Location Shoot: Rooftop


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Location Shoot: Rooftop

We are pretty much ready to go. I have ah, preface for this before we jump into this next section. So, like I said, this is something we've never done before. It's it's. Quite cool. Um, I hear the audio is a little bit, um crappy to quote, talking to quote the audio guy but way do have video up there and we'll be able to see what he's doing so bear with us. The audio isn't what it should be, but hopefully a little pull up the images later and markets kind of walk us through. How it's going so well, will the will the recording the fine for the downloads later? We I don't think that it will. Okay, okay, so I don't think it'll be a quick segment. It's just going one shot. He just wants to show you how he does this and probably he would have been done by now on the real wedding day. But we're the holdup so well after having back next time and do it for really fantastic. So really quick before we turned over. Thank you, christine. We really appreciate it. Not just for this moment for this s...

egment, but also for everything that you guys have done to help out with markets, so we really appreciate it, thank you. Okay, so so what I might do and I'm also talking to mollica the producer of this show as well who's up there with marcus if we lose audio really badly I might try and narrate this since I can hear mollica who's up there with them but for the most part, guys, you might just kind of be watching and seeing what he's doing and if there's anything important that I will I will let you know of otherwise you're not missing anything that that I will australian saying all right, let's, go let's go see these guys mollica take it away. Okay, so you want to talk anyway? Okay. All right. So this time that the couple walking up here? Yeah, just one oh, uh the, um they say, like, come on line that look to worry about, like, the pain and all the people in the background. Yeah, so but what I'm interested in is the couple tio woke up through this way, you know, they keep walking, I'll just yell out in a second, yeah, so if they keep walking all the way up this way yeah, like a mini gonna walk in this little pot hey, guys, that people are coming down like an income this pathway here, no and just up there and just do a little dance all right, and then one, just looking up here and then, when I'm going to get you to do, is just walk between those two out of the game, you know, like, going back down that way. Um, this is the last one you want. Guys just sort of come over into the a little bit to the yeah, about that. That's it. You know, it came in just going to get you to waive your your bail there. I should come down just a little bit, this white, get about that a little bit more, yeah, about that. That's it, and then one kiss. Just lean up to each other for kiss. Perfect that's, a wrap.

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Learn wedding photography the Marcus Bell way! Marcus Bell is coming to creativeLIVE to teach how to prepare for the wedding, shoot emotional documentary images, and create the 'weddingscapes' that Marcus's clients love: a beautiful combination of wedding portrait and gorgeous landscape. Even if you're not shooting in majestic outdoor locations, he'll teach how to approach urban, boring, and common locations with fresh eyes, making the best of even the most mundane by finding the best light. Marcus will also teach what makes a good photograph and post-production techniques to create award-winning images and pictures that sell!