then one of the biggest things just really being able to see all of your tracks and be able to like I can actually, if I hit, let me go back onto the left one. Um, if if I hit back, I can look through my crates and I can find it creates. So I mean, use the license freak rate since we are here at creative life um, and I'm going to go into here and find my track so I can jump back and forth, though between crates this is an awesome feature, the the biggest thing that was you need to make sure that this is hooked up to ah ah, hub to a usb hope because that's really the only way to activate um, this feature is they need to be connected through us be, um, one of the common questions that I get when it comes to hiv mode is there's also a way to like this is called link that what I'm using his link, but it's actually sending it through the u s be so that tends to be confusing for people sometimes like, well, so on the c d j do I hit us be or do a hit link? You definitely hit link um, and then you're using the usb midi that's, how it's sending out if you hit us be that will be for this thumb drive that I have plugged in to the top of the player, so make sure that you're hitting link and then coming. And other question is there's a way to link the cd jay's through like an ethernet cable through a network? Cable said they then talk to one another and you don't need to have that plugged in for these to work in a chidi mode, in fact, like I'm not even using that at all, I don't even have them linked one bit that way, um matt, do you have anything? Like when it comes to h I d mode that you wantto touch on, that I might have missed? Yeah, I think you covered most of it. I guess the one thing is, is that the advantage of being connected with h I d motives? You don't need cds or the usb drive with the control time, so if you don't have any of those things, you're still good to go as long as you've got the heart and the usb cables and when you initially connect, it should kick the the player into internal mode, so you already were in relative mode, so that would be why we had that issue. All right, if you connect the first time in your chris link, it should just kick it right into internal mode. So you you shouldn't have too much problem with that if you just setting up for the first time, right? Right? Yeah. The issue was I was trying to switch between when I was using a using ah, something off the u s be that was here. Like, so something off my thumb drives. I had it in relative mode, which I then needed to switch so it's it yeah, I mean but once you plug it in it's usually pretty it's pretty simple once you get it going, you just need to make sure that you have all those components like you need to make sure that you have that router you know, make sure that you have, like, the cables to plug up but then other than that you should be you should be good to go in it. It unleashes a lot of of what you could do with this. Um, sweet um cool. So what jazz on that I'm sorry. Yeah, sorry, I one thing I know the pioneer just released the x t j, which is, you know, very probably a very hot topic right now. Yeah, which is obviously that the seating j with no cds that cz going tohave forthcoming support very, very soon. So probably the last time this video is out that'll be already supported in the same way that the cpj's are. So if you get in the post your hands on those, you confuse us right away and you'll be able to use those in h I d mode then correct got it so cool even I mean, that brings up a good point, so for those who maybe aren't aren't so familiar what we're talking about his pioneer this c d, j two thousand next. This is sort of like the industry standard in clubs and whatnot. They've also released this, a new product called the x t j, where they have eliminated. As matt said, they've eliminated the cd slots, andi it's got a full touchscreen appear, and it also then we'll have the ability then to to work in a chidi mode. So even more reason toe. Make sure you know how to use a chidi mode, because you won't have those timecode cds. So if you happen to run into that, you've got a venue or you look, you're looking at buying those, uh, you don't need the cd at all.

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Get analog control over your digital music with the Serato DJ rig. In Using Serato: Intermediate, DJ Hapa will show you how to dial in your Serato system.

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