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Acorn Ornaments Part 2

Another thing I do if you really have to blend the end like andrzej keough's here I kind of bungled it is that let the tacky blew dry a minute and take the end of your paintbrush and you can do a little bit more blending like this and then I see less of that the ends that kind of helps blend it I was good but yeah that's looking really good thank you thank you okay, so the cap so everybody has this brown stable paper and it comes with these grades ridges in it every one and three quarter inches so I just cut myself a strip you're going to need a lot of fringe so cut one full strip out of the pieces I gave you and I'll give you one take a o and it at home I usually work and like I'm sorry I can't stop saying like um eight inch strips or so it's just manageable and you want to stretch these along the edge of your table do you cut in between them in between? Yeah don't include the ridge sometimes I do in flower making it helps me bend it in a certain way but for this I'm stretching given ...

some muscle like really really want oh yeah yeah you simply art with the head cracking the egg cracking on head tradition says yes okay, you're adopted on that the whole thing is that fair included um I know aboutthe stuff is durable you khun really stretch out it just come one for now you probably maybe need one more after this for this project maybe we'll all the kinks then wei folded over on itself when I folded over I like to leave a sixteenth of an inch difference between the top player in the bottom layer if like that said the back is a little bit longer than the front it just gives it a little more dimension on the egg paper mad lizzie wants to know how strong is that paper how much muscle are you using because they think it seems like it would tear you use a lot of muscle and it won't tear like looking like this it doesn't there okay it's really strong okay ok then I take that and I also do this on the edge of the table just to make sure my crease is nice yeah, that looks really good paper that you're using here this is a regular no this is the flat the single color crepe uh matter create this actually seems a little bit softer than the metallic it definitely is that's when you're holding her yeah that's fine. Did you come back and do this just to kind of get your crease? You know that kind of helps get your priest more solid? Yeah, it will curl a little bit at the end find I have trouble getting him lined up perfectly you do three go. Okay, so, um this is the part that's kind like watching paint dry you just cut these little tiny fringe snips I would say the open side from the open side thank you. Good point. Yep. It's actually really easy with those kids scissors I used the kid says there's a lot for this part but basically leaving a quarter inch to three sixteen seven inch uncut make yourself some fringe and I could spend hours doing this I just let it hang all over my house I have this hanging all over the place but if you get start with maybe seven inches of it we can start there. You don't have to do hold strip right away oh, I can tell you've done this before. Yeah, I have counted callous from doing this all the time. Yeah, that very first inspired you to start crafting. It was the belief that everything from bill lester crafting well, I'm also an architect and I'm right build models and just kind of been doing this kind of thing my whole life. So it wasn't a bar with stretch and also being a stay at home mom and a blogger and tryingto find something you don't have to ever be an architect again, teo things going to refresh my glue to because I'm out of glue I think crafting is a great thing for anybody who works from home yeah well comfortable way there if a lot of our creative life us you know photographers except do their work they do run home businesses way have a regular viewer of the rainy day store she runs an ebay business from my home I know she's always looking for a different crafting ideas that's cool and we have quite a creative community as well I have gotten a little feedback on what kind of italian or the create papers they're using and a lot of them are pattern and and they have you know, various designs and whatnot. The question though is related tio making the ornaments look like riel do you ever I'm sorry mad lizzie says do you always do the ornaments to make them look like they're really or do you ever make eight corns using blue or green paper or even the patterns I haven't done anything like that yet okay, I kind of been working in this fella on lee but that's a good idea I I was thinking of using this one and this technique to make some kind of vintage looking one where the top and the bottom are both spindle dh and it looks like one of those long and then maybe putting like a dangling fringe from the bottom or something so I've been thinking about doing that but I haven't done anything totally this's where holiday tree ornaments came from they used to hang berries and fruit on the tree so the bubbles that we know now we're really just colored representation of right that's true and then k wants to know if you ever try to make any other kinds of objects from the eggs I should never have okay no so yeah so yes sticking with the woodland yeah, okay that I should have brought them but there is a link to a show or a display I did it rare device in at easter that was like sixty like all in different color schemes and I kind of categorize them by latin names and it was, you know, but that's his far I'm not anything three like where I stack up a few eggs or do anything could be like that but you could though you could you could definitely by lots of different oh yeah. Themes and ideas separate so we are fringed that's not your eyebrows my I wrestle your eyelashes sorry my right she'll hit me very hard after this. Ok? So there's different places where you can put the caps I kind of like the caps pretty low on the egg um like an acorn would be but sometimes there's a lot more of the metal showing but if you do want a cap that has some good body to it it's you'll be surprised how far you have to put down the fringe to make it do that like, if you start way up here it's going to look like a longer acorn, which is totally fine and pretty, but I like to start I try to judge where the fringe is going to end right before the top of the middle of the egg, so I think I'm right above the middle of the egg and too, um I've been doing this a long time, so how I usually apply it is I work in this direction where the hangars towards me, the fringes away from me, I'm gonna apply glue to this poor actually do it, but and I work around the egg like this, but it's also kind of hard to get it straight that way, so if you wanna work where you're looking straight at the egg and wrapping it around so you can get a good straight line in the street or you put this piece on, the better off you are, but you know, it couldn't be a guide, but that doesn't always happen for me. So too about well you khun, you can kind of take your friends and see how long it's going to be, so this looks like about for just five to six inches to flip it over, so you're on the longer side if you cut the two sides of friends that were what the front was a little short shorter than the back turn it over so you're at the back of your friends I see you and then paint glue on not too thick I mean but just to the child not natural yeah that's the top quarter inch or less yeah, the solid part if you get really really wet it will come through the other side and you'll see some water marks that rarely happens but if you've got it especially the use um glue like elmer's instead of disc lou this clue sticker so doesn't go through so if you do that you find again where you want to put it yeah and you just start working around sometimes they'll have to peel it back off and get that straight line if it doesn't come out straight the first time and once you learn this technique I mean this is kenyatta won a one basically you can do this toe with any color or any anything I let when I get to the other side I leave maybe two pieces of fringe overhang you cut that and then put some more glue on toe if it's not glued already to secure it down but check to make sure you're linus straight before you blew the final and down I got lucky this time it's pretty straight so you use the same glue the whole time right just that same tacky glue yeah ok it's only the hot glue for the hanger on this particular one in the second half I'm doing a different thing that goes away faster with chocolate once you start cranking on this nicole wants to know how many eggs can you make per sitting um I can make one of these particular types of half hour if the eggs already blown out and then I don't usually get a good sitting so I have two kids but I do work all night every sunday night which is my thing I like start working at six and I go to bed at six in the morning my husband takes care of the kids and that's my work time so I can get a lot done can get like it does a dozen or so done that's a marathon yeah, I really like making these to of all things I make these air the most rewarding because they go so fast and there's a pretty okay to need help getting straight you're looking pretty straight maybe a little low could turn on a low because look at how much capt egg ratio you have there but if you like that that's fine with me I'm gonna pretend I like that okay I think you're going to say that I mean can you actually do it though seriously you could one time you could feel it up one time I won't do it cause you like it but you can it comes up especially because you're on the medal it fixes to the egg a little faster and a little stiffer so that's the place where you can go by on correct arrows so I'm here looking good yeah how are students doing what all that's really good. So do you are you guys all using this paper to I mean this papers all over the place now you you are don't like on photo backdrops and kind of big fringe stuff yeah though I've had like yeah yeah yeah you know what have you used this before before yeah yeah and you okay so now we're just gonna cut more friends it's gonna be a slightly shorter than the last time so you cut that off maybe two overlap to pieces of fringe past yeah and glue it down to secure it now cut a bunch more of these so that's good to know that you had it before because I would have kept wrapping. Yeah, yeah it's which is something you probably could d'oh I've just never tried it, you know, because you would get that diagonal line it really wouldn't be is a neat because this glue dry clear it does okay, yeah senate will cut more you cut a bunch already right? I went the whole way were awesome okay so kind of figure out how long the next piece up would have to be to go around more or less on how much when we said that next piece it's going to go an eighth of an inch above the first one so that that's what it will look like when we get the second one going and, uh concept quite ones goes on the back glue on the back so this's stays pretty simple um just like this I usually do five about five rows of fringe but it really depends your any light seven where you started oh, I'm just kidding you confirm will you be all right? Are you a crafter at all? I'm no really no doing pretty well I was actually hopeless that anything like this at school I wanted a painting off a robin hood in a light green jacket and brown sweaters and I got I commend because I thought it was a really good tree serious but in fact when I was doing art they actually switched me to pottery because I really couldn't draw that's funny but I didn't really do much of that either I would love to but I enjoy it definitely you know you really have to be a master at if you enjoy doing it that's, right particularly your own pressure that's right? Were you about teaching crafting we actually have simply art is a craft teacher and they say they they love seeing people turned back into five year old what is the experience for you to teach it um it is really cool it's really wonderful and the people are really creative in my floral head dress class that I don't teach this one yet I teach a different war it's a bunch of different flowers and I've taught it over the bay area um the women that come in to steal these so creative and they just need a little technical help and then plus they see you know I bring a giant stash of paper and they just they get so inspired by the colors it's just the pallets are amazing so people are that's what I've learned is people are really incredible especially people who want to show up for a class like that yeah yeah um the next I think you guys are doing it but then the next one I'm putting on I don't really have it destroyed and also if you want to move it a little bit closer down in the bottom you might get a nicer effect it's too hard yeah do you want me to help you? We'll see if we can do this and then but if you caught that I'm that I'm doing about eighth of an inch up each time I just started to yeah ok, you might know it really does you might consider working upside down like well let's do it this way okay start their run minutes we'll give you a little more so you don't do a million of these but he just looked at it as you're going along watch the bottom was the boston right now if you watch the bottom keep mine yeah if you watch the bottom of the friends you can kind of see you do want to watch the top two but once you've got the first layer of done it's pretty that looks pretty even me well, you know, you would press that in and cut the bottom of that butt out not on the smaller ones but definitely on the goose egg ones if I don't on this one here like if I don't puff this one up, it looks funny so if somehow proportionately this one looks better but you can I usually leave it down on these and it starts tio you'll see if you get more layers on it sort of flip up sort of it so I think it gets fluffy or good okay a little bit about what happened and then just get going yeah, I actually have it make us another you have more and I'll have a little bit more here different layers of friends doing a line up the seam each time or is it better to kind of that's a good president that's a good question in this one it doesn't get too bulky because it's not that many so I usually go I kind of alternating like happened to square that way what I do all friends it gets really in the larger kenyatta's that ideo or the or the full pinatas idea out of the exits really obvious where the team is and I I should probably stagger room but yes dagger him a little bit at least that's a really good question well you guys were working that I'll show so um in this sari in this second half we're gonna be working on pine cones but this is a basic pine cone that is not like this is when we're gonna be sort of working towards in the next half but this one is one that starts just how we started the last one but instead of putting the metallic on I start with a roll of friends at the bottom and it gives it that length that a pine cone you know so I can elongate the egg by putting friend on the bottom and then I do exactly what we're doing right now and work my way up and then you get this yeah I mean it sort of looked at the point going if it's hanging with the other ones that looks like a psycho but so that's the way to do that one you have enough to cut more fringe in a minute but you just said if they're ok, I used I looked down from the top also too make sure I'm still staying on course of being even around the hangar because that'll matter when you get to the top, you wanted to look straight at the bottom, but you definitely wanted to be, uh, evenly spaced around the top hangar that's looking good, it's starting to really look like any point, maybe press this and against the bag a little bit more so doesn't get the way of your next layer and I'll give you some more paper. I like the way this paper has the creases in it. I mean, it looks sort of funny on the flowers. You can see them in the flowers but it's great for being able to measure without a ruler. How are students doing looking good and already bought online audience following along? They are getting a lot of compliments on the flowers and the flower that's in your hair. Oh yeah, they're just saying, like, how beautiful it is, how they're actually curious about how how to make it. I haven't editorial there since tutorial I should have given you the link, but I'm the featured artist for three months with carter feeney on dive. The post every month I do a project for them and last month it was how to make these so if you go to their web site there's a tutorial on how to make this oh you strong we like you showing us though way just like being with you while you make oh here you take that one hundred on that yeah it's a little long you don't have to cut all of that we're getting close to the end of that nicole does want to know though jake ko how many eggs do you plan to make? Oh, this could be this never ending never particular particular the families invited me to smash them open with they have adopted you if anybody gets to the top of their corn with me let me know and I'll talk you through the toll there is a question about how long to make the ruffles laura lee and raceman wants to know how long do you make the ruffles not length of time but I think going if you take an eight and strip to aid in strips and instruction that's probably enough for any foreign and probably more than any porn on how long should the actual fringe of the fringe is less than an eighth of an inch yeah and our students you guys there you guys are just into it right? Yeah, everyone is super engaged and you're doing well it's detail but it's really easy like I'm amazed that I could make it look like that sort of fantasy and awe and joy it was really forgiving because it's kind of stretchy and just kind of you can mold it toe how it needs to go yeah it's great sounds kind of funny for me to say this but discovering the stuff actually did actually changed my life because I ended up making a lot of things out of it I'm really sad I forgot to bring one of my huge peonies but I mean these giant peonies out of it this summer that just went super viral and then I started selling them and that's what I do know it's so great well, I was chatting with tiffany earlier before we came on air saying that my mother did that she used to make crepe paper flying she made in the stands but I'd never thought I don't think she thought to take it to the next station making addresses which is funny because I don't really know how to put them on stems like some people asked me through my fancy shop if they could get this for their office or something like around their house but I can't I don't know how to put it on a stand so then maybe what I'll hook you up afterwards and you can have that conversation talking about you know introduce it to kamilla afterwards you find your nose, you go say it's strange how the genes the art jeans work to my family because all my sisters are also very artistic, so it clearly came down the female side where's, my dad and my brothers and I just pretty hopeless. I think that's kind of a common gender may be late, though maybe I have to give a shout out to my mother. My mother was a giant giant crafter. She put me through architecture school with her nighttime grafting, just like I'm starting to do now, and she was more of a sore. I never learned to sew a quilt or anything like that, but she did the craft fair circuit on the east coast, like all to get me through college and she's just a super inspiration to me and I think that's something with also the crafts, isn't it that it is handed down to two generations? And if you don't follow the same craft is your mother your grandmother might develop something another one that's actually, why I although I would love for my daughter to be doing this with me, I don't have the time to have in perfect products right now, especially during the holiday, so I feel like she sees me doing it all the time, but she can, you know she'll get something out of it, even though she doesn't do it with me, like because I would do everything at her kitchen table, so our kitchen counters that she sees everything I make. Well, we have a cool project, and this is one that michelle be shared I used to do this is a cz a kid, tio, a really pine cone, a great project for kids. Maybe while you're making your pine cones that a crepe paper is for to fill the inside of the crevices with peanut butter, roll it and bird seed and then hang it outside for the birds to come in to come and get it. I've done that before that's really cute and like that I love pine cones having such a great idea. I love pine cones and I love a corns I love I mean, they're the perfect expression of winter without without with holiday and winter without having two santa claus about it, I hear, yeah, yeah, so laura lee and grace men also wants to know when you're working on the eggs would do you like to listen to music or talk to someone while you do it, or do you prefer just to be in silent a lot of times silence? Um but when I'm up late at night, I'll put a movie on or something and just listen to it I never just like my mother, I'd never see the movie, I just hear it all the time and podcasts, you know npr and a couple of cooking podcasts and this and that I actually need to find better and, oh, my favorite is here's the thing by alec baldwin, I love all his interviews, they're so good. Yeah, a lot of our audience also, you know, they're when they're watching creative live there are doing other things they're doing their day job, whatever it is, so it is great to kind of have it is background, then you can follow along later on yeah, that is great, okay, I'm almost near the top I've done, I've done five layers that are how many layers of you guys done? Five means more how it looks and how many, but I've got one morning during ok, so I like to get pretty close to the hangar, but that does make it stick out kind of, so it really depends on what you like right now, I have this size like about a smaller than a dime size spot on the top that's definitely too big for my liking, so I'm gonna put one more layer on and this one I'm going to get a little more glue on than I have and the other one's just a little little bit more because I wanted to soak through a little bit so that I can pressel it's going to fold onto itself a bunch and there's gonna be a lot of flaps that if there's not if it's not wet it's not going stay down but I'll show you what I mean and also I've never done this I'm amazed but be careful you don't actually cut your hangar cause uh that would be a bummer I can't I can't probably do it now but I've never done it in all this millions of eggs that means I'm not really is a point of no return yeah you can't really hang it nicely okay I'm putting on my top player um it really it's not very elegant it really folds up on itself a lot I have a pretty wet amount of glue in there we don't I don't cover it um but you could I have done that in the past on some others I mean that could give it a finished look these don't have so I wouldn't be afraid of doing that but if you can get it to making concentric circle around this hangar it looks really nice okay so here I am I don't have too many sides that are flipped up I put a little extra glue on the end make sure you still go and you're still turning at the end so doesn't end up some flat part you could actually press it down a little bit too so it you can you can get it where it needs to go and all that glue will dry clear it does shine so there is a little bit of a glue shine at the top and sometimes I'll come in another layer but this one's looking really good let me help you looking so good I do know the layer before this one that I realized I did it the wrong way around so the long pieces at the front oh, you know what? It still looks good you know he also there really are no rules you can I've actually come in if it looks really lopsided you can get a haircut you khun you know you can fix it up whatever you need to do to make it look good yeah, I would do one more row after that. Well, are you good? Yeah. All right. I'm in a couple other things here. So so like I said, you could do it in all solid color which is really cool or as one of the people who wrote in online today you can do but different colors I love this one if you think it's hilarious that runs you tinker bell and I I just love this one that's fun and that's done with you have you don't have to use it now but there's a piece of green and yellow metallic hombre there and then this super cool color called seaweed really like on bears this one which one of the producers jen seems like it was her favorite so I brought it back it's a little delicate but it kind of looks like an artichoke it didn't take me any time at all and it's really fun um also you have to make that really quickly don't I don't think you have enough materials to to do the whole thing but if you wanted to start when you can you have to put another hanger on your egg and why don't you if you're done with your eggs which look really really good right now you want to put yours on the little hanging thing it looks they all look perfect take a look at it they're all oh don't be there I'm out of business now so you know work force so those look awesome if you want to put a hanger and and you can either semi follow along with this one for now and I've seen him we could get you more paper if you run out and after the break we can either continue with this and I'm going to go on to the pine cones at that time but use this other hangar we made so I'm going to start another one if you miss the beginning yes thank you and let me know when you get to the very tough years I will so one more after this you think yeah I mean you could stop there let me see how fully look I think that looks great it looks like an ekg and almost seems like more would look too much too much make sure there's a good amount of glue in there so that you can press it down and hold it and get it wrong to sit really nicely on top so it's really actually wait a few minutes and come back I'll go hang one and start another one and then I'll come back and press it more because it'll pop up a little bit in this tacky glue takes a while to dry so you know in a few minutes go back and press down the top your acorn again so it doesn't start popping up on itself so yeah just we get ahead of the game here let's starts a more already had a hanger made press it in there good to meet you just get that down you can really calling that turn that and then years has done in like two or three minutes comeback and press all those sides down again but look a j k o even made one that's great looks like ringo starr ok, ok all right we did great thank you know I was really fun and it was very easy I mean it really is just a custom yeah chopping the paper to the writers and then you're off yeah it's great that's why I love this one yeah I mean this is really great for beginning to begin a craft is awesome so I'm just being another one started for something else he is very personal that's the one I'm gonna try to whip up really quick I also have them but just show you this is the goose egg with the with the paper on it ready to go but I'll do that online I'll do that one at home okay so there's just a few minutes left thumb is gonna whiz through this one in case anyone's interested it's like an artichoke sort of and it's fun because it's this hombre paper so I usually just start in the middle where the color stops and starts going the other direction and cut up I never worked right from the role because it's just really cumbersome so I'll cut off a piece I think I'll need I have a giant box of scraps at home I don't know what to do with them but I have so much extra funny shaped crepe paper if anybody ever wants any and then on this one I did I went from yellow tio from green gold but you started the bottom so I'll just really quite take a piece like that doing a party some more tacky below my taxi was it dries up pretty quick thank you, that's great. You have any work space here left like that? All these things here and I'll just start this and show you the basic petal shape in case anybody is interested in making this one at home so it apply that to the bottom to cover the hole. Like I said, you could always feel that with, uh, confetti if you really felt like it or like one hundred dollars bill and give it to somebody and then dare them like if he says the fantasy of doing that every device like stocking the place and that one home has, like, fifty bucks in it like, buy it and then reagan and maybe go over nothing crafty cat wants to know. Do you have any recommendations for the best kinds of scissors to use? No, I think I might you actually be using fabric scissors? I don't even know what these are there's a scissors have been around forever. I um so I imagine paper scissors are the way to go. I used child scissors and these ones that everybody have whiskers but actually for cutting the fringe, having sources, the russia I thought was really easy. It actually does make it easier so maybe a couple of kinds of scissors, different lengths. Yeah, yeah, ok. And then this is just a series of pedal shapes. Really? Um, I'll start with a piece that has all the colors in it. Okay, these petals I'm going to cut one of then all kinds say how big their once I figure out how big they are, kind of wing it, but that pedal pedal in my hand is half inch wide by an inch on. And you're probably right about five of them around the bottom. But basically, when you're working with the hombre or grady ated paper or nuanced is what they call it at the manufacturer is you just want to make sure that, you know, you work up the paper accordingly. So this is so awesome for stretching. And this is what I do will be doing with the pine cones and also what I do with all the floral stuff is that's what this paper is really all about, the the stretching, the awesome stretching properties of it. So you just take it and you cup it like that. And this is how you can make beautiful flowers beautiful, beautiful anything so you would take these pieces and I use a hot glue gun for this one the metallics go a lot faster with chocolate also I have to end this one this bottom layer is going to get really flat and I think I want to experiment at some point with stuffing these because this is great right now but I have to keep proving it and if I drop it it's over you know I have to print it again so it's pretty delicate that way so I've actually been thinking about like what if I put little cotton or something in underneath any of these anyway if you start with something like that you can do a whole but a bunch of these and the I'm very aware right up the egg that's really pretty I'm just curious slightly on this paper so I miss very pretty with the silver and the goals et cetera is this an expensive item for somebody you know you can really feel free to waste it and as you're cutting bits out yes goes talks it's actually incredibly inexpensive I think yeah the metallic is a dollar fifty more than the regular so yes it's fantastic but so did you guys all get your hangers on for when we start the next part? Okay, great. So what else can I show you so that's how you would do that and work your way up that and then I showed you this before, which is, um a really basic what way to make a french blanco so because we'll keep working on this for now, you need to see some more thinking. Sorry, christine, did you say I'm a place online where you like that one phone? Carter feeney is fantastic because it has its I think they are the importer, and they I have amazing, amazing colors and have all these metallics, another place in the bay area you can't get. They don't carry all of these metallics, but castle in the air in berkeley is wonderful. Um, still there's these two huge art supply store on markets, people flax is still around, I think. It's blic now I'm not sure or it's been replaced. Sadly, right? I know things I know, but you can't, uh, heart art supply stores really aren't carrying these yet. I think flax has a limited supply flax in san francisco, but I think right now it's the online distributors or castle in the air. But carter feeny, they, um have this look it's my secret book. They hope there won't be upset for me showing it it's my secret sample book, but, um, it's got everything it's like my magic little book I love to look at because it's got a while it's, good old song, everything that you can work within hears all this on the patent was a really interesting yeah, those were finding I don't work with us but those are those air funny but the hombre one's a really cool and of course that alex everything you know eight zillion thinks which is what I do all the peonies and so it's fun I think I just clued this egg to the table even taking harmony so that's uh that's that and after the break will work on the um pine cone, which is a real beast, which I have I have one back there if you would mind grabbing it's on that wreck right there that one so a little unfinished um I'll talk about in the next part, but this one's done with the metallic on the bottom, but we'll be doing one that looks like this out of the brand now I've really found this genuinely very easy to do and I'm not sure that's perfect that's still ok? Is this a slightly more advanced? Do you think this is from a chicken that can handle? I think it's slightly more advanced but it's also more arduous like it's doubtful we'll finish oh what I have some done in stages that we can talk about and we can get to work on him I can send you home with you've got a template nearby that we'll talk about that you could take home

Class Description

Using blown-out chicken eggs and Italian floral crepe paper, Tiffanie Turner will guide you through the process of making beautiful woodland ornaments reminiscent of pine cones, acorns, and other wintery specimens. You will learn a variety of ornament color palettes, templates, and tips on how to create more advanced shapes. You will create a lasting, unique piece of decor that will last year-round.