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Yoga for Photographers: Part 2

Lesson 10 of 10

Yoga for Focusing

Vanessa Joy

Yoga for Photographers: Part 2

Vanessa Joy

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10. Yoga for Focusing
Can’t seem to get your editing and office work done? Try this class that will help you concentrate and center yourself.

Lesson Info

Yoga for Focusing

All right, We're going to start this focusing lesson with a lot of breathing. So first you want to close your eyes, just breathe naturally for now and go head and start to even out your breath. So take a deep breath in their nose and out there knows deep breath in through your nose and out there knows not deep breath in and hold it at the top, holding your breath and then take one more little sip of Aaron and slowly exhale it out. Let's do that again. Inhale deep breath. Hold at the top, taking one more little sip of air and then slowly breathe it out. You can open your eyes. We're going Thio, do some alternate breathing. So you're going to take your thumb and your ring finger your right hand, and we're going to hold the right nostril with your thumb as you breathe in. So your left nostril and then switch closing off your left nostril. Breathe out through the right nostril, then breathe in through the right nostril. Switch closing off the right nostril, numb breathing out through the l...

eft. Breathe in through the left, close off the left and then breathe out theory, right? Just keep going in this manner, breathing in through one side and then closing it off, breathing out through the other side, breathing in that same side on switching, breathing out the other side. You can go your own pace here. Then you can close your eyes if you'd like. Go ahead breathin and switch and breathe out. Breathe in one more time and switch and breathe out. Perfect. We're going to come on up and do some balancing poses. Balancing poses really help you quite your mind and concentrate. So go ahead, spread your toes wide and place your weight into your left leg so we come up to treat or down. Place your foot on your ankle, your calf or your inner thigh. Bring your hands into prayer. Now here you're gonna stay with your hands in front and then attempt to close your eyes and still balance. You may sway. That's okay, because that's what trees dio really push your left foot into the ground to help stabilize yourself. Deep breaths in and out. No more in and out. Come on down. Let's switch to the other side, placing all of your weight into your right leg. I'm placing your foot wherever you are comfortable. Really? Ground your right foot down As you bring your hands into prayer. You could find a spot to look at on the ground. But then we're going to close our eyes and really try to stabilize ourselves. The putting pressure between our inner thigh and our foot. Or maybe it's your calf in your foot and really grounding down, pushing your right leg against the floor and swaying if you want, that's OK to separate your hands to balance yourself, breathing deep in and out. One more deep breath in and let it out. Shake up that leg. Alright, we're gonna go into our eagle post, so grounding into your left foot, you're going to raise your right foot up and over and you might just stay here with the over. But if you can bend a little more and then wrap that foot around your ankle, then with your hands, you're gonna put your right arm under like so. And if you can't put your palms together, you can come here right here or just come but the backs of your palms together So deep breath in and then settle in. You really have to focus kind of past your fingers and then go ahead and lean forward if you can, and try to touch your knees to your elbows. So where's the lots of focus for balancing? Come on up and shake it out, switching legs, putting all the weight into your right leg, this time lifting your left leg over your right. Staying here or bending and wrapping around arms. Come out and you're left arm goes under your right again, back of palm's grabbing fingers or front of palm's facing deep breath in and settle down. Deep breath in and deep breath out as you try to touch your knees to your elbows, breathing deeply wherever you are and exhaling. Remember, deep breath in, come on up and exhale down, shaking out that right like we do One more one more set of balancing here. We're gonna put our feet flat, wait goes into the left leg. You're gonna lift your front foot, and you could just stay here if you'd like. But ideally, we're straightening her foot in front and our hand goes on her hip and then her other hand goes on her hip. And you can point if you want. Hold for 54321 and down. Good switching legs. Put all of your weight into your right leg, bringing your leg up. If this is where you choose to let go, you just hold it here like this or we're bringing out in front of us and on the hip and hold for 54 321 and down. Good. Shaking that out. All right, we're gonna come back down and come back down to a couple more breathing exercises, so you feel free to sit, however comfortable. But for this, I do like to sit on my knees. You could also sit like this with a block underneath you, if that's more comfortable. So I like to put my hands on my knees and we're going to go into fire breathing, so this will energize you Definitely warm you up, but also help with your focus. I suggest closing your eyes while you're doing this. We're gonna take a deep breath in through nose and then out through your nose, deep breath in through your nose. Then as you exhale out, you're gonna go into a very rapid breathing, using your stomach, expanding it and deflating it in order to quickly inhale and exhale their nose. So sorry. Inhale their nose and then begin and exhale, mom, or inhale and begin again on an exhale. Yeah, it's kind of fun to see how far you can go with that. All right, we're going thio swivel over to our sides. Go ahead and put your feet out in front of you and we're gonna lay flat on our backs. No, it's not quite time for final Relax, ation, but almost so you're going to put your left hand on your heart your right hand on your stomach. Take a second to just lay here. Feel your heart beating into your left hand and then as you breathe, concentrate on breathing into that right hand that's on your stomach so that it lifts and falls with each breath. So let's take a deep conscious inhales. We breathe in first to our bellies. Breathe, inhale to our bellies, then breathe the air into your chest and then finally up through your throat. Hold it and then exhale the opposite way. First exhaling the air from your throat, then your chest and then pushing. You could even push down with your hand to help it out of your stomach and then breathing into your stomach deep inhale, Breathe into your chest into your throat. Hold it. Take one little sip of air and then breathing out the opposite way. Throat, chest, stomach. One. More like this. Big inhale breathing to your stomach first in your chest than your throat. The tippy top. Take Walmarts of a fair when you think you can't take any more, hold it and then exhale it out the opposite way. First, your throat, your chest. Finally push all that stale air out of your stomach, all of it. Good. And go ahead, Let your hands fall down to your sides. Take a deep breath in and exhale all out the one more deep breath in. Then stick out your tongue as you exhale it out home or time to breath into your nose and then exhaled out your mouth, sticking your tongue out, stretching your face. Okay, then go ahead and just let everything relax and really take a second here to quiet your mind. If you feel that anybody part of you is tense and go ahead and do a scan of your body starting at your head, working your way down, seeing if anything is tense. Take a minute. Tense that muscle yourself and then let it go. Let your breathing just come naturally. Relax your jaw. Relax. Your face collects it. Little muscle between her eyebrows. Relax behind your ears. You don't have to do anything else but lay here and be here now, So don't let your mind she eat and go somewhere else. You're welcome to stay here is long as you like, and I do recommend staying here even a little bit longer in this. But when you're ready, go ahead. Local your fingers and toes. Bring your knees up and then curl yourself into a ball. Really? Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Give yourself a hug. Roll your ankles around, flex and point your feet, and then roll yourself up to a seated position. E a deep breath in and out, keeping your eyes closed. One more deep breath in and down. Yeah, hope you were much more focused anywhere in the beginning of this. Not just a way

Class Description


  • Know what to do before and after shoots to minimize pain and maximize concentration and creativity.
  • Add longevity to your photography career.
  • Get targeted relief to the areas that hurt photographers most.
  • Have a boost of energy levels for both work and home.


Yoga for Photographers: Part 2 is a set of easy-to-follow movements that'll bring relief to your photographer pain points.

In addition to four, full yoga classes, you'll get 6 Quick Fix Videos that'll address only the target problem areas you want, without the extra fluff and time that full workouts take.

Start feeling better and giving your clients 110%. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your pain will be alleviated.

Yoga for Photographers: Part 2 is about:
  • Quality of Life
  • Longevity of your Career
  • Brand Image
  • Mental Health
  • Focus
  • Creativity

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  • Photographers who don't think they could do yoga because they’re not flexible (I promise you can do this!).
  • People who want yoga routines that are effective and don’t take an hour to do.
  • All of those that are tired of feeling like they have a monster hangover after a photoshoot.
  • Photographers look to reverse the damage that lugging and shooting with heavy gear has done.


I’m Vanessa Joy, a wedding and portrait photographer in the Austin and NYC area.

I love photography, but MAN That gear is heavy! Even knowing the best ways to hold a camera, I wound up visiting a chiropractor three times a week, going to physical therapy, trying acupuncture, massage, and even steroid injections.

I’d had enough. Enough of being sore after a wedding or shoot day. Enough feeling my nerves pinch and muscles tense every time I picked up my camera. Not anymore.

The way I beat the pain, found loads of energy, reached my physical goals, and gained confidence was easier than I thought. And it was way less expensive than the thousands I was spending on doctors and therapy.

After speaking to photographers all around the world at places like FStoppers, CreativeLive, WPPI, Photo Plus Expo, ShutterFest, Imaging USA, and many, many more, I know I'm not alone! I’m committed to helping photographers eliminate typical photographer aliments and feel great about themselves and their careers.

Discover EXACTLY what I’ve been doing to extend the longevity of my photography career and be able to spend the day after long wedding weekends playing with my son and daughter, completely pain-free.