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Pinecone Ornaments Part 1

Welcome back tio woodland egg ornaments with tiffany turner on creative live we are about to make some pine cones right yeah, I get away all right I am here to make okay with you all right I'm gonna um get you up to speed and then handling off to you okay? So if before the break we all put new hangars in our next eggs so we have our pre hung eggs and we're going to dio what we did before which is stretch out some paper and we want to cover the whole surface of the egg with very thin stretched out paper cut just cut yourself a strip, stretch it out coded code the egg with uh glue and I usually do a strip around the middle and then like one of those circles we did before which I'll show you in a circle of the bottom and then that will cover it so I mean you're going to use this one when we go after that but I'm gonna get you to that get to that sounds awesome if you don't plan to standing but already I am looking pretty because now I have this beautiful dahlia but you have so kindly let ...

me where in my hair so good on you were like twenties now e all right so this will just take a few minutes and this will use the tacky glue so refresh your plate with tech blue you will squeeze like, oh, I'm just a mound. Yeah, how much? Um, he's going to matter if you make circles with no that's. Great. Uh, maybe a little bit more than the ok to start with, and we'll have to refresh it again. Okay, we're cutting. I used the guidelines here. It doesn't really met. You're just trying to cover the egg whichever way you can, but I usually use the strip, the internet quarter strip that's demarcated on that already. And I'll put this one around sometimes it's better, actually, if you put the glue on the paper because then you're not like holding a gluey sticky egg. So you'll work flow tips. Yes, love it. Yeah. So you need to put the smaller brush here, but so just take a minute. I wrapped this one around, and then this project is pretty time consuming. I mean, this thing probably took me six hours. Definitely not, um, something that I make money on set selling, but I think it's really pretty so six hours versus the thirty minutes on the yeah, so the big difference. Maybe it took four, but it seemed like it took forever, maybe that's, because I was just figuring it out on that one, but so I guess you when you're selling your craft so when you're pricing and you you price it obviously on the complication ideo right I definitely do but then there's a certain point where it becomes unsellable which is the problem with some of things I do they take like the peonies that make take over twenty hours and to get a good wage on those is really hard so I kind of just have to suck it up and is that what you teach other people how to do it yeah okay that's a great way tio supplement thiss but now you do have your workforce here yeah make more no, I know my mother is coming out for christmas from florida and we're going to spend two weeks just cutting pedals great does she know that she didn't her idea how she pays for herself in crafting and baby sitting so okay ok so I've done a band that goes all the way around well, I just stuck my finger in the glue and again tiffany you're saying at the beginning of the show this morning you don't really mind whether it's elmer's glue or attack includes no particular brand you know better than the other no tacky glue I think it's a little better because it doesn't wick through the paper as much and cause a water mark but they both work I mean if you're careful with the regular glue, it works fine so I did a band around the outside and now I'm going to do the top circles similar to the one we did on the acorn cap what we're going for exactly make that make these the top circle really big even if it's all belong make it make it is why it is you can on the strip of paper you have you might even have to infill some afterwards but cut a radius in it and what I'm going to be doing for the viewers is slip gluing that on like that and wrapping it around so it covers every service because inside of this egg you know you see a lot of the inside of the inside of the pine cone you see a lot of the bottom surface I have so much more respect for crafting and what it takes to make something just by experiencing today and yesterday yeah it's it is it is a labor for sure but it is fun though too it is really fun and I always I can't even get into the discussion of it now but the whole idea of you know artist versus craft there like when when I cross the line like how many things do I have to make a certain you know, when does that become a nart raises a craft or are the same thing it's so interesting to me and I don't know the answer but well it's a conversation we had an opening up those conversations with crafters and makers and artists and yeah, and everyone has a different a different response you find that too definitely the idea even my husband he he insists I'm an artist but then when I tell people like what I do they you know it sounds like craft so it's really hard to to uh delineate well, I'd say I'm taking making something for six hours with little detail and then also just, um sort of the design aspect to it and coming up with the theme you know, that's that's definitely an artist maneuver that's true, yeah, it's very interesting and I'm really fortunate that pretty much everything I've done this last year I oto my friend giselle might now friend giselle who owns rare device which rina tom who's coming on next you stone and giselle bought it from her, but because she balances that line with all of the local artists in town and, you know, kind of let so few of the craftier ones in the door there it's been huge for me to have that kind of exposure through her that's awesome thank you to never forget the people ok, so it'll take a few more minutes I'm gonna plow ahead because this one is going to take a while, but we're um oh come back for you okay so generally you want to try to give it a go uh yes ok you can use I have some pre cut ones here I have ah a couple of template pages for each of you there you're still going to kind of you can pass them around when you're ready uh you still going to have to use your I um because it's hard to you can't trace on the creep I paper or maybe you could with a white pencil what it probably damaged the paper so you really have to use your I um and these air the basic shapes to make the seeds the's air called seeds scales on on ah pine cone and these air the basic shapes I don't start with the first one on this template because it's going to come back and instead it I want to start with the second one and I know you're going to make you cut those I mean you have a child right there I'm just here holding an egg you know start putting enough now I love it why don't you use this? You couldn't is that this is a great if you I gave the crafters these little, many cups but obviously if you have an egg tough this is a great place to set it to start working on so you set it in there and this is actually an interesting observation that I'm making if you have things ready to go for the sort of intense part of it yeah, that that makes a lot more easy, right? You could be two punches a bunch of them like that and then cut a bunch of those at one time something I never do, but I totally should dio but yeah, so I'm gonna so you had to cut out the first piece will be using, um for these I used the ridge I keep the ridge is part of this shape that this petal shape that I'm cutting because the ridge makes a very easy place for me to bend and bending is part of what we're doing to these seedpods. I know you guys were pretty, you know, still doing that part. I will come back to you. I'm just tryingto keep it lively here. Okay, so I cut about an inch by a couple of inches and then it's really eyeballing from this template I provided, but I find I can cut through four layers at maximum of this paper without getting really screwy looking shape. So this is base this first one. I'm cutting it's basically, like a pedal it's, less geometrical than some of the other ones will use when you do with all these remnants, I just have well so that size goes in the recycling and then I have boxes and boxes of other stuff I haven't figured out what to do with it oh maybe you could use it it's like the community and confetti yeah yeah yeah all right so but I'll toss this right now okay? Thanks. So once you have for those to start with is a fine number and actually my roll of tape is perfect also for sale I don't even need a fancy gang holder holder yeah so this is the fun part of this paper is it's got this great stretch to it excuse me so I'm going to stretch it with my thumbs like this only stretching we don't want to strip her and put the bottom towards you yeah and then just stretch it like that to make hey listen shape this paper is strong there I'm gonna have you do it again because that's too much yet what we want is a cupping shape and this is going to help you like any time you ever use this paper this is the classic use for it is too when you're making flowers it's all about shaping cupping okay just really wanna get the ends of your thumbs in there and hold it apart right up alright trans also sort of like you know an overly that you get in there yeah like that yet because we're trying to create this shape uh yeah good to have that is um well all right, all right, I can do that um also for the pine cones it goes way faster if you use a glue gun we don't have four glue guns out there really have to so you can use a glue gun but it also leaves more of a mess inside so you really have to watch out if you get too much hot glue in there it's not gonna look good so we'll stick to attack igloo for now but what I did was I cupped the pedal and then because I had left the end on where the ridge I cut these from a piece that had the ridge on it I'm able to use that ridge to cut to flip just the ridge backwards we're folding possible I didn't cut you ones like that to take one of these and try one more time, okay, I think you don't have the regional is okay and then that gives me a place where that I'm going to use to glue the bent part of that that petal shape but if you don't have a ridge you can you yeah yeah ok, you might get a more distorted shape but it's doable and then ridges air there for a reason yes yeah and then these go in pretty close to the top it will put four of them and let them stick up if they stick up like this because sometimes pine cones do that and you can also after the glue dries press him back down we all have brown eggs now more or less ok no it's nice if it's smooth but it's fine anyway okay, so on the template that you have there or the photocopy the second pedal is what we're making first and you have to eyeball it it's not from stretched paper it's from paper that's intact and the bottom of the pedal incorporated into it is the ridged you want that ridge to be at the bottom of the pedal because that makes it way easier for folding so I would cut four of those out right now at that size it's about an inch tall there you can see an inch line on the thing I have a ruler here. I don't know if it would help any funny but it you know that that is a ruler. Okay, so use that to get that right. Yeah, you're great think anymore with ridges bill? Because the ones I didn't let me let me make you some more thiss one does, but I'll make you somewhere thank you so I have this done in stages samples, so I'll get us through each part and then as we start running out of time oh uh I'll show it in stages so we can at least learn how to do all of it sure this leaf yeah, this one that one yeah guatemala? Yes, because the smallest one we're gonna come back and put on top afterwards. Um on top of these, I've had another and when you do a four like just a like a quattro foil kind of shaped like for because you didn't actually paint your egg brown that is actually wrapped in paper it's wrapped in paper but I I'm not against fanning your egg brown that could be cool blown out egg crafts out there's kind of crazy I just I saw something the other day where people were putting holes in the side of eggs and then crashing or of needle pointing them it was pretty cool I'm just dipping mine in the glue can you can you can you might get too much maybe dab it off a little bit of that that's fine. The thing is like you just one is little extra glue showing as possible because you can see into this in between little seed pods ah ha so much so easily. Like I said, you can cut up to four those at a time with folded over paper also important grain always goes up and down I hope I didn't catch anybody off guard are I hope you're all doing it that way but the grain of the paper I never worked with it in anything going the opposite way it's always going up and down my pedal or my piece ok one more little more here there you go. Thank you. Like I said it's ok that they stick straight up will straighten him out later tipping I think christine I can appreciate that she's a dipper two way were using doing fabrics different er oh yesterday and she said is it ok if I just dip the whole thing in it's something like this actually looks like a tank up like waste paper that's looking great and leave it leave it I'm going to give you these also you're kind of getting them the moment of the deal but the's you can use thes start with those do the same thing okay but do them you know in the alternating places and about like I'm gonna draw you a little wine region but the next one to go like here so you go overlapping the first I will call you asked me e don't understand that ok totally okay and I'm putting so as you're just catching up I'm doing for near the top not touching the hangar they're like probably about a quarter inch down from the hangar on all sides you have to make a perfect yes we've got a committee that's looking great okay okay let me get myself some paper work with you so for this first size I do for the time we don't have to think anyone get yourself about an inch telstra you wanted out of tow stretch it you want to stretch it not to cut it okay okay they get myself some pieces here so you just got to get your thumbs and there you take take one put the bottom of the pedal towards you and just get your thumbs in there and try not to stretch all of the paper you really want to make a cup just in the middle so use your tips of your thumb really and then it should do that a lot of people you know when you're first starting like you stretched too much or whatever but the cupping that's really where it gets really really looking realistic looking the cupping is where it's at of the paperwork exactly ok especially the bottom also like the top on the bottom you really want to keep him as un stretch is possible in this application attached to the top of the egg yes with the was a bed inside you bent the bottom away from it right? Yes like I'm going to do this I have my pedal here it's cupped and the bend happens at the bottom backwards right ok against the cup yeah in the opposite direction okay and then it just goes on you put glue on lee on the face of that, okay? And then it goes right to the egg that doesn't have to be for for you are actually it starts I start with four but right off the bat you might want to make it look more organic I'm not sure how yeah because I see yeah or and then I see sort of five and you start filling and then basically I mean, you don't really need the template you khun you know, once I had a pine cone in front of me when I did this so I kind of was like trying to get like, it almost bulked out too fast um actually this one let me grab this really quick this one is really bulked out I made them all too big so what I do I've done others where I'll actually take a like a toilet paper roll or something and cut it down into a cone and cover of paper and extend it like with a cone shape of the bottom so that I can fix this, you know, keep going and taper it again or whatever so that it gets you thinking gets more normal looking there is a point at which we will switch the size of the paper and I know you're going tio yeah kate when yeah, we're doing the same size here for we'll do that do you do the top four? And then the next row around in the same size is that you're cutting right now help people when they're doing this, my egg is very bumpy, ok? And it makes it a lot harder to put these on. Also, I think the smoother you make this first part probably helps. Yes, setting the foundation foundation is a message. Found it. Oh, how will you build your pine cone home on top of that foundation? Just out of the way. Okay, let me tell you what, let me give you some paper wanted to go for headed. And why am I cutting those? Yes. So we're going with the size that you're cutting now, plus the next size up, which is just a hair taller, which you're probably accidentally cutting anyway, we're going toe it's going to get us to hear which is three to four rows back and none of them will have this downward shape. Then we'll start doing something different, but just keep working your way down until it looks like this, and I'll keep working to you're gonna have to remind me I was just please leisurely watching you cut my thing, I'm gonna fold it by four, right, we're getting, yeah, exactly listening that part of town and then I don't stretch it out all right don't push it all the way and then I cut from the bottom yet which is where the thing is yet and you because you're you couldn't go to a slightly taller like going guys yes okay and if you don't like it just cut more longer just be careful you don't bowl get out too much too quick yeah so the next row I'm putting on looks good. Yeah okay, one expert now really? So the next row I would go down just past the end of your folded back bases and staggered the next layer in between the first layer it's that staggering thing that's really the key here? Yeah, but then like john kerry was saying it doesn't really have to be symmetrical you can start to kind of wedge another one in there so it doesn't look like it's for than four than foreign because it starts a wide and and you get more space to put more around anyway, but I start with four on the top and then I'll come back in like I said in the smaller shape that we haven't cut yet I just tack onto the the top of these but I'll show you how to do that later and you find it's better it took cup and stretch it a little less because you can always go back and kind I've just it yeah, you could I usually like to have it look like it's gonna look when I get it on there but you can yeah, especially after the glue is drying up before the clothes dryer don't really rip it right off of there okay and after three after I get around the second round I will I'll start pushing these downs you can see what looks like when it's a little more open by the way the rooms come really quite that teo doing we want it to be nice yeah, this one's really labor intensive if you could always veil and make my fringy um the friend you won but it probably take you to sizzle almost islam jamari house is working for you you know what I think I can do something I I I'm proud of myself and also this is revelatory for me because I love craft stores and things like that but I have no idea what most of the stuff is, you know, listen there to buy some stationery, you know, and I'm like, wow, look at all these things that people make stuff with oh, you know, yesterday I got to catch part of jeanette and jeanette's and um lisa's but jeanette had a lot of stuff on there I'd never really heard of before different leathers and yeah, definitely I was just talking about with our craft would you say tiffany I mean germany was saying I mean, we go into craft so we see all these wonderful papers and all this fantastic stuff you shouldn't be afraid I mean something will inspire you definitely were inspired by just the shape of the egg to start making these wonderful ornaments definite so that's how you get going the crafting really it really is it's true? I don't often drive so I don't get to craft stores but I'm afraid if I went in I would I try to avoid inspiration actually I don't do interest stidham way should I'm afraid I'll steal somebody's idea so I never look at pinterest ice I go through block post super fast I mean I like reading blog's but I get really scared of ever stealing anything, so I want to think of everything myself so for a moment there I forgot that I was making my own you know, it's like wear more. The cool thing though, is and this is another great thing about just what we're learning and if you're new to crafting if you're not part of a crafty family, you could be the one to bring the tradition in all right, you know and you could sort of be the resident expert of your family even if you just know how to make the pine cone or the eight corns shoe yeah, yes and then everybody will and then they get inspired yeah, unless me it is it's really cool when I have the classes because it's just a huge I mean I'm not the first person to give classes I'm like the last person to your classes there's so many classes out there you know and everybody I mean so many people show up to learn things these days and it's kind of like a renaissance it's pretty cool yeah you don't even have to go anywhere to learn this yes yes and now it's online you know leave the company really don't come don't go away now you said the shape doesn't matter this is looking and so fine if you pull that apart and it's feeling super lopsided you might reconsider uh I think I'm okay okay think nature would have made it okay okay so I'm just going around and around staggering and staggering for about three rows down and again they really look good you're cut you're doing a good job hoping that may actually you're doing really a job but I see I can do this you could I have full faith how is everybody doing down there? Let's let's take a look here oh uh I'm gonna say getting there yeah, let it and we're gonna let him dry like this before we flip him down and see how you know really realistic like just a few more minutes I mean that's what I usually do this one with the glue gun you have to be careful so you don't get a lot of strings of blue caught in there but then I have can like instantly pull it down and see what it looks like three more roads at this sas leaf yeah or we couldn't maybe go up a hair's taller but the you know they're going toe, you know, swing them back out and they're going to kind of dictate how big you have to get with the rest of them and for you know what, you end up with a super it's got one so if you keep him fairly similar it'll look all right my minor kind of all over the place right now because I wasn't paying attention was talking but oh that's ok that's why still looks great, but you're still a zoo has a sense of perfection thank you, but you're only cupping the inside is really important because then the ends really look more realistic at this point for this upper part and you could even make if you're cutting oh, I see you have seen a lot of pointy pine cone yeah, they get more geometrical is because I mean you can start him like that I just like it like this and then and then we've been the ends too so it kind of looks like that pot at the end with cdo's because there's all sorts of pine cones aren't there jeff is really pointy one there's really a rounded one so yours will look like a pine cone somewhere in the world which is cool I mean it really is about consistency to right yeah, he could have a whole line of you know this very fat sort of rounded pine cones or the pointy pine cone, but good if you stick with your style that's, right? I'm still trying to make a thinner one than the ones I make though okay? They keep getting really big and the elegant cone yeah, okay, so I am confident that I can kind of be careful you but I'm confident I can carefully start too now I'm pulling them back carefully and as I get to the bottom of each one, I'm kind of giving it a little push to make sure that the baht bases secured after I've flipped it down that's good, but you can see it's starting to kind of that too far down know it because it will come back up ok, it'll in a pushback that plus the stuff we put on below it will push it back up a swell so you can see it kind of hopefully for you if you're doing you're not there yet sorry, I'm a tiny bit ahead but you can see how that opened up and it kind of looks like the top of a bank on and I like I actually see one sorry I see one of uh too long and you can definitely you want to be careful because the cupped area will start to come towards the top if you cut off too much but you can see from these down tio be more to scale if you want them to be what I was going to say is that this is why you wouldn't want to have too much glue on it yes and he might actually going push it down and get one of us that that's a good point you could end up like that after you have about three rows on the yeah it gives the first one's time tio set on dh you spend less time admiring it because once I get to the stage I stop and look at it every instead of working on it okay so this's kind of if anybody is incredibly up behind or feeling incredibly behind I can give them I have one extra one if somebody wants to take it from here but if you're if you're all good that's good you're good good more it's a great question it's just suddenly coming from lorraine lorraine grace but now you've been using some of this sort of metallic lee to paper but do you ever use sparkle on your ex I don't I have never used sparkling lang's I could be anything I've thought about doing some kind of no no way I would love to have them look like snow fell on them but I wanted to do it in paper and I haven't figured out how to do that yet but then I just for a while just flock him instead of me, which is kind of cool I mean, this is something I said yesterday working with glitter I have a little glitter phobia, you know, just because you know, glitter my great everywhere and before you know what there's glitter on everything so having a sparkly the paper would actually maybe limit limit the migration of glitter that's true, I that would be nice report yet definitely putting on the tips I think would be really cool like white glitter I think I just feel my answer thank you for that person white light blue and white litter on the tips would be great and you shouldn't have glitter phobia I love your last answer I'm like, I know I'm getting over it just as I am embracing crafting more lives are changing so you're cutting what kind of thing mind wasn't looking super to scale I had a whole bunch of different sizes but we're thinking of making really good yours looks really, really I maybe might come in and um yes give me prime concrete take here I would maybe like you said I don't like to cupped them after the fact if I could use a little more no it's like that that's great I think that looks really, really possibly realer than mine. Oh, thank you. Okay, I'm just going to keep on plugging because we don't have a heck of a lot of time to finish it it's a long project and your basic thing is once you've gotten to that point you'll move on to the larger size pedals uh and I'll be doing that for a while so you can come here you go three for you they don't also don't have ridges to sorry let me show you to do that so when you get to the next size after you've done a top that looks like this um and again I'm going to come back and put that the very top in and at the end now we're going to go for this we're gonna take it from from this to this, which is the next size up and when with those did I have one? Can I grab one of those? Yeah with this one you don't only want a cup it um now showing it will do for the camera and I'll do it for you guys but you um oh, you concede that this whole time I forgot that you can actually see e funny, okay, so you cup it and then pretty pretty, you know, be careful with it all. I've been the end. Sometimes it'll stretch out, it could have a point on it or not. If you're feeling like you wanted to have a point on it, you can cut it with a point. But you basically cup it and then you flat in the end and then you've got that seed pod look, so this looks like this. Pull back the end like we've been doing the whole time, and then find a place to glue it and this one actually, like at first, my first impression of this one would be too small for my egg. But actually, this might be how I prevent from getting a huge giant pine tone, so this might be actually perfect, but just use your eye, you know you can always re cut another piece, but that's the basics on how you do that. I'm going to do about five hundred those that I'll get back to you. Let's get the work we're working as fast as you know what actually in terms of cutting you actually would on lee ever use the length of this of the longest right so you could pretty much figure out how many um yeah you could plan ahead I like how you made them on planner I see your plan I think actually that's probably why they take me so long as I don't do any planning like that but I yeah you could probably figure out how many you need well I mean that's important if you're making a lot of men or you have a group and you want to figure out how much each paper to bring yeah I had actually thought about for the crafters and the audience just cutting all the titles but I and I didn't but I was one of his real nice way sorry I could thanks time we have to learn how to cut our own yeah that's right so we're going for the biggest one I'm going for the second biggest with second fix yeah okay and you have some already but I want the ridges on the end okay and this makes a huge mess I um I work on our kitchen counter where we eat and do everything and it's always a disaster there because of especially when I make pine cones because it's just these little shreds or everywhere ok so again I'm gonna cup it pull back the ends you can just pull back the end you can pull back but it is a time of it yeah, right and back from how you kept it yeah, like that not like like this though just a just a lip okay that's too much and then where's your pointy end well, you did a blunt tonight I need tio yes that's a good idea that's gonna trim it yeah um and then and then dexterity wake up you've got it and then yeah, hold that part back. Call me see it? I don't have that actually that's good that's good. It looks good. I think what is this shape e need away vigor taper at the bottom there have to be tapered like like that tapers really critical to this when you structured that the bottom is in gigantic like that what I have done if he weren't standing here helping me called tour that's good to know what the rest of it looked really good but it will turn out better if you do that starting over with my cutting and I'm going to pay attention to what are you guys making this similar? Are we on the seed pods get oh yeah I'm gonna send you home with a ton of paper so you can finish it because I would feel bad if you left here and did all this effort get it let's see even one on there and it really starts to look back like that's a fine cooling I have to just come in here because simply artist saying is joining us in the chat room thank you simply are saying it's so funny about the tiffany's worrying about making a mess because I've still got feathers flying all around my home yesterday I'm surprised you guys didn't wear those your head dresses today you guys even those were really pretty had to save space on my head for this flower the antlers yeah so I found that if I cut it into a diamond and then I want the that's a great idea yeah, because I need to sort of connect with the shape that I know how to cut that is a great tip tip so cut a diamond cut a diamond and then just at the end there are like, make it like a tie yes, yeah that's brilliant that's a good idea and I'm always trying to think of like what's the I mean I have the already to a kind of looking one but I'm always like what's another would lynching was thinking is is there a mushroom in here somehow with an egg like could I use the half of ah shell and there's gonna be another woodland? Yes that's beautiful you would have to fold a good amount of the bottom down yeah, the top perfect okay, I would pulled more than you know I said you optimistic way out you know want to stick to borrow? Yeah. Okay, gotcha. This would be a really good project for time lapse photography actually, it really what? You are a time lapse photographer and you are doing air crafting projects? I think we would love to see that wouldn't be super cool yeah and there and actually I was making a request I don't know if it came in the chat rooms, but I was trying to see one of our chatters crafting because actually they love photography but love crafting mourned I said show may not be great let's check with our students for a second it all very closely in tempe looking what they're doing because I know that the cutting evening is hard but how each of finding this how are you enjoying it? It's tedious but it's it's fun is yeah it's a long process but it you can see the results kind of grow very quickly so that's nice it kind of keeps you going like, oh yeah, I'm going to do another way would actually have any of you perhaps spotted only perhaps short cuts maybe to the cutting process tell me might might make it a little bit easier than it is impossible to cut several layers of paper in one go yeah I've been doing to report a time to pay and how much I have left on the paper from it and we've also been dipping our and brushing which does they will love it I've been dipping even difficult with mechanical is six and a time that's a little and you need to clean it up after yeah I did five I was standing right next year was like I hope she doesn't see that I know doing five good export and this paper is really forgiving so even though I'm not super exact I feel like that's okay yeah really it really is and you like I say is I said before here but you can definitely come in and turn it up given america and make it look like whatever you wanted it to look like at the end is it fun to have ah crafting partner and have other people around with you okay I'm always looking at person like I was is that what you're doing will make you checking our oh not in a competitive way business step one we liked go through it together yeah yeah because this is crafting you know you can cheat off of other people and go what's up over there I think that's the idea for next year's holiday crafting competitive crafting a trillion that there are contests crafting contests are they juried oh don't look at me! I don't know e o that would solidify means a crafter forever and I never had never hit the artist status which is fine but actually that's kind of cool you know the show iron chef yeah iron crafter a craft war craft war is there's other is ok oh, so that my idea for my next tv series has just been blood somebody's audio really just need to prepare for an audition way could do our own take yeah that's actually that could be the creative life holiday party competitive crafting yeah that's awesome I like the sound of them will compete absolutely way all the three of us will have a head start that way need to be on the same team way know each other styles or you be the judge the way I've always wanted to be simon count eyes my chance can I just clarify I've never wanted to be some way you too I do believe you all right so we're just putting on this necks my right about that somewhere in the middle you know what you are going although that would be an awesome one you're going to end up with having to do this for like three days if you go that state ok, I'm leaving a gap I hope I made this clear before but I'm leaving um about an eighth of an inch you know at least between layers so that they're not so the so that you're not because you just be putting so many paddles on, leave yourself some gaps, they don't show up that much in the brown really blends it out on the inside. That is so good to know, but it is. This would have not been a six hour project, a twelve hour project. That's been pretty brutal either way, but okay, I'm gonna fold. I think you need to be a lot smaller, so I'm gonna have you read impure glue, but something more like that. Leave it on there, don't cut it awful day, yeah, but that's a quick, a quick fix, though. Yeah, right, for your pedal is too long. You could just, um, in the end.

Class Description

Using blown-out chicken eggs and Italian floral crepe paper, Tiffanie Turner will guide you through the process of making beautiful woodland ornaments reminiscent of pine cones, acorns, and other wintery specimens. You will learn a variety of ornament color palettes, templates, and tips on how to create more advanced shapes. You will create a lasting, unique piece of decor that will last year-round.