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So let's go on a little bit more about what brain of my camera is so preparing my equipment so what brains important what cameras important? The one that you shooting with you know that's the one that's available you know, like I went to that rehearsal I had the iphone only with me as long as I had that I was in good shape you know, like it's sort of like uh it's ninety nine question isn't it like you know out everyone's lips which camera you know, I remember I was at a lucky enough to be best man at my best might sweating and my son jackson was about a year at the time and it was in camera and we had the day together everyone else was busy and you know and it was a rare day off, you know, it's a little toddler and took him around to this amazing museum the national museum of australia beautiful incredible so visually incredible anyway, not that I'm the best dad and you know, I like I may have forgot to feed him I got to let him have a sleep and I cannot realize that you know and unlik...

e you know, we had a great dad anyway, so I thought I'd better take him home so I took into the car you know, unpacked the trolley and put everything in putting me in the baby seat and everything like that and then I looked across the ride and I've gone wow look at that that's a good photograph that that's an unbelievable and I looked at him in the car thought and I looked again and looked back at him and you know and I thought I can't leave him there you know you like currently the kid in the car so I get the primary I get the bag out I put him in a I well across the road and go to take this picture and the memory card was full and and I was it was a very, very quiet street is like around the buses but we're in the middle of road, you know? I thought I deleted one image and then got it and this was that shot the camera had was like a little compact camera was this this is, you know, like eight years ago seven years ago and, uh, you know, it's like a little full megapixel camera know it took me a lot of work in photoshopped fix it and make sure that it looked amazing, but the thing wass is that I got the shot that I wanted you know? So sometimes we get so caught up in the equipment that we're using, what happens is that we forget what the most important thing is and that's here what's in your heart and what's in your head you know, you gotta think about exactly what you want to capture and again it's coming back to an expression of who you ah that's important you know, your unique you want to show that uniqueness, you know? I mean and it doesn't matter what camera using to do that now I'm not going to say that you shouldn't use really good equipment to shoot weddings and you need backup equipment and I'm going to take you through the equipment so you know, shortly but just very quickly I used to de force because I know that I can go out in bad weather like I did and like and these guys are indestructible, you know? My four main lenses are the twenty four to seventeen to seventy two two hundred and then the eighty five one point four in the thirty five one point four that's my basic I could go to a whole wedding and just shoot that in fact, I could go to whole wedding and just shoot with a twenty four to seventy in one camera if I want and that's important too annoying because sometimes we're just starting out, I'm you know this next segment talking about gear please don't go out and buy everything that I have dying, you know, I've taken like ten years to get all this stuff, but what I've done is that I've put in equipment list together you know off and you need tio think about when I would get this bit of equipment and so I've listed it out in priority I still think that you should have a second body at least as a backup I always shoot with two bodies when was shooting you'll see why, but I always means that I have a backup camera on me, but I also have a different point of view on may as well, like a point of vision, so if I'm got the twenty four to seventy on one can't lens that I might have the eighty five mil, he said at one point four on another lands on the other body or might have the seventy two, two hundred or I might have the one thirty five I use lenses based on what I need and what I think, and I pre think about this before the wedding day, so ganic sort of comes back to the preparation, so I just want to be a little bit conscious, you know? We're going to show the table soon of all the gear and you know what you think? God, it could have all that, you know? It seems expensive, you don't you can keep a basic, but I'm going to tell you what what's important, so I use camera straps called up strips because I grip and uh and that to your to the jacket, I have array of like different things from cards to a download device little towards I'm gonna go through, everything, came by hand, have backup lighting, and then I have backup studio lighting on top of that as well. And then I had my dream lenses that occasionally pull out. I think, you know, once, like I used to three hundred mil to point out at a wedding, it just happens that I have that that lanes and I use it for other things, but and I wish I could photograph with it at weddings. Mohr but it's impractical and that's where keeping things really, really simple, but no it really well, what you can do with it is really important because imagine, like, you know, if you're worried about all your equipment, you know things are going to pass by. So also, if you're worried about or your equipment, how it's being stored on where it is at the moment and for instance, you're shooting over here in your camera bag is over there, and you're worried about getting stolen. You're not focused on where you your mind should be and being creative and working with people to get the best out of them to get the shots. So thinking about bags and thinking about your equipment is really important on many levels because you just want to get a clear mind and be out to get to the job that you need to get. So he said, we have a different riot bags, I'll go through them in a second, we're going to go through, you know, my menu it as well. So I went the tamarack bag way playing goes well, this is the beauty of live television, so let me know where I should be and not baby, but this is a role so pretty much when it's in the car, everything can stay in here and it could be easily transported. So this is more my car, you know, back, you know, I mean and s o, which is really important. So now one of the things that, like I do in australia a lot is traveling to stay, and so one of the things that were going to be important about is being protective of our gear from a security point of view. But what if you checked something in your camera bag and you got to the destination in your bag doesn't turn out, so I never, ever checked my back, so I've got this bag, which is just incredible in many ways. But bad in many ways and I've been bad in a in a good way just said what I means is that I can fit nearly most of this equipment in this bag believe it or not now it's going away an absolute time that's the bad you know what like we've all the travel I've done is that I've never ever been white my bag has never been way because it just looks like a briefcase, you know, and that's the beauty about this bad, you know? I mean, so I wouldn't travel internationally with it, you know? Because you know, there's a lot of other things I need to take so for international travel, believe it or not is that I actually take this back and I can feel pretty much the same contents in that bag in here in this compartment and a little bit in this compartment and I can still fit my laptop of equipment in the back so again, it's just having the right bag for the right purpose. So and so this is like these are all my favorite bags that I'm showing you the other bag that that occasionally he's in the car and also on location would be this bag a cz well, so it has a roller in the back and it's similar to that and if it's a little bit more in there you know, I mean, it has a few more compartments at the front so it's great so if you really want to roll it but the thing is is that I also use bags for shooting no and it's mainly a bag just to hold certain amount of stuff and I'll hold my emergency kit in there and maybe a couple spare lines is no sometimes like you know you'll find because imagine if you had like, a roller like this like on the wedding day and as you're going from location to location you're rolling along you may have like two cameras around you, you know, and all these amazing moments are happening around you you know, how are you going to shoot that you can't so you always got to think about your gear, so for me this stays in the car and I have all my spare equipment there, so if things change on the day, which I'll show you in a little bit, I can go to the car and get a fourteen to twenty four mil. You know, if I need to sew the tea bags that I absolutely love on the day the wedding day is by think tank and it's the retrospective ten and the retrospective five they're black, so when I'm wearing them, I can actually put it around my back like this and you don't see it really well you know I can leave it in the corner or put it under a table and you know and gently there's nothing expensive in there so thinking about security and I'll just sort of just jumping is that this wallet is the most important thing on the wedding day in this wallet has all my memory cards and what is so vital is that that has bill kurt and a clip in the back and what I do is that I just where it here and it just stays there the whole time now if I'm doing like a destination wedding this goes with me every way so great, you know? Is that, like what's cool? Is that like a rather than keeping it in the bag? Is that it's bone may? So everything I need his own man like you someone takes the bag yeah, I might lose the lens I might lose a few other things, but the most important thing, the cards, the memory in the daughter on it is that I'm not going to lose that. Okay? So talking about this I'll just zip this is that I have a whole protocol with cards now is that one is I have enough cards to shoot the entire wedding, please make sure you do this do not just have a downloading device, then reformat it now I d have this really great color space ut emma and biggest media may to that is a great downloading device it and I do that on the fly so this also sits on my belt as well, so I've got two backups with me instantly all the time so there's one as soon as I pull it out of the camera if I've got a three free moment well actually inserted directly into the card download and then I think ok, how do I manage that? So in my wallet I have everything all the cards facing we've like the reading area in wins so outwards as soon as I downloaded the card and it's used it's simple it's just turning them over and putting him back in there so I know that they have been downloaded. The other thing is is because I've pre formatted that on the day and this is something that you need tio is pre format or your carter for the day so never ever your preform ending a card on the day and the reason why is because how easy it is in a when chaos is happening everywhere you go to get another card and what happens is that you I think that you formatted, you know, um you know and you hadn't formatted and you just go over that card without even thinking about it, you know? And so you eliminate that that chance of right riding a car because you're not for mating on the day so so, so important. All right, so, um let's talk cameras so these air the ups traps all right, so I face some this way and you know what? I'm going to just change lenses just quickly. It was good that I, uh so let's hoods I don't lose one I really use will we use one on the twenty four to seven, but the seventy two hundred you know what? Why don't you use a is that like because I don't know how to put him on that's why look how big that sucker is. Look how intimidating like if you're photographed and so I look how intimidating that is, so to make it a little bit less intimidating, I just take it off. It just makes it that shorter the way like I use my way my cameras are so important, you know, is that like, this is how like, a, you know, on a day is that, like, I had my hands like this, you know, lenses facing in words or show the difference, ok, do I look like new? You know, I look like a photographer, you know, I mean, on a wedding day, I don't want to look like a photographer you know, I just want to blend in and that's why general where black suit you know and uh and where my cameras just like this and I know that I could just quickly pick up a camera you know, like and the guys at the street I think I'm not sometimes because like I hate people touching my cameras and the reason why is because I need to rely on my camera to be at the settings and precise you know, I feel that I could just take a photo and I can insulate grab it so it sounds funny but you're gonna be at one with the camera you know, in australia would call that a winky time you know, you know, like but he j like, you know, like you just gonna like make sure this is I wanted to look up to like, the bride of preparation that I make sure the camera is already on at the settings that I think that my needing that rain so many times I've rocked up to a open up the door walking up my god look at that moment and just started shooting and it was an incredible moment happening, you know, that was just shoot it straight away so always be prepared, you know, on many levels ok? So let's start like is that you need a backup camera, so if you don't really I don't know like if you're going have the affordability to get a d for, you know dying you know like get a d six hundred make sure it's full frame and its way the d six hundred incredible but you may need extra cards you know because it's a bigger mega pixel camera you meet and you need fast cuts for the d six hundred as well because the buffers just a little bit slow but that's okay you just offshoot that we've getting like the ninety five megabytes per second sanders cuts you got to spend a little bit extra on the cuts so like I said I could shoot an entire wedding with a twenty four to seventy um I would probably you know, keep it around two point eight for most of the day and we'll talk about that apertures and things like that but I would feel comfortable rocking up to a wedding and just being that but what I need is like I need to have a backup camera anyway and I want a different field of view so that's why I always have two cameras on me okay? Now then I would have liked the the eighty five in the thirty five mil um and we'll talk a little bit about apertures and prime lands is the first scene lenses because like, you know, some people going what you don't shoot all prime lenses are you crazy you know, I mean, you know what like the reason why is because when things are happening and there's something there you know like the church the ceremonies happening I can just get this amazing shot of the three of you a twenty four mill and then see you crying and then zoom justin on you at seventy mil and do that within split second I've got two amazing shots just in that short period of time if I was trying to change cameras or you know, do a lot of other things and think about a lot of other things I would have missed out on that moment you know? I mean so so that's why I like I could use seems a lot and the quality is outstanding you know, I think gone is the day where you'd use prime lenses because the quality was there but in these modern seems these days you know, on by fields of camp some really good quality stuff you know? So you can comfortably night let's have a look at just talking lenses are you know, I actually find the seventy two hundred heavy um you know, the bodies a lot of now but I actually used the one thirty five, fifty two a lot I love it, you know no mean and that's my go to lands as my second body other than like theeighty five mil well, it was just an amazing lines it's just incredible, you know especially shooting at one point for um have these like extension shoe brings there's a kinko ones and they're great they're actors another land so for details like doing the rings and things like that I could just put that on and it becomes a macro lens you know? And I'm keeping the quality I'm not putting a like a filter, you know, over the lens I'm just extending the focal and bringing that shorter so do that I always have at least one flash and it may not be on me but it's in the car you know? I mean, we'll talk about lighting, you know, a couple days um fifty mil lens so like say I don't use it a lot, but if you're just starting out and you know you've got your backup camera having a fifty mil one point four lens is so volatile especially if you can't afford the thirty five and eighty five you need a prime you need a fast prime one point four lanes especially in doc environments and things like that and this is great cheap solution you don't I mean but like I said it's not my goatee lands but for a beginner you know, it's starting out, you know, I think it's bottle on dh this is actually you know, on this gillis and it explains it, and we're going to include that in the course that we're going to include, like, this, uh, gillis, what I recommend to shoot a wedding, and we're going to just yet we're just going to include that in the course when you when you purchase the course? Yeah, when you put, yeah, and tell us a little bit more about that it's got different scenarios and stuff like that? Yeah, this one is like for instance, like, if you're just starting out it's just like that, the base equipment which is going to talk about, like, having, you know, one main body, we've say the twenty four to seventy two point eight, okay, but then having a backup camera anyway, and that might be the d six hundred on dh then, you know, maybe on that lens, you know, you on that body might have the fifty one point four, you know? I mean, really cheap. Great solution. You got a really beautiful kate really like a day six hundred with a fifty mil, one point four linz. Amazing. You know, you go back up so you can shoot with two cameras there, and it just talks about the straps that I used. Remember because I'm where the way I'm wearing them is that I need him to grip on ben just goes on about like all the essentials and then as you grow as a photographer then you could look at it like you know getting the seventy two two hundred you know getting the eighty five millions you know adding that to it on also includes this really important area down this end which is all cheap and cheerful and easy stuff but really important so spare better is important you know like I I didn't bring about like I shoot with the forty five mil to tilt shift a lot it's beautiful but lens baby you know it's great you know I mean especially this the high quality compose a probe beautiful glass in there and it's great for detail shots you know the occasional creative shot as well but this is my old terrain linds a cz well so this is a lens that I made my by myself and I was inspired by a friend that you guys out there have got to check out his name's parker j vista he's uh he's incredible an incredible photographer you know how do you spell that place bill that p f I s t e r a y e t h e m a n great because he's the man yeah so yes I park jae vista I think you know what his web sites package a photo don't come and and he inspires me all the time and I never got a commercial photographer artists a mark tucker um he does crazy stuff like make lenses and things like that and then and I was kicking myself there's these lenses that have made from holger lenses and made him into tilt shift a zealous fixed and the hogle ends on a digital body is just amazing you know it's just this beautiful softness but yet still sharpen quality is still there and say if you ever want to just try and go make something like this have fun with it that's what photography is all bad is about having fun so this is my all terrain land so it's just the lens and you know like you just move it around and it becomes like a tilt shift you khun you know pop it out and you know maybe we'll try it like tomorrow and you know I think I see the results um all right so now what we do too is um is like is a recorder so sometimes we're recording the speeches and things like that so last july I did this great waiting in bali it was beautiful and we put it as we made a baby out of it um so if you get a chance maybe go to our website or video and look up dorothy and stanley you know it's ah really um amalgamation off combining all the techniques that I've learned over many years and so it's a little bit of video footage of stills that's using all the recorded you know, images, invoices from we did a pre wedding the day before and then we also did a you know, the speeches on the day and just amalgamated into a beautiful multimedia pieces it's a great love story so this is like I said, everything that I have like and I just always put on my bag is my wedding preparation kid so like I go through the time table off the day I've got the questions that I got the client to feel out or and then that I've bean filling out as we've been going along so it's just sort of like all correlated here and and I can just produce like a pdf for that and then I can just stick it on my phone and we have like a look book as well that's just an e book but then I printed it out and then I can just actually, you know, keep this, you know, on my bag and so if I need inspiration, we can just do that so just sort of clips on and you could just make that you know yourself and then but what if I just do and I'd let the client no and I gently find having a mini ipad is better but I just sort of say, ok, you know, I need some inspiration for the actual bride, so I just flipped through it and look through and, like, the prep and it, like, it's, a nice reminder as well, so I just sort of flicked through and it's just giving me, like, an idea of what we're doing as well, so and again, just on the ipad as well. So then we're starting to get into to fly, so I have two flashes, and we'll see we may end up using that over the next day, we'll see, um, but having one of these with the flash way, you might have a pole or you want to get remotely, and so you're just thinking, you know, use this with a flash, so he's pocket wizards gently, I'm firing them on manual, but you can also use the tr, which is, which is the bonus way I'm gonna start talking a little bit more about essentials that a little trip essentials that I think's important for every kid one is that, you know, having a lens cloth really important, um, little gels having a torch, you know, like, uh, you know, and then this one just seems like in and out, I don't know where we can show it like so sort of like seems like in and out it's not so powerful, you know like that's too far but then soften it off great again for details or an emergency light you know that you may need it's really dark you need some sort of light for the couple was something like that and just fits in your pocket little joe's these air for the flash and these are for you know, to soften the flash away the torch the torch already has, like a little correcting joe in there that I found and I just cut in and just moved it moved it in there um again little accessories for the flash to make its software or put it on a stand as well. Now also this is great um it's like just volker stripped I will sought it and then you can actually have a pole and then get your flash and just wrap it around and it's just going to stay there, you know? And the other thing of like having like extra bits of velcro that you may stick on things to make things a little bit easy for you know it is worthwhile and having like, a little set of like ties or, you know, buckles and things like that that you could you know, utilize hang a flash because then you can have like, a zip ties um zip ties might be great for, you know, finding a place to put the cart hangar somewhere else in the room where gently just want guards like a zip tie works really well, we're gonna get into like we go overseas spare batteries here but little survival things is it's all about service you know, you want to try to do the best you can and wedding so having a couple sd cards like how many times have you being to a wedding and the guest says, oh, you know, like I've run out of card you know and then you can say, well, you know what? Why don't you have this? You know, it's like a little survival thing ago and you just wowed someone you know and the other thing is like, you could have like a little compact camera even like that you bought years ago and, you know, use but just having a kid like charged with one of these cards in there and you know, because I mean to so many weddings with it battery's run doubt all you know and then you say, you know, one of your bar this just give it to me at the end of the night and then, you know, just keep the cut do you think that wow factor yeah, can I place you with you if you're gonna be just doling out yeah things like chin dulic odds you know like this is just ten dollars like for like a week and a key you know really low run sd card you know? So it's just yeah just a little thing so markets can I just ask you there was a question from wrist in k about how many cars you take with you and also what are the what of the gig like you have a maximum because you're scared to lose all the nine oh yeah like I've got sixty four gig cards I'm really comfortable using him I always have more cards and I ever think I need like in here probably got like, you know, six, sixty four gigs and you know like probably about you know, ten sixteen gig cuts you know? So I've got a lot of data you know? I mean and they're all saying this card so because I know that the great site you never see him twenty cars with you at all times yeah yeah and so what happens to is like, you know, like it goes on to that backup hard drive on go two copies of it as well and so in the good thing too is that maybe I haven't used all those cards obviously on one wedding and so then I just keep them there and don't for matter on until unless I know that I need them you know, but again I went for madame on the dialogue you know, I'm going to do that pre, you know, pre um so having spent batteries for guest too, I can be with well, this is like an amazing thing, and it was actually a bride's dad that showed me this and it's like a little extra thing I don't know why I just got from a hardware store and those this time where the broad was getting ready and the system was helping out and I'm not putting the dress on and I stepped around and everyone know many gars oh, wow, there was a face imprinted into the dress off the sisters make up, right? And so it was devastating and the dad everyone like the speechless people left the room was quietly. It was so quiet like in the dad came in, guys was going because doing, I've got something he went in and got this got a little cloth, it all came out, it would take blood out, it does everything is called exit and it's just one of those little things they're having your kid. So if things go terribly wrong with the dress, you can be there to help, you know, so think about it this is like your hero kid, this is like you're like cards to the guests you know, I mean and remember it could be the father of the grain like, you know, rushing around and forgotten a card or download something and and you're helping out, you know, if something goes wrong with the dress and being in situations where, you know, like I've had someone spill a red wine over the dress and this has got it out, you know? And you should see the thank you's you get it's incredible, yeah, this is an australian brand, but you know what? And it is made in australia all the best things are made in a straight, so I'm sure you can order that in from anywhere in the world. I've had similar experiences and tied to go works fantastic the way we had a cake drop on a girl's dress and we cleaned it up with tied to go and she was fine perfect that's also so like and that's what you want, you know, you want to be an hour to, you know, be able to provide that service like a bottle opener, you know, for guys like, you know, having beers and then they no one has bought a weapon, so having a little bottle open a, um a little sewing kit and like pins and even like for yourself or for me especially is just like fresh breath you know it's like, you know, like because you're talking to people all the time you know, you're doing a lot of different things and just having little things like that it just makes it different remember a lot of this stuff done in this end of the table have even made you know, bought really cheaply and everything like that becomes part of your hero here overall survival kit you know, remember just having like, a cheap little torch you know, it could make a huge difference, you know, it's really doc you know, you need a little bit of like, you know and you got a little torch and also like you'll see ninety percent of my time I'm just shooting available live but I still own a flag you know, for so many times like you know, I tried my gear I used to joke you know, the only reason why I got this you know, keep it is because it cost me six hundred bucks you know what I mean? But now I really use it, you know, and uh it's great and it's saved me a number of times so as well so so let's go to the keynote a little and because it's a few things that I want to show you is that there's a few things that I want to show you that preparation will get you through now I show you that italian wedding before and say sometimes you could think you know I just get to photograph in this miss beautiful places and it's not tree have a variety of clients or with the common thing is that they're amazing you know and that they come from beautiful family's incredible people I come from humble beginnings you know? And so I'm able to relate teo, you know, toe all different people you know, my clients include like the governor general of australia you know all too you know joe biden and strange you know? And I love every one of them and every one of them special you know, and vivian and marco's wedding was just that it was you know, it's a great reminder of where you've come from and where you're going and I think for vivian on a wedding day as well, you know, this's ah picture of from her parent's house where she grew up and you know what a blind and this is what's so good is that every parent strives to make a better life for their kids and this is what is amazing about vivian's dad you know, and mom is that they have done everything in their world to give her daughter a better chance all the kids like to go up, I think cookies and title and so it's about that, you know, it was such a small little house and when I got it and it was so tired that I had to go out to the car and go man I need a fourteen to twenty four mill had it in the car and I was I was shot so my my first lines was twenty four to seventy and then the other one was fourteen to you know twenty four to get about like eighty five mill you know or a seven to two hundred that was going to be no good now so there's this is like the environment great house this is that bedroom everything was stacked up you know it's just simple you know what's so special about this is that I'm showing you beauty beauty on a different level sometimes we would think what to hide but why hide it? Because it's their story and it's what makes him special you know, here is vivian's bedroom it was covered with photos full over it was incredible and as soon as I realized that you know I thought wow what such personality what? No chief this is what happens at a tea ceremony they wait for the groom to arrive and where they're gonna hand over remember I showed you that image and charge the story about the mom's gonna hand her over? Well this is that one of those times imagine her sitting in her room you know and but also like her parents thinking well a little girl's grown up and look what will be now to provide with her a great education she went on to get an amazing job, you know? And here it's just he's totally grounded, you know, in a place that she loves, you know? And so I went in and got this photo and I just because I love the photos like what? Beauty, why hide that no for one beauty in the sense of beauty you know what? I remember this one like look at that window light with that softness so I took that in beautiful life just really simple it was just say all the time and it was able to show both, you know? And then what I loved about this image is her mom and aunt, you know, just talking about, you know, and in cheese in that room and so as a finishing on a stick my minute and that story, it speaks volumes, you know, how many times have you walked into a house and you think, what am I doing here? I can't work with this. Have you ever thought that dying think that way show the beauty of these people show these people's stories, they'll love you for it I'm a father now and I know how hard I worked to hopefully give my children a better start in life and that's the same as vivian's dad and mom just wanting to give her good like girl the very best and that's what I did you know and she you know it's just like amazing moments you know through the house and then I was still able to again in that same room I just showed you how to create a beautiful portrait and that's what I want to show you even in this inn room and shortly is exactly that after the break you know how we can just use an environment and just get a great shot so he marco rocks up you know listen a ferrari you know prince charming you know and it was a friend's car that like you know drove them there but this is the magic look at that look a tw how that expression on that mom's vice and vivian's face beautiful you know, just gorgeous and it comes back to being prepared having an understanding you know what? Having a heart you know, not judging people and really being the best that you can be all right so let's wantto intellect take a few questions comment first of all this comment just and of the press jackson, raylan and evan are watching you and your children are watching you and they say yea daddy um your wife penny said I had told them that they could see what daddy does and so evan asked is this a wedding so a shout out to your family who are up and watching you that made my nose a little bit we'll give you both because you give me a second I just want to say it way so appreciate all the questions that you guys have been asking marcus has so much material but we just really appreciate the time and effort you guys have been putting into these amazing questions so you ready for one? All right, all right, all right, you can think about it, okay? So minivan along with several more others of you out there we've talked a lot about editorial versus photo journalistic marcus and people are still confused about our would like some more explanation if you can please define editorial and photo journalistic what is the difference between the two and you've also mentioned creative editorial and creative portrait and if people could just if you could just kind of like rehash the definitions for everyone okay? All right, so I'm very fortunate to have some really great friends that a great photojournalists on day were highly acclaimed in the chosen field and they've moved over to weddings and and the tea photographers that you should check out as well and that's cliff mountain and great gibson you know, incredible, you know and and really great friends um you know, they've taught me so much over the years you know and they've helped me to understand a lot more about photojournalism and what is purely photo journalistic shot and what's not and that's where I guess my definition is way for me a paternalistic shot is where the photographer really has had no input at all and it's a moment seen and the photographer uses all the skills to be able to capture that moment you know and then I guess that encompasses a portrait as well because they're so easy to know it's not easy but you can still yourself tio capture an amazing portrait of someone but it was still in a very photo journalistic manner where they really didn't know that you're taking their portrait so I guess with editorial I believe is that there is import from the photographer so editorial even though it borders definitely on photo journalism is that generally the photographer has broken to that subject in in some way may have influenced the image that you got and it may have been a gesture or a local or something like that so that's where I would classify as editorial, you know, I always when they're finding these styles I always thought well where there's environmental portraiture coming to that and and then I questioned I mean, I don't also spoke about at the studio and and said, you know I really environmental portrait is more of an aspect ofthe when they're in their environment and you're photographing them and really on a wedding day often you're in a foreign environment and it's more the event that's the main thing so that's where I guess where creative editorial came about because definitely for me it's to come up with some of these shots that is even seeing the war is that I've pre visualized those locations I've thought about how majestic and amazing that would bay have even gone to the to the thought of that where they could be positions or even maybe if they started at one point how I could get them to another point and in the middle there is the amazing shot without them realizing, you know, so there's been a lot of import from my point of view, but when I've allowed them tio do such a thing is that what happens is it's all their minds it's in that essence it's photo generalistic in nature, but you could not call it a for journalistic image because I had control over the environment where I wanted tio have been placed roughly, you know? So and what was the the difference between a creative? A torrent of creative portrait is like, I see some amazing created portrait stuff, you know, from friends on other stuff on the web and often, you know, it's sort of something really quirky or something really different and and has that well factor. But what I believe it doesn't have, it doesn't have solved most of the time because it doesn't have a connection to that couple. It's mohr, an extension of who the photographer is in the creative skills, and that's where and I still to create a portrait as well. I love it, you know, in my clients, I want that, you know, I mean, but I don't make my entire business out of that, you know, and what's really important to know it's. Some of photographers that you may see really great creative group created portrait work from and that's. All you see is that me, as I personally know, some of the is that actually their strength and their genius and the most amazing skills are photojournalists. But they don't show that work, you know, but what they are doing is that they're delivering to the client something even more amazing, you know, because they're very great and there's, you know, you know, creative portrait, but it's just really good.

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